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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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this is a live look at our horse to camerjust west of fort collins. you can see snow already following up there. it's a ready to move in our area tonight. it looks close up there tonight. piggy fight and changes within the next few hours, rain and snow are expected to move into the metro area and you could be waking up to a very different scene tomorrow. here is digging into his office, colorado we've seen snow build an aggressive foothills. we're starting to see a little bit of rain break breaking out over the eastern plains. most of what we see early and it will push up the foothills, this kind like racine and what fort collins. notice the snow filling in from the top of the continental divide down the foothills and many get to the base of the
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plains were eastern elevation is starting to come down a little bit in the former brain. the air is dry, so a lot of what we're seeing on the radar so far is having a tough time reaching the ground. the upslope winds and then right now the temperature still in the 30s and '40s, but we expect those numbers to go down which means a ring will come changing over just how quickly this evening. piggy as the storm develops overnight, the good they colorado teen waking up early to bring it all the latest weather conditions and traffic delays for your morning commute starting tomorrow morning early at 4:30 a.m. you can only stay one step ahead of the storm by downloading or pinpoint weather app. piggy back to the breaking is a
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shooting leaves and suspect that and another injured. the suspects were stopping a 32nd mri in in denver. one suspect is dead the other in custody. mcgrady a getter is live at 37th annual will howl this all this afternoon. >> this is a large scene that span several blocks. mec officers to blocking off all from 37 down through 32nd street behind me, the big white tent is where this all into this afternoon. that's where the suspect was shot and killed after exchanging gunfire with police. started with a call about a burglary in the area. officers wanted to suspect never be found in growth. one of the suspects immediately
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i was in police say a carjacked vehicle while police continued to pursue. a suspect class control of the stolen car and was blocked in by officers, the suspect got out in two more officers again exchanged gunfire with the suspect. now take a look at this, this is cell phone video from an eyewitness who started recovering just after the second exchange of gunfire unfolded near 35th in the will. you can see how many cars in the area are all of this is happening and while we aren't sure in you is that the suspect lay dead in the middle of the street after being shot by police. a total of four officers exchanged gunfire with the we spoke with when he his outside gardening with two gentlemen she heard the second round of shots. piggy all of a sudden we heard like five shots and i said oh my
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know, cup cars going down low and down irving and then they turn around them in the coming back this way. to get a female officer who was shot in the fight was taken to denver health medical center where she's being treated for nonlife threatening injuries. obviously doing these is a challenging and difficult times, but everyone is putting your arms around. of his civic entities you with the community expects of us.
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your head beware of that. you information about a deadly crash and was mentor involving a police officer. evan officer kevin parnell was wanting to another call when he got into a crash at 80 from federal last week. the driver of the other car did not survive. what was an army veteran who fought in afghanistan. the officer has been with the department since 20 denver via missed editions of the crash is still ongoing. as in the courtroom with the latest development.
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grated attempt at first to her time was running out. so she lured michelle wilkins to her home, brutally attacked her, tried to kill her,. >> this is not who beyond a reasonable doubt. defense attorneys say it was a spontaneous not planned outage. because it was a hasty impulsive and reckless act.
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we told you at the beginning of this child that ms. lincoln needed a hasty impulsive prosecutors counter. getting their baby and taking the baby for herself. she did not show any emotion during closing arguments. the only time she's had any reaction is friday. she cried when police played an interview they had with her where she tried to claim the victim attacked her. the fourth hospital freight by the portrait surgical tech at the other local needle scandal. letters have been sent out 2518 patients every free testing. allen has pleaded not guilty to
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he's put a report of almost 5,000 patients in three states at risk for exposure to viruses. >> stuff for a texas morning. jason bolton accused of killing six people and seriously hurting to others in what police described as a random attack. erica gonzalez is following new details for cement. >> according to emotional dalton allegedly admitted to carrying out the attack. jason dalton appearing before a judge two days after prosecutors are charging dalton with six counts of murder two
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commit murder and eight firearm related counts. please say dalton open fire in three locations up to the course of nearly seven hours are tonight picking up over fierce in between shootings. our total of eight people were shot, six gilbert police a dalton open fire again in a car dealership where he shot and killed a father and son. the only survivor there a 14
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critical condition. you're families who are shattered today. >> inquiry may have seen showed very little emotion as the charges were filed against him. the judge did to my name bond. meanwhile still no word on a possible motive tonight. twenty-six people getting 20 children were killed when the gunmen under your 15 based on automatic weapon commissioned by the u.s. military bread several of them were spoke out about why they are following suit he chosen because he was aware of how lethal it was. but it would serve his objective of killing as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time possible.
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make history if it goes to trial. there is an exception called the life of building has be in a related to the sex assault case against her husband. camille cosby was deposed for the eight women who have sued him for defamation. he let his defense team paint them as players as they kissed them a sexual salt. their motion was denied. >> pumping bad gas. >> still ahead, has several stations in colorado accused of watering down their gas and how deluded gas could affect your vehicle. >> cleaning up your social media pages. when you're cyber activities
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a frustrating few days for people trying to get to the high country are front and debit for the permanent after the mckinley shut down for nearly a week. one lane of affic temporarily reopened overnight, however, as huxley when tempers greg nieto shows us, for many commuters driving that take in this argument of cars on i 70. >> breakfast and lunch in a cooler for all drinks. can you were just hoping it's a part of finding someone. after weekend getaway in glenwood springs. >> vacation. get that all the way from our kids. >> we left denver and made into glenwood springs.
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instead of going the detours. we woke up early just to try to get back. brad and terry are one of many followers that the pilot car program. which is guiding one direction of traffic through the rocks light damage stretch of glenwood canyon. after last week slide, see that began directing that one lane of traffic last night at 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 a.m. he goes back down again from nine until six today. earlier this morning the weight was much shorter. he says it will take more than 60 cars at a time. as a make your way through was, but a couple of boulders almost the size of a previous, about four hours later will return them to come back to the metro area, it takes an hour just to get through, but bread and
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>> with a one destry our la is less time than it took us the other out. >> one -year-old bible of the pitbull rescued after falling to the ice of a pond at northlake park and loveland yesterday. milas owners that she was bison giesen ran out onto the ice. you can see as we get to work you're some of the snow that's up there. it is sticking in the mountains
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advisory where this now will be deeper, but we're going to see some of that here in denver. so let's get to work with live radar injury with going on. weather tracker making its way to silverthorne and copper mines are just on the edge of where the snow is starting. we've got snow all the way out west. snow running down the higher train to the south. lower elevations away from the foothills will start to see some sprinkles and a little bit of rain in the area shaded in green. as she had towards an klieman elevation, you can see it starts to change over snow. looking at the horse tooth reservoir camera. it is snowing there. you come down into denver, there it is in the front range. you come down into denver and east of time, nothing going on. he had west runs at seven, is starting to see a little bit of light rain in the deeper green, some of the light green some of this is of operating. noted the palmer divide is that
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south of denver get past the tech center. over the higher terrain, we start to see it changing over to pretty much all snow in the blue areas. this is a roof camera looking directly west and those are the rain and snow showers now draping a blanket is a lookout towards the foothills. again, 34 percent humidity. not everything rosina mader is reaching the ground. same thing up and down the front range, there's the cutoff for seeing the snow here. there is you're northeasterly wind and that the lifting wind and pushes the snow of the foothills and across the palmer divide that lift is what gets the snow to get underway. future gas between now and 9:00 p.m.: better in the
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east. your morning drive in denver the snow may be done. then a kind of evaporates. here is a wider view across the states, snow in the mountains. again, the focus, use a 25 of the dividing line and watch what happens everything stays to the west of i 25 if you get tenure into southern colorado snow late monday in the mountains. estimates single digits and teens here. at 22 in denmark, even though we've been warm and dry, i can't rule out some of the sticking to the roads. let's go through the snow totals. mountains doing well. two, three, four, in some places may be six or 8 inches.
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zoom in. to the best of the east as it needs to lesson and spirit with a chilly and breezy day. nice steady climb back to wednesday, thursday, friday,
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>> friend about this for years. more and more terms of the day here about that and they're not liking what they see. >> d'andrea tells us what that
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to get that done. >> you only get to make your first impression one time. in today's highly competitive market, you don't want to blow it. and now a social media and the mix, you don't want to blab it. the downtown denver stopping staffing firm serves thousands of clients, it's their job to get people jobs. division director eric campbell says it's no longer just about the interview and the references, companies are looking at your digital reputation, going online and document down.
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according to the study inappropriate pictures which can happen to just about anyone. you want to be careful about where you fill up your gas tank. >> ahead, the gas station accused of a leading their gams and how the owner is responding. >> new concussion study being done by a professor in the colorado school how he hopes to
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>> a colorado convenience store chains i did for selling regular glass as premium. they're also just having accused of having water in the gas storage tanks. they just aim of us and deborah takahara. >> 531 denver looked into this and found the state investigation ended with a settlement. why a consumer tip at a statewide impact here. >> this is one of ten everyday convenience store locations that were found to be in violation of state regulations. the owner told me he did nothing wrong when he agreed to a settlement after a five-month


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