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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  February 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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wounded. thanks for joining us today at 5 p.m. >> this is the story we've been covering all day. right now the lord is about to give a news conference. this is susan medina from the cbi let's listen in. >> event have been unfolding all throughout the day, and we appreciate that you've been here and been very patient with us as we try to sort out this information. are we about ready to go? so this is our updated press briefing for the day with regards to the park county sheriff's sheriffs deputies officers who were shot this day. as we talked about earlier, we were hoping sheriff wagner would be able to join us. he has had a lot on his place plate obviously this day. he spent the majority of the day at the hospital with a family of one of the members of his agency was in surgery for most of the afternoon and was the family the
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he wanted to stay with both families by their side throughout the entire afternoon. that was his priority. as we move forward to the day and into the evening he is going to come back up the mountain and meet with his team here and do some other things to really take care of each other. he wanted to be here but he wanted me to express why he isn't and what he isn't and also share his thoughts of thanks and great pride for the community. it has been a great outpouring of support and truly loved. we appreciate that, especially at sheriff. we are hoping the sheriff will make comments at some point. it won't be today and it won't be tonight but we will really stay with that piece. as you know, a news release was recently sent out but the clark county sheriff's sheriff's department detailing the events of the day and a listing those members of the park county sheriff's department who were
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update from the sheriff himself. if you don't have access to that information you can find on the jefferson county sheriff it on the jefferson county sheriff's facebook site. the cbi is putting that information out through list serve and there's a lot of opportunities to get that information. before we provide an update on this case i wanted to talk a little bit about corporal nate carrigan. i don't profess to be able to share the stories what i do know is that he served his community in a superior way, and he made the ultimate sacrifice today in his service to that community. as we go into the evening and do things with our families, we just ask that you keep keep nate and his entire family in your thoughts and prayers.
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talk about nate, talk about the wonderful things that are lower in law enforcement officers are doing on the streets of our country every day. the sheriff will definitely talk more about nate and what he is meant to this community but it is not my job to do that right now because i could not begin to capture that. we will go into questions and just a minute. let's go that bit further into the briefing. i do have an update on the conditions of the others who were shot and injured during the course of this incident today. master patrol deputy kolby martin was transported to saint anthony's with life-threatening injuries and was in surgery for most of the afternoon. he is in critical condition. i am very happy to report that captain mark hancock was also treated at saint anthony's and has been released. he has been released from hospital and is with his family at this point.
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today the clark county park county sheriff's office requested assistance of the colorado bureau of investigation to process this scene and conduct the investigation and with the sheriff's office and clark county cbi we are looking at about 100 people who have responded to this area to unravel this very comprehensive scene of the house so they are working steadily throughout the afternoon and they are going to go deep into the night, long after the sun sets, to process as much of this area as they can and they will keep coming back until this process is done is completely and as our people are trained to do. so in the news release, the suspect's name was released. i think you all have that. i know there are a lot of questions in connection with the suspect. unfortunately at this time we information.
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chatter but we can't make any specific comments about his background or what that may involve. we are going to keep processing bad or learning what we can and when we had that information we will provide that. >> can you think about what the priority is between now and faye tomorrow morning. >> the question is what is the priority tonight? we talk about processing the scene. that means we have our crime vehicle of up in that area, any number of agents and investigators so the effort is to really understand what happened so they will conduct a number of interviews. they will collect evidence, canvassed the neighborhood, do what they can to build that picture that relays what took place today. >> the bomb squad that recalled earlier do you know did they find anything to indicate there
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threaten the community or the house. >> the question is that there was a bomb squad and the swat team were called out to the scene. they have since cleared all as well they were called out in an abundance of caution. with that many people responded to the scene, we just wanted to make sure everyone was safe. >> why were there park county detectives on the scene? players. the question is why were detectives there. i don't know the exact players who responded to the scene. i just know there was a team that went into take care of this interaction process. as to why they were there and deeper elements of what happened, i can't comment to that. >> pardon? >> inaudible. >> so the question is what did the officers know that this was a high risk situation.
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about the suspect in this case, but we're just not going to talk about it at this time. we really had have two that this thoroughly and make sure we have a clear understanding. >> i'm not sure about the protocols for the park county sheriff's office so i don't have that information for you. >> i know that other law enforcement inaudible who's helping? you have regular inaudible. >> so who has been assisting park county today. to say there has been a massive outpouring of support from law enforcement across the state is really an understatement. it is, what i have seen just being at the substation, a number of officers coming and going wearing different patches and i don't have the list of them but i can get that. people bringing food.
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saying were thinking about you, i'm so sorry. we have seen this community before and they rally to see the state law enforcement law-enforcement comings together law enforcement coming together and that's remarkable. as for processing the scene right now it is the jefferson county sheriff's office along with the park county sheriff's office. >> i think that's the cbi giving out some of the event that happened today is more corporal nate carrigan veteran deputy who was killed out there today while serving his community in a superior way. it also give us update should also give us update updates officer kolby martin in critical condition, spent the day in surgery captain mark hancock treated and released. >> were hoping to hear from him maybe later tonight but he did want to spend time with the family's and the deputy who is going through surgery right now. >> medina said his plan was to spend more time at the hospital with them then get back up to park county and help his department cope, obviously a tough day for them.
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scene of this very tough day and she is joining us now with more on the timeline of events that happened today. >> reporter: from what we know, it all started about 9:30 a.m. when the three deputies went to serve the eviction notices and as you heard earlier in the questioning it was a high risk eviction notice. we are told late this afternoon what happened is the suspect, martin wirth, initially came out on the balcony then ran inside. the officers followed him inside and that is when he apparently pulled out his rifle and opened fire. here's what we know from the early earlier news conference they help: >> it's a tragic day. a park county sheriff's debbie has lost his life today. >> corporal nate carrigan was shot and killed when he and two other deputies went to serving eviction notice. investigators say there was brief interaction than the
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>> when they were confronted by a subject who was armed, the subject fired. >> investigators say the two other deputies were also shot, one seriously. they returned fire killing the suspect, 59 -year-old martin wirth who had been embroiled in a long-standing eviction battle and there are indications he had run-ins with law enforcement before but nothing violent. swat teams and bomb squad searched the home. law enforcement agencies from around the country posted pictures of the thin blue line across the badge sharing his condolences with park county. the sheriff waited at the hospital with the injured deputies families. >> it is a dark day and he would ask for prayers and thoughts and focusing everything you have on support of the park county sheriff's office. >> we are told the sheriff remains at the hospital.
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martin who deputy kolby martin who was shot multiple times in the lower extremities and has been in surgery most of the day and as you heard, he remains in critical condition. the other deputy, captain mark hancock was grazed by a bullet and has apparently been treated and released. he will be okay. this story continues to develop but there are doing search warrants at the house to meet pb posted on any information that becomes available. .-dot >> the shooting of raising questions about the gunman and why he felt the need to take such drastic measures in the fight against being elected. >> reporter: you heard susan talk up from the colorado bureau of investigation with their processing the crime scene out here.
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seven hours and we can tell you it started with a wait and see attitude. if you look up the hill here you can see this cabin with the trailer in front of it that is martin wirth's residence. earlier today they had deputies surrounding bad they were not going inside because they were waiting to get access at least 10 swat vehicles with members of the bomb squad bond squad as well as members of the atf to make it clear that it was safe. they were planning to go in at that point. we were told they did secure the premises and about 15 minutes ago with we saw deputies going inside martin wirth's residence. at this point we believe they are executing their search warrant is exactly what they are executing inside. they had a number of jurisdictions that have responded to help. all of the officers have a dreary look on their face and they say they want to do their
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are injured and the one who was killed out here today. >> of course there is a lot of concern for the two other deputies shot while serving this interaction is action notice up there. tammy the tim vigil is live at the hospital in lakewood with the men were taken with an update on all of that. >> the more seriously injured officer, kolby martin, was airlifted here with life-threatening injuries. the second officer, mark hancock, was brought here by ambulance. we're learning more about hancock through his and his daughters facebook pages. >> had been challenged to the ice challenge by the sheriff. luke and i are going to accept that challenge. >> back in 2014, mark hancock, a patrol captain and swat commander took part in an ice bucket challenge. his two daughters updated their profile pictures at the
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black tape across it to symbolize the morning of a fallen officer. one writes mark hancock has been with the sheriff's office for 21 years. his facebook page shows him as a family man, avid hunter and a coach with the platte canyon high school football team. clark county for 11 years he was shot multiple times in his lower extremities. this condition is critical critical tonight. hancock was grazed in the air, treated and released. we will keep you updated at >> outpouring of tributes on facebook has been overwhelming. mike marrs has been following that story on social media. >> and as we take a look right here where monitoring corporal
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a previous police shooting. his friends are sharing that same luck with the black tape draped across the badge. this is an memorial for corporal late nate carrigan and this one here talking about the police live lives in this recent string of police shootings. dennis smith says a i'm at a loss for words. god be with them and their families. let's all say a prayer. i can't believe this is the badge i used to wear. something has to happen. the president needs to address the killing of police officers. something needs to be done. this is the 14th police shooting in just the past three months and we will have more on this at nine. >> kevin has been on top of this story from the beginning on air, online on social media. right now it, profiles of the gunman martin wirth, the deputy killed, nate carrigan, along with pictures from the shooting. we've also started eight
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our facebook page so feel free to go there and offer your condolences to his family and his fellow deputies. a man accused of killing nine people at a planned parenthood in colorado springs have another outburst in court today. the hearing for robert geer robert geer was brief. at the end of the hearing dear shouted "-left-double-quote media come see me. i have an exclusive secret file i want to tell you about. no word on what that file might be. 131 counts up including murder from last november. and adams county deputy is using what happened to him as a teaching moment. two weeks ago sergeant erin panama was at highway 20 into 85 when he was rear-ended by a drunk driver. this video of the damaged vehicle was posted to their facebook page and you can see the impact of that crash. the sergeant broke his neck but he is lucky that is all that happened the saw that happen to him.
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we need people to understand that drinking and driving has consequences. i don't know the extent of his injuries but people that aren't drinking and driving are affected by this as well. peek at the sergeant said he was glad a driver hit him and not another car that may have been in the intersection. donald trump writing a tidal wave of momentum after his caucuses yesterday. he had 45 percent of the vote while rubio and crews came in 20 points behind in second and third place. trump one among young people people and highly educated now a super tuesday less than is super tuesday less than two weeks away, some bullet people thinks it's too late to cash cash the candidate who wasn't taken seriously from the start. bernie sanders trails hillary clinton by double digits in south carolina with just three days to go before that primary and hillary clinton picked up
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minority leader harry reid. mild weather here today. >> i want to show you the severe weather. the next chance of snow could be good snow coming on our super tuesday as we go to vote. that's damn same storm system that gave us the snow the other day cut across colorado, dug down into texas and swept across the northeast. there were tornadoes and that sense now look at this sand now look at this heavy snow across the great lakes with the rain running up the eastern seaboard. some of these are strong thunderstorms and they will stay out east for the next couple of days. temperatures today were pretty good. we had the thirties and forties through most of the mountains push in the western borders. got to the sixties down in pueblo in the junta and lamarr then than we were back up into
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greenlee 54 but denver head and 50 degrees and it is to too above where we should be which is 48 this time of year. there is the settings on the reflection off those high clouds will be pretty in about 15 minutes. the wind is brisk out of the northeast you will notice it will lay down after sunset. 42 and work, centennial denver tech center, dove valley in the forties as well and across the rest of the front range we still got chilly twenties 22 at the center at vail pass and it's mainly forties on the eastern plains. wind is noticeable, especially as you go out here in the eastern plains where we have gusts up over 30 miles per hour. for the rest of tonight those few clouds over the mountains make the pretty sunset and they kind of fadeaway. we wake up tomorrow with plenty of sunshine and as the clot goes
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there. tomorrow looks identical to did to today two today including temperatures. temperatures in the single digits and teens, very cold to the mountains and mountain valleys. 27 in fort collins, 23 in greeley and this is what we did today. maybe a little warmer from for montrose and grand junction. a lot of thirties and forties in the mountains and another round of forties and fifties here and i think going back to where we were today they'll replace that will be able to cool off will be in southeast colorado. instead of the upper fifties and sixties it looks like you will be in the fifties out there. back in to morrison morris and ken morrison can carol gold and golden 51 downtown. my forecast in the city 20 degrees of the few clouds. tomorrow 50 degrees, exactly where we were today with a couple of high clouds kind of drifting in.
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springboard to 65 degrees and i may be a little shy. we may be in the upper sixties but it comes with a lot of wind is so get ready for that. down to 56 we are hanging near 60 on monday but that is the warm before the storm and super tuesday in colorado 38 and a couple of snowy trickles possible going on into wednesday and winter weather going into next week we saw it. >> nothing super about that. >> the nfl combine gets underway and nick griffin will fill a us in. >> denver problem solvers on the case of a duck's cleaning disaster. how it collect cleaning disaster in her to know about life, you can learn from granola. keep it simple. make every piece count. let other people know what you're made of.
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don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet. and of course, wear sunscreen. nature valley granola bars. no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. just good. is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. with your help, as president,
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the nfl combine starts this
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players are not set to hit the field until saturday but the hoopla started today. for more on what gary kubiak had to say here is nick griffith. >> it's a little ironic, the combine is all about ushering new players into the nfl but today players were asked about their current rosters. gary kubiak especially being in indianapolis was asked more about peyton manning than anything else he's of course, not coming up his 18th season in the league and his fourth trip to the super bowl in just one of another civil championships or will he call it quits her come back for another year? we will have some kind of answer before march 9th. meanwhile kubiak said today they are content broncos are to wait and give peyton a the time that kind of time he has earned and deserves. >> we want to enjoy what just took place and we will go from there. nothing has changed from that
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that plan continues to be in i had a briefing with him yesterday and we will be talking probably today. we want him to take his time and >> coming up later in sports and just a bit, if paying does not return what does he think about brock osweiler being the team's long-term quarterback and specifically what does he think about giving getting osweiler back to sign a new contract this off-season. next, the latest on the breaking news we have been following all day shooting of three men in bailey.
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he served his community and a superior way he made the ultimate sacrifice today in his service to that community. >> communities around the country are remembering the spark county deputy shot and killed in the line of duty today. we continue our coverage in this story at 5:30 p.m. the deputy one of three park county deputies shot while serving an eviction notice. >> one is still in critical condition at the hospital. the other was treated and released.


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