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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  March 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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we'll be keeping you updated throughout the newscast. the results come in. here's a look at all the states playing a role in super tuesday. take a deep breath. colorado of course. alabama. arkansas. georgia. massachusetts. minnesota. oklahoma. tennessee. texas. vermont. virginia. and wyoming. we have the national and local
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>> expecting a big crowd tonight. if you're at home making dinner. maybe on your couch. this is what you need to know. before you leave. both republicans and democrats will caucus starting at 7 p.m. arrive early. 6:30 to be safe. you must be a registered democrat or republican. to participate. both parties will elect delegates tonight. only the democrats will declare a winner. that's because they're conducting a presidential preference poll. republicans are not. >> a good night for bern one exception. he has a lot of teenage supporters. a lot of people in their early 20s. did they follow the rules and register before january 4. that's something we'll be
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>> already we project clinton will win georgia. and also virginia. and sanders will win his home state of vermont. the states where democrats are voting. alabama arkansas. colorado. georgia. massachusetts. minnesota, oklahoma. tennessee and texas. vermont. and virginia. more than one thousand delegates are at stake there. >> the two democratic candidates are on the cam taeupb trail. sanders hole
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we'll take you there live. monitoring the results. aeuz they come in. as soon as any other states get called we will update you. >> . thankthank you. if you're planning to do your part. in electing the next president. we want to see kwraour your pictures. >> . the fox 31 denver app free from for iphone or droid. just search. >> . breaking news right now. in denver. sky fox over the scene of a shooting investigation of 35 hundred block of north columbine. a man was taken to the hospital. in critical condition. no word on what led to the
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suspects in custody. >> a drug deal turned violent. police say two men were responding to an add. and waiting for the sellers. fort collins police say 35 year-old george tailor was found lying in the southbound lanes of college s f. eleven 30 last night. bike and backpack found off the road. the southbound lanes were closed for about 4 hours. while investigators process the scene. >> police have no information opt vehicle that hit taylor. if you know in anything. call police. >> . a cu boulder drum instructor. arrested on charges he sexually
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according to to court documents the 21 year-old alleged victim says she ran into jacob. during a night of drinking in downtown boulder. saying he invited her to say stay at her place. where she woke up to him assaulting her. >> . court records say he admitted his computer contained child pornography. he's been on leaf since december 17. and remains behind bars tonight. >> fire investigators in aurora say these flames captured this morning are the result of a stove top fire. >> this broke out at 6 a.m. the at green acres mobile home pardon park. the owner wasn't at home at the time. but his next door neighbor was. she says her friends across the
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>> that's it. >> . nobody was hurt. in the fire. the red cross also responded to the scene. >> the most common way is from the bite of a infected mosquito. which doesn't live in colorado. pregnant women can pass it to their fetus. or newborn. near the time of birth. the disease can also be spread by men and sexual partners. if you are traveling to an infected country. check out the health site. for the most up to date information. >> . broncos now. where there's still a lot of uncertainty about what the roster will look like. after today. one thing is for sure. the super bowl mvp will remain here in denver. >> . miller time is here to stay.
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make a long term deal. in the meantime. broncos did place the franchise tag on the 26 year-old. that means that if a new contract is not signed by july 15. miller will make the average of the top five salaries for his position. for this year. roughly around 14 million. and since it is an exclusive tag. that will prohibit miller from talking to any other team. miller just recently said he would like to be a bronco for life. and play his entire career here. if he could. for now the tag only binds him to denver for one season. elway does have a history of making good on completing long term contracts. with this franchise tag players. examples being ryan clay tkeu. demaryious thomas. in a statement today. elway sounding more than confident that will be the case once again. >> von miller has been tagged.
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that means brock osweiler. as well as jackson. are both set to hit the open market. broncos say they are actively working to resign both. let's not forget about future hall of famer peyton manning. who haven't given the broncos an official notice about his intentions for next season. >> . broad way light rail light station the planning board holding its final public hearing tomorrow. on development plans. >> >> let's try to imagine this futuristic huge retail. residential complex. with open space. bike ways. walk ways. all kinds of stuff here. right now there's about 1250 cars. that can park in this area. some fear those are going to go away. where are all the people going to park. that's part of the public hear -lg tomorrow. >> . the denver rtd development plan
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blended retail residential and transit center. around broad way station. and the old gates rubber plant. >> . still vague. about how and where these 1250 and more motorists will park. >> my neighbors don't have easy access to walk or bike here. they're going to drive here. that's already going to put a much larger burden on an already highly burdened situation. >> . the key is to really work with all the stake holder. going forward. to develop a parking management strategy. that addresses parking. not just for the commuters. but all the uses on site. >> . which includes hundreds of new residents and businesses in the broad way corridor. >> . -td planning commission heard from lots of commuters saying they are worried that parking spaces are sang sacrificed for
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and lev them no choice but to drive. here. than downtown. or rail stations further south. >> 3 of the people who you heard from live in neighborhoods directsly west of here. that. that will aleafuate some of that. but that public hearing gets under way tomorrow. at three o'clock. before the planning board. and if you can't be there many criticize that time. because they have to work. that will also be on cable channel 8.
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technology. while trying to protect your identity. it's the goal for visa.
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credit card altogether. >> . hard at worpbg on work on the future of your money. >> . let face the the world of technology is changing. it's so rapid. the minority report is a fantasy created by hollywood. >> what we're trying to do is get in the fact is. it's closer to reality than we realize. >> we live in an interesting time. converging. >> seemed like only yesterday we were getting our cards and swiping them. signing the back. forget about that. this is the wave of the future. >> . >> a fingerprint is stored opt card. on the chip. in a way the pin might be stored.
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>> our main goal has been to take cash and check out of the system. >> . a long way from the. the goal is make credit cards obsolete. >> it becomes a really aoedz easy way. where we are is just scratching the surface. >> now you have a new option when it comes to traveling between denver and boulder. you can ride your bike. sky fox over the u.s. 36 bike way. which opened today. the 18 mile bike way features 12 foot wide lanes. two foot wide shouders. it's now open. rider may notice minor
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>> . when you see the traffic on 36. between denver and boulder. biking is not a bad idea. >> especially today. >> thr rs a lot of hills there to do there's a lot of hills there too. >> . both ways. i applaud anybody who does it. not me. >> all right. warmer weather is coming back. any time we talk about warmer weather in winter. it comes with wind. and get ready to hold onto everything again tomorrow. let's get to work. today not bad. i'll start with live radar. a few spotty snow shower ins the high country. if you look closely. grand junction. you can see them here. most of them are dwindling. high temperatures today did make it back into the 40s. and 50s in the mountains. and you'll notice.
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50s with a few 60s. in pueblo and trinidad. that replaced the 60s and 70s. we had yesterday. denver coming in at 58. even though it's cooler than what we had yesterday. it's still above where we should be. which is 50. outside right now. a few clouds around. making for a pret pretty sunset. getting you should air is dry. 27 percent. humidity. there's your metro temperatures. from a lower 52. up in thornton.
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we have color coded it .t those are winds. which will be going better than at times 30, 35. maybe pushing past 40 miles per hour. so keep that in mind. some of the stronger gusts we color code here. could be up over 50 miles per hour. up over the higher terrain. as you look into the foothills. that will lead to this. it's going to be warmer tomorrow. because it's going to stay dry. and mainly because of the wind. the entire eastern plains of colorado urpd a fire weather warning. a red flag warning. here's what's aping. tonight quiet. tomorrow you'll see the clouds zipping along. early on that wind. and as the moisture in the clouds comes up against the mountains here. it generates some snow. they'll stay up there. start with the clouds. we'll start to see the wind letting up late in the day. and skies should start to clear. as we get into the afternoon. lows tonight. teens 20s in the mountains. below freezing most places from the southern central lees to the northwest plateau. above freezing in grand junction.
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denver just above freezing at one. and then highs tomorrow back into the 40s and 50s in. 60s to the western. durango 60. 62 san luis valley. and because of that wind remember it's a west wind. that's a down sloping heating wind. here comes the warm. we're back in the 60s. and back in the very warm 70s in had the southeast. >> we have bumped up the weekend. 66 and 69. knocking on the door at 70 degrees.
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right before our next cold front comes in. that will slip us back into the 50s. and bring us shotgun we need. something we need. rain. monday and tuesday. >> third great weekend in a row.
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ten percent to 15 percent. in several communities we contacted. >> technology is coming to the rescue. a new high-tech doorbell on the market. aimed at keeping you and your family safe. >> . this is pretty cool stuff. you walk up on someone's door doorstep. ring the bell. you hear a chime. >> it sends a mess apbg to message to the phone. and they can see who's on doorstep. without opening the door. no matter where they maybe. >> . you feel totally traumatized and violated. it's the worst thing.
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elen is had her home broken into. and just recently it happened to her neighbor. >> 3 of them jumped over the fence. between our homes. went into the backyard. broke in. >> she's not taking any chances. now turning to technology. to keep her home safe. technology called video doorbell. even if someone doesn't ring. a motion censor will alert your phone. allowing you to see exactly who's outside. >> . this is you showing up at the front door. ringing my bell. >> you can talk to the person. even if you're actually thousand of miles away.
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>> that's why he beliefs the technology is a game changer. >> when the gus but when the bus goes by. i get a ring. >> providing peace of mind. even if it is just the kid next door. >> you might wonder how expensive they are. we found them online. 170 to two hundred dollars today. a cheaper alternative to a full security system. >> those are so cool.
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