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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  March 2, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm MST

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on a party bus. complete with flashing strobe lights. >> . the 6 employees who had taxpayers pay their speeding tickets. with the district issued credit card. a flat out embarrassing financial over sight. according to to former denver school board member. >> she says since she is left the use of p cards for district employees.
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>> with public money. there needs to be a clearer over sight. >> the hro eufs item the list of items that cannot be bought on credit. is not that complicated. it's one page long. >> . jewelry 39 hundred. gift cards. 110 thousand dollars. putting nonstudent related food on credit is supposedly under tight control. but when we searched for receipts. linked to the letters. bbq. or famous daves. we found 73 thousand dollars. in credit card purchases.
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>> buying stuff. off the prohibited transaction list. >> . we're not perfect. no system is perfect. we know there were not the right controls. we have updated that. that doesn't mean even with the new system it is going to be a
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>> . 19 thousand dollars for a group long weekend at the high priced hotel. in san diego. >> .
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the hotel in san francisco. approved. along with more than 7 thousand dollars at the sre sre tphaoegs or disney hotels. >> . more than a million dollars for educational material. from the list of prohibited book vendors. they're on the don't use your credit card list because the district already has bulk contract deals in place. >> . my hat is off to you. for finding all of this. >> the fox 31 problem solveers and
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plenty of employee meal receipts that were not itemized. approved for reimbursement. with just that visa total. whatever was consumed during the meals remains unknown. >> you talk about speeding tickets. in the story. taxpayer money used to pay >> well. the answer is originally yes. it was. but after we pointed out the speeding tickets. then they did send notices to the employees. who were caught in school owned vehicles going too fast or running red lights. tickets. and thus repay tax taxpayers. >> . this all starts june 25. extended patio seating. temporary design installations.
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am the big difference an app. will automatically charge customers so there's no long lines at check out. they hoped the first physical bookstore in seattle in the fall. >> stpeb february the third biggest month on record for gun background checks. february. that's far short of the record. set back in december. were recorded. the sale spike comes in the wake of president obama efforts to impose new forms of gun control. through executive action. >> . a race is onto be one of the first airlines with regular flights to cuba. reestablished.
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to submit an application. if granted. they would be the only airline out of dia. to fly one daily flight from denver. to cuba. the government will spend the next few months reviewing the requests. and expect to have an answer by summertime. >> . plan a station outing. >> . yeah to cuba. get some cigars. >> . more and more first responders are taking their own lives. some say as a result of pts.d. >> . new program here in colorado. to help them with the healing power of horses.
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>> they call it a silent killer. it is a serious threat to the people who protect us. the very people we depend on for help. firefighters police officers.
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themselves at an alarming rate. in many cases ptsk is to blame. there is no program here in colorado started just last week. to help first responders. only on fox 31. an inside look at healing with horses. >> . statisticking show more officers are killing themselves than in the hraoeup of duty. according to to badge of life. 125 to 150 police suicides each year. 3 times the number of officers
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>> . >> not nobody teaches us how to cope with trama. they teach us how so shoot. and defend ourselves. how nobody is giving us coping skills to deal once we go home. >> he was forced to make a life or death decision. >> the situation turned. it was very traumatic. for everybody involved. >> when he went home ha night. he spent some time with his horse. >> the calming effect is
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>> years. like brad. >> i got promoted. i got my dream job. >> he was in the air force and the marines. deployed to several war zones. and saw some close friends killed in action. >> he was afraid to ask for help. clearance. that's when he found the e kwaoeupb therapy. a completely confident confidential treatment option.
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and it was like this huge it's not about teaching people how to take care of horses. and groom them. it's about the relationship with horses. the relationship that you can get being around a horse. is unlike any anything else. the lessons and feelings they discover here. can be applied to every day lives. >> any kind of trama or stress. that a client is facing. they can work it out pw-t with the horse. and extrapolate that work. with the human relationship. >> they want to spread the word about the program.
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>> it's time to give back to those that are expected to respond. no matter what. >> . the colorado fraternal order of police is committed to paying for this for any first responder who needs help. >> . if you'd like to learn more or donate to the cause. go to pweb >> . fascinating. such big and beautiful animals. but so calming.
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let's get to work. and we'll start with the warm temperatures today. which were a benefit. of the wind. and you can see we made it into the 60s. look at this. 70s there. in southeast colorado. but. we did have a storm system. cutting across the jet stream. across colorado. there's the little kicker storm right there. and it generated the wind. oud raoeugtd now the outside right now the winds is finally backing off. the strongest gusts are up and over the mountains. we're seeing relief object that trend will continue for the rest of tonight. >> so some of the temperatures still staying up out there. across the rest of the state. you have temperatures here. in the 40s. 39 down in springfield. 45 in colorado springs. and a mission mix of 30s 40s in the mountains.
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and rain showers in northeast colorado. for the next hour or so. you wake up with sunshine tomorrow. and we'll bring in a few high clouds. as we go late into the day. tomorrow. not the wind of today. that is gone. as the storm system moves further and further away. 40s and 50s in the mountains. slope. and we'll do it again. with even warmer 60s here in the northeast. and bring in a new 70s to the south and east. >> . 41 degrees. as you head out around 7 or 8. 57 at lunch. on our way to 65. you'll notice a breeze at times. again. not going to be 40, 50. 60 miles per hour like today. chilly start for kids.
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now. >> all right. we start with the nuggets. they have been bad. losers of tphao euf of five of the last 6. they haven't been as bad as the lake lakers. just 12 wins.
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than a competitive team. bryant is retear tires (this was his final game here in denver. >> . >> he he's had impressive games in colorado. including 51 points in 2003. averaging 30 points in 8 play off games. sold out crowd. busting the 3 here. bryant pin finished with five. missed the second half with a shoulder issue. nuggets running here. barten throwing it up. kenneth farried. finishing strong. second half. two of his 22. he h-z 7 assists as well. nuggets win. 117 to 107. so. who's ready for the rockies. okay. expectations are low. 150 to one odds to win the world series. the cubs are favored to win it all. remember when they were a joke. all right. let's go to arizona. exciting times. the cactus league opener. diamond backs and rockies. we say iter year.
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they need pitchers to step up. john gray didn't allow a run. in two innings. this is his only strike out. the there he is there. he started off hot. here's an rbi single. rockies fall 6 to 3. gray nice start. >> it doesn't mean anything. there's ta lot of spring training left. >> . semyon varlamov out. pickered in. in last nights five to 4 loss to wild. that dropped colorado out of the wild card spot. semyon varlamov gave up 3 goals. he's given up 3 or many
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>> . i'm not going to throw him under the bus. there's high ands lows in your career. this is a tough time for him. >> . lindsey vonn decided to end her ski season. because of 3 fractures in her knee. she's first in the over all world cup standings. crashed last saturday. thought the injury was just a hairline fracture. she skied the next day. the tough decision but it's about the future. focuses on next years world cup. and the 2018 olympics. >> . peyton manning hasn't made a decision yet.
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papa johns is offering 50 percent off. >> huge news. if he hasn't made a decision by tomorrow. i'm going to do a rant. just my opinion. >> we'll see. >> . looking forward to it.
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>> problem solvers investigation reveals dangerous loopholes in the information parents have abg says access to. when it comes today care centers and the workers. >> . a colorado springs mother is speaking out. her baby girl died after being put to sleep on her stomach. at a day care center. a warning. this is a heartbreaking story. and difficult to watch. >> . >> pictures of baby. and in every room of the family home. including this shadow box from her day care center. >> you may think everything is perfect. >> the same center where the end of her life began. everything seemed fine. when she dropped her off. in colorado springs that morning. >> went to leave. for some reason i turned around


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