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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  March 2, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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>> problem solvers investigation reveals dangerous loopholes in the information parents have abg says access to. when it comes today care centers and the workers. >> . a colorado springs mother is speaking out. her baby girl died after being put to sleep on her stomach. at a day care center. a warning. this is a heartbreaking story. and difficult to watch. >> . >> pictures of baby. and in every room of the family home. including this shadow box from her day care center. >> you may think everything is perfect. >> the same center where the end of her life began. everything seemed fine. when she dropped her off. in colorado springs that morning. >> went to leave. for some reason i turned around
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more kiss. >> there's no way she could have known. it would be the last time she could kiss her baby girl. while she was still alive. this is video of add tkeu. recorded on the video system that horrible day. nothing out of the ordinary. it shows a worker putting her on her back. on the floor. but look closely. you can see that she starts to cry. and cry. and cry. >> this goes on for about ten minutes. until another worker walks in. and makes what she believes was a fatal decision. she put 3 month old on her stomach. >> . she never slept on her tummy. when she was home. >> experts have long connected stomach sleeping to sudden infant death syndrome. under colorado safe sleeping rule. day care workers are actually prohibited from putting infants on their stomach. and required to move a sleeping child to a crib. >> . it's as if it was the perfect
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>> . it's video she has never seen. in the begin -lg the day care wouldn't give her the video. police took it. ph eub minute by minute. for the first nine minutes she's on her stomach. the detective who watched the tape notes you can see workers getting lunch ready. walking by her. who he says is quote thrashing. with her face directly placed into the map. 20 minutes later. the officer notes her face is still in to the mat. she is still thrashing. and trying to pull her knees under her. the worker still sitting at the table. talking to someone off screen. >> the video shows the workers ignoring the struggling baby. as they clean up. put the other kids to nap. and turn off the light. the video shows them high five each other. looking at their cell phone. but never at the baby. the police officer writes she could be seen moving her feet. as -lt worker walks passed again. not checking on her.
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on her stomach. the officer writes quote. i have not seen any movement for over 4 minutes. mary's happy baby lying motionless. >> . stopping only once to touch her back. and then. 59 minutes after she was put on her stomach. you see a worker pick her up. >> . we're not going to show the pictures. but she hadn't moved in 23 minutes. her body was limp. she wasn't breathing. as they called 911. >> the day care called her at work. down. and yelling. day care. >> from the day care. she followed the ambulance to the hospital.
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heartbeating again. hand. and rubbed her leg. i just begged her. to follow my voice. and come back. >> . but the doctor said her heart wouldn't beat on its own. and her brain had been deprived >> . he asked us to please. if we believed in god. if we were comfortable letting this be gods decision.
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>> she did her home work before starting at white oaks academy. it had a clean record. but after she died. mary discovered the day care had been cited for repeated violations. including putting babies on their stomach. and rather that you know lose the license. the owner took out a new license. under a business partners name.
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that even when you think you have done all the research. when you think that you have all of the information. to have a safe environment for your children. you need to do more. >> . the state investigated after she died. suspended the license. and white oaks closed. the day care workers who put her on her stomach was cited. but not criminally charged. >> . mary points out there is nothing preventing her or anyone else from the day care center from continuing to work in child care. >> . a lot of excuses. a lot of pushing the responsibility of her death. in responsibility of investigate -r her death. and responsibility of making changes so it didn't happen again. those things were pushed from person to person. in agency to agency. but. no one stopped to say now we
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>> a change. for addy. >> to save the lives of ore other kids. >> . if you have story. we want to hear from you. call us. >> or e-mail problem solvers at >> . new tonight a denver postal worker credited with saving a two year-old girl. found walking around in the mid middle of a busy street. he spotted the two year-old girl wearing just a diaper. in the middle of the street.
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dangerously close to moving cars. >> . nobody stopped. it's early in the morning. people on the way to work. but. you have to have a little time to stop to help a baby. my heart was beating so fast. >> . police say the girls grandfather will be cited for misdemeanor kphaous. >> child abuse. >> . two women escape. when man on the run from police breaks into their house. this happened in broad daylight. they said they were inside having a bible study session. when they heard a noise at the door. and they realized a man was trying to break a window to get in. the two hid downstairs. in a bathroom. until they heard footsteps upstairs. and they made a run for it. and ran right into a group of police officers.
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>> it was completely a god thing. >> . after days on the run. police in longmont have caught up with man accused of kidnapping his estranged wife. officers took richard mun into custody this afternoon.
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they want to scrap the caucuses. and return to a primary vote. at some democratic caucus locations. long lines delayed the sta rt of the proceedings by more than an hour. while republicans are frustrated because their caucus didn't include a presidential preference vote. party leaders on both sides say it's time to go back to a
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>> mitt mt. will give a speech in salt lake city on what he calls the steut of state of the republican race. sources say he'll use the speech to criticize trump. and praise cruise. trump wasting no time to criticize mitt romney back. calling him a failed presidential candidate. who should have easily beaten
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>> . actually one small town in eastern canada does. hraufrpbled a tourism campaign to invite antitrump americans. to live there. if he becomes president. >> look -ts looks beautiful.
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the perfect test subject. >> they are identical twin brothers. with the same dna. the study is part of what they call the twin study. >> scientists will study if their blood is now different. after scott kelly spent nearly a year in space. and his twin brother mark did his thing on earth. >> . we're getting blood samples. from both of the twins. >> they tkwot got the brothers blood before scott traveled to the iss. while he was there, and now that he's back. >> . we'll get samples. starting this weekend. >> . their study will determine how space. of radiation. and stress from living in a
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>> the stresses involved in space flight. will actually act to accelerate that process. for scott. so he'll be aging more quickly. >> . with age come degenerative diseases. like dementia. heart disease and cancer. but their study has broader impacts than just space travel. >> if we could figure out a way to keep going for longer periods of time. we might be able to extend life span.
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best place to win. thanks to denver's over all quality of life. job opportunity. and affordable lifestyle. colorado springs ranked number five. >> watch on our future cast. the wind speeds on the eastern plains. relax. tomorrow morning not much tkpoeupbg going on. efb here in the foot it maybe blowing early in the day. numbers fall off. thankfully what we endured today is gone. warmer temperatures return. back in the 60s. look at the warm 70s to the
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we have many more days above above tpha phor that will 47 and 40. humidity not a problem. and the wind it's still noticeable. it's just not as pesky as it was earlier today. 46 in little ton. 47 wheat ridge. 46 in brighton. 39 chilly out there along i 70. and in the denver tech center. centennial green wood village. 47 there. down to 39 in castle rock. still hanging up in to the 40s. 48 up in to the fort collins area.
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>> without wind tomorrow. and sunshine. it will feel warm. there's your temperatures. 50s from black hawk central city to -r green. towards confer. you come out onto the plains and those temperatures in the upper 60s. 46 at nine o'clock in the morning. on our way to 65 degrees. and not all that wind. here's a look a at your 7-day forecast.
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on friday. and we will dip just slightly to 61. i love saturday. 66. sunday is okay too. at 67. but there listen will be more clouds. and wind out there. not strong wind like today. just noticeable.
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>> peyton manning doesn't want to be pushed into a corner. that's according to to bleacher report. saying that according to to a source close to the quarter
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manning isn't happy about the recent reports about his decision to possibly retire. he hasn't made one yet. but doesn't appreciate people trying to tell him what to do. manning is actually in jacksonville today. speaking at a florida forum speaker series. no dam cameras aloud. >> sold out crowd. bryant early busting the 3. missed the sepbgd second half with a shoulder issue.
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bryant was asked what advice he would give peyton manning. >> very fortunate to have that e and i feel comfortable with it. and at peace. if i was teetering. i wouldn't have announced it. i would keep playing. because that means i'm not ready to let go get. you have to follow your heart. >> . one former buff is hoping for a shot in the nfl this off season. even though he had an un- remarkable college career. but surviving the aurora theater
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>> . 12 people died that night. dozens more were injured. for jordan, being a survivor is a gift. >> now i can talk about it more. because instead of it being about me. it can be about them. and living in their honor and honoring their dreams.
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>> i'm a guy who doesn't really cheer for teams. i cheer for individuals. i'm cheering for that guy. >> go get them. show up. >> .
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expensive to get teenagers for your this 7 month old needed to get his teeth straeubtened. it hurt to chew. his owner tracked down a dog dentist. and got it done. he's chewing like a champ. and the braces can come off in 6 weeks. much shorter than a teenager.
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>> i am for open immigration, but that sign on the statue of liberty-- "give us your tired, your poor." can't we say, "the door's open. we'll take whoever you got"? do we have to specify the wretched refuse? i mean, why don't we just say, "give us the unhappy, the sad, slow, the ugly, "people that can't drive, "if they have trouble merging, "they can't stay in their lane, "can't parallel park, "if they're sneezing, if they're stuffed up, "if they have bad penmanship, "don't return calls, have dandruff, "food between their teeth, "if they have bad credit,


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