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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  March 7, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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football i've also learned this game is a mighty cap form but given me a voice that could echo long beyond the game. manning the share of manning the share of writing off into the sunset how the city is saying goodbye to the top administrators who are supposed to enforce the will is a greeley west high school are under investigation tonight in fact they had to be escorted off campus this morning fox 31 denver's ashley michaels is lighting greeley tonight with the new information bold the principal and the assistant principal here are accused of mishandling paperwork that affects their performance reviews that this is not a crime but is rounded for an hr investigation shelley robbins on the left and john debolt on the writer to the top administrators at greeley west
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principal for four years after serving another leadership roles at westminster high and adam city high debolt as in a second year at greeley west before that he was principal at franklin middle school in the same district good people, i mean, i don't interact with them that much i stay away from the office i guessed but now both are on administrative leave and under investigation after being escorted off school property monday morning is a little shocking they're both pretty good people as far as i know in a statement to fox 31 a district spokesman said district six administrators are looking into allegations of irregularities in the administration of parent surveys the investigation does not involve any outside agencies ignored to the allegations impact of the safety of students with the school community parent surveys are short questionnaires the district sends home each year to gauge how schools are doing simple yes or no questions like my child's school is saved the staff is from an helpful than satisfied unsatisfied with the school the results are sent to the district and are used as
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six won't say what robbins and debolt are accused of doing wrong with them at greeley west students and staff say they would've would never suspected anything i've known to evolve it for quite a while i guess he's a fairly nice guy he doesn't get me off. he reached out to the principal in the assistant principal for comment but in that neither of them are available this afternoon when we try to get a hold of them neither are back allowed at work until the investigation is over we don't know what the future could be with the district after that well pack up and move out of the city will take your belongings that the warning city leaders are giving denver's homeless population tonight the homeless have created these tent cities blocking entire sidewalks and your lord street and park avenue the city says
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a health emergency the homeless does say it's not right. >> the numbers the homeless and pretend it doesn't exist you should never do to get rid of homeless there's always can it be homeless people property not removed will be taken to a warehouse their people can pick up their stuff monday through friday from eight until two but things are not claimed after 30 days will be destroyed a busy day at the state capitol after seven hours of emotional hearings at lawmakers and shut it shut down all five of the bills that we've overhauled colorado's gun laws of the legislation was a good doing away with some of the gun restrictions passed after there were a theater shooting including the ban of fire answer public schools and a restriction on high-capacity magazines it was a partyline vote with democrats in both houses of voting overwhelmingly against gun law changes i've learned a lot to my mistakes stumbles and
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learned of this game is a mighty platform that has given me a voice that can echo long beyond the games football has taught me not to be led by obstructions and setbacks but instead to be led by dreams due to some good genes and smart enough to know that those lessons can a rich who i am and where i go from here the broncos country still talking about peyton manning's powerful and emotional retirement speech one of the best quarterbacks of all kinds of saying now is is saying now is the time to walk away from the game as a winter sports director nick griffith here now with peyton's farewell to football it's not just the records in the wins over. meanings of brilliant 18 your hall of fame career but also the work that it took to get their piece worth ethic perhaps the greatest of all-time surprises retirement speech today ranks up there perhaps as the greatest of
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about 18 years 18 is a good number today i retired from pope about from there he fought back tears retracing his past starting with his support they support their own team the saints but they also support their own his first pro team was drafted by the basketball in the car racing town but it didn't take long for the clothes to convert the quotes to convert the city and state of indiana and the football evangelists grateful is the word that comes to my mind when along the way he spliced and personal stories he was elated he was very proud and they beat the cowboys that week displayed raw emotion are with your football i love the game so you don't have to wonder if i'll miss it absolutely absolutely i well and also sprinkled and just enough
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means a lot you guys are here the fact that you can men from your tour to be here today that really means a lot you guys are getting ready for that dancing with the stars as for what's next i'm going to get to go on vacation again after this and go play a little golf pretty soon with my two brothers and of course one last cadence call from the line of scrimmage omaha great speech today was also a big day for the broncos front office members to coaches the players of of that compete alongside number 18 to last for years more on what they had to say him on selena sheriff hundreds of fans have been shown there also needs to the sheriff on her facebook page since we first got word opinions retirement yesterday manning's former teammates have some tributes of their own. manning was certainly supported by a lot of love for
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team is an overflowing media work with because there was enough room in the auditorium that included a lot of pain peyton manning's former teammates and friends i finished my football race and after 18 years it's time god bless all of you. >> former teammates and good friends who know what it's like to walk away the ability begins to fade the body breaks down the desire and the one to never leaves at life after football will be an adjustment he's got a lot on his plate but the guys who know him best no peyton will be successful whatever the next step may be hope it takes time off and enjoys what is accomplished and then after that whatever he decides to do his will be great at i told him i couldn't see him doing coaching the said i'm these are not sure
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need to dial it down about 10 notches because most guys are looking at you like you've lost your mind but manning is ready for the next chapter i've always had good timing peyton manning has not decided what will be next for him in the future but does say that football will certainly was certainly get the platform to be successful manning's retirement marks a very sad day for the folks who work at venice restaurant in dtc mannings are regulars at the italian eatery but his pleasures of his career getting to know they've held private offensive there he shared meals with his family coach gary kubiak and general manager john elway alessandro said it was easy to see why so many respected and admired
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>> this is the first time that he wants his name out he's a person he fails comes from his heart alessandro says about one week ago manning drove by to drop off a signed picture from the super bowl he thinks it may have been his way of saying thank you and goodbye manning's favorite charities got a sneak peek at the nfl bowl 50 victory the bbb doesn't go on sale into tomorrow but this is a special screening for season ticket holders and the broncos boys and girls club fans are told as the movie does a great job of capturing a season that is sure a big day for that screening the thing i like about peyton he so down-to-earth when you down to earth when you hear him talk it seems like the father that lives next door kids to play with your kids it's such a good guy in the hand written notes always impressive after his speech today peyton got a question that served up quite
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and sports first vice president joe biden delivered a fiery speech and a threat to his message to isis new details in the fight against terrorists tonight plus the high stakes about that could mean the end of one of the presidential hopefuls race to the white house and the in the next 24 hours in today's cold front may have not springlike temperatures down but it certainly won't knock them out as we have a return to the
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that in a seven-day forecast up to 150 suspected all shabbat fighters are dead tonight following a us drone strike in somalia the pentagon says it launched the attack in order to stop a reported threat against us troops and african peacekeeping forces they indicated the group was in the final stages of
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attack the vice president delivered with no warning during a speech of the united emirates and the finances of vice president joe biden and united emirates emirates official in the us and its allies it will destroy isis which a biden referred to as diet - -dash a name officials say i says militants find offensive we have to squeeze the heart of - -dash in iraq and syria so they can continue to pump their poison into the region and the rest of the world and that's what we are doing with their college and partner targeting isis and
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particularly recognize you capture the images that provide us with the intelligence we need the vice president's remarks, the pentagon this as the death toll is rising in the city if you look around the nicest truck bomb exploded sunday at a security checkpoint killing more than 60 and wounding another 95 today a more than 50 died in clashes between security forces and isis militants tunisia near the living border as fears grow turning to news across america presidential candidates on both sides trying to wrap up their party's nominations they have to do well tomorrow there michigan and idaho and their caucusing in hawaii is your source for politics or be sure
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results under much a speculation michael bloomberg says he will not run for president this time saying he is interested in being president but does not believe he could when since he would be running as a moderate donald trump is previously said he would be able to beat bloomberg be delivered if he entered the race the sun will disappear behind the shadow of them in tomorrow the total solar eclipse will happen between four and 7:00 o'clock tomorrow night in southeast asia although we won't be able to see this astronomical phenomenon here there will be a live webcast hosted by the conducive to sing something in the skies ever had tomorrow evening either way today we broke two different streaks in which we didn't see any snow reported
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have a little bit the second streaky nine-day stretch in which we had well above average high temperature is that also came to an end today ever since of the skies of quieted down after seeing that rain snow delete couple of thunderstorms through at least locally around the metro area there are a few locations in colorado that sees now in the rain snow mix that's now beginning to fade as we go hour by hour closer to midnight that stretches back to the western and northern high country to do and what the fort collins cover cheyenne and stretches west out of i 25 in little bit too that will also wrap up as we could do the next few hours the low-pressure system was doing everything up continues to make its progression to the east it will pull everything along with that as it makes its exit and the low-pressure system back to the west and
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brain and a little bit of snow in southern california and as it begins to move to the east it will pass to our south of most of the energy will stay to the south of colorado we may have just enough on the northern french to bring high country locations a little bit of snow fall through the day tomorrow let's put our future cast in motion take into tomorrow morning at that point we are calm and quiet pretty much a statewide and vanessa get to the afternoon clouds thicken up a little bit snowfall begins to kick up as it scoots into northeastern new mexico rather north not used in western texas rather as it doesn't look at that blue popping up in parts of the high country and it will fade away quickly as we get due tuesday evening let's take a closer look as resume things in a little bit with sears a few snowflakes late this evening fading away by tomorrow morning and the high country quiet all the way to the sunrise that's when we get that snow to even up to just a couple of inches expected
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may be one - -dash three perhaps a four - -dash five at best and highest peaks none of which will make its way into the lower elevations in average high is a 51 it we drop back to 55 although it's about 15 degrees cooler than what we saw yesterday it stayed relatively warm and eastern plains considering the front took longer to get there we made it for the 60s and 70s with 30s and 40s in the high country right now are between five and 15 degrees cooler than where we were this time last evening with a mid- 30s across the eastern plains a couple of 40 sitting on teens and 20s out there in the high country's a 29 overnight tonight rain and snow everywhere will end with partly cloudy skies but that snow will reemerge tomorrow afternoon for mountain communities about one - -dash 3 inches and this will be west of the continental divide a mixture of clouds and sun with a high of 52 images seven-day forecast shows it from there
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building and here we go again sunshine warm and spelled it right back in if you love the springlike stretch we got out of another one is right around the corner we kind of like the rain and snow and message today they get bored talking about sunshine and 60s that's true there is an idea head in sports is certainly a day to celebrate for peyton manning but what message pagan left for his critics on his way out of the nfl plus the ads are fighting for a playoff spot could colorado score much needed win against visiting arizona tonight he we do probably describe the perfect quarterback take a little piece of everybody take john elway's arm didn't really know is released maybe troy aikman has dropped back brett favre's scrambling ability to
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>> the scripture reading i have fought the good fight and i finished the race i kept the faith now i fought a good fight i finished my football race and after 18 years it's time god bless all of you and god bless football great career great speech today powerful stuff in the 18 year nfl veteran future hall of famer ping manning quoting scripture pete manning quoting scripture you heard right there also pulled emotional personal funny stories throughout the days he officially announced his retirement from the nfl was all smiles cannot just pick but were not just pain but also for his now former teammates there to support number 18 in the kormann hasn't more on what he made in particular that after today's news is grabbed a rather
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history. >> to the guys came out here to the lobby talked and reminisced about some of their favorite peyton manning memories he was a guy that can't manning's last pass in the nfl facing the four-man rush it looks right through his right seller with a diving catch in the two-point conversion is good taking his last passed in being the book 50 and is winning he did give peyton manning map ball back in return fowler got assigned peyton manning jersey. cool good for bennie fowler as for the future for peyton manning right now he says quote am going on vacation again plans to do a golfing trip with his two brothers cooper and eli that skit to some hockey petrograd in the ads patrick martin after taking on visiting arizona big into in terms of the big playoff push were trying to make picking up
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on the scoring rate here next it look easy that of the 28th of the season as it to nothing little later big scrub in front of the net eventually mikael gregor wrinkle will find the back of the net for the gold put this game out of reach with the when the ads will be back and a in a time at idle minnesota for the eight and final playoff spot in the western conference final score three - -dash one. >> next pick play of the day we've got to go back to saluting the sheriff one of my favorite meaning memories >> for touchdown pass at number 507 what i loved about that wasn't the celebration and remember they were playing keep away and it came out
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actually planned it out there that's how he wanted to celebrate that touchdown in it just goes to show the meticulousness of 1:00 p.m. manning. >> eyes wanted to see more you promise to touchdown he promised the touchdown dance in the super bowl it's true we didn't see the touchdown dance we did see them dabbing we saw a little bit of social media i'm sure we will see him in the future saturday night live or something many more appearances to come changing the game forever coming up
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peyton manning >> broncos country did then farewell to one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever come through on behalf of everyone who ever cheered on pain manning peyton manning and the orange crash box of 31 denver editor dave bulletin berman salutes the sheriff. >> i'm very excited to become the next chapter of my playing career for the denver broncos. >> from the first time he was at the university of tennessee in 1997 wearing a different uniform. >> there is not a guy in the nfl that can walk away and say i have done everything. >> had done everything. >> that would be peyton manning's seventh of touchdown passes. >> no one else can say that peyton manning can say that. >> four-man rush of bounces around for as it touchdown wes welker. >> 's got a lot of guys
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of great players revolutionize how he played for quarterback used it made so many greats that come before him but he totally changed to the quarterback. >> and just played them for us to many great fans above that home and on the road is all about chasing maturin getting the guys together to see all he's done in his career 18 consecutive years of greatness. >> is thoroughly exhausted experiments they can tell that we do it i revere football i love the game so you don't have to wonder if i will miss it, absolutely absolutely i well. >> he's a guy who truly leads by example and that gets you overused to buy whatever he asks you to do he was doing that. >> is a fun way to play quarterback it really was i had a great coaches and players it would not have been possible without it omaha
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mile high salute number 18. >> any memories you're really going to miss you covered him for years. >> so much it just a guy that is certainly gave so much into the game means it so much to the game of football one of the best ever i will remember
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