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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  March 8, 2016 1:05am-1:35am MST

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>> peyton manning's farewell from the football field today i have retired from pro football after an unforgettable 18 seasons in
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unforgettable goodbye. >> it's morphing into a whole new world of possibilities as fans of salute the share of it is so bittersweet pitter peyton manning thank you even as rivals as he ends his nfl career today one of the best quarterbacks of all times is saying now is the time to walk away from the game as a winter sports director nick griffith here with peyton's farewell to football it was an inspiring emotional reflected farewell speech given today by the future hall of famer the all-time leader in yardage and touchdowns all-time leader in regular-season wins saying it wasn't easy to walk away from the game he loved it so very much after confiding with his friends and family and even himself decided that yes the time is now it's something
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number from today i retire from pro football today from there he fell back tears reprint tracing his past starting with his hometown new orleans is my hometown but they support their own team the saints are but they also support their own his college days to cherish my time in knoxville his first pro team when i was drafted by the courts he was a a passed ball on possible on a car race in town but it didn't take long for the courts to convert the city and state of indiana football evangelist grateful is the word that comes to my mom when thinking of the denver broncos along the way he spliced and personal stories he was elated and very proud displayed raw emotion i love the game you don't have to wonder if i miss it absolutely absolutely i will and also sprinkled in just
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the fact that you came in from your tour to be here today it really means a lot you guys get ready for that dancing with the stars as for what's next. >> are meant to go on vacation again after this go play a little golf pretty soon with my two brothers and of course one last cadence call from the line of scrimmage omaha today is also a big day for the broncos front office members to coaches and players competed alongside number 18 more on what they have to say about saluting the share of sheriff direct flights newscast you can tell what a tough decision that was and that you still have time to share your own salute to the sheriff on our facebook page to night we hit the streets earlier today to see what folks were saying after manning's farewell speech here is what a few fans would say that they could say it to peyton in person thinks for the four years in putting in
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the team's super bowl champion juicer much for the great four years you brought to denver thanks for being a leader when you didn't have very much here big thank you all kinds of tributes to peyton manning coming in and you can share yours on our facebook page are covered to peyton manning's retirement continues throughout the night at 930 peyton's former teammates talked about this historic day and we will hear from one colorado restaurant where peyton was a regular how they will miss him and they can watch highlights of pain manning's retirement speech on >> between ipod who tonight between ipod costs while her the next broncos starting quarterback quarterback caught on cameron arizona reporting what could've been a bad situation he was out getting pizza at two in the morning of the week and he appears to push away let a moving toward his wife as he walks away he shoved hard in the back brock walked away from the situation the video has gone viral most are praising appraising how brock handled the situation to ingo bert spoke with the crisis management and puerto
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potential fallout brockett may have saved himself a lot of money and even a possible suspension from the nfl by doing but not all professional athletes do and that's walk away from a bad situation is a very bright smart young man he's had with the potential of a mecca contract on the line i think it's important now more than ever as he focuses on his brand and big shoes to fill if he stays in denver's mentor peyton manning and i'm retired not even six hours ago brock led cooler heads prevail in scottsdale there is yet another example of him learning how to do this well and in our opinion the way it looked although provoked he handled it well unlike other athletes running back lashawn mccoy who was recently involved in a bar brawl and the clippers blake griffin who punched a member of his own teams equipment staff brock avoided what could've been a puerto rico disaster at the end of the day what happens is
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no story there technically don't tell solutions has represented professional athletes and elected officials so they know the importance of the off the field performance if you're seen as a hothead if you're seen as someone who can keep his cool someone who's hard to deal with your left out to make money and they believe how brock responded is exactly how they coach of their clients to react i think what was going to brock's mind is not only how to be immature athlete amateur athlete to how to handle himself well financially in the scottsdale police department has reviewed the video they say there's no crime or victim severe not so they are not pursuing any sort lakewood police investigating the death of a three -month-old baby girl someone called 911 when the infant started having trouble breathing late last week she was rushed to the hospital but
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unexplained injuries her 20 -year-old father was the only one home at the time no one's been arrested tomorrow is election day for some of giving those living on the sidewalks and open medium move your stuff or they will do that for you controversy is it right tempers are flaring when it comes to this issue in fact with our crews were done in this area earlier today we have bible stored out as others were standing outside our news and fan shouting obscenities to the window denver's homeless call it an act of war being waged by the city an ultimatum moved out now or we will take your belongings he's prejudice this against the homeless signs went up monday informing the homeless of plans to begin enforcing the city's right-of-way code tempers also
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crew as we interviewed many living here about their next move again i stand my ground and then i tried to avoid any conflict as much as possible and i told anybody else that protest will be peaceful but you have people to have mental illnesses and they don't understand what peaceful means the city declined to comment today but they've called the sprawling tent cities unsafe is is really an unsanitary unhealthy situation not just for the people out here but for the neighborhood itself as powers of garbage are gobbling up sidewalks aching it impossible to get by. >> is a serious issue we have to deal with tomorrow those tents tarps and crates both carted away to a warehouse picking can replace it makeshift homes taken away in an attempt to make them for safer and cleaner for those of not not living out on the street. >> this is all we have now all
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warehouse at 12 england on place where can be claimed and picked up anywhere monday through friday from 12 until two in the afternoon after 30 days anything left will be destroyed new information tonight on a story we've been following all day to top officials at greeley west high school under investigation tonight after being removed from school grounds ashley michaels live in greeley right now with what she's learned about this investigation. >> jeremy earlier today both the principal and the assistant principals were escorted out of the schools are possibly tampering with surveys that affect their performance reviews of this is not a crime but is grounds for an hr investigation shelley robbins on the left and john debolt on the right are two of the top administrators at greeley west high school ravens has been principal for four years after serving and other leadership roles at westminster high and adam city high debolt as in his second year at greeley west before that he was principal at
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same district. >> you get people to interact with them that much i stay away from the office i guess but now both are on administrative leave and under investigation after being escorted off school property monday morning to little shocking that was pretty good people as far as i know in a statement a district spokesman said district six administrators are looking into allegations of irregularities in the administration of parent surveys the investigation does not involve any outside agencies nor do they impact the safety of students or the school community parent surveys and questionnaires at the districts in some each year to gauge how schools are doing simple yes or no questions like my child's school is saved the staff is probably an helpful unsatisfied with the school the results are sent to the district and used as part of the principles performance review to strict won't say what robbins and debolt are accused of doing wrong at greeley west students and staff said they would never
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known to devoted for quite a while i guess he's fairly nice guy he doesn't get me. >> we reached out to the principal and the assistant principal but there were not available for comment today they're not allowed back to work until the investigation is over we don't know what their future with the district could be after that happening tomorrow another closure on i 70 in glenwood canyon relating to the rocks by the completely shut the highway down a couple weeks ago they say that the 10 closure will be in effect from nine in the morning until four in the afternoon between the glenwood springs exit in the help crews complete the rockfall medication under over there and you get get the fencing in place. >> they have been through a lot out there a lot of work thinking a football legend broncos players celebrating
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be the best the sheriff writes off into the sunset color but his gun-control laws getting a closer look for changes and the changes some lawmakers are looking to make watchers felt the new studies are showing could put you in a dangerous situation and now the brief shot of snow we saw this afternoon is wrapping up as guys are beginning to quiet down but we may see some more
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over the next 24 hours i think we got it right but snapped this picture ranger if we can does a good chance it you or someone you know takes itself is they seem harmless enough but a new study shows people actually died from sultry related injuries last year more so than shark attacks at new at night we asked mr. sophie himself to see what is up with this trend is kind of crazy statistics will tell you millions of self is taken every single day the problem is while people are taking them they're really not aware really not aware of what's going on around them for them can to make us do some really strange things the
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document i have like an hour bumper sophie's i have but she's not alone they are some sciences at metro state think soltis is becoming thinks so please is becoming part of our make we are so obsessed with showing people what we are doing who we are doing it with them what we look like in the process we simply can't help ourselves as a way of documenting what you're doing on a day by day hour by second so much and so he says we are blinded to our surroundings and. >> when i'm in my room usually when i'm sitting down i and try to get a good angle and if i don't i just fall there are plenty of studies on the matter but most like this one find women take more soldiers than men young women spend about 48 minutes a day to consult fees and while women take more pics 75 percent of
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keep in mind that there are plenty of places and that of said notice overtaking altogether the also been doing the writing of the bulls in new york became the first estate to be in tiger subtleties after concerns fancies it's pretty wild kind of lines of. >> investigators say a small plane crash in colorado to your setback was likely to the pilot taking subtleties they urge people not to take sophie's with elk this past fall and audit of the wall street journal reports as many as one and 10 tender profiles feature men with tankers in their pics who would've known for the given a nurse of the action. >> there is an inherent danger in taking a sophie we've learned that and hopefully kevin is the key to his own
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can take a sophie that's the danger there that might've been a great place to be early this afternoon snow and the weather is so eccentric in for a while for a brief period of time the sun came back out and at one of the things back up just a little bit highs this afternoon dropped about 15 degrees from what we saw through the day yesterday we were coming up with nine straight well above average's days for the quote from shot to early this afternoon we did get rain we had some snow we even had thunderstorms with hail reported but for the most part everything is now quieting down like that outside showing the mile high city lit up as we take a look at the satellite radar composite this guys are in fact quiet here to buy even a few breaks in the cloud deck showing up the past 9:00 o'clock on a monday evening the picture shows the low-pressure system attach) quote from that goes with it a point up to the northeast heading off into the central plains with counterclockwise
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few ring showers and rain snow mix into the northeast corner of the state in that stretches four, just fort collins is fitted a northern front range as it will see a few of the snowflakes stick around it north of i 70 paisley closer as we go to the next few hours likely will fade away past midnight as the low-pressure system the cold front attached as it continues to exit to the east everything was settled them but we have to turn our attention to the system done california bringing much-needed rain still moving the four corners region over the next 24 hours it will pester a south of most of us will get to the day tomorrow dry do have some snowflakes for a couple of colorado communities starting off at 11:00 o'clock we take using tomorrow morning news at that time everything is fairly quiet partly cloudy skies expected pretty much a statewide really nice and easy going drive into work early tomorrow and as the little
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texas behind that you start to see during the afternoon hours a couple of snowflakes and the high country let's take a closer look as if it in a little bit for you a little more detailed as we go from 11:00 o'clock tonight near the border that will fade away past midnight into tomorrow morning partly cloudy skies in the tomorrow across the plains the front range of a dummy i 25 core door and into the city but notice tomorrow afternoon couple of snowflakes develop i think really we will confine it to the west of the device may be just a couple of inches nothing really crazy to write home about certainly not as much as with the mounds have seen over the last 36 hours one - -dash 3 inches may be additional stuff open for tomorrow is all said and done highs today 55-gallon can reach 21580 still across the eastern plains before the front folded through it took a while to make its way across which is where we have higher why we have higher numbers on the eastern boarder the mountains today 30s and 40s outside right now we are about 10 - -dash 15 degrees cooler than we were at this
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at this hour are sitting right around the mid 30s downtown as we mentioned before of the 30s upper 30s and 40s of the planes we see the chilly 20's and 20s and low 30s across the mountains will wind up there to make 29 the overnight low that wind and snow will eventually come to an end after midnight partly cloudy skies otherwise imminent while afternoon we are looking at a mixture of clouds and sun high 52 predicate mountain snows will get a couple of inches up there make sure you're careful in your 70 forecast shows a springlike weather quickly returns and 57 wednesday back to mid even upper 60s to finish the week as we get to the weak and plenty of week and plenty of sunshine both saturday and sunday he will take sophie's we keep going on just check out his twitter feed you'll now a football farewell peyton manning having a big impact on his teammates how they're celebrating his
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first emotional testimony at
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new details on the fate more than seven hours of hearings on legislation that would overhaul colorado's gun laws and just ended late this evening all five of the bills that would have led to the gun restriction pastor right after the theater shooting failed dave young has the emotional testimony from both sides. >> legislators are hearing testimony on five proposed changes to existing colorado gun laws in 2014 that there were 647 people in this state who died from gun violence. >> i actually remember the first call i received after the opera theater shooting that those would remove permit and training requirements for concealed carry of handguns allow them at all public schools and repeal high-capacity magazine
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firm that we will not see these bills repealed among those with proposed are tom mauser lost who lost his son daniel at columbine are the most reasons people would say no they wouldn't want their loved ones to have a chance at survival a chance to make change already for sister was killed at sandy hook i was curious upon finding out that the troubled young man that killed my sister mary and 25 other scores have easy access to an assault weapon the changes proposed by a group of republican lawmakers would also allow deadly force to be used against an intruder at a business. >> we will not were not let the public safety be compromised by their right-wing ideology we were unable to get any of the billows of sponsors on bills of sponsors on camera but that first measure the concealed carry in schools was killed on a five - -dash four party vote
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at about 20 people signed up to speak your peyton manning calling it a career for many of his broncos teammates the end of an error is an emotional time what they're saying about people's decision to walk away and when
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>> with >> the expectation level is as you might expect really high. >> grateful report is the word that comes to my mind for picking of the denver broncos. >> all of my denver teammates thank you for what you've done for the sole quarterback and revere football i love the game you don't have to wonder if i'll miss it absolutely absolutely i well the mac because every moment every drop every bury my to preparation every mode i taken every famous as all my watch
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reverence for this game i thought the good fight i finished my football race in after 18 years it's time god bless all of you. >> and that we will miss. many thanks for staying with us it's been an unforgettable stay in denver history of deborah takara are the ones with lumps in our throats that's for sure if you haven't seen peyton's retirement speech you shed its on our website is inspired fans and players to take a moment to salute the share of kimi carmen shows you how pains teammates and them off in style. >> and there is a lot of times of that today celebrating teammates accomplishments on the field some of the players mentioned you can't talk nfl quarterbacks without mentioning peyton manning dozens of denver broncos players were here to support their guy today many finding once again was on point it just when things got a little intense pain was quick with hok.
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are here the fact that you came in from your celebrity tour to be here today that really means a lot all jokes aside to this was a moment dozens of players who did not want to mess and here i couldn't miss the world it's a real moment i'm happy for them already accomplished in his career is good to be a part of it i appreciate everything he did for us of the season for the organization i just want to pay my share of money p as we call him just riding off into the sunset on his high horse there's nothing better for a guy it's a guy many players it looked up to 4a while i actually got to be paid when i was 10 years old buildings and packed in a locker room help to find the broncos championship mentality that retreating guys in the locker room and their selflessness and peyton had it it set the example for everybody else is just to make everybody elevate their gain
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with us as players long after he's left the game that they they will also miss the jokes during our talent show especially the rocky he always starts it off with a few jokes he played a few pranks he keeps the locker room alive the much as they will miss them on and off the field there are plenty of moments for manning as well is to marry is thomas telling me he loved me in thanking me for coming to denver after every touchdowns on as the play nice after a big win with 53 teammates standing in the aisles clapping and celebrating for the five-time mvp doesn't come down to a single touchdown pass lets joining the denver broncos players for some opinion manning's former teammates with indianapolis including center jeff saturday who joked the peyton manning will be successful in whatever he does next i don't see him coaching


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