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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 11AM  FOX  August 11, 2016 11:00am-11:31am MDT

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goes hours away from the first game of the preseason the big question on everyone's mind is who is the starting quarterback for tonight's game plus a new update on the man who opened fire on a colorado planned parenthood a judge has it just this morning in a landmark colorado restaurant is higher were not for waiters at my and upper hostesses the job opening is something unusual. >> placed back to school doesn't have to break the bank we will show you shopping on a budget can still be fashionable ground and good morning to you we are just hours away from the first broncos game i feel like we just won the super bowl.
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face off against the bears in chicago to bite the big question is paid meeting is gone so who will be our starting quarterback i know there's a lot to figure out but that's the focus. >> for nick griffith's life at chicago on who is expected to start today's game. >> hey guys how are you we relocated since this morning when a 21 floors at the london house hotel overlooking the chicago river and eventually will soldier field for a 7:00 o'clock kickoff between the broncos and the bears quarterback questions about what this broncos team who's it going to be carried to be be active community saint mark sanchez will start tonight he will play the first quarter and the second quarter belongs to cover simeon and is for the second half of that will go to paxton which so many questions about the quarterback is of course would we do think up a commanding no longer hear no progress while her as for the mindset going into this game if we just recently talked to
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>> i go when there right now i'm just trying to rip them all and like i said they're going into this week we wanted to set presents for exactly where we got to move too many guys that work in a work this the most important thing is getting out there getting completions understanding where to go with the football knowing what to do and making the decision at that it did that. >> so there is a quarterback again that we will see all three of them tonight and looking for the often sublime there are a couple of guys that will not be their ties and brightly over not be their normal russell oak room war veterans you when i see tonight over the defense of cited no bond milena demarcus ware know i keep to leave a good chance up with a lot of the refused to step up and shine a lot of the guys is still trying to make
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90 plus broncos on the roster that has to get whittled down all the way to 53 in time for next month season opener against the carolina panthers yes football is back and we will be back here throughout the evening and saw that he wanted to break it all down coming up later this evening that he did that once wardrobe 's we got the teen guys like bud miller all coming back to ground is it safe to say i can just just to that for nothing and i think is a huge? but that's truly like the nfl these rosters are so free agency normally jackson attorney today than the two guys that recently left they were really good chunk of the heart and soul that defense i will let defense of response we will find out it's a bit? but it is still the denver broncos and that's certainly a really good side of the top consistently year after year john elway the top of that mix and hopefully they will be able to do it again just keep reloading and of course what was your take the mac i think
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like you said they still are the denver broncos we are broncos country thank you that thinking that we will see you soon. >> new line 11 a man who admits to shooting people out of colorado springs planned parenthood will not have to stand trial at least not yet robert d or was it for a few hours ago and a judge ruled he is not mentally competent to stand trial right now three people were killed and nine others injured wednesday or opened fire on the november authorities say dear admitted what he did and expressed no remorse hillary clinton expected to release her tax returns it this week is a time honored tradition among presidential candidates are running mate cable also releases also in less than half an hour hillary clinton will speak in detroit where she is expected to criticize donald trump for not releasing his tax returns clinton is also expected to outline her economic plan and plans for
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>> meanwhile today donald trump will be in orlando for he will meet with a group of pastors according to the group of american renewal project, but will attend a major gathering of evangelical pastors to group says he is supposed to discuss a repealing the federal law that prohibits tax-exempt organization such as churches to chico schedule on drug but it will let more research began schedule one that means it is deemed to have no medical use or purpose but the dea will give researchers more access to the plant to encourage more studies that pd's and pueblo county say they found an ill legal pot grow that was taking up a big part of two avondale homes deputy's essay the homes had extensive electrical and water irrigation systems to grow to more than 160 pot plants the homes it renders and 33 -year-old michael
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-year-old internet rodriquez fernandez told deputies and they had people will grow medical marijuana but would deputies it looked at that paperwork etc. application had been denied the two were arrested new video of the aftermath of a huge apartment explosion in maryland early this morning this is a video posted by fire crews in montgomery county showing the debris including all over the street and at least 90 people without a home right now caused a massive fire a giant plume of smoke at two firefighters and 25 others were hurt made his is a closing hundred of its department stores but so far they have not said if any of in colorado about 15 percent of macy's are closed and the company says it will pull one to shop online please is also thousands of how many employees will be affected by the closure of what it could mean this a major housing
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>> lets go outside 1106 on your thursday morning beautiful morning after 83 degrees already but the return shipping. >> and yes indeed what are we looking at for a change in speed that they are in that you will be tomorrow at this time 83 won't even be attainable and heightened security is only 80 degrees is a will and so we will make our way to 93 which is cooler than it was yesterday we got that further could be running in from the north at new showers with thuer about to the satellite and radar now and this class that we had in place of this morning they had sent out and allowed us to warm up a little bit as expected now it's kind of a waiting game will get another round of showers and thunderstorms go in this afternoon between about three and 7:00 o'clock in the evenings seem difficult time we've seen so far this week there's that the change tomorrow down to 80 as the daytime high of 8003 days pretty decent shots for low coming up in about 10 or so minutes we will truck that
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will show you how much to expect in turning around with the second half of the week and i've got a lot to talk about welcoming up a wimbledon mystery officials say someone may have poisoned one of the tennis stars from the huge competition plus casa bonita is hiring for a pretty unique position we will tell you what talent they are looking for at
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say they're investigating claims a female tennis player was poisoned during wimbledon this year your first to question who was that they are not saying who allegedly was poisoned to support all the police will say is that a woman got sick on july 6 aad that is going where or where the alleged poison was it just pretty crazy people online speculating that the victim could be british tennis pollard gabriela taylor she tweeted this out back in july saying she was in intensive
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confirmed that that all connected to the poisoning investigation or try to keep things down the right now widely with their investigation forward who were certainly learned more details as they go through this and nothing further from her on twitter twitter so it is a serious you got a wonder i'm sure we'll get it beginning to the bottom the us marines and need to get off their cell phones that's according to the highest ranking officer in the marine corps and this is serious this is not your boss or a mom or dad general robert b noller spoke miller spoke this week saying he's putting a stop to it you said he has seen marines and members of the navy using cell phones are doing exercises and he's worried if the gps on their smartphones could give how important locations makes sense so from now on he said we are going to go to the field for 30 days till your significant other or mama your aunt that your uncle that you are not going to get 75 texts
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almost collapsed into a voice because i don't think you said it that nicely coming from him it's probably very serious business and the thing is if anyone can make it happen i think the marines could say this stops now interesting with the broncos get ready for the first preseason game and peyton manning is a little less stressed today many apparently went on a fishing trip this week with stroke spencer lake bentley tweeting out th and wrote nice king for peyton manning's mind was way bigger but i can't find the pic. >> boy this kind of fighting because pinging funny because pain is not really on social media you will find him on twitter i don't think you can really find them but it's the other people that are setting up pictures of like turks bentley it's fun to see. >> and the make and say stuff about it and you won't know. >> so the iconic and cost of running a restaurant has a
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kind of unusual one but a famous one according to either their hiring divers at the restaurant which is now an historic landmark has a 30-foot waterfall and they also have the cliff divers the diving team is now holding auditions for new diving talent they don't really have prerequisites you just have to go and audition otherwise you wind up in the gorilla suit you don't want to be the guy of the gorilla sit probably is a pretty fun job that's the job i would take you wouldn't catch me up there job you deserve it. >> try out for diver if you want to try out if you want to. >> that'll be cheap back to school town doesn't just studying in school it means a shopping before mom and dad it means is spending unfortunately there are ways to get great close without breaking the bank book takes her daughter shopping to show us how it was fun plus the storms on the way this week will have more of the rest as
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now and our back-to-school series buying close a better cool enough for school but not too hot for your wallet the problem solvers are here to help and $50 will buy much at the mall but what does he get you at a thrift store my daughter and i went to goodwill to find out. >> the song does the school's
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>> back to school shopping should be found right. >> this is like my dream about its prices go up so does the parents of blood pressure. >> i didn't even see that as it. >> you could pay $50 of her one peas in a fashion magazine so i took my daughter cameron to goodwill to see what $50 would buy us of their. >> go we found a small labels and love the store and she had no trouble putting together a weeks worth of outfits. >> we told it up all of this
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this is great it was so much upon that now you can also save hundreds on laptops from goodwill's online store or get your kiddos a bike tuned up over by a refurbished one we will put all that in the limited info in the today section of the box 31 denver problem solvers what you do be sure your kids are safe all caps in the car you are teaming up with the mothers of multiples society to take part in a child safety seat check this weekend there you can meet with a technician who will make sure your child to installed it saturday from 10 until one of the douglas county fairgrounds and doubting castle rock is a good thing to do just to give you peace of mind if nothing else you think you got it installed right but you never know most don't actually let's talk whether today is the day that will change and we've been talking about this all week long i was will cool down you
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boson and we finally decide to come out a little bit more than it was just a short time ago we got the sun working in for us we do not have the temperature is working into the mid- 90s is another view from coors field the rockies are away today they're back at home on monday but still as the skylight is looking just as fine as it was when they were here temperatures going to run in the lower '80s as you walk outside this afternoon the look to the north side of the front 71 degrees in casper wyoming that cooler air has been locked up there to our neighbors at the north for quite a few days but finally it is starting to surge it downward you can see the little ball as you head into the wisconsin nebraska where this temperatures have dipped into the 70s as well so slowly but surely it's making its way to nebraska in wyoming and wyoming and getting into the centennial states meanwhile along that front is look at this some really strong the weather is fired to
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actually that actually suspended play the pga event severe thunderstorm warnings but for us we are filling that monsoon wind and as different sides off to the south and wanted to the very humid when they create thunderstorms of our own ad-libbing queasy severe weather today is high temperatures are on the cool side we had 87 degrees in denver downtown i think 90 out of the airport and in the front arrives and here are this temperatures down they go upper 50s lower 60s and got 61 degrees as of the temperature early tomorrow the work week if you want to round friday out on a cool note here you go 80 will be our high temperature even some 70s as you start heading to the patrols and almost certainly fill a completely different day and it will look like a different day to a lot more the cloud cover but relief is it really forgot to take in whatever way we can get it will also take some of the raindrops any which way we can get those because we are running way behind first the raindrops arriving late this afternoon into the early
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lingering by early friday morning than we do it again friday afternoon although i don't think quite as many storms will fire up during the second half of friday or so i think lake friday into the late saturday afternoon i think we'll see another round it's three good rounds of rain on days when normally we have the monsoon when we would have a 10 or 20 percent chance of rain falling but we're bumping that number up because the cold front is sagging around and it will focus some of that again very humid air are writing from the south is and how much rainf dent in things about half an inch expected towards fort morgan but a third of an inch in denver and as folks get lucky isolated areas will pick up a half inch to three quarters of an inch if they catch a couple of bigger storms in a row and we are running well behind a third of financial take it at this point to it just behind over the last three months a total rainfall and there are a next her free days will look get a good rain before we start wanting things backup middle of next week-back in the upper 80s 20 minutes after 11 we have breaking news we told you
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going to the airport and that we are hearing about new problems in this morning they've got part of that line shut down its unfortunate so all the lanes all of the lines will operate between 61st and that union station but they will pick it up then going to pay near from there with the shuttle the 61st and predestination is essentially one of the last before you actually get to the airport and that's where they are stopping the train putting everybody on a bus and taking th you opinion station up to the actual airport will cause delays it is unfortunately another problem in what has proven to be a string of problems with that line since they launched a few months ago again they are ending the moments we appreciate your patience but at this point we've heard it many many times it's concerning for passengers for sure coming up we are heading out to the growth for a fun new recipe we are
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summertime having people over for some drinks and a great top is outside of the grill and this week i decided to feature some of the great things in season in colorado going to get the palisade peaches so i've got some christine is so a just and fresh them with a little bit of olive oil also onto the grill but while you're doing that let's make the toppings we got some ricotta cheese and
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once we are grilled it will take them off the grill and we got some already cut up over here we are just going to play; top bets that finish with a little first this gets a drizzle of us all macro production. >> i just heard brooke i heard brooke of her going over all every everything at another ingredient then we will do a little play on grilled cantaloupe we are using rocky point cantaloupe again we will get this on to our grill demonstrate on medical care two or three minutes what it
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great solid this is not hard and this is like presentation that's all it is so one is fresh off the grill docents and slices of mozzarella garnish with prosciutto you can use basil where you can use a little fresh parsley as we do today the last one we had was sweetcorn bites so i had a time this is better than iowa sweetcorn is colorado, and everything is better. >> so we are going to get into our bold here a little bit of our sleek one that we grown ahead of grilling the corner like to brush it with a little olive oil and salt pepper you can wrap it up in tinfoil so yeah if you don't use the moisture and then we got some paprika and cayenne pepper that will go and and then i've got some lime juice inside greek yogurt so this is like a play on mexican corn and then last some little kisco fresca that will get mixed and here we are just going to store all of it up and then i pretty grilled
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polenta recipes online super simple begin to make the polenta poured onto a sheet tray bake it for about 15 ?-dash 20 minutes call it. >> so we're just going to put these together i will throw some on here and we will get parking brooke over here to start eating. >> i am sure they are hungry we just got the corn on their own and get a finish it with fresh cilantro and then you can enjoy pick them up let us know do we have over here lots of fine cheeses i see this was a king supers we just picked up some things from the deli section i got some great she is as there are so many great ones at the grocery stores of these days some spanish style sausages. >> and i noticed a supers today to the health of a rotating thing is like cheeses under $5 and i'm like i will take some densities for under $5. >> and then you can make a
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this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are -- a director of communications from houston, texas... a director of a contemporary arts center from buffalo, new york... and our returning champion, a graduate student in history from summerville, massachusetts... [ applause ] and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek. thanks, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. my, oh, my, we have the lady in red


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