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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  August 13, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm MDT

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a standoff in lakewood ends with a suspect in the hospital. police tell us the man was wanted for more than half a dozen felony warrant. >> the water was rushing in. i know you have heard this before but it came up so fast, we just didn't realize it. >> at least two deaths and more than a thousand rescues. right no historic floods that many say came out of nowhere. >> i think his parents would just be astonished. >> after years in an unmarked grave, a pearl harbor sailor finds his final resting place beside his parents. coming up a special honors he is receiving right here and colorado. >> fox 31 denver news at 5:00. >> a man in critical condition tonight, shot by a swat team after standoff in lakewood.
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>> i'm erika gonzalez paired police of the shooting happened first in chariton. that is where fox 31 macradee aegerter is by with the details. >> liquid police say the man shot by west metro swat officers was wanted on at least seven felony warrant said it happened in a 7-11 parking lot early this morning after a standoff that lasted several hours. >> i woke up to gunshots and my son screaming. >> around seven: thirty saturday morning, residents of this apartment complex near jolted awake by gunfire. >> i panicked and picked him up to look at the window and we saw cops everywhere. swat gear, everything, commotion. >> across the street, in the parking lot of 7-11, the west metro swat team surrounds an older model pick up. >> seem to bring them to the ambulance and walked off. >> -- hill while you >> he displayed what looked like
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agents walked away and contain the vehicle and were able to establish phone contact. >> the man refused to give himself up. >> swat team moved up and contained this aspect. shots were fired. >> he is facing a long sentence. a lot of people do the crime but don't want to do the time. >> police say it is unclear if any came from the suspects gun. >> it can be frightening. it can be chaotic and happen very quickly. in the lakewood police department, we always trto deadly force as a last resort. >> we know the cops are there to protect and do their jobs and we got one bad guy off the street. >> lakewood police say the suspect is in critical condition. they are not releasing his name at this time or saying what one out for his arrest. macradee aegerter, fox and one denver. >> new to veltman's tonight as the spring creek fire is now forcing families to evacuate
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500 acres. it is burning in an incorporated mason county near battle meant mesa. the garfield county sheriff's office said the fires push near homes. a voluntary evacuation order was issued for some homes in the area. multiple agencies are battling the brace from the air and the ground. >> a mall in north carolina is placed on lockdown. in this cell phone video you can see shoppers running out of the crabtree valley mall in rally. officers confirmed the lockdown. people inside said they heard gunshots but two hours later police have not been able to find a suspect or anyone with injuries. we will continue to monitor the story and let you know when we learn more. meanwhile, in louisiana people are dealing with heavy rains and flooding. you can see the roads are unrecognizable. looking more like rivers of then streets. so far at least two people have died. evacuations and rescues are underway across louisiana. days
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the state, causing widespread flooding. >> the water with that high. >> the slow-moving storm is expected to dump even more heavy rain through the weekend. governor john bell edwards declared a state of emergency, saying residents advised to evacuate should do so and quickly. >> we of record levels of flooding along the rivers and creeks. because these are record floods, we don't know how wide the water is going to get in those areas. >> it is been flooding progressively more and more as the day goes on. it's just getting worse. >> louisiana national guard is going house to house to save residents and pets stranded in waist high water. rescue crews are continuing to search for a washed away vehicle after reports of a missing person. >> are helicopters are primarily in active search and rescue right now. we are trying to coordinate with the officials on the ground to make sure we get to the critical areas. >> even the governor's mansion in baton rouge being impacted to
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rivers and creeks expected to rise to the downpours have also been sending area rivers and creeks rising toward historic crests. >> this is certainly not over. >> are fully devastating. will want to check in with meteorologist mark monstrola. >> mark, what can you tell us about the storm? >> unbelievable amount unbelievable amount of water falling from the sky is the last 48 hours. this is about the third of the state of louisiana. we see the gray colors here have received 15-20 inches of rain and a few isolated locations. more than that and as you saw it doesn't have anywhere to go. the big cold front draped over the state and persistent rainfalls are the result. it will continue unfortunately there for at least the next day, if not 48 hours. areas shaded in the blue, purple and red that you see, which is about half of the state could receive 2-4 inches of rain. in the yellows and oranges will receive another 4-6 inches. our thoughts will be with our
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meanwhile at home today blue skies over the mile high city. it was a beautiful afternoon with temperatures just right. a nice cooldown from what we have seen as of late. there were storms on the eastern plains. we take a look at those and warm air. we will talk 90s again as early as tomorrow. that is coming up in the pinpoint weather. >> after years in an unmarked grave, a pearl harbor sailor finds his final resting place beside his parents. today, navy inside john charles england military honors. we are at evergreen cemetery in colorado springs for the emotional goodbye. >> -- it's the heartbreaking moment no military family ever wants to endorse. ?? where hearts are heavy, heads are bowed, and the sounds of bagpipes playing signal a fallen soldier is being laid to rest.
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hero, john charles england, this was a moment they've spent decades longing for. >> after 75 years it finally happened. >> under some are seventh, 1941, j-c anglin died aboard the uss oklahoma during the japanese attack on pearl harbor. england had rescued two of his fellow soldiers was going to help a third when he passed away. he became part of the unknown soldiers who perished that day. >> my great grandparents and my great aunts, they were devastated when they lost him. and my mom was one month old and she never met her father. >> a grateful nation and a proud navy. >> bethany glenn never imagined this day would come. >> being able to put my mom's ashes with the father she never met was unbelievable. it really was. >> eight years ago, glenn learned her grandfather's remains were in an unmarked grave in hawaii. on that fateful day she knew she could help bring closure to her family.
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parents would have wanted, right beside them. and so her lifelong desire to give her grandfather a proper goodbye finally ends at this colorado springs cemetery. >> it affects generations when you don't get a body back or get remains back to bury. it really disrupted my great grandparents mourning process. they didn't have anything. this has just been a great experience and i'm so grateful to the navy but they were able to >> and emotional day of closure for them. yesterday governor hickenlooper ordered flags were lowered to half staff in all public buildings from sunrise and till sunset today in his honor. >> a great ceremony. also kudos to dan daru who went in that and he recorded the whole thing on his cell phone. that's where the video came from >> some sad news tonight for star wars fans. actor kenny baker died today. that's according to his knees,
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life the sassy, beloved droid are to d2 and the star were films. fans and fellow actors are playing tribute to baker on social media. mark hamill, aka's luke skywalker tweeting today goodbye kenny baker, a lifelong loyal friends. i left his optimism and determination. he was the droid i was looking for. >> brendan dassey was only 18 when he was found guilty of murder, but soon he could leave prison a free man. it is a case that gained national atten netflix documentary making a murder. ashley's years sears from our sister station wi ti in milwaukee has more. >> it's a case thrust into the national spotlight. the netflix documentary making a murder shines new light on the rape and murder of teresa hall box and the convictions of steven avery and his nephew, brendan dassey. the case sparked protests. and calls for the convictions to
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friday, after years of appeals, a federal judge overturns death these conviction, ruling investigators made false promises to him during his interview and his confession was coerced. the ruling states will "he did not seem to grasp the seriousness of the matter". death he was just 16 years old when he was arrested. once he was in custody, he confessed to helping his uncle rape and murder hall box. >> his lawr was prompted, he was promised things, he had very clear mental limitations. >> former wisconsin supreme court justice june and dusky said the video confession raised red flags. >> more people, legal observers aside were very uncomfortable about the way that interrogation happened. >> he is represented by two attorneys from northwestern laws center on wrongful convictions of youth. they released a statement saying in part "doctor martin luther
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moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice. it has taken a decade, but the law is finally bending toward justice and the case of brendan dassey". >> he is currently serving his prison sentence at columbia correctional institution in portage, wisconsin. the court has ordered that he be freed from prison. coming up, it's something you don't see everyday. if our nato car on camera. the neurologist mark menstrual explains how something like this can happen. >> plus are you ready for glue stock. why all these dogs got dressed up for a fun filled day on the
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legal lovers are in heaven the sink in. thousands of legos, even a life-size lego version of what he from the movie toy story has taken over the denver merchandise mart. the organizers of the lego brick fest hoping to bring kids and legal lovers of all ages together to collaborate on a one-of-a-kind creation. >> we hope that we inspire a lot of kids and also a lot of parents who have an interest in kids play. >> there is even a pit filled with 200,000 green legos that parents and kids can sit and create all day. >> it looks really cool and like a lot of fun. i know this to be true because my little guy at home, rescue diet dogs rock. >> some of the hippest dogs lovers showed up at mount vernon country club today.
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protective league true to its name in the event featured a wide variety of food and life music from the 60s. there was even a hippie themed costume parade. >> it's a lot of fun. >> all the money raised today will go towards helping rescued animals in the community. >> kind of like woodstock where we assume that doggie treats were drug-free. -- we have some awesome video we want to bring yoou they had a grass fire their unfortunately but check out the result. we know that hot air rises. when swirling winds occur with the updraft look at what happens. it's a combination that comes together. >> it doesn't even look real. it looks like on a hollywood set. >> a fire nato. unbelievable stuff there. wow!
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off easily to the west of us. not's much the case in colorado. although we did have a wildfire on the western slope earlier this afternoon. across the city we take you through the timely's. a beautiful day today. several passing clouds overhead. plenty of sunshine and temperatures down in most spots. although it's a get toward the lake there were a few more clouds pumping and over the foothills than they were during the morning. still we managed to stay dry across the city. there are few hours few showers we get to those in a few minutes. at the airport when into back to 89 degrees. it's actually a touch above the average high of 88. however with that being said, the northeast side of town was by far the warmest across the entire metro area. most communities were much cooler today in the low to mid 80s. we are currently downtown and 85 golden is feeling good at 83 degrees as well. and centennial on this senate or
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86 degrees. bigger picture, upward 70s and low to mid 80s across the eastern plains. we have had some rain along the border. -- we're toasty back toward grand junction. mainly clear skies for the most part earlier this money. a few fairweather clouds that we showed you in the time lapse but we have stay dry. a little cell has no strength to get through fort collins bringing some showers and mainly just to the south of the colorado/wyoming border. rain along i 25 and as it transitions into the eastern plains it should die up over the next hour or so. a flash flooding warning along
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are being encountered in some spots. if you come across them, turnarounds, don't drown. meanwhile, pretty quiet across the mounds as we look to the west outside a few widely showers. a perfect day to get on the mountain and do some climbing. perhaps a hike with the family. i think this transitions into the evening hours and it could be a nice evening to get all on the patio or porch. as a go through 7-9:00 most this quiet around the metro but could see a cluster of storms. it shouldn't last long. there they will be gone shortly after midnight leaving us with sunny skies. a beautiful start to the day and in very similar fashion to what we witnessed this afternoon i think the metro and most of i 25 is dry. one or two spots across the eastern plains could encounter a scattered shower or thunderstorm, however tomorrow will be a little warmer than what we saw today. most of the area low to mid 80s. i think tomorrow we are back to
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things and. we take you back to fort collins and a high of 90 degrees tomorrow. yuri 89 degrees. lafayette at 90 degrees before the day is wrapped up. interior sections of the city, and clued in the western sections in the heart of downtown will make it back to about 91 degrees. but as you get up in elevation and travel further south we drop down to about 85 degrees. tonight 56 degrees and cool and comfortable evening. a nice breeze coming through and beautiful. sunshine all day long tomorrow. 90 degrees for the high and the seven-day forecast shows we stay right around 92 degrees through wednesday until the next front comes through into next weekend. >> broncos fans the dream home giveaway with a prize just for you. it is this official championship football, autographed by von miller and to marry us thomas. get a giveaway to give her $100 and you will have a chance to win this prize just in time for
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>> that also gives you a chance to win this four bedroom home. it's located in the tollgate cross the neighborhood of aurora. that is right by south winds and in the cherry creek school district. >> call 182-76-7695 or you can go online to you. only a limited number of tickets will be sold. >> also on the website is more information on the home and how you can see it. there is a virtual tour a five minute long walking tour video of the home. details about the open house tours happening every single weekend until someone wins the beautiful home on september 1. >> and an added bonus if you stop at a house to mile you can talk broncos with the foxy one sports team. bruce hurdle, kami carmen, and nick griffith will be there from noon-2. a rare sight in italy. >> and it's caught on camera. >> baby turtles headed out to
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this amazing journey with these little guys. >> a government agency has banned its employees from playing pok?mon go.
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a consumer alert tonight paired restaurant chain ruby tuesdays has plans to close 100 locations for the company says the underperforming stores will be shut down by the end of the year. ruby tuesday says when possible displaced of employees will be offered positions at nearby locations. ruby tuesday says it has a total of 724 locations. >> this story may come as a relief. just the pentagon is banning
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leaders sent out a memo reminding staff the app is not approved for use on its devices paired the memo said spies could use the game to pinpoint the locations of sensitive facilities were secrets are stored. employees can still play the game on their personal phones, but the pentagon asked them to use sound judgment when they do and to play away from work. >> check out this cute video. several baby loggerhead turtles headed to the city -- see in southwestern italy. people gathered on the beach to toward the water. volunteers held torches to help guide their newborns. loggerhead turtles usually nest on beaches in greece and turkey and aren't typically found in italy. pretty cool video to see it without being there in person. >> and every time this happens like at myrtle beach you always go with the crowd that rather's it is kind of special. >> it only happens every so often. you have to catch it while you can.
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talking about 911 dispatchers. >> and when you call 911 you expect someone to answer right away but that's not always the case in denver. the foxy one denver problem solvers look into why this is happening. >> plus, school sleep routines. coming up, what experts say you can do to help students get to
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>> we've an active shooter. >> overworked and set up. >> my fear is i'm so over tired from being overworked. something is quite happen. >> the problem solvers discovered they are raking in overtime they don't necessarily want. why some say low staffing is affecting response times. >> it's hard to figure out what is the most shocking. the overtime denver is paying its dispatchers, the staffing levels, where the hold whole time some callers are facing. >> investigative reporter rob lowe spoke to all sides of the issue. >> beginning july 31, dispatchers in denver will put on a 12 hour work week. that's an automatic eight hours of overtime every week. it's often more if you call 911 on a busy night, don't be surprised if you are put on hold. >> when you get straight to


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