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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 11AM  FOX  August 22, 2016 11:00am-11:31am MDT

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kind of a better sweet day for a lot of people. i don't miss it. i've tried many thursdays, and although our daughter is starting to you and as you but you know it is a little different. i am just excited to be answered his parents ?- i'm sure they are the house ?- will continue to have it. and then it will get older, but it will get better. >> for years obviously one of the baseball parks is the basketball then you will visit pursuing your passion. >> you know, i was middle school
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schools i know what it's like to have class in our classes it was no question we had to take our classes. this is very very important. to create the mind and to get it working and to be able to get it out. >> you have anything for others? not us? >> real quick ?- if you believe within your heart you know that no one can change the path that you must go. >> that is offered to cut was also a pleasure meeting you too will be here with an update for
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pretty good. >> she is such a great proponent for the arts and she can trust my own voice a great first day of school. monday morning with car a situation where someone crashed into a police cruiser. this is happening in northeast denver it sounds like they were making was some kind of stop a routine stop when t now they are looking for a specific the local and 98-point cord with berkeley black claims on it they even have the plate number. montana plates police
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the original one they were driving and then stitched to the truck and my crystal the white truck and 90 a white ford if you have any informational where this may be we will keep you posted with the workerson lebron the ground tracking new your stores with photographers older updates on this but we will keep you updated. >> the customer also does not revert to she served a man and woman what she wants to look at the receipt of the end of their
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tip citizens underlined she is mexican but born in the us the owner of the restaurant once the person to apologize. a teenager has become a hero minus are trying to lift the spirits of flood victims in louisiana. >> a kind of reminds me of the video of the flooding here in colorado. remember that? they found an abandon p some music would help judge some people in the area. take a look. >> it is not perfectly with that does not matter he is good. the 16 -year-old sat down and played the tarantula. he is sitting amongst the various facebook
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inspired they were in this is just what they hoped would happen. >> and in the darkest times when a related to them, relative to down, usually always look for the buy side of life. you've been hearing great stories coming out of louisiana before stuffing two-parent, developments the public long list of highest glass bottom bridge in the world. located in the scenic national park in central china. the bridge since two clips is more than a quarter-mile long about 20 feet wide and 99p or three liver they
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can make an appointment today at date today at a time on the 80,000 people per day can go on just to be safe. >> it is the wants a once in a lifetime opportunity. coming up ?- a pastor with a daredevil's the daredevils seat. more on why he says it symbolizes his faith. >> plus, you may have noticed temperatures are rising again. it could be short-lived. we are
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we're breaking news going on. once again looking for very specific vehicle and a 98 wide ford back black the black flames on and with montana plates. 2100 block south holly seemed tweeted out this is sky fox giving us that overlooks and apparently some of the rams a police car trip out to the trunk they were in an ounce of jesus
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non- blondes were now notice proposal trying to track it down blessing they tweeted out is essentially helpless minus 98 ford truck if you know it is properly. >> checking and nothing you today to be considered as an evil knievel. pastor john morgan north korea attempted a very daring stunts over the weekend will take a look. >> pastor martin ?- mercury jumping over the wall fire it is
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away gift bags during the assault. and it look like a residential street that was rochester new york that is true this is something it is something that would slowdowns when i tell you what ?- we are of summer we have this afternoon including a high temp of 91 today feeling warm-up are already in the mid 80s. a decent amount of some dc a pretty big difference where it is quality and where we are at
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struggling with clouds in the head towards denver word is already in the 80s these temperatures have about ten more summer degrees to gain with the system off to the north and west although cold air coming to centennial state. first there was a cloud cover hanging around the western slopes we give it energy to move into showers. keeping one eye on the forecast today and tomorrow when and you see the sun the then of clouds you see it on the satellite and the temperature map in the meantime, for the rest of judah, we will then scattered showers up from over
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actually think the slightest touch of showers later this evening on the south side of town so we're talking myself down towards castle rock palmer divide well south of interstate 70 tomorrow we reach this aerial just like we did yesterday morning than we do it all over again during the afternoon mountain storms popping up on this, couple more to push of i 25 randomly along the south. but denver down tohe down towards castle rock we are not getting a ton of rain maybe a tenth of an inch or 30 minutes if we are likely than the cold air arrives lower '90s today mid 80s tomorrow morning a little cloud that will cloud cover more in the chance for tuesday. that finally crosses
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mid-seventies a baseball player is of illinois has a grand slam
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we know the know-how or baby perceives its environment could help predict whether he or she in life researchers examine the spatial awareness of six months old they look at the child's ability to transport them up transform and rotate objects in their space. whatever that means. researchers from they found more the result babies outlook the mirror scores mirror test score better it later on
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>> i guess that is apparently one of the telltale signs of minor league baseball player and illinois are a landmark moment in his career. it was a pretty bad moment broadcast for the gateway grizzlies an illinois and illinois state of figure this out. you can't make this up when and how most tweeted later saying it is definitely worth it went 17 ?- six. >> just call up the mobile when the repair service, and you are set to roll call the forecast the next couple of days. anyways how warm today? >> ninety-one this afternoon we are back from the 70s in the
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- a study-abroad program manager from putney, vermont... an attorney from new york, new york... and our returning champion, a rehabilitation specialist from bonita springs, florida... and now, here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. hi, folks. hope you're all recovered now from that weekend of celebrating.


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