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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  August 27, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm MDT

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fox 31 denver news at 10:00. >> one week ago today tragedy struck at 58 and federal when a car accident claimed the life of 48 your old john jefferson of arvada. >> 21 -year-old breanna bowie just 21 years old when she died in that fatal head-on collision earlier this week, studying to be a teacher and a nearby school district. the vigil behind me, which is just wrapping up. mostly young people still here gathering and comforting each other, clearly very popular in the community. hundreds gathering to pay their
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comments. we are told by family it was mostly friends that organized this. a pastor telling those gathered to keep having hope, keep having the faith as they lit candles in her memory. her uncle tells us this evening's gesture means so much. >> it's comforting to know and feel the love and the outpouring of support that the community is rallying around. she was a kind, gentle soul and she was just girl. >> we are told from a pastor that a formal memorial service will take place on friday at romero's family funeral home. we will have more details on our website, joe st. george, fox 31. >> think twice about what you are doing because in an instant you can shatter people's lives. >> joe was talking about a woman studying to be a teacher killed
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denver. that is with the woman on the screen was referring to. one week ago today, tragedy struck at 58 them federal when a car accident claimed the life of 48 -year-old john jefferson of arvada. drew engelbert has more on that vigil held in aurora tonight. >> street racing was expected to be the cause of the accident but authorities now say an ongoing investigation will determine what happened and if charges will be filed. for john jefferson's family and friends, they believe reckless driving was thca senseless death. a week has passed, but the heart ache has not. >> so many people have come forward and are very distraught about his death. he touched so many people's lives. >> john jefferson leaves behind so many who knew him as jj. >> jj was wonderful husband, father, sun. uncle, friends, mentor, coach. >> married by common law for
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shortly before his tragic death that he was going to propose with the ring this weekend. >> i just sobbed and sobbed. >> the ring is now in its rightful place, but jj is not. >> i've been robbed of him. and our life together. >> friends and family gathered for a vigil to honor jj tonight and spread a message they hope can save others. >> we need to stop this senseless deaths from reckless driving and people need to be aware what they are doing on the road. >> while investigate the cause, jj family believes street racing was a factor. a senseless tragedy that jj's loved ones believe should have been avoided. >> we think they might be shattering a family's life, a friend's wife, a community's life. they need to slow down and take their time because it's not worth it. >> the two people in the other car involved in the crash were seriously injured but did survived the accident.
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legal representation. drew engelbert, fox 31. >> new tonight, a crash in parker sends seven people to the hospital. police a air life transported one of the victims had this crash happened in the southbound lanes of parker roe deer has road to mile south the main story. you can see debris spread across all lanes of traffic. officers shut down both north and southbound lanes about an hour and a half ago and the northbound lane did reopened. parker police say the crash involved three cars and a motorcycle. also new tonight, denver have a man in custody. they say he is under investigation for an attack to happen yesterday along the highline canal trial. police say they are still try to figure out whether the man is connected to similar attacks. they say this is the same area where someone attacked a jogger a little more than a week ago. they may look tough on the outside but the ladies have hearts of gold. coming up, what they did to spread big smiles to sick kids at denver health today. >> the past couple of weekends have been excellent as far as
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today no exception. high of 85 degrees and lots of sunshine. dry out today and we do it again
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a local motorcycle group is changing the perception of bikers by helping bring c today at denver health, fox 31 macradee aegerter shows how they do it. >> comfort is often found in the simplest of things. at denver health. >> the biker community probably has the biggest heart out there. >> comfort is delivered wrapped in leather and chrome. >> what's your name? it was a beer. >> a xavier, that's a good name. >> on the back of these bikes, bags and bags.
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>> there is a power in that stuffed animal that surprises as every time. >> plus a stack full of cash to buy more. >> we are a woman's organization that started just out of the love to ride and that grew into the love to support the community. >> with this annual gift from the group just as giving is their name. >> there is nothing better in the world and to see a smile on a child's face, especially a sick child's face every yr, thousands of kids come to emergency, surgery and pediatric units are given a reason to smile. >> they will just grab onto that stuffed animal and hold it so tight. they immediately calm down. they smile, their energy just changes. >> kids like six-year-old the knowledge park. >> a little scared. pulled it tight. >> whose big sister tells him. >> because he is been through a lot and he didn't have anything to protect him. >> this time his protection
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purple bear. >> in the five years they have been doing this, donating hundreds of beanie babies to denver health pediatrics unit, this is the first year they have gotten to give them to the kids. >> hi, how are you? do like toys? >> if we can take one brief moment and give back some sense of happiness, we want to take advantage of that every chance we get. how about a little bear to snuggle up with later. >> more good the broncos game is over and the good guys win 17-9. we will
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and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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as mentioned the big game at mile high just wrapped up a couple minutes ago. beautiful evening as we look that direction. traffic leaving the stadium and the broncos win 17-9. will have post game reaction and highlights in a few minutes but mark, what a night to watch a football game. >> it sure was. a nice evening underway with temperatures down into the upper 60s in the city. low 60s northeast of town at dia. just come cover which is streaming in from the south and southwest from the northeast. still a few rain showers in southeastern colorado. posted quickly per there may be a few pockets of rain that develop into the overnight and morning but we stay dry in the metro and eastern plains. -- we will drop down to lows around 55 degrees by tomorrow morning.
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in one or two locations around the city early tomorrow but otherwise a mixture of clouds and sun and a little shower activity might in nature across and then a few of the showers, especially as we approach the late day may transition down into the metro and adjacent plains. about a 20 percent chance you would see a passing shower tomorrow afternoon and evening. 55 degrees overnight tonight and partly cloudy. patchy fog by morning. tomorrow afternoon we call for 85 degrees and a mix of clouds and sun. showers. we repeat for the rest the week. a looks like we stay consistent. >> week three of exhibition season and the dress rehearsal game as we said the game is in the books and it ended the way it should. we ended and we kickoff coverage with bruce hurdle. we love to see a broncos victory. >> even if an exhibition game we see they played well tonight and they got some of the answers they were looking for and
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but this week was key because we call it the dress rehearsal. that is when preparation is typically a little more regular season like and there are scott teams and all sorts of game plans put in for the first time. how did it turn out? early on it turned out very well as trevor simeon, mark sanchez, paxton lynch and the crew had to the field. von miller wreaking havoc in the backfield and in a shot to open the game. miller playing extended minutes and making himself known. not much offense out of the rams early. the same with the broncos with just 6 yards in the first two drives. finally a big 23-yard hit and lance kendricks set up a 23-yard field goal. they go for it fourth and one and can't come away with it. greg's airline on the drive makes it 6-0 ballgame for the
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midway through the second. cj anderson with a back-to-back run showing good acceleration 11 carries for 50 yards in the first half. his they would be done. he sets them up for the easy throw and trevor simeon takes care of it. he heads virgil green off play action for a 1 yard score and lead 7-6 per the rams are up 9-7 with the broncos get it back just before half. probably the nicest play of the night. and i strike from simeon to the merriest thomas. just one in for that set up out for a 10-9 lead at the half. so into the second half ago and the broncos continuing to seek heat on the defensive lend. takota wants and what the devonshire and starting to move the football team. this on third and 18, perfectly executed helps to keep the drive alive. jamonte burger and they are rewarded when ronnie hillman who played hard tonight pops it from
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17-9. two's and across the board in the second half and how about the work on the third down from k von webster. this guy plays a really nasty corner and this is a good example. he breaks it up and gives the broncos possession. he been the rams out of the end zone and they do that with the goal line stand in the last four minutes. it preserves a 17-9 win, their second in three exhibition starts per the broncos go to arizona let's get out to nick griffis, sports director and nick, let's start with the quarterback situation. obviously a slow start i thought for trevor simeon but he finished while yes, he did. ten for 17122 yards per the touchdown and an interception and a lot of the concern for many is the great throws he made in a couple of the once he made with to marion thomas putting it
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there are a few throws that you might categories as ono throws. sanders look back upon one like who are you throwing two and that's a big concern for broncos fans. it certainly looks like trevor simeon to be the correctness football game heading into season one. curious to see what kubiak had to say about that. mark sanchez not seeing the field. should they cut ties? they would stand to gain three and a half million dollars as well is a draft pick for next season. we will see how all of that pans out and hear from gary kubiak coming up momentarily. nick griffith, fox 31. bruce, back to you. >> let's get into the running back situation because of that cj anderson today ran the ball hard. eleven times for 50 yards. he showed some really nice pop and then ronnie hillman, who is a guy who is starting to get. a little bit and that broncos backfield and capri been said in
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moved ahead of him in the pecking order. the room for 45 yards and a and in the running game he had the longest pop from the line of scrimmage at the 21 yards. interesting with the place election tonight. thirty passes and 30 runs. a conventional winstone has it. the broncos will be much more of a running football team when they get into the regular season. however, so far here in the preseason they have been a passing team. thirty passes and0 tonight. kind of interesting. simeon with a slow start but a strong finish. he was very good in the second quarter and the question becomes offense of lee as we await gary kubiak taking the podium at mile high stadium. the question very simply is how much offense do have to have from this group to win a football game? tonight, they got 17 points per trevor simeon with this tops here and merriest thomas or this
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this is one of the interceptions on a throw to jordan norwood that really doesn't hurt you as badly as you think you are going to think about the ball deep in territory. it really did it hurt too much. let's go back out to mile high stadium and that is where gary kubiak awaits us on the podium. >> you know my, i thought about it all week long and i set down with mark this morning before breakfast and i told them will play things go the way i think, if trevor plays as long as i think he will play, i won't put you in with four or five minutes left to play. mark has played a lot of football but i needed to see these other two kids play. that was a decision i made an turn to mark about it this morning and he was great. we went from there. >> to have an update on latimer?
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dealing with right now. we of a banged up shoulder and cj has some stitches in his ear so i think we came out pretty good. these couple of guys will be day today. >> your impressions of trevor? >> jeff, i'm impressed. i think he is very calm and i can tell by the way he handles the team and the huddle he has control of what is going on. he gets a bad break on the go bald but goes right back down what i see is him getting better every time out and working very hard. like they all have but i think he has made strides and thought he did a good job tonight. >> [inaudible] >> i have a lot of work to do. i'm good to make a decision this week and i will do that. at the same time i have a lot of things going on so i will take my time and do it the right way.
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>> would you be comfortable going into the regular season with two quarterbacks who have not thrown a pass in the nfl yet? if you don't have a veteran there with them? >> you know, like i said i have to continue the evaluation process and decide what is best for the team. as for the question about experience, it truly is hard for me to answer because i have two that have no experience. it's just way it is. we of young guys at that position but they have been battling and i think they are i just have to decide what is best for our group and go to work. >> you decided to go with riley dixon all game hunting without britain. same kind of deal? >> it really goes back to the same thing. when you have a veteran guy that has been doing it for you, you know what they bring to the table and what they do, but when you have a young kid that is competing with them you never know how far they have come until you give them a chance. yes me about the corridor back in and same thing with riley.
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punt so trying to we just have some tough decisions and trying to help ourselves with those decisions. >> and of course the first cut down from 95 to 35 players comes on tuesday. the big cut down from 75253 comes a week from saturday. 17-9 broncos over the rams. we
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17-9 broncos winners over the los angeles rams. it doesn't roll off the tongue quite yet, he does it? they are talking in the broncos locker room. >> it will be a great game and we have to look good in the preseason we look pieces and decent. >> are you frustrated with yourself about that hit? and going out and playing football.
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football. ep>> akeem corley with the big penalty and the key to this defense he says he will maintain that throughout the season. back to you guys. >> thanks nick. a recap week three of the exhibition season and the so-called dress rehearsal game looking for christmas because your starters get the most attention. in fact they play through most of the first half and look for the most part in the second quarter presentation led by quarterback trevor simeon. a touchdown and meanness interception it or thrown in the shadow of the rams goal line. cj anderson running the ball well with 11 carries for 50 yards. ronnie kelman really showing some signs of life at a time when his job may well have been hanging in the balance. five carries for 45 yards in a long run of 21 to lead them and
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at mile high where ronnie hillman is addressing the media. >> how good of a job he did so it's cool to come out here and compete. >> plus it's good to have an opportunity. we haven't had a chance to see you on the field. >> just opportunity to contribute like a said and try to put some feel. >> ronnie big breakout game, did you feel like you -- >> i feel like i need every game. just coming out of this and being in the position i am right now. you have guys like cj and capri in the same room. i have to come out and just show that i can still compete with these guys. >> ronnie hillman a big touchdown run today. going to get to the other side of the locker room and talking a bit. >> the big win to take away tonight will be the question a mark sanchez not playing.
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all fade away. we will talk about the quarterback situation for a
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