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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  August 29, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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outside in and parked cars were removed by the strong floodwaters inside one home in entire basement from floor to ceiling flooded with hale had residents fearing the worst i thought i was going to drown the water was rising up and i don't know how to swim colorado springs public works is spent hours after the storm clearing the streets and sidewalks with a red cross responded to the neighborhood some residents are displaced tonight for a look at how the storms del expect anymore while the weather here is martin stroller with a first look at the pinpoint weather it was a wild and that times are at times obviously scary evening in colorado springs it all happened within two ?-dash a three hour time span with about two ?-dash 3 inches of rain coming down within those few hours it that's enough it rained to equal about a months worth of data colorado springs you can see all the areas initiated and green and yellow and then when you see these
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that's where the hail was most prevalent boy do we see a lot of it as an agenda in the video you can see in this picture here from the colorado springs fire department where they plugged it basically the drains the drainage system on the road to roads couldn't get the water down them as the hail pretty much plugged everything up creating rivers on the runways it was in ugly scary situation that luckily all is quiet now across el paso county for the two that was around the city we have dry skies for the most part to the north and northeast of dia which may cross at the north side of town but it won't last much longer than that were not done with the rain just yet more the way for tomorrow will talk about a coming up this day ahead of the storms with interactive radar on our app you can also see the alibi or hour by hour forecast to ten-day outlook anytime anywhere you are just search katie b in the app store on google play it's a heartbreaking photo a two -year-old boy in a local
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investigators say the two -year-old's father tried to kill this little boy by crashing his car into a parked vehicle now that man seen here 29 -year-old in a thin white has told police his plan was to murder his son kagan harsha is here with the troubling the details. >> i show you a picture of that little boy in just a second as you said it's absolutely heartbreaking he stolen that cast a covering half of his body miraculously he somehow survived the end we're told he will be okay >> it's a crash witnesses can't seem to shake it looked absolutely awful that the details us so disturbing they linger for years. >> governor screech marks there was no putting the brakes on just at this horrible sound right around 11 sunday morning deputies say 29 -year-old nathan was so high on cocaine came barreling around us, but around 75 miles per hour he slammed into a parked car that hit another finally coming to a stop in
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boy cindy was a rush to call 911. >> i heard a youngster crying but didn't see it at first and then finally saw the top of the baby's head in saw dad hitting it as if he was annoyed by the crying that was happening arapahoe county shuts deputies would quickly learned this was no accident was local investigators quote i was trying to kill my son the affidavit says he admitted the reason he his son was because of being a father is a big responsibility and he did not think he was given up to raise a child he told investigators when he put his son in the car he did not buckle him and on purpose him purpose and was not in a car seat the boy's mother couldn't believe it. >> there's no words i fell to the floor and started crying and i just kept saying my baby boy. >> little isaiah suffered a broken leg a concussion and a pay cut on his forehead that
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lopez says it she's angry but mostly she's thankful for babies somehow miraculously survived. >> he's such a strong boy i think god every day that he still alive and hopefully eventually he'll be able to walk again and isaiah is now out of the hospital recovering at home to his father's parents several other charges he tried to fight them at the crash scene when they try to prevent him from slitting his own throat. >> the borough police a 17 -year-old boy was to learning to drive is behind bars for killing a pedestrian 26 -year-old nicholas richland was crossing alameda last night when he was killed they say the teen driver who faces several charges was dragracing at all holy hegemonies permit
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houston limit family members minutes after the crash they were say the crash scene said people just dragracing and apparently i don't see any protection here being with the police officers around here police are asking for surveillance video for many businesses nearby between alameda and parry all the way to morris and rather hoping to identify a second car that was also involved in that drag race 2 arrest suspected of attacking a woman on a popular bike path police trying to figure out if he is a suspect to attack than other women a week earlier the latest attack happened friday around noon and the woman was walking her dog along the highline canal when the suspect suddenly punched the women she took this photo as he ran away neighborhood the women and men then helped catch the suspect. >> the guy just walked up and punched her to school copter
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suspects picture because they want to show it to another women who was attacked him as a bike path a week and a half ago all do at 10 a colorado man celebrates a record-breaking adventure in man climbing 5714 or is in just 31 days he spoke with their our box of 31 michael kohn contacted about the challenge extreme endurance at his motivation around jo grant started at his home in gold hell he rode his bike from unbound colorado and claiming all but the 14 years along the way over the last month. >> what a month it has been for jo grant speeding his way from 114 or after another very fast a lot of logistics a lot of sleep deprivation joe now 33 has been backpacking and climbing most of his life eventually transitioning to long-distance running just to the kind of training needed to set a 14 or records so supported that means that no help at of the 14 hours have
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ways this was it just i think a style that identified with most most everything joe needed was on his bike his close back here in a sleeping system are here slipping back with a waterproof bag that goes over it because he had to spend a quite a few nice outside getting enough sleep can be tough and unpredictable mountain weather i got a lot of bad weather and the cell's monsoon season sells a ring kind of the morning and then it wou in the afternoon which it presents a number of difficulties with his safety safety and just knowing kind of when to go up the mountain and just kind of picking the right moments to do that prior to this at 1500-mile adventure joe hadn't seen more than half of colorado's tallest peaks he's been busy sharing special moments on social media showcasing some of the most beautiful sights of colorado
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absolutely blown away by how beautiful things are and as a near spiritual experience and at other times when it's absolutely miserable and you're in a snowstorm or hail the good and the bad all part of making it into the record books. >> again 5714 hours self powered and 31 days of the previous record was 34 days joe said he did all of this to promote local cell powered adventure encouraging people to get out there and see this great state >> this november election will include two one includes two proposals for new tracking regulations secretary of state's office announced today supporters of initiative 75 and 78 did not submit enough signatures to qualify for a but the measure would have allowed local control and tracking including moratoriums and establish buffer zones for new projects in their homes and schools and water sources of the campaign trail a very personal issue grabbing
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one of her records top advisers is a separating with her husband anthony weiner this after reports he was involved another 16 scandal as murray maloney reports donald trump using this to launch another attack on hillary clinton. >> ever did and anthony weiner halpin) of the clintons not only are his aberdeen one of hillary clinton's long-term aids bill clinton officiated at their wedding but in the wake of the latest 16 scandal including weiner aberdeen announced a couple split a become a campaign issue for donald trump. >> she's a decent person and that she has access to classified information aberdeen has access to classified information how hillary got away with that when nobody will ever know what to think that it's a very likely that much of this information anthony weiner would know about in a statement trump went further saying just another example of hillary clinton's bad judgment
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central figure in the campaign in the sense that her judgment and choices in the personal life are going to affect the country already questions centered around aberdeen she's going to team laws and of the suggest the cozy relationship between the state department and the clinton foundation critics say some clinton foundation donors got special access and favors from the state department hillary clinton was secretary of state the clean campaign dismisses the criticism saying there's no paper plate people are talking about e-mail is less about their qualifications for an entire generation he was was the boys invisibly want them to my people are remembering the life of actor gene wilder who died today. ? music playing ? >> the actor starred in movies like young frankenstein a
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family said he died of complications with alzheimer's disease the condition he chose not to disclose over his last few years gene wilder was 83 years old. >> viewers a ticking time to remember gene wilder on a facebook page today robert wrote to us and said let's just bummed out my day coming to dump my head and a chocolate river melanie says it's so bad there is nobody there's nobody who doesn't like willy wonka to google to ticket to this guy thinks gene for the rl imagination and read over two dozen said the heavens are laughing with the gene wilder and robin williams up there she can't wait to have her seat. >> turning what was once a top part of town developers aggressive plans for the rhino district was to make at the new it the new hotspot in the city nice evening at red rocks and
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collaboration of hard rock and orchestra under orchestra under the stars are updated forecast as well coming up next and that there are less than three days left until we give you the giveaway the rather the dream home if you don't have your tickets yet you get one before they sell out called the saint jude hotline to buy your tickets for $100 at the phone number
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things changing the 16th street mall first of the city installing new lights along the mall a few of the 187 and fixtures that are brightening the ones dark place in the city hopes it will create a more inviting safe mode for visitors and shoppers. >> in the next the 16th street mall you will notice of these new buses pressure going up and down the street new buses are battery-powered and they can run an entire day without being recharged that are also easier to board will have air conditioning air-conditioning for those hot summer days developers have plans to transform the river nor the district and the 16th street mall used to be kevin torres and shows as their plan will be an oasis blue moons ago burberry and restaurant it popped up and run a two years
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in the areas that are situated on the parcel of land owned by the large hurling early onset sailors in the rhino district in the area surrounding blue moon moon near 30th and chestnut b mac we've got a larger phase of development on the 6 acres probably take five years to do the development project kickoff this past weekend with phases zero the first ever rider music festival the collaboration between hurley and aeg lied to him more than 4,000 attendees really says that the goal is to turn the area into an entertainment mecca mixed with homes a river walk a bike and movie theater in a large-scale promenade called hurley's place there trying to create a sense of place can get her with the family who was to transform into denver's new hotspot given the safety issues in denver 16th street mall were just excited to create the sense of place but the city we do not feel is
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>> think it's safe to say today was one of the more wild weather days we've seen so far this year hail around colorado springs not being measured in inches it's more like feed out there that the once very angry this evening cloud cover got a whole lot of rain left and the weather is to the northeast of the city colorado springs el paso county where we had widespread flash flood warnings and they been allowed to expire one or two pockets of drizzle coming into the north side of town but that may even be a stretch as a shower activity which means put together a flood advisory parts of morgan county is judged on i 76 book of much of faded away otherwise as much
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we speak may be some patchy fog by tomorrow morning i think that it am not the major the roadway the reason we've had it rained and only today we had it a yesterday as well yesterday as well as is low-pressure system yesterday was part to the west of where was just now over the four corners scattered showers and maybe some thunderstorms once we work into the afternoon for tonight skies in the night by 7:00 a.m. maybe some patchy fog's man of the man of the good of the overly thick. >> fifty-seven for the overnight low let's pick up where we left off your future cost of 7:00 a.m. as we go to the afternoon partly cloudy skies mr. to see some of the
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foothills may be north eastern northeastern plains imola, the vine. >> will be monitoring closely el paso county once again they get a few pockets it won't take much with heavy wind to blow on thorough they could be dealing with to together with the flash flooding situation before it all fades away. >> again just like we've seen tonight once we get past midnight 63 outside right now 63 for collins a couple of upper 50s in the plains shave off a few in the 40s and locations upper 50s and low 60s on the southwest side of town 57 overnight tonight the isolated storms already gone partly cloudy patchy fog and a little breezy by morning that's what we have to worry about on the roadways
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when we could see the raindrops arise again a few flashes of lightning rumbles of thunder with the highs tomorrow back to about 82 degrees a very similar story to what we saw this afternoon before the rain came and 83 fort collins will see 81 in boulder couple of mid- far between 82 in stapleton if you upper 70s thrown and especially as you go farther south along the palmer divide into castle rock and castle pines seven-day forecast it shows much of the same into the day on wednesday will cut back on the rain chances it just a little bit 83 for the daytime high sunny mid 80s on thursday and warming up to the upper 80s by friday and saturday as a chance for afternoon showers and thunderstorms makes a return were not getting quite and 90 i thought to 90 i thought they were done with those just yet. >> by the way time kicking fast if you haven't bought your ticket for our sink jew to dream home giveaway the
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you see right there this is your chance to win a house for just $100 for tickets are almost sold out just in time for the big giveaway which is all this thursday morning this year's dream home valued at $550,000 for bedrooms for about the total living space of 3400 square feet located in the toll gate tollgate crossing neighborhood of laura which is also in the cherry creek school district hears how you get your ticket and is not many left be sure to get yours before they sell call the dream home giveaway hotline the number on your screen 1-800-276-7695 you can also buy one online at >> /sink jude if you haven't yet seen the home you still have a chance last chance open house tour added for tomorrow and wednesday this week before we give away the house on thursday morning stop on by between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. the home is on the corner of these desert of the places at beacon and straight into the tollgate crossing
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up in and sports in sports at trevor simeon named that starting quarterback house teammates are reacting to my plus still rolling the rockies continue the trend the giddy up on good teams and how the
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>> just in 10 days of september broncos are one of the tunnel the later in the afternoon to the media as perhaps a minion of the rest of the broncos reacted bruce hodel has more from team headquarters. >> it remains it to be seen whether history will be on the side of trevor simeon that is certainly hasn't been on the side of former northwestern university quarterbacks as simeon will be the first of former wildcat to store it in a full game since atul graham
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quarterback but the defending super bowl champions i think we've got a great (who got special group so i don't think it's going to be too much of an issue that's disguised the skies mindset he's calm on the field politeness and experiences. >> .com: collective and sometimes i feel like everything is about destiny and this is the destiny of being a quarterback of the denver broncos sweepstakes are now whether or not he can help this team win football games markets where is spent in and see his entire career said his entire career trying to work quarterbacks. >> when you look at quarterbacks you always think about what a great decision-maker under pressure he is one of those guys aware in practice when were coming he's always making the right decisions and will cut is counterpoise to there have been the pocket about how fast they run its being aware
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>> as for mark sanchez when he was asked about his future gary kubiak was noncommittal as saying he will have things taken care of in the next three ?-dash four days either way probably not the fashion we had all envisioned when sanchez was brought in from philadelphia last of spring. >> he will not play in thursday's final preseason game at arizona gary kubiak singh today the paxton lynch expects to play the entire game heat is the reps a further indication that hinges could possibly be cut or traded in the next couple of days and there's also the possibility of sanchez is staying with the broncos as a backup under the speculation he would have to restructure his contract in order to do so. >> finally the rockies opening up a three-game series at home against the dodgers dodgers at the play of content and teams are of course the rocket will
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kind of the trend played really well against the good teams of have a denny: thirty-three nothing dj lemay hugh dries what one to the right-center field gap 11 comes in to score charlie but when rounding third place the plate it will be in there as well to run double by lemay q this came just pitched had a shutout workable plan given up a run in the ninth inning but all rockies and this went eight ?-dash one with the dodgers again it stands to reason because ellie is a good team with of the rockies will play we store against washington stilloe against the cubs you out of the ballpark for one of those games. >> is one of those teams that plays at the level of the competition they get the pitching through. >> it would help a little bit the lineup someplace but the
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then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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