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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 11AM  FOX  September 13, 2016 11:00am-11:30am MDT

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>> one of the best-known broncos is sitting down with a denver police chief and he's even asking for your input on what he talk about more the upcoming weeding little girl battling leukemia has a various special backpack stolen the liquid police police department presented her with a special delivery fitted together twitter is it changing the way they count and what would you do if someone buy you a drink at a bar.
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completely destroy this morning after a horrible accident this is an incredible story aspen peak sellers around one this morning a semi- hit their business and mac they also cause broken water pipes and a broken gas line and send wine spilling into the platte river. >> they're saying the driver of that truck to go to the hospital the pocket county highway 285 will be done to one lane northbound for quite a while as we work this accident. >> what a mess also happening today broncos linebacker brandon marshall. >> the to talk about marshall's controversy move into taking me during the playing of the national anthem marshall is already lasted several lucrative endorsement does because of this protest jim cooley is lighter than a denver police headquarters with more marshall's actions
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exactly what they will be talking about. >> you know obviously we'll talk about the protest and talk about his feelings and how marshall says he believes is misunderstood with all of this and not get it to you done here with other members of the mediator lost showing up out of the valley yesterday burning marshall's jersey in front of the broncos headquarters that video has been viable by the way but marshall says it despite all of that hurts but despite all of that he is not
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>> everybody i talked to talk to in the military i know a lot of people see people as a comment on the situation and they are supportive of him all the vets all the military people they support me in a just everybody that doesn't support me people that are not the military they don't support me but marshall made his announcement about the meaning of the chief on twitter yesterday saying it was going to make the chief to discuss headquarters that killed the a bus driver and injured three coaches and a football coaches in the hospital after the
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tonight the first of two community meetings to be held to discuss within the department to several officers are facing criminal charges one for alleged sexual assault of three women in custody the other officer admitted to shooting himself the tampa area for someone's birthday officials as saying he was found unconscious but his body showed no signs of physical violence they're
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tattoo of the pulse of my clubs at logo in honor of the victims. >> and in germany official is a tell the press conference after three syrian nationals accused of being ices members were arrested this morning to syrian teenagers and one man and his 20s are being investigated for possible involvement in the november terror attacks in paris a cease-fire in syria seems to be holding we estimate which began yesterday at sunset groups in syria say for the most part it's a peaceful morning and in the turkish border town that reporting the reporting no visible signs of attack. >> today bill clinton is expected to hit the campaign trail as hillary continues to recover from pneumonia former president clinton told the cbs
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occasionally becoming severely dehydrated and suffering from cooked the same sort of thing she experienced on sunday when she stumbled he said she's doing fine now and is resting at home in new york clan's campaign is promising to release more details about her medical history this week to show the public that she isn't suffering from anything more serious and donald trump is hitting key states again today he is expected to be in iowa and pennsylvania of anke avoca trump will join her dad tonight the nominee will talk about his childhood policy trumping the campaign has spent the first appearance on the campaign trail is tomorrow former president george w. president george w. bush will be in colorado is scheduled to make a speech at fort carson he's speaking as hard as a job they are in transition summit for servicemembers veterans and military spouses the
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medical a medal of honor recipient is also scheduled to speak at this event since this is a much as he put on september 11 by the way. >> so this august nationwide was the warmest recorded in 136 years of record-keeping nasa scientists say august it tied with july for the warmest ever going back to october of last year it's now been 11 straight months of new monthly high temperature records is compiled information from thousands of meteorological stations across the globe kind of interesting. >> we don't have that today outside take a look mark. >> is cool out your temperatures and have really stayed down into the 50s here in the 60s across the area the cloud cover kind of blanketing the skies of allah to do much work and if you look off back to the west of the fog is pretty thick they're still against the foothills it hasn't really burned off yet this morning in a fog bank the public against
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in great kind of hardiness foothills west of i25 kind of encompassed with it from fort collins dentist is possible that disabilities are down a little bit and maybe even in between those points you see on the map at the visibility could be much less than what the number is saying to be mindful of that if you'll be hitting the red lace here this afternoon we are expecting a couple of breaks in the clouds for the next the hours that should bump us up to the upper 60s about 10 degrees warmer there are currently located average at this hour we're in the 40s and 50s is still reluctant to place it right now until we get some of that son nonetheless it'll be a folic feel with the possibility of delete a shower or storm this afternoon and even though we weigh more mother over the next few days it will be by much will talk about the cool stretch plus the weekend coming up. >> market think you coming up a little girl in lakewood has her belongings taken right from her car but inside were the things that she takes it to the hospital when she gets
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lakewood police shared up with a very special it sounds like the lead into a joke of plus a guy buys a girl a drink at a bar and asks for his money
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known people stood a big sign in his front yard and no the area it says black rifles of matter yes we have them in the bottom isn't seeing here but it says no you can't take them he says it's about the unwise and has nothing to do with race although it is a reference to the black lives matter movement of the director of the local chamber of commerce and said they had complaints from tourists but how leaders say the homeowner has the proper permit to display the sign. >> a newly released and never
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daily shows that what a victim and an unsolved murder in new york was doing just before her death and shows can green of the tron oh we've seen on surveillance video running along the street in queens just before he was then killed near her home john mueller with the sister station in new york and has has more of the videos released and what it means for the case. >> that before and obtained by crimewatch daily these are the of the tron zero allied minutes later she will turn into the highways of spring creek park she is the picture at fitness and black spandex shorts and a running top five hours later her body will be found to forcibly dragged into those we do sexually assaulted and killed crimewatch abilities chris hansen with new information from the nypd's chief of detectives give me a sense of for the injuries spatial injuries also had bruising on her body we
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being dragged into those weeds. >> that's when we believe the bruising in the batting came from and when we found her she was still grasping to the weeds. >> she had the leaves in her hands. >> what did i tell you. >> she thought. >> detectives admit the hunting video provides that no clues brings no clues brings them no closer to a suspect but detectives have rolled out a number of people in the murder including those closest to her. >> the ex-boyfriend cleared cleared other cleared immediately. >> while the video is tantalizing it is the dna evidence that is the strongest material from one person found under katrina's [fingernails and cell phone so far no one in police computers and matches that dna police commissioner broughton says detectives were constantly check for new arrest and in dna for hoping for that big break if we encounter a new
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own system state system or elsewhere in the country that's unlikely the case you can watch that new show crimewatch daily with chris hansen writes your on fox 31 at 2:00 p.m. you can also check in on our sister station raby for the morning news. >> also this morning's seven -year-old girl from lakewood who is fighting leukemia got a very special visit from police yesterday was after a very important backpack was taken filled with items that she took to the hospital to help comfort her during her treatment the lakewood police department posted these pictures today more than $165 donated to help replace taylor's a stolen backpack the lakewood police victim's assistant unit helped get her a new bag filled with books crowns stuffed animals and much more and they also had agents right words of encouragement in a book for taylor that thing closed so
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but it restores your favorite to know that they jumped in to help this community to step up if they do is that 140 character limit seems a little too restrictive for always trying to cause that message just right you are in luck. >> is a great opportunity twitter could be changing the way it counts your characters and the could also it could also mean you can save a lot more plus the weather today as much and different than we've seen for the last month but we
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>> i've got to get this new while there's quite a few procedures on this one the two biggest have to do with the syrian eye messages see we cannot help you on outside linkedin li and bondage while the text will be more measurable and i message with the stickers a bigger emoji is another available to draw some pictures as well the new update will only work on the iphone five and up. >> case theory say something mean to cap. >> that's it. >> i have a key as an
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isn't letting you block unwanted comments on your pictures it's creating new filters to seek out specific words to you'll be up to hide words or phrases often reported as inappropriate that could help some folks a big announcement for twitter users and outs and you'll be able to say more when you tweet this because twitter is changing the way it actually councils 140 characters at photos and videos polls in court he treats other attachments will no longer count toward your character limit changes will of september 19. >> goodie that will make a huge difference. >> united twitter twitter is kind of in between facebook and they are trying to give me >> characters is a messages tweet to the high a couple of smiley faces were you tweet me that at which you back just
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whatever. >> while the so that's enough that's all that matters now have some cooler weather feels nice and feels much different out there digitally sunday was 90 degrees we really changed things up we almost broke a record high on sunday afternoon and it now from the rocky mountain national park area we took a look out from the alpine visitors center on this webcam we got the peaks here we had some snow grazing that is higher levels out there as we have seen this before over the weeks raising these periods where we've we've had snow but the now becoming more frequent look outside you can see the gloomy conditions to be careful little visibility story can send little briefly especially is the time when
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20 miles per hour so these numbers anywhere between five and 10 and 50 degrees cooler than where we were at this time yesterday 56 in the city as we mentioned it to stores and upper 40s at their fort collins at 48 degrees akron a 49 line in the mountains have actually seen some sunshine and are warmer than a lot of the lower elevations there's a satellite and radar a couple of white rain showers in the higher country right now none of which are pushing down to the lower elevations instead is that clou of thing cap across the upper elevations are of there and i think eventually some of the showers will then be able to spell after the east and we will call it partly cloudy skies once we go to the afternoon clouds begin to filter out and then once we get the dinner time that we start to see the shower activity possibility, run 20 maybe 30 percent chance he gets in wet weather as you get ready to head home from work and 64 that's our able to manager for collins will jump
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10 degrees were, we are currently located thanks to the arrival of late the sunshine mid- upper 60s across the metro area and much of the same as because some found highlands ranch and 67 castle pines castle rock 66 and 65 respectively up into the airport where a 68 the cloud cover this morning will break down with afternoon sun the latest on to pass by from time to time of its maybe heavy downpour couple flashes of lightning and thunder to make will again partly cloudy maybe again morning man showers on the way i think we are dry around the city that from here yet we warm-up and not a whole lot of average height is 80 or below that in all the way to the rest of the because were stuck in the 70s with showers and thunderstorms wednesday thursday friday afternoons before we try out to be a nice late-summer weekend. >> alright well coming up and there is a famous deli that's calling all models. >> this is a weird is that the other offering the new york fashion week models that has to do with this massive
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in your area. switch today. is in time for football season to really get under way there is a new invention that's combined to things that are very important when it comes to football watching the tv and the beer. >> and the beer check this out tv beer mug for the age-old proble the tv at the tv when you take a drink with cap this kind of lunch how big is your tv and how big is your beer. >> i don't know the price for a tv beer mug 1099 would you like that for your birthday. >> can i just give me the money and i'll get a bigger
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>> tennis things like if you hold indicated that up. >> older i line okay this out of the uk when viable a girl shared a screenshot on twitter a message between her and a guy she met at a bar the text that she got red higher hope you don't mind love but you transfer me back six and a half pounds which is just over three eight half us dollars now she insists there are no hard feelings and she paid him back right away really needed that though she did a poll on her twitter asking if people thought she should have given him back the money 83 percent said no. >> but for the drink he bought her and then so this is just happened a. >> there is a famous in new york deli decided to poke a little fun at the models and the stereotype of but they just don't eat a lot. >> sneak in a sandwich once in
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is a challenging the models were in town for new york fashion week to try their new sandwiches called the passions and which the meat and fixings >> all on the runway ride bread. >> and they they can have it for free if they leave anything on the play development and 30 bucks no wonder there's been any takers but i'll tell you what i only won because i can be a model. >> you got it on your set this up after the pittsburgh steelers is defending his decision to leave a horrible tip deangelis williams was called out on social media by a waitress for leaving a 75-cent tip on a bill that $128 $0.75 and he decided to fire back saying the service was bad to too long the wrong items came out he sent them back he also tweeted that the waitress and never asked for
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remove what was on it but left a shrimp tail in a solid williams acknowledged he normally would lead a $40 tip on a bill that size but he simply didn't leave a tip or quote its findings at the discovery. >> she ended up losing her job over the whole thing and she lost her job interesting. >> is a performance-based job but at the same time he makes a lot of money when you're a public figure w remind you we have blog something truly relate to colorado now a brand-new newscast at 11 weeknights over on our sister station colorado zone channel to you don't want to mess with us to join mike miss of this join mike erica and meteorologist matt mickens and a little bit later hopefully a little bit more convenient for all the night owls out there. >> and some people are used to that 11:00 p.m. time quick weather for a school today on the upper 60s which has for afternoon showers nice map
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- a mortgage coordinator originally from lockport, new york... a high school math teacher iginally from batavia, illinois... and our returning champion, a small business owner from whittier, california... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you.


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