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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  KDVR  September 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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investigative reporter rob low joining us with the justice tally is now seeking. two years after he was first arrested. >> steve tally is represented by the same new york law firm that won 40 million dollars for the central park five. the teens falsely arrested for the 1989 central park rape case. that made national news. now that firm is going after denver police. for an arrest. steve tally says ruined his life. >> i do look like maybe tom hanks in cast away. steve tally is not a man you want to trade shoes with. he's been homeless for the last two years. he blames denver police. >> i had blood clots in my right leg. bruising. right leg sigh at the fractures pe tpheus. that's permanent. i need reconstructive surpbg surgery. the 4 broken ribs. >> federal lawsuit for wrongful arrest obtained by the problem solvers. police didn't exactly go easy when they picked him up for
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including this one in may of 2014. >> knocked out teeth. i have tennitis from flash bang grenades. >> . also booked for assaulting a police officer. in the video you see the suspect struggle with the bank guard. before he gets away. and police said he was the same man who robbed a second bank 4 months later. because his ex-wife said she recognized him in both videos. >> my kids didn't do anything wrong and i haven't seen them in two years because of this. charges. when he was able to show his alibi. with a time stamped phone call. showing he was at work. during the first robbery. but months later. relying on facial recognition technology. denver prosecutor -rs refiled robbery charges. for the second bank. the fbi technology doesn't identify a mole on the suspects right cheek. that tally clearly has. >> . so then the fbi used a height analysis. to compare him to the man in the
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too tall. to be the suspect. >> . i'm the wrong height. body type. weight? r-atty: i don't have scars on my hands. stphr he was guilty. before proven innocent. >> . the bank teller from the second robbery. who says she noticed the suspect clear tkphro*fs. strange markings on the hands. now initially she told phreu she was 85 percent sure tally. number 3 in the line up. was the suspect. she tells the problem solvers that was only after this man. detective told her he had already arrested him. and pointed to him in the photo line up. a huge professional no no. that earned detective heart a reprimand. when ship later saw him in the flesh. at court. she testified he was not the man who robbed her. >> . he was innocent. >> . it would take months after her testimony. eventually prosecutors dropped the second bank robbery charge. for the second time. >> too late.
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>> the obviously they destroyed many career. >> he still trying. spending his days at the downtown library. applying for jobs online. >> . he gets food from shelters. but hopes one day to taste victory in a courtroom. >> . >> denver police won't comment. neither will the fbi or denver prosecutors. we should note the district attorney office enjoys government immunity for the most part. and is not named ten million dollar
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near the west side passenger drop off area. two hours. eventually investigators did clear the bag. and the drop off area. was reopened. the police say this investigation is not completely over. >> . at this time that bag is going to be tested further. just because we're not sure why the dig hit. we need to take those extra steps. >> >> police told us personal items were found inside the bag. >> we are learning information about a shooting in cheyenne. that left two people
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at a senior living center. the shooter 77 year-old larry rosen berg. knew all the victims. 45 year-old matthew wilson an employee at the center was killed. two others recovering from gunshot wounds. police say rosen berg had a long standing animosity with the victims and likely triggered the shooting. >> . truck driver cited for careless driving -fpt the building was destroyed but no one was inside. the truck driver was after the crash. but he's expected to be okay. winery staff started a go fund me for the owners in the hopes it will rebuild. >> . upset parents pull their kids out of class. at adam city high school. when rumors of a bedbug infestation start
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rumors are not true. >> . untilin the driveway of her home. they examine each item the seen skwror carried to high school. today. >> . i don't see anything. >> looking for bedbugs. >> . a couple classes blocked off. rumor going around there was bedbugs. >> . one of her teachers told the class staff got an e-mail about the potential problem. >> they didn't want it to be a big deal. >> even without notification from the school. words started to spread. >> around noon. droves of kids started leading the high school carrying excused absence notes after their parents like jessica. caught wind of the issue. and pulled them out of the of class. >> . i saw parents walking in. trying to sign out their kids. and everyone just freaking out in the
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spokesperson told us that as a precaution. 6 classrooms were fumigated last night. after a student and teacher found a dead bedbug inside a book that had been borrowed. no insects alive or dead were found. during the two inspections by crews. >> . the school still should have notified parents. >> they could have judged for themselves. should i take my kid to school today and put them at risk. it is a big risk. >> . a sposp they found any evidence of bedbugs they would have alerted parents. >> classes will resume tomorrow. >> . happening tonight. a block party to benefit those involved in the school bus crash. sunday. the student government hosting the block party. there will be performances by legacy marching band and popl
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and carnival games. happening in the east lot of the high school. 7 to nine. free to get in. but donations will be collected. >> . in less than 30 minutes. a popular building for events in downtown denver. will reopen to the public. the civic center building closed for upgrades last year. crews gave the court kwrarbd a make over. >> . and made it universally accessible. >> . tonight the civic center will open to the public. to check out all the new changes. >> . football now. one game into the season. but the broncos are undefeated. one and 0. what it will take to stay undefeated against the colts.
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>> it's all about defense. right. we know it here in denver. more than any where. we is that true formula work game in and game out last year. forth quarter defense. strong pass rush. and a key play by the defense to get done. and again. add more trophies to the case here. this week going up against the colts. it might be the offense that puts up some big numbers. trevor siemian of course settling in. this will be his second cj running with a serious purpose. behind the offensive line. and full back. by the way going up against a colts defense. that just gave up 39 points. to the lions. in week one.
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colorado couple spending each night with the worried eye on the schoolboy. >> . we have 8 we have 8 buckets we put in the kitchen. when it rains. >> . a fox 31 problem solvers report. on how they can finally rest easy. thanks to the kindness of strangers.
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unusual and scary afternoon. for a denver dog day care. a man running from police tossed a dozen bags a heroin into a puppy play area. on santa fe drive. minutes before being caught around the corner. one dog actually did eat a small bag of the drug. and nearly died. >> . >> on wednesday afternoon. dog mom got a call that sent her into a panic. >> he ate a bag of heroin.
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i thought you have to be kidding me. >> . her one year-old golden retriever. was one of 14 dogs playing outside. a denver bark and play day care. when a normal afternoon turned chaotic. >> . never would have thought in million years. anything like this would happen. >> police were chasing this suspect. when he tossed 17 bags of heroin over this fence. right into the area where the dogs play. >> this surveillance video from the day care shows employees quickly grabbing all off the ground. within seconds. one dog already swallowed an entire bag of the drug. >> i don't know how much heroin she ingested or the potent seu. or effects on dogs. so i was really worried. >> . bark and play employees rushed the dog to the closest animal hospital. giving her medicine to counter the effects. >> her eyes were clouded over. she didn't have any energy. >>.
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his employees quick action. >> dog mom says this should act as wake up call to the national opioid epidemic. >> . it effected my dog today. it could have been someone's kid. >> . so happy he's okay. >> . crashes involving pedestrians in 2015 there were more than 13 hundred pedestrian crashes. 59 pedestrians died on our roads. agency hoping the new approach to pedestrian safety will get peoples attention. check it out.
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you're asked to go to smart 911 .com. to go ahead and sign up. >> . you have that in your phone as well. good idea. >> .
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september. every morning there's a noticeable change of the season. and chill in the air. this is good news for the colorado high country. keystone tweeting out this afternoon. check it out. mother nature providing some fresh snow. >> are sliding here. onto the eastern plains.
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as a matter of fact. western colorado you're free and clear. same thing to the south and east. there is lightening. with those storms out there. a few of them have been severe. with hail. and gusty winds. really being the biggest problem. >> we're continuing to see that. firing just to the east of denver. and racing off. but because the out flows are you'll see one come in here. there's one there. we'll keep a chance of a shower or two. maybe a rumble of thunder here. by far the best storm. will be out here on the eastern plains. you can see them from east of denver. up the i 76 corridor. bigger ones are here. this is producing hail here to the north and east. of deer trail. across 36. not surprised this could turn severe. we are seeing hail. this is just good rain here. and slide down along i 70.
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it's crossing the state line. and heading out of colorado. we'll watch the storms until about nine o'clock tonight. temperatures today. yesterday we were in the 80s. >> a fresh feel to the air. 16 miles per hour. there's your metro temperatures. mainly in the 70s. on the west side of town. ken carol to golden. into the 60s. climb up to black hawk in the 60s.
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temperatures 60s and 70s. some places seeing the rain have cooled more. like akron 57. 66 in fort collins. 68 in the boulder area. again. best chance for storms. out there on the eastern plain between now and 7. won't really let up on the chance of a shower in denver. until nine o'clock. once the sunsets. skies clear. tomorrow. we'll do it again. sunshine through the lunch hour. you'll see the building clouds off to the west. late in the afternoon. may get a trickle of a shower or two. across the front range. it's not a great chance for rain. for most of us. up and down the front range. >> . later tonight. storms move out. and as they clear. notice we don't get the thick low cloud cover tomorrow morning. we should be quiet. fairly sunny through the day. and again just a few of the showers over the divide. foothills across the palmer divide. south of denver. that rise in elevation. couple down in southern colorado. really that's it. for rain chances tomorrow.
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my forecast in denver will hold onto the stray shower. until about 8 or nine o'clock. skies clear. 46 degrees. tomorrow we'll go to 72. just a slight chance of a shower. maybe a rumble of thunder late. can't get your saturday completely dry. only a ten percent chance. 78. i still have a s and very warm 80s. from sunday all the way through wednesday. then our next chance for rain. comes with a drop to 76. on thursday.
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the store hosting grand opening all weekend long. >> . big names out there. >> . americans take an end of summer vacation from shopping. >> feds put the spotlight on wells far go fake account scandal. >> . only cars saw decent buying last month. >> . weekly jobless claim filings rose more than expected. however. applications for unemployment
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4 decade low. >> . apple iphone 7. reportedly sold out. worldwide. announced that all colors of the iphone 7 plus have sold out. along with the jet black version. now the phone was supposed to be for sale in stores tomorrow. but now that is going to be
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