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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  September 20, 2016 1:05am-1:35am MDT

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no evacuations happening
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eyes on this situation and let you know what is happening on the air and online at in metro metro pastor arrested pastor arrested, accused of sexual assault. >> police believe there could be more victims out there. we spoke with the man who police say assaulted a 12 -year-old girl he can wear outside of agape vital bible search. pastor bob wyatt was one of the leaders while this was allegedly happening but i'm told he stepped down at the end of july. a copy bible church in thorton is quiet tonight after pastor robert wyatt is accused of sexually assaulting a child. he turned himself into police monday afternoon. we spoke with one of the church as elders, darrell ferguson, by phone and he says he is shocked. >> of course. shocking and heartbreaking peek at peak. >> according to arrest records white victim is a 14 -year-old
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also a member of the church congregation. she told police wyatt had been assaulting her for two years. >> we don't know everything at this point but obviously something like this happens and it is obviously shocking. >> according to the church's website, wyatt was in charge of sunday school for children but church leaders tell us he never worked directly with kids and that none of the alleged crimes happened at church. >> hoping to keep the congregation informed the best we can >> the churches website has been updated tonight. why it is no longer listed on there and fullerton police are also asking anyone with information on why it to give them a call. he also learning tonight about the a 29 oh denver woman accused of having a three-year sexual relationship of with a teenage boy she met in a park. the district attorney the district attorney's office says alicia hernandez has two
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relationship with his 14 -year-old. she's she saw him $15,000 bond in doing court next month. limp or make an after a massive fire destroyed several apartments in arapahoe county and breaking news who first brought you at five. it happened at the hunters run apartments just west of the cherry creek country club. greg netto has been on maddow has been on scene all day and joins us live on a seen with what happened. >> we still don't know how the fire started but learned where it started. it actually started if you look at the left-hand portion of your screen on the outer corner of this complex. it is a fire that you may have recognized that lit up the afternoon commute. >> it went from just a little puff of smoke to instant flames. >> fox viewers snapped this video before firefighters even arrived at the hunters run condominium complex on yale in arapahoe county.
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and i looked up and saw a little puff of smoke. i stood up on my front porch and within minutes i could see flames shooting above that tree. >> flames and smoke captured by sky fox and seen all the way from downtown denver. >> for agencies raced to the scene here changing wind patterns made the fire even more difficult to fight. he gave flames and. >> flames and smoke -- >> residents watched helplessly as crews battled the blaze from the ground in the a late-summer heat waves late summer heatwave thrown an extra blanket of danger for cruise. >> firefighters got here so fast i could not believe how quickly they got here. they just all started working. it did not look like anyone was waiting for instructions. they just started working right away. >> to do that work traffic had to be rerouted bringing rush-hour to a standstill. tonight the charred remains make it hard to believe that no one was hurt.
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happened so fast. >> a total of seven people had to be treated for smoke inhalation. two residents, for sheriff's deputies and one sheriff deputies and one firefighter. the firefighter has been released from the hospital. if you have not looked in a calendar in a while you may be would've thought maybe would've thought it was late july or early august out there with the high a high temperatures today again the reachg it's a nice late summer and mild evening out their there across colorado colorado with temperatures in the low to mid seventies coming along i 25 and back into the eastern plains and a couple of low sixties still hanging on at as you climb up in elevation. across the downtown the city and county buildings lit up county building was up beautifully tonight on what is the starry evening across the mouth high city. temperatures are settling down a
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west coming up with a high country at this hour. none of this post and the downtown pushed into the downtown area and i don't think it will get ready to head to small morning. the morning drive couldn't meet a 56 degrees low silicon from the morning to start things off early tomorrow. it should be a gorgeous sunrise and we will have blue skies throughout the morning drive and all the way through at least midafternoon. then it will be another steamy day. will gas and societies get and societies will go on, but as we welcome in fall on thursday, cooler changes will come along with it. a community saying goodbye to the driver killed in a legacy high school bus crash. tonight a funeral was held for kerry shopper and we have more on the emotional service. >> a huge crowd gathered to pay the respect to the woman who is a wife mother and friend to so many. we heard from her kids for the
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talked about the beautiful woman she was and how she was known by so many forgiving and compassionate heart. she was the driver for the adams 12 school district. on september 11 truth behind the wheel when the school bus hit a concrete pillar near dia. several students and coaches were on board. a few coaches for seriously hurt and hospitalized. denied her kids thank the community for helping them get through this tough loss. >> i just want to tell everybody thank and everything. to be here where we are after such a terrible loss words can't say enough so heartbreaking. after the service everyone gathered outside the church to release blue and gold balloons the school colors and everyone yelled i love you carry as he let go of the balloons. last week her husband told her
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medical conditions and did not use drugs or alcohol. as of tonight investigators are still looking into the cause of the crash. we're learning more about the teenager who died during a cross-country meet. flowers and shoes marked the fence in memory of brandon rees purity collapsed about 1 mile and was run friday. his principal says his positive attitude and warm heart will be sorely missed. >> does not worry about his own ego or image his heart and soul for what he believes it believes is a character kid that is his legacy and that is something that is forever for us. >> students also wrapped blue ribbon around trees and the statue on campus to honor his memory. his cause of death has not yet been determined. continuing coverage from the story we broke her on friday. denver police say there is no evidence of gunfire at rose medical center after reports of an active should sugar situation there friday afternoon.
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locked down after someone reported seeing a man with the rifle crossing the street across in the parsing the parking garage. police say the sound of five pops may have been the doors locking down. they searched the entire hospital campus and found no sign of a suspect. >> we don't know what we have. based on the information we have we received two different of someone with a rifle and we have to act on that information. if you give the a man may have been dumpster diving in nearby alley and taken a shot maybe it was something that looked like a shotgun. they don't know if he ever even entered the building. they have not found that man man's of our. a developing story out of new york after police arrest a man they say is responsible.
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ahmed rahami charged with attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. my car is joining us with more in his arrest and what led police to him. >> the 28 euros with the rest was arrested by police after a bar owner reported someone asleep in the dwarf's place. when door of his place. when cops arrested him and they quickly recognized him a shoot shootout took place and he was taken into custody. on monday morning the nypd and fbi released a photo of the mod con rahami and asked the public for help find him. in the hours he was in custody after a shootout with police. he now that we have the suspect in custody the investigation can focus on other aspects like whether he acted alone and what his motivations may have been. peak of the suspect bowling a duffel bag. he is a naturalized us citizen from afghanistan. saturday's the lotion left.explosion left 29 people injured. all have been released from the
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police say a backpack with explosives is found at his last known address and new jersey. he was added to the terror watch list to help stop him from leaving the country. police eventually tracked him down and linda new jersey. >> we are linking him to devices from new york and from saturday new jersey he connects the wrinkled during a week that already demand demands extra security here. number of world leaders and foreign dignitaries have been brought to town including president obama. >> we all have a role to play as citizens and making sure that we don't succumb to that fear. there is no better example of that than the people in new york and new jersey. >> authorities at this time there is no indication that a terror cell is operating in the new york area. >>'s been chartered charged with four counts of attempted murder, to gun charges and the possibility the federal government being charged with terrorism related charges. >> of course you can count on us to keep you updated on this developing story.
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right now at and on your kd vr kitty be our mobile app. heading into surgery. >> the surgery demarcus ware will happen a couple of hours that will hopefully get him back in the field in just a few weeks and what you need to note feature phone replaces a worldwide recall remains in effect. at 9:30 p.m. the colorado camp camp helping some special children getting through really tough to really tough times. if you on one end of the spectrum and you love summer of mike whether we've warm one lined up you tomorrow but if you love the fall winter like feel we have good news for you as well. a fluctuating seven-day forecast that we will share with you
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broncos notched another big win this weekend but at what cost. >> hard watch star linebacker demarcus ware leave the game with an injury to his forearm. nick griffith is here to tell us how long he will be out. break it to us. >> how about four to six weeks and given the fact this is a 12 year veteran already battling
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is expected to have surgery tomorrow morning. the plane which the injury occurred we will show to you. an 11-yard scramble my one and are two lots by one andrew lutz was actually called back due to holding. he and his teammate von miller why did on the play result resulting in miller's helmet actually crashing into one of the bones and fracturing one of the arms of his right forearm. if there is any silver lining, it is not a season-ending injury. >> to demarcus will have surgery tomorrow morning i think. is going to miss some time to let us go get this thing taking care of and probably have a better answer for you but obviously were going to get them back. >> also encouraging for head coach kubiak the talent and depth of that is still available at that outside linebacker position. like missing increased
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broncos to the rockies as we take a live look from coors field as fans are hanging out in the upper deck and not faring so well against the cardinals tonight but there is always tomorrow. there is still a chance of a come comeback. let's keep our fingers crossed that that's the case. the rockies game started off with temperatures still in the eighties after today at 90 degrees, six shy of the records set not that long ago in 2010. a far cry from the average high this time of year which is mid to upper seventies and we are really pretty close to that number right now. while past sunset format 7473 in commerce city and wheat ridge right now at 62 and golden good evening to you. right now 69 degrees mix of
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chillier but not by much. upper elevations with a western western slope hanging onto the mid- sixties also into the winds are now beginning to kick out. you can see that a especially across the eastern plains of the metro. shaded and blue getting us anywhere between 1015 and even in some situations up to 20 miles per hour. it will be a fairly gusty night at times as we had to bed. clouds colorado in the mountains western colorado in the mountains and meanwhile across the lower elevations a moonless sky out there. notice down to the south and southwest portions of california there you can see rain and cloud cover. these are the upper bands of hurricane pain throwing a lot of cloud cover into the forecast and dan and these clouds will eventually be picked up by a strong southwestern slope going
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country and that will drag in cloud cover as we go through the next 24 hours. starry skies throughout the overnight and we will wake up to clouds in the morning then the clouds started sitting up slowly but surely as we march through the marched through the afternoon hours. future cast cloud cover for the southwest part stretching down the front range range and as we go into the afternoon it starts to really fan out across the i 25 quarter core door and i think it really gets a once the late day comes around. mainly sunny early, partly cloudy to the middle of the day and i think we will have enough sunshine smile afternoon to really push temperatures well above average. another midsummer night date smile. 86 in fort collins 84 own bolder and just to the east of i 25 north of town 87. when we get into the city where looking at 90 and if in a few locations including at the
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the upper eighties to near 90 degrees temperatures and on the west side of the town than the southern suburbs including highlands ranch and 86 with a high of about 83 for castle pines to castle rock. have the water bottle ready to go and sunscreen hand if you have any plans for the outdoors smile afternoon. tonight tomorrow afternoon. tonight breezy at times. mainly clear skies overhead and southwest wind gust and gusting as high as 20 miles per hour. notice to all the clouco begins to thicken up as to go to the afternoon and evening hours. we start off sunny and if you fair weather clouds as they begin to thicken up for work. a high of 90 degrees and that's a 90-degree high is actually a little closer to the record from what we came close to today. we were six away today and i think we are four four-way tomorrow afternoon. the record high highs 94 and wednesday we are back down to we're back down to 80 degrees. it should be a really nice day
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weekend the latter stages of the days when the cooler air really begins to spill back in. 82 thursday 81 friday than a potent cold front has it back in just in time for the weekend. shower chances late saturday into sunday and is false starts thursday will really start to feel like it for that first week end of fall with highs in the upper sixties and low seventies. >> we have nineties in that forecast and we and that forecast and where forties and the >> unbelievable. but this is the perfect time of year. i always remember it's right around my anniversary. it's so incredible amounts on our website i until everybody at we have a whole amount of lands act of those leads turn and preview photos seeking my in-laws were up on highway nine south of breckenridge over the weekend and that it was gorgeous. >> we are talking about this a lot your mentioning in-laws i mentioned my anniversary. coming up tonight the
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>> what galaxy seven users need to know to get the device replaces wildlife worldwide recalls are in place. already big box stores are looking for workers starting this month. changes happening on your twitter account today that has many users added more stuff today adding more stuff to their
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if you own a samsung galaxy galaxy seven your replacement phone will be available this week. may remember us telling you about the massive recall put in place after several devices caught fire while charging. on his advent of been told that this the seventh of the free replacement with your wireless carrier for the store with they bought their home. big-box retailers are looking for extra help. cole says it they will hire 69,000 workers this year. they along with other retailers
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the holidays. just last week ups announced they will hire about 95,000 workers to help meet shipping demands. if you are thinking about getting your genes tested for your risk of cancer, shop around. testing for gene mutations linked to cancer risk may guide how impatient a patient is treated, with results of those tests can vary from lab to lab. researchers found identifications of mediation differed in 26 percent and 26 percent this is a relatively new science and research researchers are still gathering data on what different gene variants may mean and new drug has been tentatively approved by the fda to treat muscular dystrophy. it has been very controversial and would be injected into patients but some say it is ineffective. it is the first fda approval approval for the jet degenerative condition that causes muscle weakness loss of movement and eventually death.
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internet? it could be hurting your mental health. internet addiction may increase issues like adhd and depression and young adults. right now 42 percent of students surveyed said they have mental health issues due to excessive reliance on the internet or doctor say this may have practical implications of how internet providers address internet use. big changes to your twitter account. starting today photos moving videos other videos holes and close will no longer have an impact on your character limit when you tweet but they say links will remain part of your character count. and going back to that overuse of the internet. >> i think i have some of those afflictions. >> add. those are reasons to put it away. >> the overreliance on it. still ahead, a special camp for some special kids.
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through some difficult times.
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kids who have suffered the unthinkable leaning on each other for help at a special camp that is right here in colorado. were surprised was the price would never even heard of camp erin in the hills west of golden. what about 50 children attend every year. >> this year camp organizers invited does your camp organizers invited us along and from the minute we arrived we realize how special this camp and these kids really are. summer camp. that great excuse to ge go out in the wild. go wild. but the truth is nine -year-old sean was a little reluctant to come here. reluctant to have fun because fun makes them feel a little guilty few days.
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gloomy. >> that's why he has come here to camp aaron. >> and still remembering my dad who passed away from a concussion. >> this is grief camp camp. >> mlx. >> this is a place for kids. >> m oh one and and mowing and i'm remembering my dad will get hit by got hit by a drunk driver. >> they hope to gain something. >> i'm remembering my dad who passed away from a disease. >> from an incredible >> will have a lot in common right because this is a two-day chance today chance to grieve and hopefully have a little fun. >> it is okay to feel what they feel. it is helpful to know that they are not alone and they get new friends. >> new friends then and sometimes that if they are lucky. >> we're best friends.
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sean did turns out his cabin mate is tyler whose dad died of the blood infection six years ago. their classmates at school, like brothers. now they make necklaces with the beads that explain their feelings he felt lighter blue one is sad. the green is scared. >> their bond is even closer. >> my dad died when i was three. >> is that right click. >> yes. >> mine pdf. >> mine died when i was seven. >> hard to imagine two kids carrying one big burden. >> he is in the army and since my parents are divorced and he died a member of the to see him. >> sean really did not want to come to camp once he found out how it was coming up and with was that security for both of them and i think that will go away into their growing up years >> not alone, for sure. for us versus the other kids prosecutor kids grieving the death at camp aaron.


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