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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 11AM  FOX  September 21, 2016 11:00am-11:30am MDT

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and we do have breaking news three schools on lockout right now. police trying to track try to track down subjects north is going to cap at the pain academy ever been morning. that out to you we will say all close the arts north high school at the scene north high school over there to the south of their in their parking lot of that the parking lot of a male foreign a
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playing particular part-time attention to a black ikea over here. just down the block to these out to the north of bias go into the used two people inside the car a man and woman from our a car driven away from the alley into the pier at the nail salon. victims themselves right now police looking for for suspects we understand they are young people possibly students at north high school, but police of told us at this.they don't believe there is a threat at north high school they don't believe anyone was injured
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lockout situation and once again, for suspects on always police still looking for them in the neighborhood according to denver police, no threats at this .2 north high school itself. >> just to clarify ?- my familiarization with a lockout procedure things are as warm resume is normal they just keep anyone from coming in is that correct? >> classes are going on doors are locked nobody can go in or out at this.without a proper okay from anybody it is not a lock down. a lockout. >> a distinction for parents out there a bit worried and on edge. >> do they go through many drills for these things it is unfortunate they even have two. >> we will keep you updated this half hour it will keep you updated if we hear anything else. >> a story out of north carolina
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>> a lot of concerns over what could happen in the city of charlotte tonight. >> it all started with the death of keep stock police say they want to an apartment building to serve a warrant to a completely different person who encountered him in the parking lot. >> overnight, several hundred protesters gathered in the streets of charlotte rallying against the police shooting in the midst of the protest from silence in the city. some people looted and set fires. they were waiting for his son to get to the school just whether or not he pointed it at officers police say he part lives in danger. >> our detectives gave their investigation recovered a firearm that the subject was holding in his hand when he got out of the vehicle. he was in very close proximity to the
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all black police officer right now on administrative leave the mayor has asked for everyone to stop the violence and they are saying they will be transparent in the investigation. some say they have had enough. for more on the story as it develops stick with us on air and you can also use our app on your smart phone as they come in. more coverage on air starting station channel two. >> also happening now ?- police searching for subjects in a home invasion please sign police are killed one near 120 first the homeowners that the suspect punched him in the face and then took off. one crashed in a motorcycle for others escaped in a chevy malibu. police say the woman suspect as pink here. ai
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but police believe it is loaded with all kinds of items. >> colorado company is recalling a product pulling the southwest chicken spring roll will specifically 75-ounce from boxes containing 180 pieces. 31016 or 882016 the case coats are 1615 want they say the product label. they thought said sandwich stores that. >> in 2013 they are accused of making violent threats in colorado and utah before that, chris cragg worked as an assistant men's basketball court
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wearing a mask and told an employee to evacuate the kids and no one gets hurt. he allegedly told dispatchers he had explosives but none were found he has been booked on a number of charges. >> demanding an investigation of wait times at veteran's hospital facilities. the senator of colorado and wisconsin say they were will to the department of veterans affairs inspector week requesting the investigation after him. they say there have been several reports from a whistleblower in denver, colorado springs and more. >> we do have breaking news we told you about we told you about the lockout that was going on near west 32nd avenue there was a school lockout at the high school that has now been lifted
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in some sort of robbery that took place nearby. >> a big shift a big piece of mail information knowing the students have been lifted the area has some sort of scene out there and five sky fox you can rest assured we will this at the latest details. >> just again checking my e-mails there are so many reports flying right now and stories going on here. but we do know the kids are safe and that is what matters right now. >> we are checking out what looks like a nice morning the sun going in and out of those clouds. >> it is actually a beautiful
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are drive keeping it that way although late introducing a chance of showers at the satellite and radar nothing going on as far as radar is concerned at this but once we get to the day it will be brief temperatures right around the mid and upper 70s starting off warm this morning with sunshine we won't jump up much further the beginning of the day great time for baseball first pitch at 1210 a much cooler weekend ahead >> it has been legal to smoke marijuana in colorado for almost two years recreationally, but do people regret the decision? >> a brand-new local poll you may be surprised to find out
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>> for details about the brand
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this is incredible video gone viral showing a dad dragging his little girl by the hair and a texas walmart. >> another customer snap the picture and said she heard the child saying please stop i promise i won't do it again apparently in trouble for sending too far from the current police in midtown north of houston now investigating is old-style protective services. the ex-wife of the orlando nightclub shooter the city done she spoke with goldman about the morning of june 12 the day also holds certificates for her
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brother, log goldman, was ron goldman, was stabbed to death. >> i struggled with my own grief that day because of what was unfolding in orlando tell me a little bit of help how you will come back i woke up to find of my phone ringing in my mom and dad leaving me text messages wake up wake up they kept calling me i got really are afraid. my father said your ex-husband was involved in a mass shooting i said what do you mean and she was he shot? no, he is the one that did it. and everything just stopped. >> she is a special correspondent with crime watch daily is written books about her brother and accused killer oj simpson. >> you can watch crime watch daily with chris hansen every day at that time. >> also watch on her sister station colorado 42 everyday
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>> most colorado voters say they don't do well with legalizing marijuana 46 percent say it set a positive influence and they say the taxes been good for our state a republican healthy standpoints is one in four says they note know someone who is chicken less alcohol now that marijuana is legal. >> it seems like everyone is talking rig pitt angelina jolie break up. >> one person did not know. his friend and more caught on camera
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good news if you are a fan of the netflix original shows i was on yesterday i parked on the original section i can't believe they their own. >> i am a big stranger things. >> you are in for a whole bunch more of these shows. after the success of strangers stranger things they are investing in more original shows promising in just a few years half of the content our next book next flex will be half of its own original show. >> i can't wait am all for those
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this industry they would think. >> philip so they left so many things hanging is driving me crazy. >> it has been more with information on a break up they say he plans to fight for joint physical custody of their two kids. reportedly, she is asking for sole physical custody and wants a judge to give them assigning the two of that go along for months, and this is not a surprise. in the meantime, george clooney and brad pitt have worked together and are generally considered to be bugs with the oceans but the person ?- not billy ocean and the person who broke the news of the breakout of the news to clean it was a correlate was a cnn reporter caught on camera.
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unfortunate story about a family. i feel very sorry to hear about. it is the first i have heard of it. >> you can tell he seemed surprised to hear about it. he of other things yesterday you said they are attending a roundtable discussion with president obama to talk about the refugee precrisis. >> i don't know about that he seemed a little shaken i feel like if he have reacted butter, but i don't know for a guy who is so cool and collected, i mean he is george clooney. >> yet twitter has exploded with tweets now all is lost is mr. saul and mr. popper from blue's clues.
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here. her, retribution her name was trending online and identifying as the london school of economics lecturer. >> this on the just a way to turn the whole thing around she dated john mayer. >> she's dated a lot of people she's on up? i don't know. it is interesting to see george clooney shaken up you probably did not want to say anything
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here we are to talk more about it just like everybody else. a wind shift will not rest until five marcus down five or 6 degrees beautiful outside and mixture of cause and fun as sitting in the 70s in many locations. warming up pretty quickly considering we started off that way early this morning numbers earlier today kept track in the mid 60s or so. we're starting to see the transition it does not look like we will
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have a andre azure egg is andre agassi one of the pop up that is too rich for my body. this is the last 11:00 o'clock news. i will be back tomorrow and friday for good day but i am going to work for the international society i am leaving tv to go do
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to miss the days. i will miss my fox 31 family. >> as nice as you see on tv i guarantee you are as nice in person. >> you are here for two more days we just posted a fun video card and i shot outside seller's business working with the one we've had a chance we do it again tomorrow and friday a big cool down for the first 7:0n sunday. i think we are mostly we're mostly ready for fall which stars starts tomorrow
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