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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  September 21, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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>> so far they have put out. oh wow. >> . pepper spray. people are running. >> . his family and police. telling conflicts stories. of how events unfolded.
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sitting in the car reading a book. my dad ain't got no gun. >> . i can tell you a weapon was seized. a handgun. i can also tell you we didn't find a book. >> . the officer who fired the kedly shot. was not wearing a body camera. his friends quickly came to his
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he had to say on fox news channel tonight. >> . there's been a lot of violence in the black community. i want to know what woeuld would you do. to help stop that. >> right. well one of the things i'd do. regardless. i would do stop and frisk. you have to. we did it in new york it worked well. and and you really help people sort of change their mind. >> . clinton also responding to the violence. today. campaign event in florida. democratic nominee called for a better relationship between police and community.
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spotter locations installed in the montbello neighborhood. until midnight. >> . 60 percent of time. shots fired in the city. nobody is calling in. we are now getting all of those in the shots spotter locations. >> testing is taking place during late hours. because the acoustics are different at night. and that's when most shootings
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town of nether land and trying something new to keep wildlife out. using bean bag rounds to shoo animals along. >> . we talk talked to law enforceme. >> . you head north on 119. you're bound to see at least one moose. >> watch as travelers head west. >> police just up the road. who are watching the actual moose. they come too close to town. >> wild animals are wild. they're not they're going to do the things that they believe is in the best interest of the survival. you get between them and the food source. them and the young. they're going to respond accordingly. >> . accuracy is 60 feet. 280 feet per second. a professional baseball is five ounces and travels 140 feet per second. >> discharged by shotgun.
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getting too close. it's about five to ten times more pain than getting punched. >> . it could have saved this bear. >> he was a teenage bear. >> it was too comfortable with people. and got hit by a car. at nine o'clock this morning.
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these findings shouldn't be a shock to anyone. who has been following our reports. we have known for a while now. that this project was taking too long. and going way over budget. what we're learning tonight is that this same hospital could have been built sooner. and perhaps the price that the va hasn't mismanaged it. >> . looks like a gem. it's massive and will provide care for vets from five different states.
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at all costs. >> veterans are being treated or seen for the things they need. >> slated to open in 2018. but even though there's finally an end in sight. some are worried this is only the beginning. of more problems to come. >> . it creates a distrust. in the government. and in the organization. that is charged with caring for us. >> . va under new leader ship. and says it takes full responsibility for the mistakes that. that apology isn't enough for some lawmakers.
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the patients under went various procedures. between june 1 sp september 12 of this year. at the air force academy joint surgery clinic. officials say staff member skipped a step in the precleaning process for an instrument. used in the procedure. all the patients are being contacted. and given information about the possible risks.
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also increase property taxes by about a dollar a month. for 3 hundred thousand dollar home. >> . and charges new developers a fee. for each new square foot. opponents say it will take more than 6 thousand affordable housing universities to solve denver's housing crisis. >> . right no police department searching for two men. who investigators say found a pressure cooker bomb this weekend. the device was found blocks away from an explosion. that injured two dozen people. the agency released this photograph. asking for the publics help to find them. the video shows them removing an explosive device from a piece of luggage. left in new york neighborhood. leaving the device behind taking
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he is being held on more than five million dollars bail. >> . the soaring cost of epi pen. front and center on capitol hill. the price is soared to more than 6 hundred dollars for a two pack. since 2007. today the house grilled the head of the company. that makes the pens. >> there's concern about the pricing of the pens. and i think many people incorrectly assume we make 6 hundred dollars off each pen. it's not true. >> today's hearing the ceo said they plan to sell a generic version. for 3 hundred dollars. the community heard from the f drug ebgts expert. who said regulators are working hard to approve a lower cost pen.
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why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring the why can't it smell like this all the time why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun.
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relief object for neighbors of the raccoon creek golf course. >> why the view maybe improving sooner than they thought. >> people come over to visit us and can't believe what a mess it looks leek. >> this is why resident called the fox 31 denver problem solvers. weeds. sod. and piece os pipe. along this fence at the edge of the golf course. in little ton. >> why don't you like that mess out there. >> that is the worst
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could ask. >> the management says it's a small storage area. needed for an upcoming project. the problem solvers asked what could be done. to clean it up. >> they say the dry weeds are a fire hazard. >> no, ma'am. >> as far as the limb goes. we'd be willing to cut that down. that's not a problem. >> do you care about what happens to the residents around you. >> of course we do. >> after the story general manager. ex-planing that all though the project is far off. the soil and weed removal could be begin within two weeks to a month. >> that's great. i'll be glad to see a change in two weeks. >> we left messages offering him another chance to appear on
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we'll be back. to see if the area is clear. if not. she and her neighbors are prepared tpo call in county officials. >> fall arrives tomorrow. those leaves are changing quickly.
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nine miles per hour. you have basically 60s across most of the metro. although a 70 up in brighton. even 60. 62 down in little ton. eastern plains. and it's starting to turn over to all 60s. you can see 71 out there. cooled back in boulder now to 68 fort collins. in the 50s down in the castle rock area. future cast. again we'll call partly to mostly cloudy in denver. here up i 25. and up i 76. low clouds early in the morning. we will burn through it. so we'll tkpo from sunshine. clouds to sunshine. and then back to clouds. in the afternoon. kind of like what we saw today. and the better chance of seeing rain tomorrow is going to be up and over the higher terrain. to the west of i 25. you can see moisture. streaming up i 25.
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we have the chance. it's not a big one. of a few light rain showers. and maybe a rumble of thunder. >> . rain that i pointed out in southeast colorado. moves away. there's the thick blanket of clouds in the morning. and then the moisture comes in. continues up and over the mountains. a few showers spread to the south ao*ets plains. and one or two of them. that will try to come up from colorado springs. monument and denver
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cold front gets closer. of a shower or thunder storm. very scattered. and 83. behind the koeltd front. showers possible. still on saturday. again. very hit and miss. low chances. but it's there. 71. can't get you completely dry again on sunday. it's only a ten percent chance. of a stray shower. sunday actually turns out great. clouds and sunshine. 64. and 66. for the sunday and monday. there's a feel of fall in the air. and slowly warming back to the 70 degree mark on tuesday. and 76 which as i showed you. is where we should be.
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problem solvers consumer alert. you probably saw this on facebook tonight. blue bell is recalling two flavors of ice cream. because of possible listeria concern. >> . blue bell says the effected cases are chocolate chip cookie doe. and cookie two cream were not sold in
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panthers down. colts down. next up. bring on cincinnati. this might help them out. ben gals are a 3 point favorite. here's the deal. not exactly sure why. first of all the there t just his third career start. so far has one touch down. 3 interceptions. glaring red zone ineptitudes. >> . meanwhile. they're fresh off a loss last week in pittsburg. take that. combined with this stat. >> >> go out and win a game. in a stadium that hasn't been won in a in the month of september in five years.
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what bert team than us. >> . it's a challenge. it's an extra collage. >> extra challenge for both teams. >> . one another note. von miller named the afc defensive player of the week. >> already the third time in his career. he has achieved this honor. and actually ties him with broncos ring of famer. for the most afc defensive player awards in broncos history. >> . rockies cardinals. locked up in a stare down today. >> >> as for the game itself. second inning. nolan being nolan.
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that will help with the rbi race and home run race. >> . grand slam. a league leading 128 runs batted in. league leading 39 home runs. >> . also put the rockies in front. 6 to one. there's dj. he checked in still with the highest batting average in the nl. climbing after today. >> >> >> . a rockies win. two for 3 at the plate. average up to 351. >> rocks over the cards. >> . eleven to one. >> . t*gs it's weird to look at the statistics. >> and no play offs. >> . rockies. >> . something to cheer
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it's been a better year. >> major hope into next
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the power of the sun and the wind. it can fuel our lives and our economy, too. over 10,000 jobs in colorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats to pass the new laws we needed to help renewable energy grow. protecting the jobs we have
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m michael bennet, and that's
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ever fixed anybody up? why do we do it? you thought they would have a good time, and a power trip for you. you're playing god. god was the first person to fix people up. he fixed up adam and eve. i'm sure he said to adam, "no, she's nice. "she's, uh... "she's very free about her body. "doesn't wear that much. "she was going out with a snake. i think that's over, though." (pained groans) just gonna need one big push. (groaning continues) you got one more. here we go. congrats! i hear you're having a baby.


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