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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  October 8, 2016 1:05am-1:35am MDT

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right now you're looking live at the east coast is hurricane matthew push into its way up the eastern seaboard breaking right now for people have been confirmed dead and the us the storm reports coming to us from florida tonight millions remain without power and the storm surges flooding coastlines from florida to south carolina. and now that storm has been confirmed deadly dead in the us more cities and along the coast including evacuations. we want to get to chief meteorologist dave fraser was more evacuations are underway. i'll tell you what florida took a big hit from the storm but now there's even a higher concerns here as it makes its way past georgia into the carolinas could do want to show you there's the eye of the storm and doing with a lot of very heavy rain the biggest thing as the storm paralleled the coast made its way up to florida you can see the carolina state out so that
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water gets pushed ahead of their hurricane is really going to have a huge impact. now that's a look at the radar motion here's a look at the rain and this is just within the last six hours rain reports around jacksonville into georgia four four to 5 inches and just six hours that could exceed 12 to 1s watch our future cast. the eye of matthew look at the heavy rain from savannah continuing towards charleston and on north carolina a lot of flooding rains a lot of storm surge and check it out a lot of wind as well. especially as the eye goes by watch the when wends beefcake up to a hundred miles per hour mall the strength of the storm may come down it is a category two now and just a little under hundred and 10 miles per hour it will drop down below 100 miles a hundred miles per hour and become a category one. here's the problem as it finally pulls away from the coast watch
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right-hand turn and returns the baja me where this all started will keep you updated on matthew not only for the rest of this evening but sound like it's the big story heading into the weekend as well. that storm is hammering northern florida and southern florida that's where we find scott mclean and savanna with the very latest. hurricane matthew slammed into the east coast. bringing rain. the storm transform streets into rivers. some people could see as he is 15 inches of rain. coastal communities and join is in the carolinas bracing for the brunt of the storm and matthew continues its path. there are affecting the state of georgia and continue to do so we are told for about the next 24 hours. it is getting worse we are looking at major storm surgeries
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you can get the latest information on hurricane matthew and tracked the storm right now on our kdvr mobile app of course online. we have some breaking news coming into the newsroom at fox 31 a shooting happening in denver. situation still a very much active seen behind me several police officers with their vehicles are all here here's what we do know one person was shot and brought to local hospital with serious injuries. like i said several please officer standing right outside of 943 that is the home sitting just behind that crime scene tape. i did just been through neighbor who heard it all happen because he heard gunshots while spending
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two -year-old grandchild. we we're watching a movie on tv. i came up and are cop cars over here. please say they do not have a suspect in custody and this is still a very much active investigation live in denver fo. turning now to election 2016 house speaker paul ryan said tonight town trump will not attending a previously scheduled event and wisconsin tomorrow. after controversial showing trump brady about groping inches and women fox 31 political order showed joe st. george following the fall out tonight. just weeks away from election day this video date is video potentially hurting donald trump tonight in key swing states like ohio pennsylvania virginia and north carolina and florida it could really hurt him and the crucial state of ohio where
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in the polls so is is a fatal blow to chums campaign? you decide. an october surprise the washington post recent video of don trump and former axes high what host billy bush discussing women and a vulgar way tonight had 2005 segment. a kicker out furniture shopping she wanted to get some furniture. that it goes on schoenburg party about how he can get with women. the question now is will this hurt him in the polls. it's unacceptable language. play frank efforts don trump
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in and analyze. prime fraser says this is inexcusable and how trump response could decide his fate. it's his campaign's job to make the case that they are a better man than they we're then this is a clear indication of how don trump feels about women. a better looking you are the more model ask you are the more in you are with donald trump. himself as finally today saying this was locker room banter a private conversation that took clinton has said far worse to be on the golf course not even close i apologize if anyone was offended. now the question is how workshop respond during sunday's debate. joe st. george fox 31. colorado's attorney general has joined 35 other attorney general's from around the country and firing a lawsuit. they claim that the company has
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fox 31 has the story. colorado is taking steps to fight the opiate abuse epidemic the state recently launched a new initiative to give her first responders a tool reverse the effects of a heroin overdose and ultimately save lives. focus on recovery and making it more affordable. the drug is called suboxone and attorney general sent it coffman says it's the most effective drugs and breaking the addiction cycle. 60 percent success rate versus 25 percent without a drug. was introduced in 2002 and tablet form a seven years of exclusive production and sales the makers of the drug record benckiser pharmaceuticals then went to another group minus are are asked to develop unresolvable film that ultimately extended the exclusive patent to another seven years the attorney general claim this was a legal product hopping or company makes modest
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offer cheaper generic alternatives. there is 36 of us who see this as an egregious profit motivated exercise. it's not patient motivated this is profit motivated. the pit artificially high prices as 2009 when generic alternatives should have become available and during that time annual sales have topped 1,000,000,000 reporting live fox 31. make sure your driver your eating spot is clean the restaurants fox 31 check out this weekend are restaurant report card all of these places make the grade book club our campaign the way they're there grabbing your attention on colorado's roadways. coach kubiak very sound matchup against the falcons and their top ranked offense.
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held inspections reveal was really going on behind closed kitchen doors. is your favorite restaurant making the grade? here's our chickens.
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as pizzeria. the new england restaurant scores and athlon our report card or 15 critical violations during his august inspections the card county health inspector found multiple wayne's insect under the sink. continues a breach we're stored and next to clean pants there was no cold water at the hand sink as slices of pizza we're held at the wrong temperature with no discard time. we spoke to the owner who says he change managers and invited us in for a look. we continue to do. something like this happens over the next time we get an a+ it's follow-up inspection may visit my noted a bar a bar on the 16th street mall. second of the week inspectors found 11 critical 11 critical mistakes during august surprise
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employees could not answer questions about food safety the sanitizer was toxic approximately 35 or landing throughout the facility while eight and six trip some have ever such a reprise are hanging by the back door and restaurants owner sent the following statement that says we're going to have all the employees in a food serve safety class at our store on october 6. and finally the a goes to code a coffeehouse in edgewater for two back-to-back inspections with no critical violations retail manager max maki says they constantly work to follow the guidelines. a little more of the light duty or not cooking raw meat or raw chicken the state have to stay up on it you it's easy to let things go. we do allow that to happen. this is a hierarchy a hierarchy we make sure we follow those things all of the violations listed in our port we have a link to the inspections on
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and click on restaurant report cards if you have a restaurant you like for us to investigate e-mail us at tips. erika gonzalez fox 31 denver. you might had to swing by for a cup. if you work today like we're still working tonight and you miss this beautiful friday with all the sunshine across the mile high city don't worry about eight wherein do it again on saturday and sunday. temperatures today in the 50s low 60s alamosa low 60s to the north and upper 60s into the south and east number 67 degrees not too far from where we should be at this time of year which is our 69 degrees normal average outside right now skies have cleared went out of the southeast a little breezy tonight 50 and 43 not out of the airport officially dropped off pretty quickly your 49 and bright in matching and commerce city 52 and wheat ridge and
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town. are these colorado go past the airport up by 76 you can see all the 40s out there tell you had jewsbury got 52. you're already at 38 looks like another cold night they along the ice 70 quarter here's our future cast for the rest of tonight but the clock in motion though see how little bit of high cloudiness drifting in towards the four corners area downpours telluride up and over the san ju little more cloud cover coming in late in the day that the storm system down in new mexico. i talk about a couple of showers here and southern colorado on sunday not tomorrow the only thing will see tomorrow is the increasing cloud cover lows tonight will not be as cold as we had last night with a lot of 30s in the mountains. will be above freezing by a few degrees above freezing here from
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highs tomorrow warmer 70s pushing near 80 degrees of summer feel and south is colorado try sunny and warmer and the northeast for denver to fort collins. that's a a jump of five to 8 degrees up. look at these mountain temperatures people wanting to go out there. still pretty least to check out a beautiful day with temperatures in the mountains. up-and-down the front make your way towards greeley over towards eating continuing out towards camilla that area get into the foothills get into the 60s dropping into the 50s and lower 60s from jamestown out towards estes park. looking at low 70s across most of the metro couple of 60s as you head off towards the foothills get out towards evergreen 65 the south side of town couple of degrees cooler because the rising elevation as he continued down i 25 and had towards monument health mix of
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highlands ranch and 72 degrees. *skies the wind is up a little bit noticeable but not strong sunny gentle breeze tomorrow and 70 to check it out we're looking pretty good. as we get to sunday the broncos forecast coming up at 10:00 o'clock after her coaches show will talk about monday being a warm start to the workweek tuesday and wednesday down a little bit 68 and 70. thursday and friday are dry again. i think i'll take next week off. clever ad campaign coming up the reason see guys using a new twist to get your attention on colorado's romar.
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chimed to colorado chances arm scenes are eye-catching has once branch of prevents you from driving drunk or high.
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see.heart outside firms to create but it's about billboards like the one that says it's lead to heads. is downtown she's accord to visit up like a joint is my people and not after smoking weed seed a big over traditional campaigns these days they need to be edgy. we have to do something that surprising to the public but engages the public we want to save lives. stabilize. we want to garner attention. are you a sophie added it so they could mean you're struggling with loneliness. a new study for size of 300 people and how often they snap pictures of themselves researchers found those who take self is often a post them on social media do it to seek approval from others are also
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be a sign of a sign of relationship trouble or mental health problems. coming up next in the zone coach kubiak featuring sports director nick griffith. of the top of the hour for
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four games in the broncos had the quarter pole they do says one the nfl's front runners next up the highflying passing attack against the front falcons how the denver defense is preparing plus quarterback questions are bound for the broncos this week will be touchdown trevor are pageant a rookie will find out soon enough. in the zone with coach kubiak
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welcome to in the zone with kubiak one of only two teams in the nfl that's a 4-0 right now the minnesota vikings pretty confident group. two big wins at home. go on the road food well against cincinnati in tampa bay. down to the survivors and the september moving on to october the big one this week it as far as your team your quarterback position trevor simeon still nursing the sprain shoulder you truly expect this to be game day decision. he's made progress one more day to go this week. is made very he's made very good progress a lot of problems towing nine is has falling shoulder this other one just soreness trying to work through
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will make a decision when we get to game day paxton will be working ready to go also keep getting him a pretty good idea of what his approach will be this week. taking it one day at a time. just one day at a time and day by day. trevor's day by day. trevor is a tough kid. we know he wasn't feeling good when he pointed to is on the field let us know i'm hurting. is doing his work he's been a great the whole time. and his teammates know is doing everything he can't not trevor and paxton lynch you think you feel pretty good a lot last week 14-24. it's his first time he steps on the field a tough situation
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drills a lot of things going on. and made some big plays. try to play better around him continue to get better perko's 's far as paxton approach goes they changes take a little bit. coming into olympic i knew trevor was banged up is doing everything to get back out there. coming out here a lot more rested a lot more reps think it that. just doing the best i can. great experience for them right now what if any of the offense changes if it's paxton and set of trevor. i was asked that the other day you don't change that your game plan you put in a plan to attack a team you going to play you may call plays a little bit different. strength of his. call things a little bit different as far as how we attack how we have to play as a
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might just be the offense of line the running game i know you want to kickstart that through three weeks ago. we ran the ball really well the first two games. be thrown we thrown the ball the last couple of games. but for our football team the way we play defense of her able to run the ball well control the line of scrimmage we're a good football team on sunday we won't run away we have to do a better job they been missing a couple pieces further back this weekend. have you ever been a part of a part of a team that's put together so many consecutive games i want to say dominant just really good football. just consistent. we've had some trouble and a couple areas stopping the run a little bit third downs getting off the field had the same problem against tampa we tend to
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we are still into joe once again and is good for team. for now let's go in the studio where bruce hurdle is standing by with this weeks behind enemy lines. the falcons bring in nfl's top-ranked offense on sunday things to the record-setting quarterback and wide matt ryan and julio jones. obvious focus in this weeks behind enemy lines the aforementioned ryan and jones coming up in absolute incredible performance against the panthers last week it became the first quarterback receiver tandem in nfl history can bind for a lease 500 yards passing and 300 yards receiving and i game. no surprise that ryan nfl and passing yards and jones is tops and receiving no fly zone will
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two coming up on sunday. for this week stop of the game who else could it be but i came to leave what a performance and this homecoming game there course drafted him the first run of the university of kansas and 2008 return the favor with two interceptions against his old ms. last weekend ranking second in the nfl with three interceptions on the season he has three career interceptions against falcons quarterback matt ryan. still t coach one of the leaders of the broncos defense tj ward joins us onset as this week's players just meet the man who gives some of the broncos a mental edge on sunday by the way he's a bronco
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