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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  October 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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the field. the 47 of the falcons. on fourth down, you can't spike it here. but if you're lynch, you want to get the first down. it's completed. centers, hangs on. there's a flag after the hit. >> john: we chronicled it earlier. that's his problem. robert alford. he does everything well, except this. he gets a lot of penalties. here you see the hit. but now he's going to play like beckham. give him a little boot. >> referee: personal foul on the -- rougher. 15-yard penalty. automatic first down.
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point, the official -- stops the clock. moves the ball up. they're going to try a field goal with mcmanus here. >> john: he might as well get one out of the way and see if you can connect on the outside kick for a hail mary. >> chris: he's got to make this from 45. and a penalty helps the situation. it hit the upright and went through. from 45 yards away. gets up there, it's out there. it's in there. it counts. seven-point difference.
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>> john: he had an attempt. he put it up there high. >> chris: next week the "nfl on fox." start your sunday with fox nfl kickoff. america's number one pregame show. rams and lions on america's game of the week. the cowboys and packers and the cowboys and falcons in seattle against the seahawks. they're going to head there after this game and stay out there all week and prepare for seattle whic off. >> john: i love this about dan quinn. as much as to lessen the travel, it's about connecting this team. when you're off on the road together, you got to spend time together, eat together. dan quinn, he's trying to forge that connection. he came from seattle where they had it. he's trying to build that in atlanta. he's doing a wonderful job of it. >> chris: sent flowers to the wives and family members to hold on during the road trip.
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toilolo, the tight end. he grabbed that to secure atlanta's fourth straight victory. >> john: the moral of the story. don't on-side kick -- toilolo. >> chris: the falcons came in highest scoring team in the league and put 23 on the board. still the most anybody scored against the broncos this year. gary kubiak, his nine-game winning different quarterbacks, paxton lynch today. the reigning super bowl champs slip to 4-1. the falcons after beating carolina and now denver. baiting the two super bowl -- beating the two super bowl teams of last year. more from denver in just a moment. good thing geico offers affordable renters insurance. with great coverage it protects my personal belongings should they get damaged,
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so we're on the same page before he even gets here. -it's fair. -and it's fast. look good? looks great. this is how car buying was always meant to be. this is truecar. ?? >> chris: falcons go to 4-1. the broncos slip to 4-1 atlanta's 23-16 victory. they led from the start in denver. let's look at the stat tracker. matt ryan, steady. 267 yards with the touchdown. devonta freeman rushing for 88 yards and a score. tevin coleman, 132 yards receiving and a score. julio jones only a couple of catches and atlanta still wins. next on fox the simpsons, bob's burgers, son of zorn late every and presidential debate number
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reigning super bowl champs. don't forget, week 6 in the nfl, you'll see the falcons going up to seattle with our kickoff coverage starting at 11 clock eastern. for brad morris and arnie kem ner, john lynch and pam oliver. i'm chris myers, thanks a lot for watching the "nfl on fox." around the league we saw star studded performance and nail biting sentences that made week 5 one to remember. brought to you by chevrolet most depending plays of the day. >> announcer: fox sports thanks you for watching this presentation of the national football league. for nfl news and highlights, go
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at's transfarency?.
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the broncos the first
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>> it wasn't altogether as success. this been a lot of time on the ground in the offensive line didn't deliver today either. we will break down all of that and we talk about the chargers game. it is for days away. we've to move forward for sure. let's go to nick griffith and bruce haertl to break down today's loss. >> we are not too accustomed to doing this. we haven't done it the last ten games now and that is report on a broncos lost that happened today 23-16. a bit of a reality check for the quarterback controversy in denver. the offensive line had good insight there and we really need to get that back on track. the running game has been nonexistent for three games. that will become an issue if they had to san diego on thursday. >> we will break it down for you with gary kubiak. let's go ahead and show you some of the place and how the game resulted as it did. there comes matt ryan.
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>> and matty ice got off to a good start. opening drive with a bang. coleman who was an all-pro today. 48-yard passing catch in the longest in the season for the broncos. >> we make it 7-0 falcons. lynch. >> a very tough go for paxton lynch and problems executing his touch passes. through it to norwood on a third-down toss which would've kept it going there >> what about the bronco defense. chased them out of the pocket and shane ray and wolf on the action as well. little far and few between. >> lynch three of 38 for all three of his completions were lasers like this one to emmanuel sanders for 17 yards. it leans to a field goal. >> closing on the first half, paxton had some issues and these
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13-3 with the falcons leading at half. let's go above engel and take the second half action. von miller with the spin move and cuts the double team. get some matt ryan for a second. there was a huge stack but here comes paxton. from their own one, after a great plan to start the second position, it lynch loading up and ricardo allen with the pic. >> here comes ryan any matches up coleman coleman all day. 132 receiving yards from the running back spot today. >> finally nick the broncos defense gets a turnover. nice play by tj ward to take it away. broncos with the football at midfield bit down 20-3. >> you're thinking maybe this is where the broncos do the damage in the fourth quarter but ryan goes back to coleman. again matched up on the outside. the former indiana hoosier having a heck of a day.
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>> little touchdown for demaryius thomas with a nice reach. all it does is put a little bit of window dressing on a 23-16 final. >> the broncos go down and we begin to digest this. as he mentioned and turnaround with a quick game we actually have gary kubiak on the podium now. let's listen in. >> we get down by 13 or something like that and struggle to protect a little bit. we put them in a tough situat want to put him in. we battled and didn't play very good. you have to give it lynn a credit. they made a lot of big plays against us and did a great job. once they got us down. give them credit. they are a good football team. we have to have a short memory and get back to work. >> geary coming to go over the decision to play paxton and the first place. >> we just inventing trevor was ready. we watched a mark friday and talk to them saturday morning a
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thought paxton had a good week of practice. just a gametime decision. a lot of guys get together and watch them practicing what he is doing. didn't want to expose him today. we didn't think he was ready for that to happen. that's why we devoted. >> coach, how close do you think trevor is? >> oh he's very close. he did everything he could for us all week long but we had to make the decision at the end of the week when it's time to go. he try to get there. he worked extremely hard to get there but we didn't think he was ready. >> geary, is there a d in the middle of the game and the adrenaline and everyone brings it up together a little more and having a whole week to get ready? >> i don't know, he had a really good week of practice. i felt good about him going into the game. he practiced well. they are a team that plays a lot of three d zone and you have to be patient with what you're doing. you down 13 to them and you can just think away at them and get yourself back in the game.
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good plan on their part. they did a good job and richard smith and most guys did a good job. kyle did a good job. give those guys credit, they played really well. >> geary, when stephenson isn't playing how concerned are you about your depth at right tackle? >> we have more to and we had last year i can tell you that. tie is playing a lot of football for a guy that didn't do anything for eight or nine weeks. we need to help them out a little bit. obviously that is tough and when you get down like that are pinning their heirs back it's hard as a gets for a tackle. it's very difficult but we believe in all of our guys. we had a lot of guys, as a team we didn't play good enough today. we need to stay focused on the team. >> you took ty out to try. >> we wanted to try williams him and we move michael outside. like i said, tie has played a ton of football for a guy that didn't do much for eight weeks. they got forced into the situation because of the injury
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in my opinion, today was tough on a lot of guys. >> gary, they seem intent on putting the linebackers in pass coverage. >> no doubt paired spread us out. we get back. get time to get those guys down the field. after look back at the film but for the backseat on the field it takes some time. -- very good job on their part. they ran the ball extremely well. offense today, so they did a of a job. >> gary, how close was virgil green to playing today and will his return spark the ground game? >> all i can tell you is they were all close, donald and virgil. we had a make a decision and there is a lot of football left to play. we want to get those guys back but they all made progress last week.
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>> that was gary kubiak, broncos head coach not too happy. we are bringing in former bronco mark jackson for the losing effort into mark, standby we go to shane ray who had a big sack in the game to see what he has to say. >> thatconfidence isn't going anywhere. we just have to fix problems. it's not going to be perfect all the time, it doesn't work like that. we have to figure out what our mistakes are and get better and get ready for the next team. >> it is coming up the charges on thursday. not a lot of time. >> yes, this game is over. after today this is done. we have to start preparing. they will try to month the ball too. we have do stop the run and do it we do. >> shane, talk a little bit about the matchup between the running backs in the linebackers. it was one they were winning all day. >> they just had a good scheme. they did some things to get one on ones with the linebackers and they were able to come out on
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we just go back to the drawing board and get better. >> what kind of adjustments did you make because it was something that was working early on. >> man, cover your guide. we're playing man like that and we have to do a better job. simple as that. >> appreciate it. thanks. >> there shane ray. i think we have a lot of that in the locker room. guys are not too anxious to talk about this losing mark coming you taste the defeat but it's only the broncos first loss. >> absolutely, i look at shane ray and the defense and no reason to hang your head. twenty years is the most they put up on the broncos. twenty-three with the leading offense. not a bad outing. especially considering how inconsistent. >> 23 points for this falcons offense. to keep them around the 20s is not too shabby. i will break this down throughout the next hour.
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go back to our anchors, jeremy and aristea are steny by. >> one of the things we have been hearing about offensive line did and protect lynch to the best of their ability. we also heard lynch is a little inaccurate with five sacks. it was his first game. >> even the great ones had bad nfl starts. john elway had a bad start and even at one point lined up behind the wrong guy. there could be greatness ahead for paxton lynch. greatness on this show putting more coverage and we have news headlines. >> coming up, the second presidential debate. joe st. george will break down what to expect the candidates to break down in the next showdown. >> and no longer a hurricane but still packing a harsh punch. >> and alive look over broncos country. stay with us, more postgame coverage coming up after the
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back live in a look inside mile high stadium on a rare disappointing day in broncos country per the broncos fall at home to the atlanta falcons 23-16. shane ray said it can be perfect all the time. now we have to look forward to thursday when we take on the chargers. >> we just heard from coach kubiak but hopefully trevor siemian will be doing a little better by then. let's talk to nick griffith former broncos by jackson. >> let's break down the keys of the game. rocky mountain keys to the game. we started mark with whether or not they can ground the attack. >> they did do it. if you look at the numbers for julio jones, minimal. sixty something yards. but they didn't do it versus the
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kevin coleman leading the air attack. >> a hundred 32 yards receiving. then coleman for the touchdown. for the broncos we talk about reestablishing the run and that didn't quite happen with cj anderson or the offensive line. >> no sir, disappointed in the offensive line. you win or you learn and what they will learn from this week's film. >> i think it's twofold and i don't think they got get that done. >> i agree. they never really got settled in the pocket. paxton lynch look like happy feet for the entire game. >> exactly. i think some of that you give to the rookie quarterback making his first nfl start. let's go to the broncos locker room and tear what he has to say about protecting paxton. >> upfront they did a really good job. and a young qu?bec out there you have to make the pocket clean so he can make better throws. >> anything are concerned about? >> just one of those days.
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all. he went out there and fought fight hard. he played very well. >> how about the offensive line as a unit? >> no concern. i trust this group and i know what they have the potential to be and still trying to be the best in the league. >> there is russell of him. here is paxton lynch right now and let's go to the podium and hear from the broncos rookie quarterback after his first nfl start. >> do anythi early in the game? it was tough for you guys to get started today? >> no, we kind have knew what they're going to do coming in. i don't think they did a lot of different stuff. they just let you take what was underneath and take it that way. and run the ball on them. i think overall as a team we didn't play as well as we should have to win the game and we didn't. >> we're there any nerves for you going out there or did you feel comfortable running the show? >> obviously some butterfly
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its not a preseason game in your team's 4-0. you're excited about that. but you just have to focus on the team and winning the ballgame. after that first driver was ready to go and ready to play those guys. >> paxton, what did you learn now that you didn't know before the game started? >> i think i was well prepared by coach nap and coach kubiak and rico too. i was really confident coming into the game a lot of crazy stuff that we hadn't seen before but obviously you want to win, especially being a fresh start. see you don't win and now you have to move on from it and we have a short week. but we will bounce back. >> you just said they didn't show you much different, did you see anything that they didn't show leading into the game in particular in the rush? >> not that i know of now. from what i had seen on the sidelines from the surface
5:27 pm
film, just photos but will we watch the film i'm sure we will be able to tell. but standing appear now i don't think there was too much different from what we saw on film. >> paxton, can you talk about the difference between sort of getting rushed into the game last week versus sort of having a week or if you days knowing that you will be going in. >> well, this week i started feeling a lot better about going into the plate game and playing. just the game plan and i had good wraps in the red zone and all of that. live, full speed raps but last week when i got put in at tampa bay i didn't have it chance to wrap a lot of the place during the week because trevor was taking them. so it's different in that aspect but like i said from day one i think that you have to find a way to get those reps mentally when you are not practicing in case you do go in and play. >> when the pocket is breaking
5:28 pm
between hanging in there and trying to make a play in getting rid of the ball and going to the next. >> the coaches have just told me if you feel like you need to get out of there, then get out of there and go on with it. if i feel i should take off when there is a whole than i try to take off. but sometimes you try to take off and the whole closes quicker than you thought. >> paxton lynch, 19 for 30 his overall numbers. 189 yards. as you said a learning game for him for sure. a lot of things the tape and try to improve on moving forward. >> i'm sure he will look to anticipate and let it go. there is a few plays i'm sure he will say i should have just let that one go. >> and you just heard right there trying to figure out when to run with it and when not to because the holes close down a lot quicker. >> -- design boots, not scramble alert. >> that will do it for us for
5:29 pm
jeremy, eris day back to you. you can only imagine the butterflies going. it's got a be a lot. >> they have plenty of options in chances down the road to win. a big day in news with the presidential debate, but tomorrow colorado will be in the campaign spotlight. >> vice presidential nominee tim kaine is going to be in town stumping for hillary. we will tell you how you can see him and what music star is going to join him in the mile high city. >> and ali broncos country. slowly but surely people headed
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