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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  October 10, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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now there's a colorado organization trying to help out. i said michaels joins us live with what they're planning to do. this group does not do disaster relief work like say the red cross, they're focused more on long-term rebuilding programs and they say it's going to take years for haiti to get back on its feet. i've heard that never in recorded history have they had a hurricane hit them this hybrid these as video from the southern peninsula of 80 if you days everywhere you want you can't take too many steps because there's trees down. an aid worker captures the devastation. the nonprofit built the school and the countries rural region almost 30 years ago. when you look inside any world everything is just kind of thrown all over the place. now it's reduced to rubble. now they have no books and everything in the classrooms is gone.
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the projects program director who lives in haiti can't get to the hardest hit areas yet because the main road is simply gone. but step back in colorado have a pretty good idea what they're in for buried in a community like where we are, i would say probably over 50 percent of the houses are gone and the rest are fairly damaged and all the content are gone. teresa henry helps coordinate help from colorado to pd she worries that they can't rebuild fast enough, the country will start. all the crops have been lost, they have nothing for livelihood. not the nonprofit is hoping the day can help. the survey is holding one of many emergency for the colorado haiti project spread the money will go directly to the small rural community were coloradans are helping rebuild by hand. we really hope to help them replant and make sure that they have clean water and make sure that the kids are in school. >> now, if you want to donate we
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website at just click on the story. ashley michaels fox 31. >> right now nearly two dozen great cross volunteers from colorado are on their way to help victims of hurricane matthew. they are loading up this morning and headed to florida. bill howe was part of a team of six headed to georgia along with three emergency vehicles. they will provide evacuees with hot meals snacks and water and people ready to listen and help, however, they can. i think it's important for us to people. to notice somebody out there who cares what's happening to them. and listen to them and take care of them as much as we can. this is how will that the employment for the red cross this year. he just returned from louisiana a few weeks ago and says donations are needed more than 13,000 hurricane victims in five states are currently staying in red cross shelters. to the presidential election where the hurricane is causing,
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dave matthews campaigning for hillary clinton in denver today after a quick concert he welcomed tim came to the stage at the western complex print his son eric was also in town to support his brothers white house bid. paul ryan says he will not defend donald home opting instead to pull it to maintaining control of the house. all this following the second debate and a weekend scrambling to refocus his campaign after the 2005 open mic moment where he brags about kissing and groping women. he been deflecting criticism all
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locker room excuse. if they want to release more tapes, saying inappropriate things, we will continue to talk about bill and hillary clinton doing inappropriate things. a lot of athletes and coaches from the nba, from major league baseball, from the nfl, and more have been coming forward and weeding they have been saying no, that's not what happened in our locker rooms. so sometime last night in the debate according to tracy brown it's all in the body language. the venue made for a battle. most notable difference in body language came at the start whether two candidates didn't shake hands. to get only did they not shake hands, neither of them tried to shake hands. so there was some pre- agreement
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they were so angry with each other. the open format allowed for a bit of intimidation from trump. he was trying to control her, to control her every move. it was like i has been where he stirs me down for parking the car in the garage just a little bit wrong. a telling reaction, but not uncommon says tracy. the sniff behavior is very consistent to me. it was right before he was going to go on the ed tech so that's really doesn't of what we see from for when someone is about to attack they will look for a player and the nostril. as for hillary clinton her demeanor expressed a certain sorority. she rolled her eyes or you would see the crooked smile. contempt is more superiority. as for he handled the stage better, tracy gives it to clinton based on her body language with the audience. she stood up immediately when she was asked questions.
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i'm not backing down from your question however tough they were buried trump would listen to a question and stand there not even acknowledge the person asking it. as for trump, he displayed which he called the thickly physician when it comes to answering questions that he doesn't quite feel comfortable with. he holds a stand in front of his belly a little bit and that shows your trying to hide. whether this debate swayed any voters, tracy said probably n a behavioral signs that make you not believe them. they both absolutely are great buyers. they believe their own lies. there were hers, they're practiced, and they are pretty good at rubbing out most of the crime. tracy goes on to say they may be a covering up their lies because they actually believe their true, therefore no body language to give it away. wheat ridge man his car was
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the victim of a crime. on friday night someone took the honda accord he bought for his son pretty called police when he realized it was gone and finley is today they found it way up in cold creek canyon. a company called marks towing hauled it up for police and told lully he ordered $290 for towing and storage. i felt like she was holding my car hostage or for rent some until i had it paid off. the longer it takes me to get the car out, the more expensive it will be. involved today, the people at mars changed their tune and now they say as long as it shows proof of ownership, he can get his car back for free. the problem solvers update will we first told you about conrad bell meant that he was driving at deep with no doors. someone was caught on camera stealing them. belknap says replacing them would have cost $1,600 and he says he is especially
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is another jeep driver. after that company stepped in, belknap says his faith and his fellow jeepers is restored. we heard about your little mishap. with. as a trilogy for we should take great care of you. good news on the gary kubiak healthcare burden if it are a statement saying i'm feeling much better and thankful for everyone's lot more wishes. i got great faith in our coaching staff and players. nick griffith will have more coming up in sports including whether trevor cymeon will be able to make a start on thursday night.
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bar and rhino. police say one person was killed another critically injured after being shot outside cold crush at 27 and lamur. witnesses tweeted that the two were shot after a fight broke out. no word yet on any unrest in the case. new developments on a wildfire burning for most of the day near elizabeth it is now 100 percent contained by the fire started around 11:00 a.m. and quickly spread to more than 300 acres and just couple of hours. sent out as a precaution, but they have since been canceled. more good news from summit county where the fry gulch fire has been burning since saturday and is also 100 percent contained. it broke out near a shooting range at the summit county landfill part 1 person was cited and released after admitting to starting the fire. if the fire grew to about 25 acres no dylan. no structures were burned. if you see smoke in larimer
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worry at the prescribed burn on pingree whole. this is to reduce hazardous fuels and improve forest health and wildlife habitat. the burn will likely take place all linked long. no secret that people are flocking to colorado, but there have been some signs of the real estate market flowing just a little bit. that's not the case in longmont with still rising. this guy sitting in the front row, w twitter followers following his moment in the spotlight. if you enjoyed today's well above average temperatures. the airplanes into startup tomorrow so it will be warm again that it will be the last again that it will be the last one, at least for a few days. from a rancher's perspective, we feel that often washington
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senator bennet is different. michael bennet has been at the ready and always willing to listen. when the federal government wanted to increase grazing fees, senator bennet stepped up and helped put a stop that. he commits to his word, and that means a lot to a guy like me. i'm a republican, but i know that michael bennet trusts us and we trust him. i'm michael bennet
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breaking news in denver. police investigating a deadly hit-and-run crash, three cars crashed on southbound colorado and i 70. investigator shot down colorado and the direction of the eye 70 ramp. that is still closed right now. at least one person was killed in this accident. later tonight were told that police have located the car they were looking for. it alleges original and left the
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driver of the car bird right now the process of homes in longmont going up in a big way. the average sale price for a single-family home for the years about $385,000 but in september that average topped $400,000 with 99 homes sold in a month. why the jump? we send kagan harshad to longmont to find out. take i'm in longmont because for years many consider community at cheaper alternative to denver a place we could buy a nice house for help the price so long as you were willing to commute an hour or more. that no longer holds, true. longmont might be a bit of a drive from denver, but many will tell you the commute is tolerable because homes here are cheaper. >> it's a nice financial alternative for the sun has set on cheap housing, the average
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the first time ever. i'm amazed for josh hunter is a real estate agent in longmont to says he's seen housing prices just about double over the last decade. he says already families who once considered moving here are simply now looking somewhere off. a lot of people are headed to some of the eastern time zone here kind of how i think people started migrating to longmont for the same reason it seems like firestone frederic parroted. only 49 homes in longmont are listed for less than $40,000. only 18 below >> that's a lot of money. lots of money. he and his girlfriend just moved here we were at an part of the promise by affordable housing. even rent is more than double what they were being in pennsylvania. purchasing a home, nothing they can even fathom. while they remain among the cheap housing may no longer be one of them. it's beautiful around here, but that kind of price, that's big bucks.
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the average home price in boulder this summer topped $1 million. home prices in larimer county are also about 15 percent over just the past year. >> and nasty trust issue and scu park of jefferson county as neighbors turning to the problem solvers for some help. people and never dreamed up and calling on the county to do something about this for months. trash buildup at the center at evergreens u.s. bank building neighborhoods and wildlife areas. neighbors say they have made lots of phone calls and to get the county mandated fence built, but still no pens. take the thing that's been so annoying is it's been while we're on our seventh month now. littering is a crime and i think
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a crime because they're not doing anything about it. neighbors say jefferson county has issued fines and notices, but still nothing has been done. u.s. bank did not return our calls today. the county spokesperson problems this problem solver she will look into the issue and have more information for us tomorrow. taking a look at what's trending tonight. there was one surefire winner of last nights debate and he is reveling in it. >> wasn't you have a candidates. can been asked the candidates a question about energy policy, but once the internet went wild over was his red cardigan. his black rimmed glasses and his demeanor. during an interview on cnn he talked about becoming an overnight sensation. >> i went from last night having feathering twitter followers to my grandmother had to remake her account when she forgot her password to now i have several hundred. i don't know why they care what i have to say, but i'm glad they're there engaged in the political process. bone added that he was originally dressed in an olive green suit for the debate.
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yesterday morning his pants split so the red sweater was plan b. >> now, pinpoint weather with meteorologist mark mann strollo. >> what a beautiful day it was this afternoon was sunshine warm temperatures. a nice little breeze thrown into the mix as well. now as we transition toward the overnight, it continues to stay very quiet. the clouds thickened up especially during a late day today. mainly cloudy outside now. when speaking up over the last hour. breezy throughout the day. at times gus at 25 miles an hour. now it's starting to pick up at temperature, nice and mild for this time at night at 1018 in the low 60s. that after we hit the high today of 79 degrees. nice and warm near 68 is the average high, i think it will do well better than the upper 60s again tomorrow. a cooldown is on the way and it should arrive by wednesday. that will take us from well above average numbers to well below average numbers by the time we get to the middle of this week.
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corridor some 60s hanging on there in the western slope overall a beautiful evening across colorado. sixty-two in brighton 64 it wheat ridge. lakewood at 59. kim carroll at 59 degrees as well. the pleas on the map which represent the gusty is serious across-the-board have really shrunk down over the last couple of hours. now just a few spotty locations with gusty winds were as earlier today it was pretty widespread. i think as we go through tomorrow continued to settle down a bit. fifty-seven by midnight or so. in the mountains there are some storms in the western slope, there could be some rain may be in the higher peaks was no ms. keenan. toward tomorrow morning partly cloudy around the city and a nice picture of pots and send him to get us going early tomorrow. and mild start to the day with temperatures tonight only falling into the low to mid 50s. all the green you see is just browned clutter on the radar.
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talking about from meeker to grand junction. that will deliver it scattered rain. again some snow in the higher peaks. i think we continue to see that trend on and off throughout the day tomorrow. most of the day in the city just a mixture of squads and sunshine but once we get closer to sunset or so if you have the storms could push up the photos a 20 percent chance you see something if anything comes through it should be relatively night in nature. tomorrow evening, things begin to change. quite drastically actually as a cold front drops in from the north. highs by wednesday may only make it into the upper 50s. a big drop off. other warm air locked in for tomorrow. it retreats to the south a cold
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very long. the retreats quickly back to the north allowing the warm air to return by the time we get into thursday. we are right back to near 70 by the time we get into the day on friday. fifty-three tonight partly that his guys. tomorrow a mix of clouds and sun late a shower possible. a seven-day forecast is is dropping down quickly once we get into the day on wednesday. 58 degrees better. our low tonight is 53. not that far off. partly cloudy skies, but the warm-up returns quickly. sixty-nine on thursday 79 on
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we just ago that the battle cry from the broncos players to to nights he did into some of those guys vocalizing getting his words lets win one for as we've reported throughout the day gary kubiak not fetching the broncos this week after being hospitalized and not at home recovering with what doctors call complex migraines. for more on his condition and his filling guy, bruce earl has more. >> i will say this it was gary going in. but, vy far as the prognosis of gary and his health is where is his coaching career. our special teams coach steps in is the interim headman. could you were in constant communication on timeouts, on what they want, 31, those types of things just a lot of the way that the game goes and so, people say well, special teams is the only thing you do. it's not really because you have
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i think having the communication with the catch is very helpful in that respect. elway repeatedly use the in describing his decision today, but there was certainly more to it than just that. >> everybody on the staff could've taken it. authentically and defensively, i really felt it was going to be a seamless transition with joe stepping in. plus i didn't want to take with rico on the offense of sight to wait on the defensive side i didn't want to have anything they are, but a bloated up. kubiak had a spell on the field in houston three years ago will continue to undergo tests this week in that effort to learn more about the triggers of the migraines. in the meantime, joe d has no choice but to hit the ground running. can't worry about last week were going into a divisional opponent that has lost games by six, one, four, three, they could be easily four and one so it's a
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in. we have to strap up our boots and get ready to roll quick. >> bruce boudreau reporting there. the coaches situational mapped out. what about the quarterback situation. several reports today speculating that trevor cymeon will include return under center for thursday nights game which should add some confidence especially after yesterdays loss to atlanta. monday night football this evening. the carolina panthers hosting tampa bay at the buccaneers in tonight. now, the game will come down to second on traffic. it's not one but two huge field goals in this game. his window would've given the box delete, but still gets another crack at it. in the closing seconds, that one is right down the middle. temp is based first win and
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14. mlb playoffs, the big games on tap. nationals in la taken on the dodgers third inning. the mets anthony ringtone. they go in to get the win to easily final score 8-factory. red sox listing the indians indians hoping to sweep in advance six inning indians up. don this dreads 4-3. title down now. >> yes, in your cubbies. three and two, top of the aids over the giants looking to save san fran. it's where cleveland all of a sudden a powerhouse. can you imagine this, cleveland and chicago in the world series. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. p say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
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are we going to do any weather or are we good right now? >> @think we're good. >> it's going to be a nice night. thank you for joining us tonight
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i'm mike coffman, and i approve this message. service. it started with my dad. he fought in world war two, was wounded in korea. he's the reason i joined at 17, fought in two iraq wars, and still serve today. the va scandal is an outrage, failing to care for our wounded warriors. that's why i took on the va: to get our veterans the care and respect they deserve.
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the sacrifices they made, and i'll never stop fighting for those who fought for us.
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