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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  October 16, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MDT

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rises from the ashes. had them lined out the door today. after a devastating fire. last may. >> . the popular restaurant fell victim to an arsonist. who killed a man living upstairs -fpls. >>. >> . facing a very uncertain future. when the owner decided to rebuild at the same location.
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doors. we caught up with the folks for the reopens. we have the new detail -ts
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set during the murder of a minnesota in an upstairs apartment. >> . everyone while the fire was down from the insurance money. >> the owner says if there's one silver lining. this terrible event. he's been able to give back to the community. rethink some of the menu. and plan for expansion. >> . a lot of time on the computer. with my chefs. redoing recipes. they're excited to be back in the kitchen. >> everyone told us it was worth the hour plus wait.
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killed. is has been arrested and kharpbled with 4 counts of vehicular homicide. he's been identified as a 25 year-old navy sailor. out. >> the the daughter of olympic runner. caught in at the cross fire. shot and killed this morning in kentucky. police say she was shot in the neck. when a tkwraoup group of men and cars began shooting at each other. she was rushed to the hospital. but later died. police found a car that may have been involved and questioning possible suspects. >> pardon apartment complex undr construction goes up in flames. investigators are trying to figure out what caused this blaze in arizona. in the video you see the fire sending phoebg and tkphraeupls.
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not me. the ban comes after several phones were report threu over heating and sometimes causing injury. sam sung announced its no longer making the phones. >> . what a pr mess. >> . dream come true for 7 year-old tpwoeu boy in florida. >> the make a wish helped him
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jid, a couple hundred people gathered in west palm beach. to witness him save the city from evil. defeating darth vader in a battle. >> . it feels great. >> even r2d 2-rbgs was there. he was honored w-d a key to the city. he's been diagnosed with a life threatening medical condition. >> .
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the volunteers are fix t-g for free. >> . the center saw a need and filled it. ten months ago. >> . since then. it's really picked up. >> . we fix about any where between ten and 15 pikes every week. >> . the biggest need here according to to volunteers is tires. more than 50 percent of the work
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tubes. luck tkeuly thanks to doe in this donations the parts come from local bike shops. bike mechanics. donate their time too. >> to give the homeless a reliable way to get them back on their feet. >> what a great program.
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every city had them. truly an american icon. >> . the city of arvada is actually giving its water tower a facelift. >> . why this means so much. to the modern city. >> . there it sits. >> really an amenity. providing water for the people. and a landmark for visitors.
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150 thousand gallons of water. to the good people of arvada. over a century of colorado weather took its toll. >> . a little facelift is in order. >> it needs a new coat of point. and the structure itself. >> . that's where kpwaoeus like kipenzi that's where guys come in. carrying tune while he carries out his mission of making what is old. look new.
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1977. when it was finally decommissioned.
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remnants here of what was once a typhoon. over the pacific pacific northwest. bringing rain all the way through. northern utah and into parts of wyoming. but that high still close enough to deflect that to the north. this will stay that way. over night tonight. and through the day tomorrow. but. it's still bringing with it a lot of gusty winds. that's able to infiltrate the area. the high pressure can't block that from rolling in. gusts on cue. began to pick up. any where between 15. and 20 miles per hour. in spots.
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windier tonight. add advisories in effect across western colorado. as high as 50 miles per hour. all the areas in beige. you get to where the divide. and that's where especially above the timber line. winds are going to howl. high wind warning from tonight. through tomorrow afternoon. wind gusts especially above the tree line. could get up to 80 miles per
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today's is 65. we were well above that. this afternoon. a summer like almost july like day. here in mid october. mid 80s and upper 80s even low 90s on the eastern eastern plains. warm in the mountains too. 6 0s and 70s in the high country. right now a little cooler. still mild and comfortable evening. 76 in the city. 60s and 70s east. 50s and 60s in the mountains. where it was quite windy. they will spread out over night and through the day this warm air will hang on tomorrow afternoon. i think that's it. the dividing line just to the north of us. there's the cold air. the blue pocket that has been kind of parked over the pacific northwest. eventually will begin to slide our way. over the next few days. pair of cold fronts opening the door and ushering the cold air in. by tuesday down into the 60s. and by wednesday i don't think we get out of the 50s for highs. so quite the change.
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50 over night t breezy. winds kick up throughout the day tomorrow. we stay sunny. and your 7-day forecast has a us dropping down to 63 tomorrow. ra*t ere rather on tuesday. upper 50s on wednesday. that chance for rain comes around. somewhere tuesday night into wednesday. that's it. we need wet weather.
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from a rancher's perspective, we feel that often washington is removed from what we need. senator bennet is different. michael bennet has been at the ready and always willing to listen. when the federal government wanted to increase grazing fees, senator bennet stepped up and helped put a stop that. he commits to his word, and that means a lot to a guy like me. i'm a republican, but i know that michael bennet trusts us and we trust him. i'm michael bennet
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>> broncos had a rare day. to watch football. if they chose to. getting away from it all may
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thing. gary kubiak expected to be back at work tomorrow. he has plenty to attend to. as they start preparation for the texas. just making everything whole again. should probably help. so should couple of days they just had off. >> . get rest. players and coaches. monday everybody will be fresh. and come back and go to work. >> . broncos have brock osweiler. and the texas com a week from tomorrow. losers of two in a row the pwrob broncos haven't lost 3 straight since 2011. chiefs coming off the buy week. look rested and ready for the raiders. tie game. charles back. about to give the team the lead. chiefs up 13 to -p 7 after they miss the extra point. looking to expand 13 to ten lead. spencer ware with a burst out wide. good speed down the sideline. before being dragged down after
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ware with 131 rushing yards today. the chiefs looking the part. at the preseason division favorite. out standing effort defense ily. two turn overs and scores after both. alex smith 19 of 22. 224 yards. efficient. kansas city improves to 3 and two. raiders back to 4 and 2. into a tie for the division lead with the broncos. >> . had himself quite a night against arizona state. 219 yards. 3 touch downs. buffs beat the sun devils for the first time ever. and in the process moving to a tie with utah for the lead in the pack 12. five and two. >> . good bounce back after the loss. and they're back on the cusp of a national ranking.
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wins through half a season this year. than the 4 all of last year. travel to stanford next week. where they open as a 3 and and a half point under dog. >> the other football. rapids. already clenched a play off spot. now leading the western conference. vying for home field srabg advantage in the play offs. at portland in the rain today. in desperate need for a win. for their play off hopes. early on this was played on penalty kicks. >> . i got the not even five minutes later. after another penalty.
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battle. it's a one to nothing game. at the break. and that's the way it would finish up. colorado had their chances late. end up losing by a one to nothing final. >> . and the racing isn't usually too dynamic in kansas city. one track racing. >> . able to hold off karl ed edwards down the stretch. to win for the forty-fourth time. moving into second place spot. >> the denver based furniture row car was eleventh. he remains eighth in the over all. headed to baseball. and the national league championship series. one to nothing the dodgers lead the cubs very early on in chicago. game two of that. >> . broncos. listening to everything this we can weekend. amazing how many people are giving up on trevor siemian. after a couple games here. >> duck. the sky is falling. you don't get too high after 4
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you remember this is the game. this is 16 games long. and you play it out. the nfl more than any other sport that i know. is a week to week proposition. based on match ups. >> . there's nothing that carries from one week to the next. all about how you match up with the next team. >> any given sunday. >> there's still hope. >> . all of the yellow characters will mark a huge milestone >> 6 hundred episode of the simpsons airing tonight. it will be a halloween special. >> . in its 28 season. a record for for a scripted sho.
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it's got a lot of surprises. it's really a big cool show. >> . you can watch right here. tree house of horror. airs right after this newscast.
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(thunder crashes) oh, dad, why are you taking us christmas tree shopping on halloween? because in america, everything's way too early. see? (chuckles) ("carol of the bells" playing) (grunts) all: aah! sideshow bob! aah! one of you guys! frank grimes?! who? i'm the guy who hated you. hated you! died from my hatred of you. (laughs) good old grimey. to the point, we are evil geniuses who somehow lost every battle we've had


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