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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  October 18, 2016 1:05am-1:35am MDT

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colorado up in flames tonight. could similarly feel on the way as firefighters tried to gain an upper hand. the community response to popular metro bar shut down by the city. what time did tonight that they say will send a message to city leaders. right place, right time. the family extra thankful for what aurora firefighters found as their home was up in flames. thirty-one denver news at 9:00 p.m.
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as several wildfires burn across colorado from pueblo to bright outside the metro area. you're looking at video from southern colorado work firefighters are working around the clock to contain the duncans fire that is burned more than 11,000 acres and destroyed for structures. this is just west of pueblo 130 homes evacuated there. you see on the map the 550 fire burning in the pike national forest. thirty-seven homes evacuated i 25 acres have burned. we have team coverage tonight from here in the metro get down in pueblo county. dave fraser monitoring the latest wind conditions. first we get at the greg nieto live with the latest information. greg? he gave the sign behind this really says it all, fire danger in stream. once again today word that folks in this community west of pueblo have seen all too often for the
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it's been an emotional day in the wet mountain valley. it was pretty devastating, but we were pretty lucky because friends of ours down the road lost their home. more than 150 evacuated families, the dinkins fire has been mother natures way of seeing fire season is not quite yet out of the woods. we got a call early this morning that was on firebird the duncan fire has contain more 11,000 acres and for structures including one home. the fire started at our neighbors down the robe read the blaze started just on the road from jim and lori davis is summer place. their neighbor, barely able to get out. she said when she woke up in the night she felt her roof was blowing off the winds were probably 18-mile an hour or more. the officials also under investigation, but tonight the davises say at top of metal hay barn is the cause. apparently the wind blew it down it on the ground now and a piece
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pole and i don't know how, but sparked a fire. >> sparked a fire, still zero containment. everybody down here in the beulah valley wants to know the wind forecast for tomorrow. >> already looking better to me. i think that will be the case as we head into tomorrow as well. again, as we look at the wind map we focused in here here is westcliff that we were talking about there's pueblo i 25 u.s. 50, we put them wind speeds on where we can find centers. a lot of places in and around the fire itself, the wind is pretty much laid down tonight. in some places down to even less than that. here's the whole, here's denver note is the wind speeds coming in here just backed off dramatically. to the north and east of denver still some strong wind up towards freely. those of his speeds, these of
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again just to drop off toward the fire which is absolutely great news. he has two other pieces of the puzzle we talk about. a lot of these readings that you see here is about as warm as we're going to be tomorrow. we will need some rain. we have a chance coming in again a couple of cool days ahead. >> of fire burning close to homes and schools and parker. south metro fire says this brush fire near pine grove elementary school was accidentally caused by a landscaping crew this morning.
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no structures were damaged. firefighters caught up to this aurora apartment community after dark roles at several units on firebird that for several families out of these homes. coming up, how are we a multi about special rescue that took place giving. five days since denver officials temporary shutdown called crush by following a deadly shooting there last week. rallying to ashley michaels is at 27th in larimer with the stringy tonight. this find reindeer is the reason were out here tonight. last week denver police department declared this establishment of public music of it could end up seizing the property because of it. of course, there are a lot of people that don't want to see that happen. they are shooting a public service announcement that
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media explaining to the community why coldpressed should stay open. last week fetal shooting is not the first incident to happen here. there was another shooting in june at ten to 14. and the last year denver police have been called to coldpressed with 170 times. the clubs owners to me they want to help stop the violence in this neighborhood, but that closing cold crush is not the answer. there erred thus in this neighborhood all it's not like it's a random occurrence. it's a violent neighborhood still and we're in the midst of that and want to be able to address those issues and of the community that we actually care about the people that come here. >> coming up tonight at 10:00 p.m., we will hear from a sealed live along larimer that say cold crush is provoking the violence in this neighborhood and something needs to change. a backup bomb left off after the police station.
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anze berry of california. over the weekend at chicago's midway airport. court documents reveal a detective knows the backpack outside the station and took it inside. when he opened it to reveal a phone wired to a battery and the suspicious powder that's when he took the device outside and had the area evacuated. authorities were able to connect the purchase of the fund to the denver king supers and identified the surveillance video from the store. you will be brought back to colorado to face charges. registered sex sixes all churches older police say christopher l brock met the 14 -year-old girl to the online app was burke used by people to anonymously vent their problems. they say he picked up if them up at him westminster home and drove her to her zone in boulder where he's actually assaulted her. he was convicted in 2011 a sexual assault child from westminster. rope was asking for the publics help here is a surveillance photo of the suspect inside drop
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investigators believe another person helped with this burglary no word on what exactly they stole. offering at $2,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. at 3-mile stretch of u.s. 34 between loveland and as his park sat down and we'll remain closed through memorial day of next year. crews are repairing a wrote in that area after it was heavily damaged during the 2013 floods. only people who live in the canyon will be allowed i parody can still get to estes park from the north, u.s. 36 from the east or peak to peak highway from the south. >> the presidential election, former democratic candidate bernie sanders appeared at a rally for hillary clinton urging folks to vote for his one-time rival and beat donald trump. all of them have struggled to kind of wipeout discrimination. we can't have a candidate for president he is trying to
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to divide us up and that is not what we can allow to happen. sanders also stopped in boulder this afternoon to support amendment 69 on the members ballot that's an that would establish a statewide health care system. meanwhile one of the republican nominee sons also in colorado today making stops in boulder and at the centennial gun club towing supporters his father is leading an nationwide movement to replace establishment politicians. >> government for the people, by the people, of the people. not anymore. now it's of the elite, by the elite, and for the elite. we had to change that. it's because of people like you
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>> the republican nominee headed to colorado tomorrow for a rally in colorado springs. this just into the newsroom tonight, embassy has parted ways with billy bush. you may remember he was on the tape working for access hollywood with donald trump was making disparaging remarks about women. bush was later seen getting off the bus with donald. it's reported bush will receive $10 million from nbc to part ways after being named co- anchor for the third hour of the today show just a few months ago. donald trump taking he for republicans and democrats alike today. about his claims that the presidential election will be a rates. the republican nominee has not offered evidence for the theory, but has repeated it frequently in recent days both on twitter and on the campaign trail.
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>> it's rigged like you've never seen before. >> as a republican i want to reassure donald trump and all voters across the country that the system is not ragues. meanwhile trumps running mate might pins hit the lord clinton over documents released today by the fbi seem to show a state state department officials attempt to bargain with the agency over how an e-mail regarding benghazi should be classified. >> the fbi confirmed that the state department offered a quid pro quo to the fbi in exchange for their willingness to reclassify documents that we're marked classified on hillary clinton's private server. when fbi employee interviewed about the situation said he felt pressured by the state department official, but the classification of the e-mail was not james. the fbi and the state department both denied any quid pro quo was offered in the exchange. mailed out to date active voters in colorado. to get when you have to be registered with the current address. if you don't get one by october 25, contact your county elections office. the final day to register for and receive a ballot is october 31. you have two options for returning your ballot. if you send it by mail, elections officials recommend 68
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take your election questions and to check out our problem solvers colorado voter guide on and a box 31 news app. there you will find all the information you need on the voter registration, the voting process,gistration, the voting ballots, and guide to ballot proposition. >> three weeks and one day and then the madness is over for now. keeping campaigns and secure. coming up the ones links when colorado man is going to take vandals from going after his political views. coach kubiak on the field today after his team lost last week. what he told box 31 today about what the team needs to do to get back on the winning track. passengers a dia switching out their cell phones. he met them at security to get
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meteorologist dave fraser, the weather word of the day is wind. what that wind is blowing in for james change and the pinpoint
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>> kegan holeshot has more on the deplorable actions being committed in one colorado community and one man's mission to tackle it head-on.
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person. i'm not a friendly individual. there are a few people he likes. he's running for house district 18. and he supports just about everything. he's got a lot of management experience when it comes to donald trump. i like his beautiful wife don't tell my wife that. she's a lovely lady too. that's why this retired marine is willing to do just about anything. put a couple of posts of ground. angie's tip to protect this piece of plastic. it's a board with snails in it. corey is fed up. the sign has been stolen, run over and effaced, first off they tried to throw down the creek. not just once or twice, knocked over four or five times now. i'm hoping to end up down there and the creek. with quarries doing might seem extract. >> almost over-the-top. it's done spray. i can do is pray the stuff.
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already planning his next move. >> it safe to say it's going to be nasty. >> this is a bridge you will likely have to press again. for us down here on the eastern plains and points out, it didn't amount to much, but here in the mountains at the got up towards rocky mountain national park,
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if we checked outside right now it's not it was a pretty shot of the men as the sky forming clear over the mile high city. notice the wind is up of the west ushering in cooler air. look at the speed down to 10 miles per hour. the wind is backing off. you're at 53 in stapleton 55 in commerce city, 48 in englewood. we will match that is you make your way toward centennial and the denver tech center. down to 48 in break so, 4018.
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to some of the higher terrain. you still see the chilly 30s up there. the wins backing up parameter denver. you go out to the south and east, with color coded it. let's focus in on that land. here's our a future guest wind speed numbers. tomorrow morning on the get up and looking much better. winds not as noticeable. here over roll the clock into the afternoon, the blinde will pick up a little stronger but not be as strong as it was today. let's talk about the chance of rain tomorrow. it's not great. leftover snow showers to another most coming to an end. fairly quiet early tomorrow across much of the state. as it bums over the higher terrain it squeezes out a few rain and snow showers. late in the day, some of that moisture trickling not the
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greatly. there is a chance, this could slide into denver. if your eye 70 and night, better chances to see a spotty silver. to get here into the mountains a better chance of snow late in the day. the rest of the state, the southern part of the state stain on the dry side. most nights of little chilly out there about 38 in denver 30s to the north and electrical 20s in the colorado high country. tomorrow here's the big drop off , showing you temperature rents from the 30s to the '90s mountains. here in the east, dropping off nice back to seasonal levels in denver about 65 and some 70s down to the south and east. my forecast is for a chilly 38. musquin, that's the key. tomorrow are only day to get rain it's not a good chance a shower late in the day but a nice cool 65 degrees. after that we drop it down. synjen comes back, but when the upper 50s as we go to wednesday back to the low 60s
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your weekend is dry and the lower 70s do once again return. not the heat, not the 80s, but the lower 70s. but this is standard fare for in october. >> or t these windy events. the problem in the fall as we have a drying. if you add in the hot temperatures we've had in the drawing, it's just bitter, it's critically dry out there. we really need quite frankly we need snow. nice thick blanket of snow. >> the resorts of like that too. still this evening, good news he is back on the job. coach kubiak back in the broncos locker room and on the field. what he has to say and what the team will be focusing on before their monday night game. a big decision, now the big 12 that affects the issue in their willingness to join a big conference. and, what one person did for a man his bike was stolen that was
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>> brought with broncos news, the slumping, i can even get the word out. i'm the slumping looking to get back on after two straight losses. a welcome return today as head coach gary kubiak got back to work great sports director nick griffith was stranded. >> he did return from a complex migraine condition that he
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sleeping. moving forward he says he's going to make more of an effort to get a good nights rest and not under estimate underestimate the value of that. as for practice, they said arresting heiko tana was for the team to make a big scene or production out there about his anything like that having around the coat the bottom line, just good to hear that the head coaches back as for kubiak spilling on his return. >> i felt good. i felt really good. he got too much rest. unfortunately, i didn't want it, but i got it. i feel very good. spent some time going them through some things with some doctors and stuff i'm very encouraged to make me feel really good. all my test came back great. so like i said it's good to be back to work and really missed a few days there it was really tough to watch and be away from it. glad to be back. kubiak is back just in time to go against his former team, broncos next play the texans on monday night. another big football story so
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play the waiting game for a possible shot at the big 12 conference the rams were among rumored to be in the mix to possibly make the jump back to dave reports are that the big 12 is putting their expansion plan on hold altogether. and i think this is all that bad press usually maybe you're too dumb alignment right now that three and four not find the best of the ball so they're not really looking all that appealing, but the new stadium should help maybe getting a winning team together. they've been really good for the past three maybe this works out on the road for them. if the coach figures out a good nights resting, hopefully he'll let the rest of us know. >> exactly. he's not the only one. no doubt about it. some precious pups safe from a raging fire. aurora firefighters killed as heroes tonight after pulling several dogs out of an apartment fire. what the dogs owner take about the pups as just moments after learning at their survival. the faa's decision to ban when
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at the airport for the people affected by that band. >> search box 31 denver on facebook and mike are page.
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within seconds he went up, the whole side of the building. high winds feeling that flames
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afternoon all while some family pets were trapped inside. aurora spokesperson saying the fire was caused by brooks of charcoal that weren't extinguished. we are alerting nobody was hurt, but there was as close call with some family pets. >> very close. firefighters had to go into this building behind me looking for three yorkie dogs. they didn't find those dogs, all three we're cowering in a bathroom downstairs. >> flame brought roars entire fire force. >> firefighters were given extra hotspot attention. it is a windy one out here. it was scary. sanders sought exactly how mother nature can nurture of fire. i looked out the back window and all of a sudden there was flames coming from the third unit within seconds it just went up, the whole side of the building. firefighters say charcoal was dumped into a plastic trashcan after being use this afternoon. the ren reignited the brakes and cause all of this damage.
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units. sanders said she tried to warn people inside and then firefighters arrived. couldn't hear them barking they must have been scared to death. this little puppy was in with its two older brothers was in a downstairs bathroom. they pulled them out and now the dogs are scared but okay. firefighters are glad they could stop the fire from spreading more than it did. probably wouldn't have involve so many units at the wind had him by employing as much as it is. >> one more thing firefighters to a charcoal but should never been put into any type of dispose of hot chocolate it to be in a metal container. fox 31 is. >> the fox 31 problem solvers reminding you tonight about a federal ban on samsung galaxy note seven devices those funds have been discontinued and samsung is recalling all galaxy note seven spread this comes after multiple reports of the batteries exploding and catching on fire samsung says travelers with notes evans will have their phones replaced with galaxy s


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