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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 11AM  FOX  October 19, 2016 11:00am-11:30am MDT

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good to have you with us at 11:00 on this wednesday morning. a lot to get to. first denver police are telling us in armed carjacker on the run this we're learning the suspect pulled a gun on a woman while she was trying to buckle up her child inside a car. happened in the 900 block of south perry a few hours ago. here's what the dispatcher said just moments after getting the 911 call. said male pulled a gun on her as she was putting child in the car, he told her to get the kid, she gave him the keys and he took the car. nobody was hurt in this incident. we know the description of the stolen car that police are
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it's a grey 2013 dodge avenger with license plate number 163qii. if you happen to see this car you are asked to call police immediately. an update on breaking story we first reported on good day this morning. police in arvada investigating this accident 52nd and wadsworth. car in a bike collided 7:00 this morning one person critically hurt. the wreck shutdown northbound lanes for at least half an hour. th 11:00 no word on what caused the accident. getting an update on that four year old who was critically injured in a car accident. police say the child's condition is improving. investigator say the child was standing in between two parked cars and suddenly darted out into the middle of traffic on the 3300 block of north pontiac. a passing car couldn't stop in time. police say they were not
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be under the influence. three suspects are on the loose this morning accused of attacking a couple who tried to be good samaritans. cody schuyler and his fiancee walked back to their car near 10th and broadway around two saturday morning after a date night. they saw three men throw another man through a hotel window. cody tried to help the man the attackers turned on him and his fianc?e. throwing cody to the ground and kicking him. they turned on jackie knocking her out. did see his head get shoved into the saw his black glasses split into i started yelling and when they were kicking him they were laughing over and over and it was so disturbing one of them held me back and the other one hit me in the face as hard as i think he possibly could. then i blacked out. so bad they broke her nose. got a general descriptions in the early 20s between six put two and 6-foot four. police seek to our white the others black.
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about who might be responsible please call police. new information on a massive fire in custer county. southwest of pueblo started early monday morning when high winds blew a metal building into power lines. within the last 48 hours the fire scorched more than 16,000 acres and forced 400 people to leave their home to find temporary shelter. 281 houses are in the fire's path. 0 percent contained continuing to get updates for you we'll post them on our website at new developments today. security officers around the du campus on the lookout for a couple of men who tried to rob three women at gunpoint. happened last night near york and asbury just before midnight. campus police sent out a tweet telling people to stay indoors right after it happened. they sent out the all clear pretty quickly after that. the gun did go off, but no one was hurt.
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limited description not much to go on at this point where pushing to get more details on who they're looking for and let you know if they provide us with more. be on the lookout if you see something that doesn't look right call police. tracking a major story out of the middle east just in the last hour or so iraqi led forces got to a fierce gunbattle with isis fighters. the newest clash between us allied forces trying to drive ices out of iraq's second biggest city. isis has been in control of that city for the past two years. right now, us special forces are working with some 94 thousand iraqi security forces, kurdish allies and small militia groups. the pentagon predicts it will take at least two months to retake the city. lighter news now 11 therefore. this weekend you could help an injured douglas county deputy just by enjoying a three course barbecue lunch and a concert. detective dan brite was shot in
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ago and spent more than a month in the hospital. a fundraiser for brite this sunday includes food, music, and a silent auction. it all kicks off at 1:00 at cherokee ranch in sedalia. tickets are 50 dollars and you can find a link on the douglas county sheriff's office facebook page. starting to feel a little more like winter outside. temperatures and are getting colder many in colorado woke up even to some snow falling in the high country this morning. change in the weather means it's just about time for ski season brand-new this morning we've got new information. a basin officially announced that they will be opening for this year's ski season on friday. jim took a look at the slopes. both mountains or both ski resorts here and it looks ready?
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in the morning over lumbered and low and behold a basin got a couple of inches of snow overnight it is cold enough here now they've been making snow overnight for the past 48 hours. if the the past week temperature right now 22 degrees n that brings us to opening day coming up this friday i'll talk to adrian right now. you are set to go come friday congratulations. you win the race. we did we are stoked to get everyone in colorado beyond back up on the hill. wind run a couple of runs open on friday? friday will first chair starting at 9:00 a.m. intermediate high noon trail will be groom from mid- mountain down to the base area. pricewise opening-day? lift tickets at the window $76 for adults but find discounted tickets online right now at arapahoe start saving my pennies now. best of luck to you come friday take a look at the pictures we have from loveland making snow for the past 48 hours.
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25 degrees when chilled when we were there believe it or not down to 3 degrees at one point in those temperatures remain cold enough to make this bill. they're focusing may tell us on lower sections two main runs home run and mental runs. no word officially from loveland as to when they will be able to open up they told us this morning they still have a little work to do but as of this point as of this wednesday afternoon it is going to be a friday opening for the first runs of the morning here the first chair here at a basin for the season. fox 31. it's always a party on opening-day. it's beautiful out there. looks like a snow globe out there and i speak as typical colorado snow in the mounted mountains and sunshine down here in the city. have you weigh in on that. that is true. hopefully they save me a place on the beach because i absolutely positively will be
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it's beautiful out here clear skies temperatures in the 50s and look over towards the mountains and i see snow caps. clearly getting snow and we watched it fall on radar and live this morning did that colorado. as we roll through the afternoon we'll have trouble warming up. temperatures in the 50s right now and it has been a tough to get to the point in we're not going to war much further only about mid- 50s on the way for this afternoon mid to upper i'll give you the upper half of the 50-degree range and 60s on the way tomorrow. 70s by the time end of the weekend may be near 80 on saturday and sunday but though temperatures will be chilly a freeze watch out tonight tell you what to expect in terms of where this temperatures dip coming up. looking forward to it. thank you. be honest have you ever thrown a little spare change into the trash because you didn't want to deal with putting it away? no. people do that? that's the craziest thing. lots of people dude that toss random pennies and dimes to the
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we're getting the stunning total of the small change that ends up in the landfill across the country. you won't believe it. plus you won't believe this. down to the final presidential debate kicking off tonight. the stakes are high why this last debate may be the most
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how about this a mother in new mexico saw her son had a big appetite since the beginning of the school year he started requesting to lunch is a day. at first josette duran didn't question her son. but one day when she asked her 14 year old about his lunch. he confessed that the second lunch was actually for another little boy who sits alone at
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very sad. very sweet of the young boy. the mother of the young boy eventually found out and tried to pay duran back for the meals but duran refused the money. this hits home to me because a few years ago me and my son were homeless. i was living in my car washington and bathrooms and we didn't have food. heartbreaking. the schools volleyball team even raised money to pay duran back but instead of pocketing the money she used it to pay off all for students at the school. duran says she just wants everyone to be able to eat. you'll never guess how much money americans are wasting a year. a new study shows that americans are losing 62 million dollars a year because referring clients in the trash. don't count me in this.
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a waste management company covanta holding corporation says the coins are usually thrown away accidentally when vacuuming couches or cars. it's not just pennies. the company has found half dollar and dollar coins. sacajawea. remember those? the company estimates they find roughly 25 cents per ton of waste. but they aren't the only company finding loose change the transportation security administration reported finding 675 thousand in spare change left by travelers in 2014. i'm only guilty of during change away when i clean. you clean a lot? it's all relative. deep cleaning where did i find that. find a couple of pennies stick them in your pocket. i'll hear your voice every time i hear find a penny. 11:13 controversies barking in new york this week. don't wear that wristband by the way. the new statute causing fights to break out in the big apple. your weather forecast as we look
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ans were killed by isis. reporter: mass execution of ethiopian christians... mike coffman was the only one that reached out to our community. he went to every ethiopian church. he was there, and he was sharing the sadness that we were actually experiencing at the time. he says what he means, and he does what he says. that means a lot to us and to me. i'm mike coffman, and i approve this message. beautiful shot. not sure where it is. do you? where is that? colorado. somewhere. that's where i want to be wherever that is. all that. welcome back it is 11:15. a big story everybody was talking about today the last and final presidential debate. here's a look at the venue for tonight's big showdown at the unlv campus. in las vegas. clinton and trump's first
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most tweeted debate in us history. but the second matchup dropped off significantly. people i guess were over it. a shrinking audience could raise the stakes for the candidates trying to persuade those undecided voters. clinton will have to answer tough questions about those leaked emails and new allegations of a possible cover up involving the fbi. trump's still contending with sexual misconduct allegations. his fears about widespread voter frau in the last few minutes his campaign manager contradicted him. she told msnbc she does not believe that it's a problem. but see how it all shakes out tonight's debate begins at 7:00 watch it right here on fox 31 we'll be live streaming it on our website if you back your getting ready to vote this could help you out. the denver elections division is now offering a text message system. you can text any question to one of the customer service reps during regular business hours.
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should vote for but help you with the process. here's the number 303-653-9668. text you are message to number. that could come in handy if you're having a technical problem at your polling place. we'll put the number on as well. and a new national poll finds hillary clinton leading donald trump by nine points heading into tonight's third debate. a bloomberg politics poll released this morning shows clinton leading trump 47 percent to trumps 38 percent. nominee has made significant gains in the new poll among demographic groups previously considered the bedrock of the republican nominees base. she is now winning with male voters by two percent and voters without a college degree by four percent. clinton also maintained a large 17 point edge among all women voter in addition to carrying white women by one percentage point. people are now trying to take advantage of donald trump's
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now offering one million dollars to anyone with scandalous audio or video recordings of donald trump. flynt says he is disappointed by trumps abuse allegations he even called him a quote sick puppy and then backed hillary clinton. flynt posted the million dollar offer on his website specifically asking for verifiable footage of donald trump engaging in illegal activity or acting in a sexually demeaning or derogatory manner before the november 8th election occurs. first ever political endorsement. the magazine is endorsing hillary clinton for president of the united states this is the first time in vogue's 124 year history that they have spoken out during an election. the magazine's editor in chief said this election was a turning point. the republican candidate, by contrast, has also received a few media endorsements. most recently the st. joseph news press endorsed the republican candidate saying he
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first it was a naked trump statue showing up on the streets in new york city, but now a nude hillary clinton statue popped up in new york's financial district and people are not happy. i'm fair and balanced when it comes to this i don't want to see either of them. the figure depicts the democratic nominee stomping on her e-mails and being touched by what appeared to be a wall street banker. the statue was removed after sparking fights on the street. looks like a blowup doll. processors found the statue obscene and as she and several others tried to knock it over. those in favor of it quickly began fighting back. there it is. we censored it for you. you're welcome. officers with the counterterrorism unit eventually arrived and reportedly ordered the artist to remove the statue because he did not have a proper permit to have the statue there. some people have no boundaries.
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donald trump a caricature of donald trump. we've been talking this morning about what's going on i feel that for the person who had to sit there on the computer spent half an hour blurring that out. then moving blurring dot that's a lot of work that's not fun. can we transition to mars? i want to get over it. the whole conversation is out of this world. thank you. nice close up. and we've been talking a moeller's all morning long. lander and also a probes into the red planet they went to our vet this morning. this is a simulation what the lander went through as it descended to the surface of mars a harrowing decided we are supposed to know about an hour ago what the state of this did it land correctly did it not land at all? the signals were received from this thing until after the parachutes deployed in the engines should have settled it down it gets close to the ground the hundreds fire and set it
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they never got that signal back we don't know if it crashed to the surface or what we should have the signal. we should have the signal we should have had the signal by now. the orbiter out there doing sand that wanted to get there safely of two in terms of landings they may be zero and eight we don't know quite yet. kind of analyzing extra data that they have it may be will have more by later on this afternoon they had to download something from another orbiter around mars to get more information. definitely a hard thing to do space is hard. transition over to weather keep it easy on earth temperature 54 degrees. wondering about this shot? is this the one. it's 14 had out there a little bit smelly little bit rocky as well call them rocky mountains. we had a long i 25 we have clear skies we can see out there all the way from the mountains cloud cover sitting in the methods producing a little bit and the
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have pumped up above freezing. that is temporary thing we'll get to about 56 degrees oven afternoon high and plummet down below freezing later on tonight. chilly air definitely settling over us. watch temperatures right now and into the evening. right now 54 in denver 55 in keansburg. lower 50s in boulder. a good amount of sunshine through the rest of today will help us get to 56 but this afternoon the clouds will already and will be capped at about 56 degrees. the sliges couple of scattered showers up there along i 25 north of denver snow showers out in the mountains helping level and catch up as we get earlier a basin opening on up for the first day on friday. more natural spell out in the mountains physically along i 70 off to the north. 55 degrees the temperature by 3:00 the clouds peeled and drag us off of the daytime high. by the time the debate is firing up you'll be inside it will be in the upper 40s for denver.
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something. 48 in bennett by about midnight were slipping down in the 30s and you get the picture skies clear out temperatures drop i think future cast on the one side of things. 35 for denver i've got 32 in the forecast a freeze watch out up and down the front range onto the plains i think a lot of us will drop to freezing and some drop to the upper 20s. 50s on the way for the rest of today. than 70 start to go back in. come from the south southwesterly breeze we hit lower 70s on friday. upper 70s expected on saturday. and we stay fairly want to the beginning of next week 79 degrees by monday afternoon. we'll be right back. ? at village inn, a good meal is about more than just how it tastes. it's about how it makes you feel.
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at village inn, the brightest ideas are always the best. like making the best pie in america free... on free pie wednesday. come in and enjoy a free slice of classic fruit or featured pie. and sweetin' up wednesday. ? the hasbro toy maker is no longer just making toys for kids but now they are coming up with companions for the elderly. the toy company is working to create realistic robotic cats and dogs to help bring joy to
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alzheimer's. the animals have realistic furs and due to built in sensors the animals can recognize human touch allowing them to bark back, or purr when touched. workers say they have noticed a positive difference especially in those patients with alzheimer's. pretty cool using the play and know how to do something totally different that helps out. he may only be 5 years old but one little boy is already taking on very big responsibility. should be a crime how cute he is. call him police officer oliver davis. the kansas city boy has been putting on his uniform every morning and patrolling the streets with his radar gun searching for speeding cars. some days they are speeding. today i only found one car speeding. i've got some fake tickets they're kind of funny. they say just gave you a ticket.
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the little officer even has his own kid friendly police motorcycle. this is why he does it. he's been issuing a few speeding tickets. he's charging them a kiss on the cheek. this is so well. catching the attention of real kansas city police officers they've started taking him out in the line of duty to teach them how to be a real cop. i think it was two days ago four year old kid comes to my door in the same police shirt. your getting a ticket sir. i looked at him and i go for what. he goes something very bad. that happened my daughter was there she can attest to it. are you going to jail. i slammed the door on him. kids these days. i'm that guy. the warm-up doesn't happen until tomorrow.
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- a grants and development manager from knoxville, tennessee... a video editor from new york, new york... and our returning champion -- a former realtor from provincetown, massachusetts... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek!


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