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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  October 30, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MDT

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feet set. that ball -- game over if he makes that play. fourth down. three to go. one time-out left. down by one. throws. that's it. davante adams was -- he was open down the field. but not turned around to look for the ball. >> troy: here's jordy nelson initially. he comes outside. davante adams and rodgers, you saw him signal to adams after the play was incomplete. he wanted him to give him something towards the boundary. becomes street ball at this point. fourth down and you're hoping a
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and come off of coverage and he doesn't. credit the atlanta falcons. matt ryan takes him down the field after the packers have taken a six-point lead. he drives them down with a touchdown. does an excellent job. the defense, this young defense that we've talked about that dan quinn is slowly molding into what he wants in an aggressive group. they do their job against one of the league's best in aaron rodgers. big win for the atlanta falcons. >> troy: defense when you give up 32 and score one. if you give up 32 and score 33, everything is a-okay.
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>> thom: take a look at the dominos stat tracker. matt ryan, his 33rd career game-winning drive in the fourth quarter including the post-season. freeman on the ground. had a touchdown and mohamed sanu delivered the goods. they go to 5-3 on the year. they sit game 5 of the world series is coming up from wrigley field in chicago. the indians could close it out. see you next week. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source
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you expected. hurry in and lease the 2017 passat s for just $199 a month. >> curt: it's the day before halloween. today in the nfl, we saw some tricks and plenty of treats. a victory disappeared for both washington and cincinnati. the falcons and packers faced off in a battle of the scariest
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they hoped to turn the lions into pumpkins. speaking of do or die, the grim reaper is in chicago as the cubs try to stave off elimination. >> the cubs are going to get hot. they're going to hit. pitching is going to be on and the w will be flying high. >> curt: the world series is next. but first the o.t. presented by lowe's. from game 5 of the world series. the cubs using jon lester tonight. or else it's wait until next year for the 108th coop consecutive season. special thanks to vince vaughn for helping with the open. his new movie, hack saw ridge, out in theaters november 4th. we'll get you to the indians trying to close out the w0r8d series in a bit. but first a review of the
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great quarterback versus matt ryan. rodgers to jeff janis, a seven-yard touchdown. 32-26 on top of atlanta. with less than a minute to go, it's matt ryan to mohamed sanu, 11-yard touchdown. atlanta 33, green bay 32. chargers at the broncos, philip rivers picked off bradley roby. takes it 49 yards for the touchdown. denver is up 10-7. had a scary moment when defensive coordinator wade phillips had to be carted off on the sidelines after being run over. taken to the hospital. we do not have a report on his condition. 10-7 denver. rivers looking for hunter henry. incomplete. 27-19. denver beat san diego. redskins and the cincinnati bengals in london. fourth quarter, kirk cousins
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versus the zone. cousins, 458 yards passing. two touchdowns, 24-20. washington. we're in overtime. we're tied. 27-all. hopkins. can he win it for the redskins from 34 yards out? no. 27-27. washington and cincinnati. seahawks and the saints, fourth quarter drew brees, quick slant slowdown by cooks. a two-yard touchdown saints. failed on the converse. 22-17. new orleans up with two seconds left, russell wilson's pass incomplete. 25-20. new orleans beat seattle. lions at the houston texans. matthew stafford, brock osweiler going at it. osweiler back. fiedorowicz wide open. six-yard touchdown. houston beats detroit 20-13. arizona at carolina. carson palmer under pressure. remember the last time they
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seven turnovers by this offense. six by palmer. thomas davis takes it back 46 yards. 30 carolina, 20 arizona. patriots at the bills. >> kansas city beat the indianapolis colts 30-14. and then the patriots took on the bills. >> sorry, got carried away. >> terry: t.b., tom brady, not me. set up great pass protection 53-yard man strike. he blew the coverage 14-3. new england up. then in the second quarter, brady back, great protection, mapt coverage. rob gronkowski blew the 53-yard -- with the 53-yard touchdown. new england beat buffalo the. the raiders in this game.
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>> howie: pretty good. >> curt: that's a 41-yard touchdown. they win it in overtime, 30-24 at tampa. and the jets keep cleveland winless on the season. 31-28. today's top performer of the day brought to you by -- derek carr. 513 passing yards. a new franchise record and also four touchdowns, including the game winner in overtime. the top performer of the day brought to you by dodge. domestic, not domesticated. jimmy. that game went down to the last 1:45 before oakland won it. washington and cincinnati finished in a tie. last sunday this was a tie. should the nfl keep this going. a lot of people are saying it's time to get rid of the overtime ties. >> terry: washington and cincinnati desperate for a win. they both feel like they lost right now. the people in london, they saw a competitive game, but really, nobody likes a tie. i really believe the league has
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have a winner. i know we do it in the playoffs. let's do it for the regular season. let's get away with the ties. >> curt: speaking of the raiders. >> michael: derek car, i love the raiders. the raiders are for real. you sit there every week and look at derek carr. you look at crabtree, you look at cooper. both over 100 yards receiving. they get creative on offense. the offensive tackle. this is the type of confidence you haven't felt from the raiders in years. i got to say, howie, for your sake much >> howie: for years. >> michael: for years, i'm happy to see the raiders are back. >> howie: the patriots go to 7-1. edelman, hogan, amendola, blount. i know it's the halfway point of the season, they've got a bye coming up. we're a long way from the playoffs. that's a lot to deal with. >> terry: you try to look at something at the end of the day that's positive. i wondered to myself, why is it that washington, the redskins
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in the last minute against the detroit lions. they lose on the long drive-by matthew stafford. today they miss a 34-yard field goal. this is a good football team. all they need to do is win these close games in the fourth quarter. we saw atlanta do it. win it in the fourth quarter. otherwise, jimmy, your idea about the ties, i agree wholeheartedly. >> toss me a point by the way. >> curt: instituted in 1974. we've had ties in back-to-back weeks for the first time since 1997. maybe they're becoming more frequent the way things are going right now. talk about parity. when we continue, we get to set for game 5 of the world series, still 16:30 minutes away at wrigley field, you also hear from pete rose and a-rod. you never know what those guys have to say. e's worry free 30-day satisfaction guarantee on appliances. so it looks like its out with the old and in with the new, huh cindy? ain't no thing. i don't need no fancy ice dispenser.
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s plans, "a serious threat to the outdoor recreation industry and...thousands of jobs." gail schwartz will defend our public lands and won't put colorado's future up for sale. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> announcer: the o.t. is presented by lowes. of season at wrigley field. will it be the final game of the baseball season? game 5 of the world series. we go outside wrigley where kevin, a-rod, pete and frank are standing by. kevin? all righty curt. we appreciate that. a cool night here in late october. one the cubs hope they can extend this world series to go and play it in cleveland. fans, they're a little nervous tonight. a little different atmosphere
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just outside center field. frank thomas, pete rose, tom verducci, alex rodriguez. >> you've got jon lester on the mound. he's got a tough task ahead, alex. what do expect? >> for the cubs, a dream snare joe. their ace and two-time world champion on the mound. jon lester. for me, in order for him to be successful, he has to work on both sides of the plate. put them curve ball. i expect good things tonight. >> what would help him is someone to light the fire. cleveland is just going to try to get on, steal bases and make this guy throw the ball around the field chld. if he does, they have a chance to beat him. >> they shut them down early. get the energy back into the ballpark ziemt the guy i'm looking at kipnis. he hit the home drive.
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swinging the bat much better. >> that's good news for the p indians. the indians will win the world series for the first time since 1948 or extending the season and going back to iowe. >> tom verducci. didn't see you on the end of the desk. they have done a fantastic job. >> curt: it really has been fun. a fun game of finished here on fox. atlanta won it 33-32. matt ryan three touchdown passes and the victory over the packers. he talked about it with erin andrews afterwards. >> erin: matt ryan just pointed out he's lost his voice. but you snap a two-game losing streak. one you needed badly. green bay goes up by six. you take the team down the field to score. what was the difference this week for you matt? >> you know what, we made the plays at the end of the game when we needed to.
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going to be like this. he's such a great player. luckily, we got the ball last. we were able to make a great play to mohamed sanu. >> erin: thanks so much. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> curt: jimmy, you said in the pregame it was an important game for both of them. >> jimmy: taking the ball and going to sanu and away from jones. the number one receiver in the league. matt ryan spread the ball around, he used other receivers, gabriel for a big touchdown. i think matt ryan was the key to the win today. they've been struggling in the fourth quarter. for them to do that at the end of the game -- >> curt: they've had two crushing losses at the end. they gave up 32 points. worked out in their favor. countdown to the game 5 of the world series continues. bill murray hoping his cubs can keep hope alive, at least one more game as they take on the cleveland indians at the top of
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>> curt: outside wrigley, the crowd has been fascinating, thrilling, exciting for us to watch all week long. tonight is your final game there. can they keep the series going? cleveland will try to close it out and wrap up their first world series since 1948. game 5, first pitch comes your way in just a little bit. right now, to welcome you back to the o.t. presented by lowe's, the panthers over arizona. ending a four-game losing streak and maybe saving their season. despite the fact they got the win, cam newton took a lot of hits in the game and wasn't happy about it afterwards. >> i don't know. it's not fun. it's not fun. it's been really taking the fun out of game for me honestly. it really is. at times i don't even feel safe. and enough is enough. i planned on talking to
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but it's not fun. i don't know what i have to do. i showed a lot of frustration today. i apologize to the referee i was talking to. but i don't think it's a person that can go through what i go through and still keep their head. you know what i'm saying? >> howie: i think cam has a gripe to a certain extent. because of his size. he is a massive quarterback. i think it's the shaq effe they've talked about it in carolina. with the hits in the pocket. certainly, i think the low hits could have been called earlier today. we saw the hit earlier in the season. maybe in week one, i think he got hit in the head, probably should have been flagged and ended up being fined later on. when he takes the ball down and becomes a runner, he loses all the protections afforded it a quarterback. that you can't gripe for. cam's inability to slide or go
5:54 pm
so he's going to get hit more in those situations. i'm not sure specifically what he's talking about. it didn't sound real good. >> michael: the game is not -- they're 2-5. the game is not fun at 2-5. the game is fun when you're winning and you're dabbing and doing all these things. but when you're losing games and your record is not what you expected and the season is not going as you ex poekted it to be, you're not going to have fun. it's not supposed to be fun all the time. that'n i agree with you, howie. in a lot of instances, they were giving him shots that should have been called. when he's a runner, it tapings takes away from some of that. >> curt: nonetheless, they got a big one today. they get the win. they're not -- the team that beat them in the super bowl, denver had what looked like a scary incident on the sideline when their defensive coordinator, wade phillips was
5:55 pm
return. we bring in jay glauzglazer for latest. >> scary situation. got hit on the sideline there. he's in the hospital being checked out for a concussion. the good news for wade phillips, all of his extremities are moving. he's able to talk to personnel as well. they expect him to be released tonight from the hospital. we're going from a coach with a concussion to players with a concussion. alex smith, quarterback for the kansas city chiefs, now, this is where you have a gray area when it earlier today he was hit, taken out of the game but he passed the concussion protocol and entered the game later on. he was hit again later and taken out of the game which he had another concussion. people are now up in arms why was he let back in the game. alex smith did pass the initial concussion protocol. he's back in it. the running backing -- where he was knocked out of the game today. the other running back, he's going to get a second opinion on his knee from dr. james andrews.
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game, the falcons and packers. ty montgomery, we reported earlier today it was a surprise that he was not going to play in in game. the packers and montgomery will announce soon why he was not playing. it was an illness, not an injury. >> curt: thanks, jay. the count doub to game 5 of the world series continues. tfts a rough one for kris bryant in the field. a couple of errors. hasn't been much better after the the plate. 1 for 14 in the series. one hit off the cleveland starter, trevor bauer. chevy's most dependable plays of the day. got off to an early start in london as the redskins and the bengals finished in a thrilling, tie? the stars shined as spectacular plays and big hits ruled today. brought to you by chevrolet. the most dependable play of the day. >> announcer: fox sports thanks you for watching this presentation of the national football league.
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>> less from the start of game five or our coverage of it. cleveland trying to close things out at wrigley field against the chicago cubs.
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>> kevin: all right, we welcome you to the lincoln motor company world series pregame show on fox as we get set for game number five of this world series from wrigley field. a cool october night here in chicago. perfect night for baseball. there is a lot on the line if you're jon lester. send their ace to the hill tonight to try to keep it alive and shift the series back to cleveland. francisco lindor seven milt h multihit games. a couple in this world series. indians one win away from a championship, and the fans at wrigley are a little nervous but they're still loud as we look at our set outside the center field gate aacross from murphy's


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