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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  November 6, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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welcome back. broncos defeated 30-20 in the
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[ inaudible ] to have over hundred 34 run stopping a run as a group effort. a look like to mimic we could tackle better -- do a lot of things better. we were we have to find a way to run the football somehow, someway. obviously, the last two weeks it's been nonexistent. he is doing better. we hope to get him out of the cast and sweet.
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this first series, we went to something that gave us a chance to move the football. we average six-point sometimes -- it all came after a very poor start. >> drama [ inaudible ] they are very athletic. their edges are are what give you a lot of problems from an offensive standpoint. we need to protect those edges and handle it. if you look at it from -- we didn't do -- we've got to do something to help them. some form of success for ball movement. broncos head coach their with
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218 yards rushing for oakland. certainly not a great night. it's going to be a lot of issues for this team moving forward. it changes everything. if you cannot run the football, you cannot play -- it changes the way the field is able to be attacked vertically. it changes everything about your offense. what they did tonight was polite trevor siemian behind the ball. the broncos coming out trying to stretch the field a little bit, trying to keep oakland off-balance. but not able to run the football. but oakland was able to do what they needed to do. reports coming out of oakland that -- suffered a hairline fracture in
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lasher was augustine's a healthy through the second part of the season. this year, we are seeing some issues. this team has to get healthy. it's been a grind, it is for every team. they go to new orleans next week. then, if they can get to the bye week with one more in the left-hand column -- this will be an entirely different looking for quality when i get back. >> if they go to new orleans next week and loose to tap the ballgame -- totally different. >> let's see some video here -- wade phillips of course coaching from the coaches box. raiders offense --
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bonnie miller -- one more look and flow mode -- he gets around the corner quick. >> in the second half, they did a nice job. levine miller started using -- latavius murray -- there he is going over the top for the touchdown. broncos on fence, meanwhile, -- the fifth drive in the game is finally get something going. trevor siemian caps off. started to get a little bit of momentum but then again --
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his second touchdown of the day. raiders rushed the broncos 144-23 in the first half alone. they led 20-10. hears the play by trevor siemian -- he was under a lot of pressure. ended up coughing up the ball. at the end of the day -- he was ran ragged. he also had a late interception of the game.
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by a -- 30-20. raiders over the broncos. kami carmann is standing by, shall be sure to bring this to us. is all about matchup, it's all about moving onto the next game. nothing that you take from the ballgame and oakland tonight, do you appl -- you don't want to commit as many penalties. don't want to turn the ball over. you have to learn to do some things in the ground game. but new orleans has a totally different kind of challenge and skill set. you have to -- every week we are down there. a fact of the matter is, this
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the problem is, you have the raiders a 7-2 and you have the chiefs at 6-2. right now you are in third place in this division. this is the best division in football -- is shaping up to be. they're going to certainly get a rebound -- national football league is on the road. physically, we don't know what kind of condition the broncos will be in. nobody shedding any tears. everyone deals with these kinds of physical challenges. the broncos will have to get that figured out. we will continue to keep an eye down there on the podium and oakland.
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this is not a time when guys jumped to get to the podium. or are hanging around the locker room. this is a night where there is probably some soul-searching. this is only a ten-point game and how much of the game didn't feel like like? it felt like a 15-20-point loss. i would imagine that there is probably a little bit of grinding in the locker room right now, trying to figure things out. this is a guy a lot of people thought -- we saw that in bits and pieces. he had ten carries for just
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[ inaudible ] to bront? booker was outstanding in that game. it really gave him a good first step clearly he is off a little bit here over the last couple weeks. was another situation tonight, where the broncos got far enough down that they couldn't take the time to establish the running game. they ended up throwing the football so many times tonight. in fact, trevor siemian, 18-37 -- two touchdowns and an interception and a fumble. it all starts with the running
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we got to be able to run the football to be able to do the things we want to do offensively. that is what happens when you can't run the ball. we continue to wait for some live game coverage down and oakland. will be right back with more
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developing tonig the cause of death for a former colorado avalanche forward is being investigated -- marek svatos died saturday in lone tree. >> won't replace could only toss it was a medical ball call. >> at lane center matt duchene tweeted about his passing this
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fbi director james comey announces hillary clinton should not face criminal charges related to the bureau's review of her personal e-mail server. >> eleven days before the election, comey told congress that the fbi had discovered e-mails in a separate investigation of anthony weiner. comey claims the newly discovered e-mails could be connected to the investigation of whether clinton mishandled classified information by using a private e-mail server. now in a letter to top republicans -- comey wrote -- based on our review, we have not change our conclusions that we have expressed in july. >> we have seen directors latest director to the hill. we are glad to see that he has confirmed that can collusion that he reached in july doll trump has not yet directly commented on the news. he did say today that clinton is
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>> republican nominee donald trump is campaigning in pennsylvania right now. it is this day today. >> must lie, he ended the day with a late-night stop in denver. drop encourage people to drop off their balance and not mail them. he also talked about recent layoffs in our state and promised change when he is elected president. >> the tru stopped the jobs from leaving america and we will stop the jobs from leaving colorado. >> donald trump mentioned recent job cuts at local companies, saying something needs to be done to keep jobs from leaving the country. >> there are three scenarios in this election. if hillary is elected, is going to be a constant drumbeat of impeachment from day one.
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he's going to be in court for something. >> libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson campaigning this afternoon at the colorado christian university centennial institute. he told supporters -- the cubs won the world series and that means anything is possible. tomorrow -- former vice president al gore will be campaigning for hillary clinton in colorado. he is expected to talk about clean energy and clinton's plan to reduce carbon emissions. if you want to go to either event, you are encouraged to rsvp ahead of time. you have coverage on election night here on fox 31 and on our sister station. our coverage begins at 5:00 p.m.
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if you're mostly interested on colorado's local issues, our sister station colorado zone channel two will focus on those during a special edition from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. >> if you are away from your tv, get results and reaction on both web back and facebook page. salvation army staff members and volunteers will be in good registration for this year's holiday assistance program. the salvation army says that that was in the denver metro area alone. anyone applying for assistance scenes to bring -- a picture id, a 30 day current proof of address, birth certificate or school records for all caps kids in the household. a tough night for the broncos.
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the broncos lost 30-20 in the black hole. the oakland raiders sort of earn their keep tonight. >> they split with the broccoli or go -- they were the fashionable pick to win t season. here they are now -- with just two losses and seven wins. were they ready to perform on the stage? they took care of that pretty emphatically early on. this is a program in a team without a playoff spot in 13 years.
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[ inaudible ] they haven't been this good off-season long. that dominated the football game. the focus of video -- for the most part, derek carr was efficient tonight. drama the bar pops out of his hair,
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is ever take more than two seconds to get rid of the football? it's when you start to get over a few seconds, that's when you start to get sacked. keep hearing -- the running game being trevor siemian best game tonight. a lot of people right now are going to be on the raiders bandwagon.
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we have more coverage coming up on the sunday sports zone. the rockies have a manager -- he were talking about a guy who won the national of the weir your word the rockies always struggle with pitching, so what are they due
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woman: after all donald trump has said and done... she ate like a pig... you can do anything. i moved on her like a b***h! woman: trump's just so disgusting and degrading. he's bragged about assaulting women, and he's the republican nominee for president! and congressman mike coffman said he didn't know if donald trump's a sexual predator. come on. look, we just can't vote for coffman or trump. house majority pac is responsible
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one of the oldest living survivors of pearl harbor just released a book. a 103 -year-old. a special story that we talked to a lot of people about today. >> the first japanese play nice comes flying over me low and
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jim downing was in one of the worst days of us history. 75 years later, downing still shares his story. >> the american people were walled it together as one. my journey through pearl harbor danny puts into words that you look to tell. downing took down personal messages from his friends were wounded and lying in hospital beds. many of his soldiers died and downing shared the words with their family and friends. >> my greatest tear shedding is
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i think of the dead heroes as much as i think of the living heroes. >> people lined up to thank downing for their service. others were there just to shake the hand of a fellow soldier. what's your secret? >> most importantly, they all listened to the 103 -year-old are willing to share. >> keep america strong. in cyberspace, and the skies, on the ground, on the sea and under the sea. weakness invites conversion. keep america strong. x want to get you back to our
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someone is at the podium. >> must listen and -- [ inaudible ] early on, especially. part of that is on me. you can run the ball if you're not on field. standing on the field and getting in a rhythm helps everybody. that something will work on it will get it fixed. [ inaudible ] hats off to oakland, i thought they did a great job. they have a bunch of great players across the board.
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we knew going in -- i'm sure we'll have a few more games like that. it was domination by the oakland raiders. broncos lose -- broncos are sitting in third place right now. behind the raiders and the chiefs.
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