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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  KDVR  November 8, 2016 1:05am-1:35am MST

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>> right now the final countdown votes will be counted for more than 225 years our country has uploaded every four years for a leader who will guide our nation everybody has a responsibility as the countdown continues who will cross the finish line from new york city who transform the republican party over the last two years where the former secretary of state a white
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what will the side as the clock continues to tick for history as of the colorado women breaking down barriers removing promoting diversity in home culture with a simple smile and finding freedom in colorado that they are living in both with nowhere to go not getting a second chance at life from the rocket fox 31 is it nine starts right now we start with our big story tonight the race for the white house is finally within its it live on your screen right now the two candidates of donald trump and hillary clinton and the rallies in the battleground state of north carolina this is in the right hand lane showing as the minutes and seconds and hours of there it is) to the polls closed tomorrow night we start to get results tonight this is where the elect will map stands in tomorrow at this time it'll be it will be mostly filled in and we could know.
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st. george has been closely following the national and local races for the past two years a lot of hours and thus he joins us live with what we'll be deciding tomorrow as the polls officially open exciting as the clock ticks 22 hours away from polls closing we may know who is president event. >> was of the night before the election and both the size is still searching for votes hillary clinton and philadelphia wrapping up her campaign. >> if you believe america tries it when the middle class derives then you have to vote donald trump but and meanwhile in five states today from florida to michigan reminding his voters he has the energy to win we have 28,000 people including the people outside
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colorado of course in the midst of it all we are after political team wife each side needs to win trump has to generate greater enthusiasm and his bases republicans two, i'm going to come and vote for him tomorrow colorado also voting in u.s. senate tale: searching for an upset over miae congressional district morgan carol will be to take the incumbent congressman mike coffman control of the state houses and states and it will be decided to as all as key ballot measures alike should the state takeover health insurance what is minimum wage shouldn't cost more to smoke and other terminally ill coloradans have the right to die among others colorado and the country's direction will change tomorrow we will your
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and regional and national issues and play with to find out 22 hours hard to believe in as the countdown clocks the boat continues one last circuit for the clinton campaign was here al gore speaking at a town hall before heading to jefferson county for another rally even though we haven't seen clinton herself them us was campaign in the last several days so much to talk the white house the winner needs the magic number up to 70 and based on what we see tonight nobody quite there yet the electoral college is based on how many representatives each as state has plans to senators for colorado we have a total of 90 electoral votes are based on what we know right now the blue states are likely to go for click the red states going for trumpet there are still a few states that are times that please apply to ohio with carolina as well and the all-important florida is
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florida she wins it all she could afford to when these three states and pick up colorado and nevada and still win trump is a when trump is a sweep ohio north carolina florida and nevada then he can pull it off tomorrow night will keep a close eye on these battleground states in nevada the most likely path to the white house and new tonight nearly two thirds of colorado voters have already cast their ballots a majority of them are from republicans we are verse 652,000 ballots have been turned in by gop voters 528,000 from unaffiliated voters the department of justice deploying hundreds of election monitors to 28 states for election day day that doesn't including colorado voting rights and laws they can enter polling places without optimizations from local election officials is a result of the 2,016th supreme court ruling key parts of the voting rights act including the federal
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observers inside a polling station the us attorney's office and fbi want you to know they are here for you if you see any irregularities in your boating or at the polling places contact the us attorney's office that number is (303)454-0302 the fbi's number (303)629-7171 they say they will investigate those concerns as soon as they reported. >> we have you covered on election night and online as will cover national and local races and issues all night is the mostly interested in colorado's local issues our sister station colorado zone channel two will focus on those doing a special edition and you can even count on us if you're away from your tv can get resulting reaction on and our facebook page also on election night other news tonight developing now terrance simmons arrested on a long list of charges after
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sheriff's deputy simmons was intoxicated and threatened to harm himself early yesterday morning when they put them in protective custody they say he kicked a deputy in the throat and try to kick to others the deputy had minor injuries and the netherlands last month the 64 -year-old david hansberry of california in court today to hear the charges against him's guide fox over the scene scene as police detonated a weapon of mass destruction outside the city's police headquarters investigators say he left of the device in a before officers found in this post and the safely also happening today rocky allen the men convicted of switching vials of a powerful narcotic in swedish hospital earns his fate the federal judge this afternoon sentenced him to six and a half years in prison on plant guilty to two charges of switching syringes of the note with saline solution prompting a statewide healthcare scare thousands of patients had to
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started and denver clarence moses was convicted of rape and released after 28 years when another man confessed that he is now back in court for that same time he first went to prison in 1987 after the victim testified he dreamt it was her attacker he maintained his innocence and raise the money but police say it was accidentally destroyed a judge overturned his sentence at last year but that the a call for a new trial month later developing right now an investigation into the sudden death of a former colorado avalanche player merrick spotters continues to my country police were called to the home just after midnight on saturday morning he lived there with his wife and two children investigators have not released a cause of death's about as played seven seasons in the nhl most recently in 2010 ?-dash 2011 there's still a story the search for a man wanted for attempted murder after police say he let the vehicle on fire with two females inside authorities say he got into an
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yesterday afternoon in the 1700 block of forest growth they say he do in excel of it on the vehicle started a fire in and took off the victims were taken to the hospital for treatment at another store you need to know about to make the search is on for this man he allegedly took photos of a women scored at a broncos game last month and denver police say it happened near gate 10 around two in the afternoon just before the broncos played the san diego chargers the woman confronted the man who ran away the suspect distinctive prosthetic leg anybody with information as to call metro denver crimestoppers on the tobacco settlement announced between the city of amara and an unarmed black man shot and killed by police last year's michelin's carter was wanted on several charges when police stopped them near 13 to the radio and march 2015 a grand jury decided not to recommend criminal charges against the officer who fired the fatal shot the city says it will pay carter's family $2.6 million is the largest of settlement
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deal the aurora police department is making significant changes in some of its policies i just hope that the policies change that il prevent this from happening to someone else in somebody else's family the changes including requiring all officers to wear body cameras changing the way police shootings are reviewed and increasing citizen oversight and that was a real process. >> cap next%the colorado mom who happens t breaking down barriers and building bridges with a simple smile. >> plus oklahoma on shaky grounds of the new information information out tonight about that powerful quake rattled in the central part of this interstate i would not recommend anybody a problem solvers investigation coloradans warning new tonight about our oil and gas industry and why when something goes wrong protecting public safety has become an uphill battle we have those stories and a
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a denver woman breaking barriers and smashing stereotypes erika gonzalez is spoke with the sea about the snake egg incredibly talented but what struck me the most was what had genuine she was in the summer of 2012 that nowhere a field was just starting to make a name for herself and social media at the away shooting and editing and posting of and all focused on her passion i love the make of transformation you go from nothing to before she know she
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millions of viewers on her beauty tutorial where she didn't hold back from being her quirky muslim self it turns out major makeup brands were watching to dozens of beauty videos later at their received an unexpected e-mail from the global cosmetic brand cover girl we are featuring video our client has asked us to reach out to you before she knew it she was in louisiana shooting a commercial to be part of the brands it newest campaign focused on embracing diversity it was really amazing that for this product that they want us a very angelic and that's not me at all i'm really out there it is the first time cover girl has featured a woman and he job an opportunity of a young mother never even allowed herself to dream up as an security growing up in a world colorado when word came out with working out with their article in a set history making beauty blogger and i was like what
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shoot for the stars i know there are other girls like me struggling and i want them to know that just because there is also so much good and the cover girl is doing this and putting me on this moisture or storms and to come
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off to the east unfortunately that don't does it look to be going anywhere with that means is this mrre sunshine for dry days ahead and a very warm temperatures only thing we saw was a few clouds over the mountains today and that reading this topic in the and 60s statewide and everything on this map is above where we should be denver should be at 56 degrees we cap to 60 for your records were 78 and a cold attendant back in 2,000 outside right now skies are clear 45 but denver international airport dropped off past already down to 39 degrees the winter turning on the south and if he looks out to warmer areas of the southerly wind will transfer that warmer temperatures toward the sensor and should help to hold it up from crashing too much used in the 40a stable 1045 commerce city 46 and the wheat ridge area we look up and down the front range running up by 76 minutes and 30's up there in sterling and up to jules berg or freezing and linemen in the
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first m imparts first years at a future cast pretty uneventful as we say good night to night skies will remain clear tomorrow morning as you wake up on election day nothing but sunshine as the clock was forward to the day may be one or two clouds over the highest mountain peaks rose to make up some cold and 30s in the mountains below freezing i should get to gunnison insulated 28 devon alamosa will be chilly in the south and east with these lower 30s you do have a freeze wat pueblo over and into the southeast corner into early tomorrow and in the highs does it look familiar of showing what we posted today i think it's the same 50s and 60s in the mountains and points west 60s over the eastern plains about everywhere close to or maybe a degree or to warmer two warmer than what we were today it could looking to stay again to drive but you might as well enjoy the sunshine is a very warm 60s which is about 10 degrees above where we should be downtown tomorrow 65 and 66 in
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the south side of town a mix of 50s as you make a way to greenland 60 and the monument the same of larkspur can go to the mid- 60s in highlands ranch and 64m parker my forecast low is 35 degrees it'll be a chilly night but the sunshine wellsprings will spring us to 66 degrees tomorrow were warming up and from there and 70 on wednesday down to 67 a little bit of a slip to 64 then right back to 70 going into the weekend will be at 65 as we get to sunday starting to head in our direction it'll bring us down to 64 degrees once again no rain or snow and site insight things to that big block and i did look out at you guys asked me earlier the 21st of november the latest denver has ever recorded its first new snowfall 18 to 19 that there might be a little bit of a shift up their summer but here's the problem you start to get out to 202122 is ready for everyone wants to live for thanksgiving go pick her up we
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the justness of everybody's right now nothing out the particular 14 days this is cool fox 31 excited to announce a new commitment to the military were calling serving those reserved families and veterans of the people that support them who want to tell their stories on their service the service and bring to light issues partnering with several military organizations and what better way to kick it all off than this week with the better bring days i've been thursday night at 930 we hope you'll join us for news and special were heroes rest we traveled all the way to europe to tell the stories of colorado heroes who never made a home for more including the men of the famous convert trains attempt about the vision that on saturday 4:00 p.m. a special called home and diary that america's veterans putting a name and a face to the millions of men and women who fight for our country as they share their struggle and it finally we like to invite you to join us for denver veteran status of big parade and festival this
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i'll start at 10:00 a.m. the fox 31 team will be there to serve those who serve and we hope you'll be there to i just got word within about the candy. >> we are so excited this is something you're been so passionate about for so long people don't know you dedicated all your off time to help in this cause was so excited we've been all over the water hope you join us thursday night. >> some serious major damage in oklahoma coming up new information out to make about how strong that earthquake was it hit the central part of the state plus the polygraph test of making it harder for people to lie to police the part of the body they are now using to see if you're telling the truth remember janet greene of the first female attorney general and a leader leaders
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know the first woman to serve as a us attorney general day-to-day at her home in miami we know was appointed by bill clinton in 1993 and oversaw the convictions of the oklahoma city bombers her term was book ended by two big controversy is the branch davidian standoff in texas and the forcible removal of young cuban ?migr? elliott gonzalez we no battle parkinson's disease for 20 years of
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investigators announced that they found a third body of an accused killer's property 35 -year-old real estate agent tom pull-up arrested last week after police found a woman chained inside a shipping container when on his farm officers have since found three bodies in shallow graves with the boyfriend who was rescued: could be responsible for at least a seven homicides to information about the you information about the earthquake that hit central oklahoma it was a big when this video at cushing see the quake knocked down the awning bricks and buildings the survey says it was a 5.0 magnitude quake officials say about 50 buildings and all were damaged and a few people to suffer minor injuries a new kind of polygraph test of making it harder for people to lie to police its called the ident tech that instead eye detect instead of tracking perspiration blood pressure gives us a test that test the subject's eyes express as it records my determinations of
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can't catch when a person is as in and is in a position they have to weigh the cognitive load is great into to the point where the person has to make a decision to tell the truth too and like i tell the truth and they finally make that decision so that light at that point people dilates if you know that i'm going to be looking at those peoples of the eye detect is about 85 percent accurate all on its own is about 98 percent accurate when it is used with the traditional polygraph test their something to the skin as you always tell me that you can see something in my eyes they sparkle, right now you're a billionaire there's something to this apparently little did you know you better be careful still to come this evening planning an uphill battle the oven investigation into how often gas companies are inspected and how much there find when something does
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big is wrong plus the metro football team calling foul of
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>> happening right now protesters continued to block construction of the dakota access pipeline within the last few hours while people have arrived as they refuse to live that in the pipeline's path of that land is sacred to a native american tribe and
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have traveled to bismarck refusing to the construction crews continue construction protesters say they will not move into the project is canceled i would not recommend anybody make here residence on the western slopes of speak out about wanting to leave the state because of the oil and gas industry an investigation into how often are inspected how much of there and how much of their find when something goes wrong spills and leaks admissions of leaks admissions of their damaging colorado soil st. george is not protecting public safety is an uphill battle the majesty of colorado mountains of sunset flowing waterfalls the wildlife is why tourists want to be here its way we live here i would not recommend anybody make here but bob arrington says despite all the beauty he regrets his mid to the western slopes i wouldn't live here again on a heartbeat the reason these
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oil and gas industry fueling sites near schools homes at one student adjacent to the fairways and the popular battlement mesa golf course that's one thing about air pollution that is not a is not a single parents in the world that could stop but is not by a change in scenery attracting the attention of the problem solvers. >> it is frustrating much of bob's anger directed at energy company wp ask on this site last year they were busted for not maintaining a proper storm water plant this document obtained by the problem solvers indicate pollutants could've flowed during a could upload during a rainstorm to parachute creek to find $99,711 here's the check they wrote bob's concerned that's nothing for a company with 5.7 billion in assets last year it's not enough to make them change
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includes changing its name from williams production int in 2012 the problem solvers founded no single agency tracking all the violations so we dug deeper months into the databases the colorado oil and gas commission and the epa this is what we found that colorado's public health and environment cut wp x twice for water violations in 2011 finding them $275,000 m this year a little more than 99,000 earlier whaling gas fighting them in 2014 to 30,000 and at a time a record in 2010 for $423,300 in the state's air pollution control division says wp x was cited and 212,532,000 $200 and again in 21347 grand since 2010 wp x reporting 126 spells paying the state a little more than


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