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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  November 10, 2016 1:35am-2:00am MST

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conducted under the cloak of darkness. but these days it's simple. a drug 4 times more powerful than heroin is being purchased online. sometimes legally. with a click of a mouse for 40 dollars or less. >> a game changer. it's very scary. >> called u4770. a research drug developed in the 1970s. as a more potent alternative to morphine. never tested on humans. sold by under ground labs in asia. >> . >> the drug is just now starting to appear in the u.s. in fact it's so new. it's still legal in colorado. >> this is the hot topic. everywhere. >> the problem solvers found ten states that have banned the
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illegal nationwide. manufacturers are often one step ahead. able to alter it just enough to keep it legal. >> they make a more potent form. every time they change it. it's more dangerous. it's hard for the law to keep up. >> in the meantime. people are dying. >> these things are like morphine on staeurds. >> . steroids. >> . he tells the problem solvers u47700 is one of many new synthetics law enforcement is encounters. >> these are so potent. that you have to dilute it. by mixing it in with haeurb heroin or something else. it's too powerful. >> 31 states have reported over dose deaths from u4770. that includes colorado. where two people were killed in boulder county in january. it was a case in utah that thrust the drug into the national spotlight. two, 13 year-olds over dosed. and died after buying the drug from a classmate.
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>> you can't breathe. or don't pwra*et. >> hospitals are very concerned. especially in colorado. a state that already has a big drug problem. >> typically people think about it in terms of the over dose of the user. that's an important function to save a life. we have to now start looking at we maybe saving our partner. >> a new reality striking fear into drug investigators like sergeant. >> we're just at the starting point of something that will get worse. >> sin they synthetic oeup kwros bring drug use from the shadow. into the light.
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if you think it sounds familiar. you have likely heard the name before. but didn't realize. it was found in princes system. one of many drugs found in his system when he died last april. >> . all new tonight. at ut 9:30. a denver marijuana business voluntarily recalling pot. and pot concentrate. because of potentially unsafe pesticide rez deuce. the recall residue. >> . >> . >> the department of environmental health says anyone who bought the products should throw them away. or return them. to the store. >> . >> we pass this. what i understand is broken all records. perrage wise for percentage wise for any marijuana initiative in the history of america. >> . legal weed the big winner. voters in 8 states approved measures to roll back long standing prohibition laws. >> .
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>> colorado. have made recreational use, legal. >> >> as of yesterday. even more states have made mary jane okay. >> california. nevada. massachusetts. passed recreational cannabis. >> michael weaner is a partner with the law firm.
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cannabis industry here in colorado. he says with more states on board. the industry will grow. no pun intended. >> it creates markets. for colorado companies. who are in the cannabis faze to distribute and license the products. >> right now. marijuana has to be grown in the state. that sells it. but products like pipes. can be shipped any where. >> . it creates new markets. products and >> across town. in denver. friends gather. have a libation. and react as well. >> once and if marijuana becomes legal nationally. weaner says. then colorado could become the next napa valley of nug. >> . he has the terminology down. >> . it's legal.
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big changes coming to general motors. >> what one of the worlds largest motor companies is about to do. at a few of their plants.
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>> taking you downtown la. this is right in front of city hall. you can see a sea of what looks like thousands of people gathered for antitrump protests. >> we have seen protests like this over the country tonight. chicago shutting down lake shore drive. if you know that area. also protestors in oak oakland. lots of folks being vocal in their displeasure of the election results last night. big protests all over the country. smaller here in denver. of course we're following these stories as they develop. more coming up at ten. just a few minutes from now. now to a problem solvers
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the bbb warning consumers to watch out for a local charity scam. called care of care. officials say the company hires people to collect and mail out donation packages. but. the packages really contain items purchased with stolen credit cards. and unsuspecting people help smuggle the items out of the country through the mail. the business has a denver address. the bbb says it's not actually located here. >> general motors planning to cut down its work force big time next year. it will suspend the third shift at two in lawrence town ohio. and lansing michigan. >> . because people are buying more suvs and trucks than cars. about two thousand workers will lose their jobs. >> some more trouble for start up company. it was supposed to sell cheaper more efficient alternative to blood tests. walgreens is suing the company saying it breeched a contract. walgreens closed all 40 wellness
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after testing methods were called into question. banned from owning or operating a hrapb lab for two years. >> if you're planning a trip to europe. flights as low as 69 dollars available through tphor wee january air. >> . tphor wee general air. here's the catch. that's only for your trip to europe. you'll have to pay a regular price coming back to the probably two tkpwrapbdz or something. >> two grand or something. >> . >> >> winter is coming. we think. eventually. sometime. >> coming up. the new day colorado ski resorts have given us. when you can expect to hit the
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>> looking at what's trending tonight. when it comes to yesterday's election. some celebrities say they're making good on their promise to leave the country. if donald trump became president. say they want to move. it's australia or canada. she is shipping off to spain. furthest. she's going to outer space. >> . moving to jupiter. >> . some celebrities do want to leave. there's talk about unity fouling the election. >> . following the election.
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>> i congratulated trump. and offered to work with him. on behalf of our country. >> . i hope he will be a successful president. for all americans. >> . we are americans first. patriots first. we all want what's best for this country.
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our responsibility as citizens. is to keep doing our part. to build that better stronger fairer america. we see. and i know you will. >> no dream is too big. no challenge is too great. nothing we want for our future is beyond our >> >> campaign was hard fought for sure. and passions on both sides. there's hope. we can all forge together ahead. >> as americans. certainly the common goal. >> . all right. more bad news. for the those who have been waiting to hit the slopes. two more ski resorts decided to delay opening day. keystone will no longer open friday. at planned.
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might open. for the season. love land still on track to open tomorrow. winter park opening one week from today. copper mountain also delayed will open next friday. along with vail. finally beaver creek is set to open november 23. dave fraser joining us now. the big question. are we going to have anything for thra*pbgs thanksgiving. when the subpoena kicks off. >> . l-atty: it doesn't look it doesn't look like it. i'll show you the weather pattern. with election 2016 behind us. i math for you guy. here's what's left in the year. 15 days until thanksgiving. winter begins in 42 days. 46 days of shopping. before christmas. and we'll end out the year and welcome in 2017. in just a short 53 days. here's that weather pattern. a big dome of high pressure. just look from the rocky mountains to the west. there's nothing coming our way. again. maybe a little something around the 17 or 18.
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days until tha*pbs giving. even then it maybe too little too late. high temperatures today. with 60s and 70s out there. warmest here in the north and east. 60s and a few 50s to the south and east. outside right now. wind out of the southwest. holding us at 48. in downtown. and out at the airport: under clear skies. there's a lot of 40s out there. on the eastern plains even 50 akron. you can see chillier 30s in weld county. from brigs dale. across the rest of the state. southeast colorado. already down into the 30s. look at limon. racing down to 22 degrees. right now. our future cast clear skies. over night tonight. sunny skies through the day tomorrow. not much changes out there. as that big dome keeps us sunny. dry. and warm again. with 50s 60s in the mountains. 60s 70s over the eastern plains. cooler here in the north and east. a few high clouds tonight.
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mountains. tomorrow we'll wake up in the mid 40s. on the way into the mid 60s. with a good deal of sunshine. bus stop forecast. chilly start. 45 degrees. warmer at 65. come back at 10:00. we'll give you the full 7-day forecast. >> . back in the 70s again. >> . here we go again. >> . i want to show you a quick tweet. from the broncos. >> . he's talking. are you supposed to be. >> . if you're going to
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look at me. all right coming up next in sports. what's different about how the broncos are preparing to play the saints on sunday. >> plus how big of a
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>> we have to over come. and obviously you start to panic. and things don't happen. and we have to calm down and do what we do best. and go back to basics. >> basically. we're trying to stay calm. broncos offensive coordinator. a little tough right now. broncos a pedestrian 17 in over all offense. what happened to that once dominant rushing attack. nowhere to be found. hope is they can suddenly find themselves on sunday at new
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at the noisy super-dome. broncos taking practice inside today. you see here. they cranked the piped in fan noise. to try to mimic sunday afternoon. certainly understanding the audible and proper play calling. would be huge to try to kick start the offense. for more on that and also one player specifically that could make a difference in the game. kami carmann has more. >> . >> the broncos are turning the page towards the new orleans saints. offense has a lot of room for improvement. especially in the ground game. and running back bibs says this 69 yard touch down run against the raiders demonstrates why this offense is close. there is no quit. in these players. >>
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new orleans on sunday. it is an early game. and eleven a.m. kick. >> >> all right to the college level. cu buffs have gone from the cellar of the pack 12. suddenly to the tiptop. buffs fresh off another win at home. against ucla. they take the five and one conference record to arizona on sad. a wildcat team that still hasn't won a conference game this year. as for the buffs now on >> we have been trying to be pack 12 champions ever since before the season started. and that was before anyone believed that we could be able to do it. anyone believed that after nine games of the season that we would be top the pack 12. we know everybody day we come out to practice. that's how we are able to not get caught up in the noise. >> all right baseball we go. if you missed it yesterday evening during the election. quietly won a fourth straight gold glove. recognized of course the best
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national league. after that. it was like it almost reminded everyone how crazy it is that he is not up for the national league mvp award. rockies official twitter account in fact. saying. >> more home runs. rbi by a lot. total bases. extra base hits and hash tag there's gold glove defense. all of the nl finalists. good points. he should be up. peyton manning signing. last night spent his election night hanging owl with his daughter. and good buddy at the avs game. why is that news. because it's peyton manning. speaking of sightings. one more for you. we have try to show you. we may have it we may not. in the meantime. >> there we go. >> this is from insta gram. saying just another day on the set. of modern family.
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>> they love him in hollywood. who doesn't. >> ? mccray: diamond and i were high school sweethearts and everything started out great. but recently she's been very controlling and verbally abusive and she just can't stop talking to her exes. adams: before me and raheem were intimate, we were real close friends. when we got together, we unleashed some unknown secrets, some unknown feelings. we have two kids and we've been together seven years and he's still playing games. mccray: we recently had been talking about getting married and, i do love her, but if things don't change, i don't see a wedding happening. catalano: "divorce court" is now in session. judge lynn: good day, ladies and gentlemen. i'm here with diamond adams and raheem mccray. the two of you have been together for seven years. you have two children together and you still can't decide whether or not you should marry, so you've come to me. you've filled out my compatibility test and given me your license with permission to tear it up should i think your union is ill-advised.


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