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we are coming to outside foreign tell me. final resting place for more than 4400 american heroes many of these markers monuments two guys from our state the next half-hour we are taking you on a journey to places where heroes are laid to rest soldiers killed during world war i forgotten fields. many of the markers tell stories of guys from colorado who had a unique a unique in pivotal ball world and world war ii. long after the sun set on these young lives there legacy remains right here with their physical remains in turn forever and foreign land. the denver-based cherries voted
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educating young people about their sacrifice we visited a us cemeteries throughout europe each of permanent resting place for colorado heroes. near boys and on that thousand kills during world war ii they buried in places like mark run the netherlands. and in the tiny country of luxembourg. and here in central italy. this bursting fan of honor has special meeting the woman from wheat ridge colorado because a man she never even met. my mom is only two months old. melanie loveland's grandfather richard johnson of wells county was killed and buried at 22 years old nearly 9,000 miles from his colorado home i think about my grandmother who was
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that is incredible to me that she went through all that. and still survived it was tough. her grandfather especially tough because they train for war in the harshest winter conditions back home in colorado. mountain division. we took 3,000 change gears another 5,000 volunteers. help to fight in years right to a bunch of skiers was the east coast college kids and shipped them off to train for mountain warfare and airplanes called
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the high mountain valley about 9600 feet in altitude close to colorado which is the highest out to the city in the us the most many expensive military camp built during world war ii and it encompasses what is now the ski cooper ski area copper mountain was part of it and backs up to now what is the video ski area a tough play to exist. because of the winter when you told is 40 below zero. the man of the tenth on division with the us forces to ever train for this kind of mountain warfare they got a lot of attention for it. they we're really glamorized in the media pictures we're taken on magazines to show you could be doing this to. you could be skein join the army
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germans in the winter of 1945 their skill and training work defeated the nazis in a series of devastating attacks the help bring about the end of the war and italy. the victory came at a tremendous cost. although there only in italy for five months are so they had some of the highest casualty rat any division. unfortunately we lost a dozen soldiers over there number four dozen guys we're wounded over 5000 15,000 5,015,000 me take over we're killed. not far from why those young soldiers fell still find the amount of the mountain division. the foreign cemetery is where they brought all their casualties. 355 soldiers buried. about one third of the soldiers
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the memory of those colorado train soldiers buried here in italy and kept alive by groups of the liquid-based tenth mountain division foundation. the third of our guys did over there with buddies they thought. we make a point every year to place flowers and finds. they are tours many of them from colorado travel halfway around the world people like carol and richly colorado we met in florence. is very inspiring very emotional. i'm glad to see such a beautiful resting place for our troops. what will letter way to preserve their story. to have one of their brothers tell every chance they get guys like 93 old richard of golden
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in the memories of his time spent in the tenth mountain division. one word pride all the accomplishments one into one thing called pride. still give speeches about his time i wore for two reasons to preserve the legacy of the mountain troops. to honor those fellows who didn't come back. they would want us to tell a a story and tell it well. there legacy is also perfect effort preserved deep in the storage room home to thousands of artifacts commonly housed in the tenth on division resource center they have a database on every man who served and intent including it turns out my own grandfather. charles carnot was assigned to company b my grandpa chuck are
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years old when he went to italy to serve with them on division i never knew this intel now but kelly smith tells me monday april 1945 what driving his commanding officer. area covered officer .-period area covered by heavy sniper and artillery fire my grandpa was wounded. even though she was severely injured he refused to go to get checked out by the medics what he needed to do to commanding officer until finally his co looked at him and said go get checked out. home from world war ii. i wasn't fighting for my life that's for sure. melanie loveland doesn't have memories of her grandpa all she
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never stopped fighting. she does have one other thing. an old record richard johnson made for his young bride back home in colorado. melanie will never meet him but to hear his voice is enough. now she just wishes he could hear her voice. i could tell one thing is can a make me cry. i'm proud to be his granddaughter. i i know my mom was proud of him to. if i i could ask you one thing i think i just won know about him as a person a person because i never got that chance. she did get the chance to see
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and stone and italy for her grandfather was once laid to rest alongside so many other heroes with so many times to colorado. just a real honor to be there. they also made the ultimate sacrifice. trained on mountains of colorado to fight a war half a world away and pay with their lives. when we come back to the challenges cemetery on the shores of the mediterranean sea for the nearly a hundred euros
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which route is turning america cemetery all over europe we're servicemembers by the thousands we're laid to rest after world war ii including so many from colorado. finally is how it feels to capital mile beach and french of
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help turn the tide of world war ii. along the countryside for nearly 8000 american heroes 8,000 american heroes forever wet. there and netherlands. 8300 8300 monuments one marble cross it out to us that there is the name of a denver heroes whose legacy is still felt in colorado even to this day. this is someone that proud of as someone who's part of our collective story. it grew up here went to east high school join the fight in world war i that he joined up again and world war ii even earned the rank of major general and the reputation of someone who always lead the charge. the division was been nicknamed spearhead because there at the front of so many of the advances from africa to europe this up and comers court victory after
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third armored division he eventually became the highest rating twos officer to serve during world war ii. with wendell what eisenhower here he is president truman. a real soldier soldier soon began in other place in the history books as a highest ranking officer killed in the battlefield. in the closing days of world war ii in his troops we're surprised by german tanks that came out of the forest and cut them off. the jeep was rammed by a tank. general rose went for his weapon either to throw down and surrender or to keep fighting. one of the german tank crew shot him. shot him not ones are twice but 14 times the death of a general it was front-page news. it was a great lost general eisenhower sent condolences to
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young family was devastated as a whole town was. our community came up with the way to honor general the roads. at that time they we're building a new hospital at the eastside of denver and they decided to name after him perko's mother participated in the groundbreaking summit general eisenhower came out to lead artist on. and never known the real story. don't know this traffic legacy behind us. it's named for. a denver man who gave his life for his country and his name now graces the building where 4000 new lives come into the world every year he may be buried thousands of miles from home. but they heroes rest in europe still makes temper proud every
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lines for only 160, with no surprise overages.
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on jeremy hubbard we made our way to vatican city the famous st. peter's square where some 7,000,000 tourists visit every year many of them from colorado yet you know there a few miles away from here outside the tourist attractions of rome another spot equally worthy of the attention.
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on the south of rome of muddy train see made that thousands of marble crosses the names of nearly 100 men from colorado are carved in stone. there is one man among them his presence is still strongly felt 71 71 years and thousands of miles away. way back here in the western folk town of montrose. dreamed about him leave a maybe 93 years older the memory of his brother hasn't faded a bit. charles went to work on a that the b25. in 1945 when he was shot down.
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got that telegram with the bad news. got out of the plane. and parachuted down. but the plane of coarse was hit and exploded charles was rescued by italian villagers kept alive until he could be taken to a hospital somehow managed to keep fighting for his life when everyone else board was killed how did he make it out. after all these years i was still asking that question. suddenly i thought intervention. angels do strange things. this five days later when charles finally succumbed to his injuries only brother was gone. she remembers how sad the family was. the hard was for my mother and my dad whenever they would talk about him my dad would just tear
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he never came back home to colorado a a situation to be buried here hear his military but is not far from where he died today he is nearly 8000 americans world war ii college reduce buried in the american cemetery. a picturesque setting has never seen an person and fact this is the very first video she's ever seen of the spot where her brother was laid to rest seven decades ago. at 93 she will never that far away spot where charles is forever and tired. she doesn't have to go there are fitted picture and on faded her only brother. who fought and died a world away from western colorado and like the thousands who rest beside it and is quite often forgotten graveyard he did it so willingly. of foreign field where break colorado men are buried in the shadow of the most famous
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their grades are really ever visited by those who do and love him our journey takes is to france meet the woman who's made it her life mission to tell the story of those very far from
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in southern france of the road america may cemetery memorial more than 70 years ago these guys died fighting world war ii the mmc to them are buried here on another 300 her missing in action.
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there still one person who cares. allison is bracing against the class to find out everything she can about every one of them. more than 200,000 heroes rest. these are really special to me because their parents didn't know what happened to them i put their self on the place of their mom. no one does each cross carries this phrase.
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more than 70 years ago the places where here is sleep colorado troops buried in the battlefields where they died all over the world each stone monument a reminder of the men sacrifice. i'm jeremy reporting from
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and demonstrators have stopped they have saved here but i stopped and rtv bus point industries the protest has been mostly peaceful here now getting of that i 25. ms. is a scene at the scene at that time the producers move through downtown protest. like down tromp thanks for joining us i'm mike barnes. bargaining go now to michael live in downtown denver where another protest has popped up. right now one the northbound lanes of i 25 go ahead and take a look protesters have kimberly be taken over the northbound lanes of i 25 this is near mile


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