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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 9P  FOX  November 12, 2016 9:00pm-9:30pm MST

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ohio state hasn't loss no has a loss, louisville has a loss. coach >> joel: coach peterss going to bring them back into the mix. michigan still in a bit of a dogfight. >> gus: and that should do it. the usc trojans when it 26-13. and for the record, pat hayden was right. clay helton is the coach of usc! >> joel: as complete a win as the usc has had in the number of years. >> gus: lane kiffin, steve sarkisian, none of those guys 16 straight games. downstairs is shannon spake.
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have worn a path in the turf over there pacing back and forth. i see you shaking your head, what is undermined? >> college football not the greatest thing in the free world? unbelievable, pretty great atmosphere, what a great game between these two teams. >> shannon: you told sam darnold was a cool customer, how did he surprise you tonight? >> his maturity each and every game keeps growing. with himself and offensive line and defensive line putting pressure on the great quarterback we werab a great victory up there. >> shannon: you have won six straight, including one against the fourth-ranked team, what should the headline say tomorrow? >> this was a team that those players won this game and i'm very proud of them. >> shannon: thank you so much, coach. because thank you. >> gus: led by their redshirt freshman quarterback, swaggy d, sam darnold, usc bounce off the
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>> gus: welcome back.
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sponsored by coca-cola. the usc trojans defeat the washington huskies, the fourth-ranked team in the nation, 26-13, handing washington their first loss of the season. gus johnson along with joel klatt, six straight games now for sc, but they did it in every facet of the game tonight. >> joel: listen, i was so impressed with what i saw out of usc, because, like you said, every facet was able to answer the bell. this is the most balanced team that i have seen coming into this game, speaking of washington, so they had to play great everywhere and they did. the defensive line, i thought, was going to be the most thin spot of the team coming into the air. stevie tu'ikolovatu comes in as a transfer and solidifies the defensive front. clancy pendergast puts a great scheme, and adoree jackson goes out and gets a couple of interceptions. this team is a really good
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the west coast right now. if they get into that pac-12 championship game they will make some noise. >> gus: but i think the key for usc, which turned around their season, you know we have seen carson palmer. we have seen matt leinart. at some great ones have played the position of quarterback at sc. they went with the redshirt freshman, and he is certainly delivering. >> joel: i tell you what, he has changed the mindset. you call him swagger, i think he has changed the swagger of the entire team, because believe in themselves, not just offense away, but the entire defense of side as well. the defense plays harder when they know that the offense is going to answer the bell and vice versa, that is what you are seeing. a lot of credit to clay helton. this guy has done a remarkable job. everybody, including me, thought that he might not be the guy for the job at the time he got it. he has proved all of us wrong. this guy is an exceptional head coach. >> gus: all right, so sc with a traditional win tonight.
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washington question mike we will answer that momentarily, let's go downstairs to shannon spake. >> shannon: down here with sam darnold. adoree jackson. lets her with you, sam. you said coming into this game this would be her biggest learning curve, this environment. what did you learn? >> it was similar to the, it was a great learning experience. i threw an interception, had a couple of plays that i wish i could have back, but i thought our whole team did a great job in this environment, especially. and it really is how well we practiced this last week. we made a couple big plays and we were able to pull it out. >> shannon: how many times did you let yourself look around and take in the atmosphere? >> a couple of times, you want to remember these moments because they don't come that often. when you do you want to take it all in, look around and enjoy the moment. >> shannon: let's go over here to adoree jackson. first i will ask you about the big matchup with john ross, you did let one get away, what did
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one? >> they came to me and rallied me. i knew i made a mistake, i slipped and fell, and with guys like that they will capitalize. a credit to him. but my teammates basically do the pickup for me. they tell me not to be too serious, put a smile on her face, do this. because they know every day i am out there with a smile on my face and staying positive. so it is great by them. we know there are going to be ups and downs in the game, you just to h downs, i'm a db so you have to have short-term memory, so i'm thankful for that. >> shannon: where you guys started the season and the win tonight, why is it so important? >> just a testament to how you start in how you finish. we know things weren't going the way they wanted to be, but we have faith in ourselves, that is our motto. faith, family, football. you have to have faith and family, football comes last. it started clicking and i am thankful for that. >> shannon: congratulations. >> thank you.
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where to the huskies go from here? >> joel: they have a lot to play for. remember this is just one loss. we are seeing chaos around college football, clemson lost today. you don't know about michigan and iowa right now. gus, they could still find themselves in the play off with a one loss and a conference you have a gym. >> gus: 26-13 the final, essie makes it six in a row, handing washington their first loss of the season. next saturday, washington huskies again as they host arizona state at 7:00 p.m. eastern on fox. that wraps it up from the emerald city. for joel klatt and shannon spake, i'm gus johnson saying so
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imagine where it will take you. politicians come and go but the service of our veterans is an unbroken chain. >> serving those who serve. this veterans day weekend, we remember the brave. >> we can never serve them in quite the same way they survive. but we can try. >> in the home of the free were many give the ultimate sacrifice to defend our way of life. >> i served but the ones that gave everything are the heroes. >> are the lives of those we have lost will remember today in denver. >> having people come together and sing the support for military really helps. >> and how the loved ones they leave behind our making sure their stories never die.
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we will have more on today's veterans day celebrations in just a moment. >> i'm tammy vigil. first went to get to a death investigation endeavor right now where police say a woman found burned to death last sunday night. >> you can see the memorial set up behind me. behind that -- is where the flames shooting so high they reach the cables on the building next to her. the fire department showed up -- they found a bottle inside that can't. it was 25 -year-old alisha ulibarri. they believe she was murdered. >> tonight wearing were memory shirts with the her picture, her family held a candlelight vigil where the 25 goal was found dead. as they released balloons to
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family says according to witnesses, alisha was are going with a woman before neighbors heard and it loud explosion and the sauce large flames in the backyard. her mother says after talking to witnesses, she believed her daughter was dosed in lighter fluid before being set on fire and left to die. >> she wants justice for her daughter. >> she believed there was good and everybody in this world. i don't believe this was an accident. no way. >> denver police saying as of right now, the staff is being investigated. they are waiting for further test to determine the exact cause of her death. family says it will not stop until they find who murdered her daughter. >> i can imagine what that families going through.
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county is being charged with homicide after authorities say he accidentally shot and killed his friend. that's a happened around 1:30 a.m. this morning inside a home in the town of lasalle. the victim was a 23 -year-old man. the name has not yet been released. >> meanwhile, colorado state patrol is hoping you can help track down the driver of a hit and run crash last night sna 53 -year-old woman to the hospital. police tell us they are looking for a male driver, behind the wheel of a 2,009 black or gray most likely was damaged to the front end, hood and windshield. if you have any information, call c-s-p at 303-239-4501. >> and denver police investigating a triple shooting last night near martin luther king boulevard. none of the injuries are life-threatening. we have calls in to the department for suspect information and haven't heard back. so far no one has been arrested. >> a mixed day of sadness and joy in downtown denver.
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celebrate colorado's veterans. both those made the ultimate sacrifice in those who were wearing the uniform today. the colorado on her bill, tolling for those who have given all. there is nothing more difficult than meeting with families of the fallen. >> my in april of 2,003. >> i served but the ones that gave everything, they are the heroes. >> a parade to honor those heroes. and all who have served. hundreds line denver streets around civic center park. >> it's just good that people celebrate this and recognize us. >> we talk to veterans from over 70 years of war and they say
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important than ever that we remember veterans. >> he was a teenage private in world war ii. when he was captured and forced to march 65 miles during the bataan death march. >> many of his friends and family died during that death march. >> he managed to escape and had a long military career. but not all veterans have always been honored. >> we were spit on and called every name you can think of. >> hopefully we've come a long way since vietnam. as colorado honors those who observed, will serve in the future. dave young, fox 31. >> meanwhile our new president-elect getting some overwhelming support from us veterans right now. with a number of exit polls showing 61 percent of the veterans in our country voted for donald trump. >> i just like the guy -- you got to have faith in somebody. >> i think the country will heal, we always will come back together. >> i believe he will be a great
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>> while many refuse to say whether or not they voted for donald trump, they all agree it's their duty to support him. they also hope he will be able to unify the country. >> it seems the process of many relationships is underway this week in between president-elect from any number of politicians who have blasted him over the month. the calls are coming in for people like governor john kasich and former governors mitt romney and jeb bush. all congratulating the billionaire businessman on his win. as we have seen in the day since election, not everyone is on board with the gop nominee's one. >> from coast to coast and even right here in colorado, we have been watching numerous anti- trump protests of all this week. in some cases, turning violet. in portland, police had to use flash bang grenades to disperse the crowds after they say people through burning objects at them. when men were shot but he is expected to be okay. los angeles police arrested
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but have not provided details on numbers or charges. in a in atlanta, an american flag was born near the georgia state capital. in miami, protesters walked along interstate 95, forcing four lanes of traffic to come to a standstill. >> howard clinton has not commented publicly on the protests but in a conference call to her campaign volunteers, told her supporters the past few days have been "very very tough". journal it's a tough time we have seen how people have been reacting to the events of this election and i know that we need to be reaching out to each other to keep it clear in our own minds that what we did was so important. >> the clinton aide says the former nominee has received a lot of mail in the past few
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gathered outside the 15 story trump tower in new york. >> the broncos blinked last weekend in oakland and went from first to third in the division. >> now there is a sense of urgency as they had to new orleans. >> new orleans, louisiana. the superdome situs of tomorrow's the same thing and broncos game. they haven't played here since way back in 2004. in which the broncos one. the saints were the laughingstock of the entire nfl. >> times have changed -- nowadays they have one of the most productive and exciting offenses in the league.
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one of the finest players i've ever seen. drew can throw the ball with his eyes closed. there's a reason -- is not a weak link in my defense. for us, no matter where we are the season, bottom line -- this is a huge chance. this is the best game will play. in louisiana, nick griffith. we've been talking a lot about the anti- trump protests across the country but a different type of protest was taking place in downtown steamboat today. >> the topics that matter -- we need more snow and less hate in this world.
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>> shannon lukens from steamboa sent us this video. these guys say they are protesting what's really important -- warm weather. they want some snow. check out their signs. it is november 12 which means turkey time is just from the corner. >> as the denver rescue mission continues collecting birds for those in need, they also took the time to team up with a local high school today for another car. >> more local students protesting. the controversial dakota access pipeline -- what they hope to gain from tonight's demonstrations.
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we have one of the bigger cool downs we have seen so far this season in sight. we will let you know when it
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thanksgiving is less than two weeks away. can you believe it? today's students from ponderosa high school and parker helped the denver rescue mission packs a very important meals. they tweeted out this picture. the honor society students packed more than 2500 thanksgiving food boxes. >> the fox 31 problem solvers
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our own dan duru helped lead the parade while fox 31 so jeremy hubbard was the emcee of the event. the parade kicked off this morning at ten and ended with a festival in civic center park. the fun continues tomorrow with a five k and ten k memorial run starting at 8:00 a.m. >> it was perfect weather today. >> the fox 31 team had a bit of a time to spare this morning, waiting for to begin. so we put our time to good use. the photos are of us was manned by the denver fire department. they challenge us to participate in the manic and challenge. if you haven't heard of it does it's a social media craze that has been sweeping the online world where you stand motionless like a mannequin. i'd say we nailed it. although i still can't figure out why joe st. george was
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[laughter] and audible and audible and audible and audible they want the mountain snow. that actually may happen once we get through the latter stages of this week. it's been beautiful everywhere across the country. this is since the beginning of october -- we have taken a look back through the six or so weeks.
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below 60 degrees. we even had nine days above 80 degrees. today was the 23rd straight day. we have broken a number of record highs within the last month and a half. we are- temperatures are mild. 48 degrees downtown out. you could see wind gusts tonight
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it was hard to find a cloud in the sky today. we have starry skies across the board. if you look across the line -- there really isn't a ton of unsettling whether that is coming along with it. we will take you through the next 24 hours -- may be an isolated snow shower in the mountains. that is about it. otherwise, we had a high of 71 today.


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