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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  November 15, 2016 1:35am-2:00am MST

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>> we do a lot of work and we do a lot of installations. >> we got in place for the least way for your customers think he took their money and into the work as promised. >> that's not correct at all. >> exactly right. according to a lawsuit filed against him by the colorado attorney general's office, there are more than 60 customers who say they were cheated. the suit alleges he's made at least $67,000 by deceiving deposit payments for substandard products and nonexistent services and we asked him about that. >> are these called the great grade carpet you selling home. >> whatever they order is exactly what they get. >> but the lawsuit alleges he attempts to install carpet that is used, deteriorated or lesser value like that mom who says she ordered state guard carpet for
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of nothing on that way. i remember her because you call me and she said the carpet was in the riced out. and i remember it totally was alex answer questions for close to eight minutes but i've got ago. >> funny he should say that because a month before we met them, the office filed a motion asking a judge to order him to stop doing business. >> for now his next appointment is in court. >> we talked even more of us customers who say they are felling cases against him in small claims court. we will be sure to follow. >> prices at the pump falling even lower. gas prices and average retail prices are down more than 3 cents to an average of 209 a gallon. the national average drop ellis 5 cents to 215 a gallon. experts or arty saying what impact the trump a
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few weeks gas prices will loose move lower based on market prices. cut off from civilization? discussion distraction discovered in his own after a
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member wants to become the nation's leader when it comes to sustainability. we have a long way to go especially when it comes to recycling. >> the mile high city's parks system is one of many users is considered a priority for divers 2020 sustainability goals. >> reality is a the same really is a journey and we don't see 2020 as the only destination, we see it as a coming in valuate where you are you are where we are and where we need to get stronger. >> the colorado public interest research group or copirg says you have to look no further than alleys like this to see them or has one of the worst rousseff we rates among similar cities. at only 18 percent. >> but copirg says denver has a
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buildings are people have no option to recycle only trash dumpsters to so things away in back's colorado public interest research group that's one major reason why we have really poor recycling is we are not really making it easy to do the right thing. >> denver solid waste management said well it is accurate that we are below the rest of the country who we are mepham we are deftly making process. >> you have to nurture it and building is the foundation >> their ideas will help them are sustained parks and open space, use of water resources and reduce the city's carbon footprint. >> interesting take away. if you create a great city for an eight -year-old and for an 80 -year-old, you will create a successful city for everyone. but they admit we still have a lot of challenges like our population explosion.
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>> coming up the winter weather lovers looking for mother nature to give them a break. >> i'm dave fraser. temperatures going to be out record levels throughout the o'shea and how warm is going to be and have busstop temperatures
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we're going to warm numbers up tomorrow. fifty-seven and 58 at the airport. you can see in the green shades 60m boulder right now. lower 40s, chile '30s and then i caught up in
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colder 30 started to take over the mount locations. tomorrow i little bit of a wave clouds rolling in. that comes over the mouse and curled slightly over the front range. more cloud starting to move into the west. a lot of these numbers will be pushing toward record levels. here is was quite look like. the events of a few clouds it we should talk at 77 degrees tomorrow afternoon. not bad. it will be a we're whimpered drive to or from work should not
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again the record high for tomorrow is 78 from 1942 i'm going with 77. i will show you a 10:00 the seven-day forecast our best chance to see some rain and snow here in denver. >> colorado on the hardwood tonight and du number one on eyes. coming up in sports. >> we compare and contrast
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how unusual was the broncos game-winning play yesterday. if the first time that a game has been one what a return role of a block point after. it's not like the broncos have a had share of weirdness over the years. crazy finishes that never really leave us to especially that little nudge. how about the comeback a year later peyton manning rallied the broncos from 24 to nothing down at the have. internet being the
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they're all fun to be a part of. >> that was a crazy way to finish the game. >> i've never had in any like that. we have to go back to my rookie season with ten tivo and paid coming back. receiving those make them the acquittal about 35th in the country on the hardwood but their hands full tonight with seattle university. that's the same saddle where guns and roses bases went to school. pretty sure he didn't who but he might have been pleased with those who did. jack boyle wasn't too
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on there were leading by as many as eight points. kept waiting for cu to get in gear. there are tied at the half. three of 18 from three but the open the second on a 14th two run. never really shook deposition from the pacific northwest. they host louisiana lafayette on thursday notre dame and texas or northwestern. do you back but the pioneers looking for their a national title the first one since 2005. their back on the home icing squeaking for two against the miami of ohio. having stated stephen any surgery is that an accurate
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worse. call rapids tim howard suffered the injury in last week's qualify for the national team against mexico. i can't imagine the staff and team not too pleased with the tiny. the ready to play in the semifinals later this month. what could possibly go wrong? that has to s about it no doubt about it. >> to think he won the alumni of the year were? >> i think he probably did.
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jovon: i'm here because i'm trying to get my marriage back on the right track, the way it used to be. sheanettea: we have a lot of trust issues in our marriage and i'm known for being promiscuous, but i'm changing my life around and i really want him to start trusting me. jovon: sheanettea says she's going to change, that she is not going to cheat anymore but i'm not so sure. sheanettea: he has to put in more effort, you know, a marriage is not one way. a marriage is two ways. jovon: if sheanettea doesn't change after 10 years of marriage, i'm going to have to get a divorce. catalano: "divorce court" is now in session. judge lynn: good day, ladies and gentlemen. i'm here with sheanettea rice and jovon rice. the two of you have been married for 10 years. you are having difficulties in your marriage,


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