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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  November 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm MST

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on i 25 right now counties now is slowing down the evening commute ask is turned to stick to the roads. some crashes around the metro area and in the high country take it slow going home or wherever you're going. keeping the dog very busy. joining us live on with the latest on the situation. we know you're busy appreciate your time tell us far as the worst right now? certainly the high country is difficult area for us we been able to reopen i 70 between a morrison and they'll do to a number of different crashes. in the metro area we actually started seen new products this year we started putting down anti-icing salt grinds basically a salt mix with water.
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accumulation and we are seeing the results of that as it state off the roads for a little while now it will start accumulating later tonight. i saw snow stacking up. clouds are headed that way this evening. we have fold appointment. 80 pounds throughout the metro area 40 plus up in the high country newbie i 70 mount quarter obviously you go for their north another flurry out were out foley tonight probably was stated that it outweighs in the metro area through rush hour tomorrow morning. we really appreciate your time this evening thanks so much. the busy season for amy in the rest of them. will show you updated traffic a lot of the red you see here around the metro i 70 that is normal evening congestion we're sing a lot of the orange dot
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up to boulder that's the impact of the snow really slowing things down this area here is where the weather beast is you're looking at that picture. we thought and douglas kind the higher elevation once the sun set the snow can stick on the road and is become a big problem as far as the snow you're driving the snow from north to south and the heavy bands are now on that problem area down towards highland ranch and parker lone tree and into the the good news is three or four more hours there is clearing of snow here that trend will continue as he had into the evening back in a few minutes will talk about how much more snow to affect. and the dry and warm weather can turns. you can be prepared when ever the snow falls by downloading that weather app with interactive radar stay on top of that the weather is doing right where you live.
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many described this the numbers upscale retail district on other building in the creek north is slated for redevelopment more than 12 12 project under construction or in that planning phase in that area. 's at the corner of second and detroit so much work as boring tenants there fox 31 live to explain. there are millions of square fe space here in cherry creek of pretty five a little area within ten years the amount of square footage is expected to double some people excited about what they're saying this building is being torn down and rebuilt into in a story one others say it's just not viable. we take 14 different measurements. for 25 years in this we just base of the corner of second and detroit.
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suit and tell you shop has committed to his customers and cherry creek north. just upstairs the amazing studio solvers eight months and business today. we get a lot of walk and clients for months both but businesses have watched redevelopments all around them. two new boutique hotels are under construction as well's apartment well's apartment buildings condos and new office towers. it's exciting what's happening around here. the custom suit shop the last studio and all the tenants in your must are looking for a new home. sometimes it's hard to find the forefront that's affordable riesling purchase by investment group who plans to raise it and replace it with that a stole it
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was good for one's good for the other must understand the nature of the growing city. many are kim playing kaz the parking and traffic taken into account. now seven redevelopment projects are already underway in expected to be finished in the next two years five more products are expected to begin construction next year what is that mean for the area a lot of construction detours and a a lots of parking spots live in cherry creek fox 31. the fox 31 problem solvers the investigation into roadside and cap perfect car crashed and fort summer copy attention of one simple reason the driver's grave injuries we're caught by a piece of guard will and nothing else. i want you to follow the path of
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whips around to the driver side and shoots through this door like a knife. kristin's gareth memory of richard done down i 25 comes in painful. thirty old female conscious. the johnstown exit. she is dazed and confused with 12 feet of mangled guardrail barbara on top of her inside the suv. waking have gone off. i thought it was going to catch fire. finally freed her surges told gerhardt the bad news. they had to continue amputating her lower left. the resulted and ike karine break. all the phones we're crushed multiple ligaments and tendons they had to repair.
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they took my foot nearly off fof the accident based on witness statements and crash scene photos. his dodge durango beer to the right side of the interstate and hit the end cap car rail terminal nearly had on about 60 miles per hour. the terminal was supposed to act as a cushion to slow the vehicle down but instead the guardrail doubled over failed to grow into a ball still intact right to gerhardt's drivers door. had it not buckled that way i believe i was just rolled down the hill that was there. and stop without even going over. the crash was caused by driver inattention exactly the accident guard rails are installed to play safeguard against. so what happened. in this case it looks like is
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at not labs to investigate. showed us how this but in the rail as opposed to allow the guard to feed through because the suvs front and jammed up the feeding mechanism the end cap simply snapped off. and failed to do its job. i see a safety device that's unreliable to me that's a dangerous product. not designed to do that perko's post to keep the car on road. federal safety investigators tell the fox 31 problem solvers they've recently studied what they call extra voting that you deem cargo terminal crashes exactly the kind that ripped into garrets suv that task force found performance limitations for several designs including the fleet made by road systems incorporated. endcap terminals confirmed is the same one that was involved
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one that gerhardt's boyfriend played an intricate role in. when the bone crushing injuries to kristen caused by the guardrail he was immediately suspicious the wonder of the guardrail have been installed correctly is a didn't seem to perform too well. and this one as soon as i made contact. the next day seemed like it cleaned up the department of transportation told edwards he could not have telling him it was destroyed. unfazed actually went to the junkyard and bought the smashed suv guardrail still and cited as potential evidence. is kind of curious what else is out there how many of the other accidents there are how many people are injured. he showed us the vehicle the first time kristin had seen it sense that terrifying day months
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he feels lucky surgeons we're able to save her foot but it will never be the same. i'm so blown away that's the only thing hurt was my foot. that everything else for the most part was untouched see that tells us the guardrail system was in federally approved road safety system. they are now new questions see.install a different bottle and make to replace the destroyed one that and kept also made by road systems as one of only two designs that stringent new federal safety guideline. so shocking to see it. unbelievable gerhardt hopes the state will take action on that thousands of potentially dangerous older guardrail and caps.
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new tonight at ten our investigation uncovers new evidence that the colorado department of transportation may have incorrectly installed the guardrail system involved in gerhardt's crash engineers tells the system was frankenstein. put together with mitch match parts. amazing she wasn't hurt worse than she was. that makes you wonder how many more have been improperly installed tonight at 10:00 o'clock. getting ready to play one of their biggest games in years coming up we take you to the
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i... i... i wanted those... bags cost less than ziploc. you'll thank me later. oh... save big. hefty costs less than ziploc. this game and 15 years. a district washington state and
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you can see right here on fox 31. this is something can only imagine. nick krupke has the story from both. >> we are here at the unc student center in boulder. a lot of students are immersed in their work. come saturday despite it being thinks we break a lot of people are staying in town and they will be watching football. >> it is really big game and i hope we win. >> the fans are, and a work in excited. >> something that there is little buzz going on campus now people are excited. >> the players are you not excited. >> he said excited to cover tha in his that excited to ride in it. >> mike mcintyre is channeling his inner player this week. it's a gimmick his son makes football relevant again here in boulder. >> you pay your dues.
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commits you feel it. this thick cloud of you and whatnot. now the challenges go for good too great. >> we needed to get the state s we can attract those student athletes from around the country. we've done that and i think we will see the fruits the labor when this football season is over. >> i can't wait for this game. i really >> this letter to the process i quite simple just yet but tickets are certainly going fast. here in boulder, fox 31. >> you can watch saturday's bes came right here on fox 1 pick you got this 1:30. that is for a complete postgame coverage and reaction. >> now the lexus sport saw with tammy carmen. >> and i will be there.
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washington state saturday in utah next week. it's been a while since game wa the. >> on the line and played a ful some pits coopersburg 20th the lost and two to top 25 teams played was 2002. >> it's also a big weekend in fort collins. the final game at -- they moved the new on-campus home next fall. it's been there since day to 60 if you type of like a couple of broncos did, he would have a suspect for the stadium. >> it would be a lot better. i'm happy that they're getting it put on. >> and he stated that the test of what we're trying to combat he want to be a powerhouse school or be this goal it is on
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get on-campus stadium. >> all right. it keep it a broncos fan from the dominican you don't want to davis it for the broncos. doubt that built the leading rusher is -- he can he's been the 11 times before in the brock is in the
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is based in motion. .-dot that it has been a day filled with it and it will be soaking it. we can use more storms like this. unfortunately this is going to be up from a while. not wet that the snow showers are starting to wane a little
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gears and over the lower elevations. the snow continues. an intense to change a light of blue to the -- everything lifting up the east. 10:00 for pc -- some of the heaviest bands were breaking earlier in the day. you can see moderate down towar lafayette in longmont to an important parson a denver. we've seen the offense is
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everything from bergen park and not let out in the foothills so the arc closer the set of town. we were thinking around the edg for some places and going highe than that like lafayette and fort collins little over an inc and a half and the snow is wrapping up. 1.4 in boulder. denver international goes to matt macon and they were able once the sunset to measure seve tenths of a bench. that is way above the one tenth of mentioned we needed to make this our first measurable snow
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outside right now, temperatures falling and the city in the temperatures dropped off. look at the reading. but the setting sun on the nort when, everybody below freezing and that is having an impact on the roads. there are the wind speeds and here are your future cast wind speed and look what happens for the win let's up but it is stil in the cd the wind will move out for the day tomorrow. by the time we get to mid that is pretty much done. the skies are clear heading int tomorrow and the sun comes back if there is proper salt that we will see the snowmelt away. the storm system goes out and under the clear skies cold this night of the year with
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only in the 30s and 40s as we stay on the chilly side. here's your pinpoint weather, seven-day forecast. a quilt a tomorrow, staying coo and on saturday, 60 for sunday and monday and tuesday a little rain and snow. so we did not break the record in the got our first official
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?? to me the holidays are special,
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with all the things we could worry about over the holidays, turkey shouldn't be one of them. (laughter) i'm very proud to be a turkey farmer. i'm proud to raise turkeys with no growth promoting antibiotics, hormones or steroids. my name is tammy plumley,
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from washington, d.c., this is the "jeopardy! teen tournament. here is our second group of semi-finalists -- a junior from north woodmere, new york... a senior from sayreville, new jersey... and a freshman from dallas, texas... and now from dar constitution hall, here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thanks, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. i wanna start by telling you all


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