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tv   FOX 31 Denver News at 10 PM  FOX  November 17, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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bart in our area as he take that live look outside joining us at 10:00 o'clock right now drivers are doing with icm slushy roads reports of stalled and struck called on i 25 any 470 even early as they travel around the metro i 70 we're shut down and both directions after 15 vehicle pile up stay patrol see a vehicles we're towed three driver cited three oths fact that snows arrived we need to take it slow on the roads. chief meteorologist dave fraser is tracking your weather mark keeping an eye on the roads from the weather. will get to that and a moment with mark first was toss it over today. it was a shock and the snow came in and when the sunset the road really became the big problem out there and there is a snow
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and a reminder we actually do live in colorado tonight where seen the heaviest acuity than slipping away as drier air from the north and west is punching and bring an end to the snow there is a few hints of flurries here and there for the most part the snow is moving out. how did we do as far as snow totals we got our airports in from alan we had readings in the foothills downpours portal on the westside of town closer to the foothills the higher terrain from four to 8 inches mounted in that same category. up and down the metro area. longmont down to castle rock anywhere from two to 4 inches these your pores came in early in the evening those numbers gone up. down south and castle rock we got some reports around highlands ranch on 4 inches of snow by the way denver did get
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reporting in 710th of an inch of snow this is not is the latest date in history. tonight the roads are icing up because these temperatures everything below freezing as you head south the readings are in the low 20s. these numbers have been really been all evening when that sunset it didn't take long for wet pavement to eyes over quickly mark one stroller was out and the pinpoint weather he's been keeping an eye not only the snow but the roads. that's exactly what happened we had snow for the better part of the day through 11:00 o'clock in the afternoon 12:00 o'clock all the way through this evening really didn't start sticking the pavement and tell the sun went down and temperatures tumble quickly. a lot of treacherous conditions on the roadways driving road was driving around and the pinpoint weather. were at the tech center along
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looking pretty good right now roads are just wet. further down to the south climb up an elevation towards the palmer divide that's where the conditions are still being seen this evening as the road crews trying to catch up a lot of clouds out here ten night. we state we saw this throughout the evening 18 wheelers 18 wheelers on the shoulder of the road especially graded roadways elevation up and down the hills a lot spinning stuck in place had to rescue a lot of people. with the traffic moving around i think that's the biggest problem. temperatures in the upper teens by tomorrow morning the label to melt things off king the road crews catch-up catch up especially on the secondary roads overpasses in the on and off ramps i think those a can a be the biggest trouble spots. as a get up early on your friday
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denver tech center meteorologist mark's my stroller. flying out of denver tonight early this morning tomorrow morning i should say double check your flight status flights have been delayed. some united flights are experiencing study delays because of the icing. here's a picture of the airport crews working hard keeping the runways clear. don't forget to download the pinpoint weather app so you can stay on top of the weather. even while you are driving free for your iphone and android. that is the closely silver colorado first time area homeless shelters are take as many people as they can. some are headed to safety others are choosing to brave the cold on the streets fox 31 joins us live with more. just wanted to show you something real quick. take a look at these flowers
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happening i'm pretty bundled up this is what i was wearing earlier today. i would not want to spend the night in temperatures like this. dozens are in downtown denver at area shelters picking up many people as they can. denver please clear this area. then the snow and when tense are back up on that. i'm waiting to get inside. to sign up .-period. like so many plenty of colorado newcomers. i sleep in. came to colorado for mother she knows others will be right outside. a lot of people don't want to today like camping out outside. also the houses woman's only shelter i talked to the man
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are trying to stay warm in tears he told me he just wish they could get a hotel instead his putting a tarp over his debt to stay warm. the temperatures go down and people are already vulnerable for pack of block of food and having shelter. it's very urgent that we're open bringing and the people as quickly as we can. and out of this weather salvation army had 600 beds. if you're out here without proper clothing and blankets anything to take care of you is very dangerous. she feels bad for the people who are braving this weather. one more thing the salvation army will help people in danger out on the streets few see someone that needs help call 911 and send 911 and send someone from the salvation army. developing in denver please
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crash and a person walking at 12 them broadway please say there were serious injuries at this point investigators not released details about the vehicle they we're looking for officer shut down broadway 12 to investigate the developing stories as soon as we learn more pass along to you. mourned working as designed during crashes now fox 31 problem solvers discovered to make matters worse the colorado department of transportation could based on the system incorrectly messier reporter
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trinity and road system incorporated that terminal the bumper on the aunt as a fleet divide by road system will 20 news tell me that is very important section of railing appears to be made by trinity. is parts don't work together. here's how most cargo systems work of varying car hits the and kept terminal along she of metal railing slides through a slit on the front curling in observing energy to slow the vehicle in a more controlled experts say the end cap jammed up and sent a mangled piece of guard rail flying around gail hearts suv through her door and her foot. they use those jaws of life to cut me out of the car i was not
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with what was basically hanging off for. a a problem solvers investigation ring covered federal investigators found performance limitations for many and kept terminal's which have terminals which have led to hundreds of serious injuries nationwide. in addition gerhart's case our investigation has found another just as dangerous problem. this is a google street image a section of guard miller bought i 25 the summer of 2015 just prior to cares engineers tell us it shows see .-dot erected the guard rail system with mixed in match parts at something we say is failing are waiting to happen. they really do have this frankenstein system that's probably not going to operate properly just like it did. what's megan match mean?
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a really can't because is beans are decide to bend in different ways not respond directly to the allegation of incorrect installation the site of this horrific trash did agree to speak in general terms about the safety of us guard rail system. you are ultimately responsible for the correct installation. to make sure whether the contractor gets out of a job is to oregon the we expected it hired a consul to add to see does travel the trouble the fox 31 problem solvers confirmed that the new supposedly safer guard rail system installed after gerhart's crashed in the johnstown exit is installed wrong to. the first real giveaway the facts is in trinity product the end cap terminal had isn't
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its probably slide along as competitors railing see that should know better. six different places the installation are combing need of unauthorized parts is strictly prohibited. philly to follow this morning could result in serious injuries or death. i did receive a message from a spokesperson late this evening asking for another a meeting about mixed in match parts of syria they have to say tomorro safety issue. look at all these mcats to go around and check all of them how much will that cost. looks like 10,000,000,000 dollars they're just not money to do it at the same time drivers expect them to have the safest product on those roads. those warnings say it all they don't work together. you cannot mix and max both the
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that's a terrible idea. right now chief meteorologist dave fraser tracking the weather where the snow is going and where it's headed next. your full forecast coming up in less than five minutes. and apa with our $3.50 sub of the day, to try something deliciously different. every day of the week, get a featured six-inch subway sub for just $3.50. all with no artificial flavors. the $3.50 sub of the day
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?? ?? don't wait to bring a little kiss of blue bunny to your holiday favorites.
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on new at ten president is filed criminal charges against apartment complex for releasing asbestos into the area's attorney's office says near mile high stadium people and eminent danger of death fox 31 is live at the apartment complex near federal and west colfax. the charging documents filed in federal court allege the owner of this, come and released january to february of 2014 at the time thousands of fans at mild high stadium cheering on the broncos that stadiums just a short walk from here. cancer, mesothelioma.
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at mild high released asbestos from two towers of this complex and to open area john tom williams is company will that capital managing phase two counts of minuteman prison and a 100,000 dollar bond the dallas-based company could be forced to pay more than a half million dollars that property managers never told her just how serious the problem was i had no idea to get some sort of explanation. his employers tells the employees tells the only been here for a few months. we didn't really speak at the owner's attorney fox 31 his client has agreed to plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge and spent nearly 1,000,000 dollars to fix the asbestos issues negotiated with prosecutors is also agreed to
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workers. this pestis was released less than a a half mile from mile high stadium thousands we're here watching the broncos into playoff games overlook apartments the release we're not affected those a mile high. tenets and workers can have their health monitored on the company's dime that is very important so far no reports of illness connected to this asbestos live in denver fox 31. the wintry scene continues alongside i 25 the denver tech center keeping an eye on side roads. speeds are coming back up and feed our crews have done better job now the evening commute is done gives them more room to get out there and clear things so your morning drive will not be like this evening there is the
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northeast corner there is deeper band you see here south of idalia down towards the right area. still a little bit of a moderate band everything else is shrinking and coming to an end. you can see is you make your way down i 25. down towards glen eagle and continuing to work. were saying goodbye on front of mile high speeds are not out to posted speeds people are moving along a lot faster. as he got into the evening temperatures started to fall and then they stopped we been in this 2225 range for the metro 25 to near 30 haven't fallen off that hard this guys have cleared jet class act like a a blanket. you'll see in your future cast that's really watch the temperatures tumble a little a little bit of went out there and makes it feel colder.
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metro denver though wends out of the north strongest when speeds are migrating onto the eastern plains they met up. the strongest when through the day will continue to lift away as the sunshine returns. there we go we get past midnight most of us know comes to an end they quickly clear coming into the morning commute. most of the metro looks better. i 25 s. was a little bit of a problem brid the on and off still could be a little bit slick. if you commute after the sun rises it should have an impact in thing should quickly loosen up. here's the back edge of the storm quickly coming to an end the mountains a few snow showers hang on for a little bit even there tomorrow they clouds leave us with clear skies tonight under clearing skies look at this tent and aspen 11 and
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twentys over the eastern plains and highs tomorrow we stay cool the sun's energy goes into melting the snow and that cool air mass blankets and drapes us and 30s and 40s let me take him a little closer on the south side of town where the snow is a little deeper. you will stay in the 30s it will take longer. the rest of us get easier to 40 degrees. and will be 20 degrees. the sunshine back and a feel good and it's no continues to melt away it ends up being a chilly day at the high of 40 degrees. wide ten and go to 50 with 50 replay of sunshine on your saturday sunday will spike into the 60s broncos are plainness
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little rain and snow one day for travel looks good and thursday thanksgiving 55 degrees clouds passing. i think i just made my honey do list. list. on the outside the house broncos are playing. all the stuff he wanted to do in the warm weather. good to get that first snow. the broncos are said no week
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the last program right number ten in the college football playoffs they griffith explains the buzz is back on the campus as we called our has changed. right now a lot of students are immersed in their work and also look for the bite to eat tell her come saturday despite it being thanksgiving break a lot of them are staying in town watching football. there to support buzz. really big game a really hope we win the fans are in a word exciting. i central middle a lot of buzz going on campus people are excited. even head coach mike mcintyre is channeling his inner rick flair. a dreamlike season has suddenly certainly made bucks football
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with even brighter days ahead you can feel it. the fennec car is gone now the challenges to go term good to great and sustain this newfound success for years to come. we needed to get to this stage to attract the top student athletes be done that. i think was see the fruits of the labor on the recruiting when this football seasons over. the athletic director tells me it's not quite a sellout just a sellout just yet tickets are certainly going fast. you can watch the game right here on fox 31 kickoff i 130 we are post game reaction on fox 31 news at nine and 10:00 p.m. all be there can't wait. avalanche in talents no gabriel.
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johnny one-$0 accused to three goal lead the final frame trying to rally. they maintain and fired and mikell pulls with in the afternoon month colorado cannot get any closer. the broncos of course are off until sunday we know what linebacker demarcus ware is doing. doing some self-care is not selfish you can serve from an empty vessel. they phase will have a final check of your weather plan ahead
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business video may make your stomach flipped. this guy said they guinness world record for the highest bungee jump.
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was set in england according to guinness world records to jot more than 73 meters that is about 240 feet higher than i could jump. snow is coming to an end careful in the morning before that sun comes up if you're early commuter there will be i see spots the sun will melted away will be that cool 40 and 50 saturday then where they can yet one other chance for rain our snow before everyone starts to hits the holiday road for thanksgiving which if you're staying here looks good. if you have to jack's not take
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i still don't understand this. abby has a mentor? yes. and the mentor advises the prot?g?. is there any money involved? no. so what's in it for the mentor? respect, admiration, prestige. pbfff. would the prot?g? pick up stuff for the mentor? i suppose if it was on the prot?g?'s way to the mentor, they might. laundry? dry-cleaning? it not a valet, it's a prot?g?. all right. listen, uh, i got to get some reading done. you mind if i do this here? i can't concentrate in my apartment. risk management? yeah. steinbrenner wants everyone in the front office to give a lecture in their area of business expertise. what makes them think you're a risk management expert? i guess it's on my resum?.


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