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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 11AM  FOX  November 22, 2016 11:00am-11:30am MST

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>> it could've been my kid and these were some babies that were just trying to get home. >> devastation in chattanooga tennessee this morning as children go back to school without some of their classmates a man is under arrest accused in the daily school bus crash but the driver's mother is saying it's all a big misunderstanding. >> a new poll finding out what americans are thinking about the upcoming term presidency will take a look at how many people think that donald trump will build a wall along the border with mexico or defeat ices the oddest pairing tv cooking show history has a big announcement about the future
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living price is completely off the menu we got to start this 11:00 o'clock hour with a live look at the dow jones the stoc mket right now stocks up 26 points at this hour but look at the big number the dow jones fing with hitting 19,000 after setting a record yesterday and unmarked to set in unmarked to set another devastated this morning after a bus crash that killed five children and i we are learning more about what exactly happened before the crash according to an arrest affidavit the driver was traveling well above the posted speed limit which was 30 miles per hour then lost control and swerved off the road with 35 elementary school kidsrd the driver compy walker is under arrest right now after five of the children died 12 are still in the hospital at this hour as mothers brought their children
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>> i couldn't imagine to drop my kids at the bus stop and not see them again it was hard for me to take my kids to school this morning. >> and then there's this cbs news reporting this morning that a mother of three of the kids on the bus was told the driver asked the kids if they were quote ready to die however walker's mother spoke to cnn and said he talked to her son after the crash and said he was trying to get the kids off the bus walker is cooperating an investigation into the crash will move forward right now people in tennessee are waiting in line for hours to give blood after the deadly bus crash tht killed his elementary school students one woman says she waited nearly three hours to donate blood the long lines remain long lines remain studies and 7:00 o'clock back in colorado the breckenridge police department said it would temporarily stop posting updates on its traffic
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officers around the country have been ambushed in their patrol vehicles recently the latest happening this week in san antonio when a detective was shot and killed during a traffic stop the facebook page breckenridge police department was also thinking the community for its support and says the safety of its officers as one of its highest priorities in pueblo police say they busted a major cocaine shipment with the help of a police dog he smelled the cocaine during an open air sniffing on the vehicle officers found the 10 packages of cocaine tt $1 million in street value they say that they intercepted that drug shipment and brought from mexico to denver hotel prague that pup looks to have caught all that bad stuff president elected all caps foundation is reportedly saying it violated a ban on what's called self-dealing according to the washington post of this foundation told the irs or transferred income or assets to a disqualified person no word on who it would be both exciting the group's
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however the post is saying it can't confirm the forms had been sent to the irs resident elect donald trump's meeting trump his meeting with the new york times is back on a portion of the meeting is a pet must be in on the record interview he will also meet with the publisher of the record not trump originally asked for the meeting with tens executive than this morning he tweeted he was canceling the meeting and then when the conditions changed a claim because the conditions claimed that the claim that the times the second tweet minutes later president-elect said the meeting might be set up again later press secretary confirms that the meeting was ago a majority of people are saying the president elected will bring big changes to the country and washington dc there's a poll in the one from cnn orc asking americans a series of questions on changes that could happen during this next presidency 51 percent believe it's likely trump will reduce corruption 50 percent
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believe he will build a wall along the border with mexico president-elect trump will head to his estate in palm beach florida for the thanksgiving holiday this morning security zones are being set up comes arrival they'll be in place for -lk
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>> get lost before it reprises to that because temperatures tonight will get down back below the freezing mark so even though we are not seeing snow here is still could be slick early tomorrow morning that you had a 4 miles south and youy/trki? go up from 50 to 80-mile hike all the way up to about 5400 feet and you're running into snow policy to leading snow down their inglewood in centennial you can see on the radar most of it is making out now but that snow has licked off to the
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there it is often central and eastern colorado at this point leaving denver at this point with a couple raindrops will go to clear sky believe it or not you look out for the foothills of the stove rain and snow going on out there we will actually get some sunshine right before the sun sets later on this evening could be a good one for us wednesday thursday a little bit warmer than today with lots of sun and the forecast in and no thanks getting travel concerns we will talk more about that forecast cp can impress your friends at coming up this up if you're in search of tech gadgets. >> that's our state this year and how it compares to others plus more on the possible plans of the presidential family the obama family after they leave the white house
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at the love and depend on your
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heading into friday's people in colorado will be battling it out for xbox games that comes from a list of the tracks which tech gadgets are the most popular based on states a list put together using google search data put together by the clutter in most states of black friday will be all about more expensive items laptop tv's tablet smartphones colorado is one of six states where customers are looking to score a more modest item videogame outdoor retailer assess all the profits will go to environmental ari i will be shut down a black friday with the company encouraging customers employees to spend the time outdoors it makes sense of four re: ices are all about the outdoors. >> and if you love the cold starbucks drinks even during winter you have to dig deeper in your pocket because the prices going up the coffee chain is raising prices for
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?-dash $0.30 in july starbucks raise the price of coffee drinks by as much as $0.20 while espresso latte and rotate beverages as our price hikes from 10 ?-dash $0.30. >> are coming up there a very odd pair the unexpected cooking show any funny relationship there pretty neat snoop dogg and martha stewart they have an announcement about the future of their vh1 series we will check to see the thanksgiving travel will involve slic make this the best thanksgiving america from village inn. bring home favorites, like pecan and pumpkin supreme. to order your thanksgiving pies, go to
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make this the best thanksgiving with the best pie in america from village inn. bring home favorites, like pecan and pumpkin supreme. to order your thanksgiving pies, go to
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will come back in a little less than two hours will be among 20 other stars being been honored by the president for the obama will hold the medal of freedom ceremony today at 1255 denver time among those being honored our talk show host ellen degeneres award-winning actor's property new line tom hanks and robert redford singer diana ross and of course bruce springsteen's basketball great kareem abdul-jabbar and sports broadcaster david kelly weiner the first family will be staying and washington dc after president obama's term ends in january but they may also be spending a lot of time in california according to sources for the new york post the obama family purchased a home in the town of rancho mirage known for its world-class golf courses the obama family expected to split their time they're in and a $4.3 million home in dc are
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for the next two years as their younger daughter sasha finishes high school i wonder if the way back to chicago. >> for better or worse and there are some businesses dealing with the aftermath of the unique of the election and a very unique way that's because the word trump is actually part of their business name and huntington california there is a trump tobaccos shop in japan from thayer is a popular fair is a popular hair salon and york pennsylvania there is a t there's so many more some say they use trump and their business branding because of the reputation that the name holes in the business world by others say it's their name that's why they used it. >> i wonder what kind of affect its having to we really didn't get into that a negative affect a positive effect i still think it's a wait-and-see kind of thing. >> is one of the oddest pairings in tv history apparently its working the show coming back to show
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>> as i have new line its not know it's not know i said it some vodka and then i cut off its head. >> last night longtime long time friends martha stewart and snoop dogg announced that vh1 is picked up their cooking show martha and snoops potluck dinner party for a second season only three episodes of the first season have aired after this point it's already proving to be a big head with vh1 viewers i think martha stewart got funnier. >> have seen her with conan o'brien she has this bizarre fun quirky relationship with him and has the same thing with snoop dogg gets up and watch the snow this morning got you in the winter spirit the skyline hard iced i string is now officially open for business. >> it opened up minutes ago at 16th and arapahoe for the
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right nowew%?i into this looks like there's a crowd of people waiting to get out there. >> there are certainly as if they let us get things here a lot of very good ice skater, to hold onto the wall. >> you can see they have a lot of kids that are anxious to get inside the ring cured that set to cure that set to open the door any minute now i want to talk to one or the kids whose anxious to get in the rink your 11 years old when you go to school excited to get on the icy or today. >> i'm not going to get on the ice is a fun atmosphere. >> yes are your friends here your family. >> my mom as. >> also have a fun afternoon you can see there's a lot of kids that are anxious to get on the ice at the kind of funny guys they that have little man ice cream here they
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is cold here today but everyone is bundled up the ready to hit the eyes the downtown denver partnership puts it on every year i was talking to terry a little bit ago and is really a highlight. >> is a 60 day street mall what better place to put the self-restraint we have kevin towards twersky are highly doing today. >> oh my gosh i'm so superduper excited. >> where you are ice skat will have more later tonight if you want to come out it is actually free to skate were about to open the gates right now if you don't have skates it's $2 and the internment of skates or bring a book from the children's hospital and that will get you on the ice
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officially open for ice skaters is really exciting time will send it back to you the gates are open for kids never back i almost fell. >> before we get to boost your within a take it that kevin guy behind you and i think you got a call security is getting a little out of hand thank you amanda take a look at this its called but now but this is a scene in the mountains a few hours ago this is an evergreen in the snow is coming down pretty hard that was around 9:00 o'clock this morning was pretty though it is evergreen and that's what it's supposed to look like in an hour quite a bit of out take a look at this sum the pictures on facebook she said even after she snapped these pictures are caps on for a couple of hours a kind of depends on where you were in terms of how much accumulation you actually got. >> the difference was 200 feet , i mean, that's it the snow it started for a little while in denver we kind
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mark and came back it was just too warm and we are talking liked fractions of a degree and hundreds of feet but this is what living in colorado is like you had done to the south side of town there snow from highlands ranch to inglewood you head out of town up to bail his at four seasons camera there there snow out and fail as well and they will get some more runs open to 28 is when it officially open their doors weird ones are fairly strong ouof of that is one thing have to deal with this afternoon it is still windy outside cost up to almost 30 miles per hour as the system continues to rip off to the east is pulling all the moisture along with that you'll notice satellite radar everything looks like it's evaporating off of it not to mention it's just too warm especially north of the mile high city to get snowball that a pair of four is up 45 in fort collins at lower 40s and in lafayette and had further up to the self and temperatures are still where
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aren't seeing that any more like 33 and i were at 32 in centennial and again to greece was the difference is headed downtown denver setting up 37 to one per snow but definitely cool enough for that very bone chilling rain and an further off to the south are reports of accumulation done or castle rock 31 degrees of plenty cold snow they are started snowing around 630 and didn't stop until just a little while ago still sitting snowflakes but no additional accumulation icy two ?-dash 3-inch reports >> about an hour or so story to get the snowball reports and people will measure when they get home from work than not consider home all day. >> we've got some clear skies of building and that'll give everything on out of here and we will be completely crystal-clear by about 10:00 o'clock tonight that'll be a sharp change in what new snow on the ground especially south of town some fall into the teens of light and council worker castle pines or maybe
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accumulating snow will only get down to about the mid 20s by early tomorrow morning before warming back up to about 50 or so because tomorrow nothing but sunshine is in place the system that moves up to the north and east we don't worry about any more sunshine is not only tomorrow but also into thursday after brief non- snow showers early on thanksgiving will be crystal-clear it's a nice dry dry posted to and from wherever you are headed worker hanging out at home get there and if you're trying to show off colorado to your friends or family coming into town 61 and sunshine is not a bad way to do with the mans was to be fairly warm and snowy i was just looking to him no space is and is a picture from castle rock and they got a good intro when they're going to scream at what how warm it is a little condensed it wouldn't would be
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>> a caf? in new mexico serving up food coffee but there's one thing missing
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it's been a couple of years but you probably remember the ice bucket challenge when they don't coldlwer there their head to raise awareness for als and everyone did it the phenomenon it's going to be preserved in history now it's going to be part of the smithsonian museum it is working to acquire the original ice bucket used to study als ice bucket challenge of 2014 they want to put it to the smithsonian exhibition the permanent exhibit opens a week
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if you're visiting a caf? in new mexico they don't have any prices on their menu it's not because the printer messed up the comic caf? open for business this week here's the concept behind it it's for customers to pay whatever they want even if it means eating for free people can take advantage of him but he doesn't think they will the idea started as a pop up in albuquerque three years ago and was inspired it was inspired by a similar caf? down in australia he was able to raise him a $1,600 with a caf? go find me pet campaigns that h the good thing is they don't have dutra and their he's the guy that goes in there that will pay for anything. >> i am the vulture though i'll pick stuff like that but i'll pay for it just in time for the holiday season a group of more than 600 people are now breaking a record they got together at the mall of america to make some music
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record for the largest handbell choir performance tennis was on hand it to verify it all and helps kick off the salvation's army and annual campaign fox 31 we are proud to be partnering with the salvation army during salvation army during the season of getting giving at 1130 tomorrow myself along with jeremy hubbard will be there ringing bells as part of the salvation army kettle drive musket over to greg now before he starts >> you did take viewers the resident nothing from the worst i'll pay you for those letter. >> and you know where paying and snow apparently here we did it but we had a pretty good that we still do for precipitation was to make up hopefully we don't get crazy
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saturday that it be a great day to have some mountains i know items i know it's just crazy up there but it's bananas about that's because everybody's family wants to come. >> i think i'm going to avoid the mines at all cost that turkey on using macaques looks happy.
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