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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  November 23, 2015 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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fox 28 news begins tonight with a future expansion for one of the state's largest school districts. districts.for decades, iowa city has educated thousands of kids with two high schools. tonight, plans are moving forward on a third. 28 news reporter mellaney moore is live in iowa city with more, mellaney scott, karen, a meeting tonight at west high school shared some of the benefits of having that third school as well as answered any questions. questions. while construction moves forward on liberty high school in north liberty, some parents and students need to decide whether to stay... or go.we live in north liberty and the option to move out there is very attractive.west high sophomore sam wagner will be a senior when liberty high opens in the fall of 2017.attendance zones for incoming freshman and sophomores have been decided.but...juniors and seniors can choose which school they want to attend after liberty opens.he'd have one year out there versus his three years here. so we want to make sure he has information to make a good
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decision in what's right for him.the iowa city community school district held the first informational meeting at west high monday we move through towards the opening of liberty high school we want to definitely come out and communicate with the public as much as possible and make sure that we are listening to their feedback.the district broke ground on liberty high in may 2015.the comprehensive high school will have full outdoor athletic facilities by 2019 and a second constriction phase completed by's going to allow us to provide more opportunities for students and i think that's our number one thing that we always want to do.district officials say a third high school means a third athletic team, extracurricular activity and set of classes.whether sam wagner goes to west high or liberty high, all three high schools will have smaller class sizes.we hear the nightmares from him and from everybody about how crowded this building is.smaller classes are always nice because you get noticed more if you have questions, stuff like that. the district says they plan on having more meetings like this the meantime, liberty
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high school already has a working website and facebook page.covering the corridor in iowa city, mellaney moore, fox 28 news. kirkwood community college is celebrating its 50th anniversary and so are three living presidents of the college. college.they met today to discuss the history of's all part of the community college's year-long 50th anniversary celebration. among those on today's panel, norm nielsen, who served as president for 20 years, until 2005.he says kirkwood remains on-the-move serving students. "kirkwood has passed two major bond issues since i've left and that only helps and happens because of great relationship building and people know they're out there supporting a quality staff faculty and administration." "nielsen joined former president bill stewart and current president mick starcevich at today's event. now a fox 28 news consumer alert
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recalling 23 ounce snickers cakes. cakes.the company says cakes made before november 14th contain peanuts which are not on the label.all cakes with date codes prior to 6-9-6 are involved in the recall.that code can be found on the back
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terry thanks. tonight's coverage of the war on terror includes a new alert for travelers preparing to head out for the thansgiving holiday. holiday.right now, a world-wide travel alert is in effect for americans. americans.the state department website says terror groups including isis, al-qaida and others are planning attacks in several regions. they're not releasing details on intelligence but do warn americans be extra vigilant when travelling. people traveling by mass transit, including air travel, can expect extra scrutiny this week and beyond.the travel
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alert remains in effect through february 24th. meantime, in paris, investigators have seized a suicide vest in a nearby's not clear right now whether the vest is connected to the attack earlier this month that killed 130 people.but they do say it's the same type of man connected to the attacks in paris remains at large. in neighboring belgium, a fourth suspect is now charged in connection with the paris atacks.the belgian prime minister says the alert level in brussels will remain at the highest level until further notice. however, schools and subway systems will reopen england, prime minister david cameron wants parliament to approve air strikes against isis in support of their european allies. much of the debate on how to protect the u-s has focused on millions of syrian refugees. some fear isis will use those refugees to sneak militants into the u-s.
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the bigger threat comes from american citizens, already here in the homeland.national correspondent jeff barnd explains in a story... will see only on fox 28 news. news. the barbarians are not just at the gates, they're inside the gatesa&eric stakelbeck is the author of "isis exposed" and says there is an alarming number of americans pledging alliegence to isisa& in the last 18 monthsa& the department of homeland security says at least 66 men and women were charged with isis-related terror plots on american soila& the fbi director james comey said recently that we have 900 active cases into ongoing isis- related activities in all 50 u-s states "director comey is a pretty reasonable guya& he's very concerneda& he has investigations going on .. not just people trying to get ina& but people who are in the united states already" according to research group new america there are currently 54 homegrown jihadists either indicted or
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, the average age of a homegrown jihadist has been 28.. and are *overwhelmingly* malea&among several recent casesa& the two arizona roommates, who in may opened fire in garland texas at a muhammad cartoon contest. both were killed by police. usaamah rahim who police say wanted to behead the organizer of that contest in the name of isis was shot by boston police. and an ohio man who police say trained with isis and planned to execute americans last spring. according to the house homeland security committee, at least 250 americans.. have left the u-s to be trained by isis in iraq and syriaa& and dozens have come back stateside.. battle- hardeneda&and when youre fresh off the battlefield of syria chopping heads, you're probably not going to transition peacefully.. back into civilian life.. when you return to the unites states that was *just* proven in
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of course all of this has made national security the hottest topic on the campaign trial. our next half hour, fox 28 news reporter and host of 'iowa in focus' kevin barry sits down with senator rand paul.hear the steps he's proposing that congress pass, coming up on the fox 28 news at nine. so much of the world's attention has been on paris, and the terror group, isis, which carried out the deadly attacks. you may be wondering how to explain such violence to children. i spoke with a local expert to find out how *best to talk to children about terrorism - no matter what their age. age. the images are everywhere. screaming faces, people running, and authorities clamoring for calm on the streets of at home - these high school students are talking about the atrocities."i try not to sugar coat things. they're going to
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try to present it as if i was talking to adults. i think they can handle violence and death and complex things." teacher david swaney is right - according to experts like licensed social worker stacie mitchell at tanager place. "when they're that old, they have clear views and opinions on things, so having honest conversations, finding out where they're at, and being aware of how this is impacting the way they view the world." mitchell says younger children processs abstract concepts like terrorism much differently than the high schoolers. she recommends that parents shut off the t-v or computer when news of the attacks is on.""younger than five, definitely it's going to be very limited in what they tell them because developmental ly, cognitively, they're not going to understand it. older than five, when you get them
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to start the conversation by finding out what they have heard, and what they know."and depending on what they know, mitchell into detail. back in mr. swaney's class, students say they stuggle with *knowing the facts but feeling *helpless."i feel so sorry for all of the victims. i can't imagine what that would be like. i wish there was something i could do to try and help.""i can pray for them but outside of that, i don't know what i can do as a student."mitchell says young adults and children can help. even though the attacks are far away from eastern iowa, volunteering or doing a family or school activity can turn the tragedy into an opportunity."talking about what do you think those families might need, and even putting together a car package, and just things that can show compassion and emptathy that we have for
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caregivers should also reassure a child without making false promises. rather than saying "it won't happen here" try "our police and government are being extra cautious to make sure we are safe.she says these five simple suggestions can help a child see the world as still a good place not bad or scary. minimize exposure, use real language, volunteer, remind children they are safe, talk about your own feelings. talking is especially critical because as mitchell says no information can be worse than wrong information."they absolutely know what's going on, even if they don't understand or aren't directly in the conversatino, they still know it's going on."as for young adults, many appreciate the chance to talk and listen."it's such a unique time to be sitting in a government class, being able to explain with your fellow peers and with a teacher who's
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so knowledgeable about the topics and provides you with entire stories that you're able to think for yourself and really understand these issues." finally there is great power in telling children you love them at any age. let them know if they *are afraid - it's okay - and they can always talk to you. tell them you are there to support them. still to come on the fox 28 news at nine. nine.what's a few hours' drive when it means sipping some fine beverages.we'll take you road trippin' to a wine
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28 news at nine continues. it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message. join us for real change. join us tomorrow at 7 a-m for fox 28 morning
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millions of people are getting set to hit the road for thanksgiving - we're getting some travel tips. you can avoid some of those holiday hiccups on the road.that's tomorrow on fox 28 morning live. of the thousands of iowans who love to travel the wine trail and discover something new - we have a detour you might like to try. tonight, hammill continues his road trippin' adventures with a drive four hours south of the corridor - to columbia, missouri. missouri. " wind blowing leaves "follow the fading fall leaves - through the country-side of central missouri - and be prepared - for one of the sweetest distractions you might ever find. find.fields full of plump purple promises incredible views from the towering tree tops topsand vibrant sunsets over a lazy river. lay - boooge - way -- a family vineyards and winery started small - and just kept growing." they turned that
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years later we're still doing the same thing just on a lot bigger scale. " as in more than forty** acres - - bursting with six varieties of white and red grapes - " we pick at night and it's cooler then . " "" snap " so that just allows the grapes to get to the winery in better condition. " " are these sweet, those should be complete very sweet and 24 - 25 bricks .. those are great. " " nat sploosh " drew lemberger says no worries - nobody is stomping these grapes - " churn churn "the process is pretty much mechanized right down to the bottling bottling ch?v=rudbjnuau0i but with an eye on very high quality.this amazing nectar from nature - includes the popular - riverboat red - with its rasberry - cherry - aroma. aroma.also a dry red - made from the state norton grape - and a sweet white - vinn-yoll . " squeeeeeg pfffffffttt " lay -booge - wa - pops the cork on a sparkling
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champagne style wine made from vee - dal grapes - that's won gold medals for excellence and is a big hit in the tasting room and the pink fox - a blush with a cult following - has a sly fruity - bite. bite." and if we didn't make it - there would be a riot. " "the kind of refreshment best enjoyed outside - on a dinner date on the deck - - or sharing a bottle of fine wine - with girl friends - " haha .. two bottles .. haha .. more than one bottle .. popp. " all amid the amazing sweeping views of the big muddy - missouri river. travelers - love this meandering stretch of america's longest water-way - as it winds it's way through the high bluffs - and provides the backdrop for relaxing - or romance. - " our restaurant is just a couple of bluffs over and it's a really popular spot for weddings we see a lot of weddings a lot of proposals .. .. it's day in and day out that's kind of business as usual for us. "celebrating
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three decades - from it's humble beginnings -- in the old a -frame - to the place today - where everybody wants to hang out.- lay-booge - way - - vineyards has truly become a destination location. " it just keeps growing and getting better and better ,,, every year and it's good, it's fun to be a part of that. " " to good friends .. clink .. ha ha . " we are road trippin' - in columbia - missouri - i'm
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still to come on the fox 28 news at nine... nine...we're just hours away from some of the busiest travel days of the year.what you need to know before hitting the road including a silver lining for your wallet. but first. first.i'm dora miller live in downtown cedar rapids, where parking officials are offering you a break in exchange for a little holiday help.i'll explain -- when the fox 28 news at nine continues.
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we face our problems head-on. with american-made clean energy, we can end our dependence on foreign oil... spark new innovation... and create millions of new jobs. solving our climate crisis starts with 50% clean energy by 2030. so, what are we waiting for?
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organizations that help the less fortunate are looking for generous donors this holiday season. season.the city of cedar rapids is making that easier with a program that involves your parking tickets. 28 news reporter dora miller joins us live from downtown with how all of this works. it sounds too good to be true...but the city is taking donations like blankets, food and bus passes as a payment for your parking tickets -- even if you have a few piled up. up. got a parking ticket? ticket? "it's not the first one, i've got a few."the city is allowing you to trade your frustration for donations... donations... "we're actually forgiving the fine, so if you have received a parking ticket in the past or you receive one in the next month through dec. 23, if you're willing to donate to the local shelters, we're actually forgiving the citation." citation.""i think that's great. i'd much rather donate to people who really need it." by buying soap, deodorant, bed sheets...even bus passes... you're giving to local organizations that use the
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donations for people in need. need. "it goes a long way. we're able to spread out the donations to all the clients coming through the shelter, so it's a huge bonus."willis-dady emergency shelter is one of the recipients... recipients... "we do not have funding to help pay for basic items. we piece together dozens and dozens of funding streams that help pay for the upkeep of the building and keeping the lights on."the donated items vary depending on your parking ticket price, but there's a method... method... "it has to be the approximate amount of the ticket and you donate some of those items, the ticket is then removed from your record." record." "having this kind of donation dropped in our lap is really exciting that we don't have to spend other money or go without." without."do you plan to donate instead of pay your tickets? "i do." dig deep -- you might find outstanding parking tickets -- but donations for those are accepted'll be helping horizons, waypoint and the willis dady shelter.drop off your payment at the park-cedar- rapids office.covering the corridor in cedar rapids, dora
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miller fox 28 news. another way to give back this holiday season... season...the johnson county crisis center kicked off its 28th annual "project holiday" fundraising drive today. proceeds go toward providing holiday meals for local families in need.this year, mid-west one bank has agreed to match the first one- thousand dollars in donations to jump-start the effort. effort.for more on how to donate, head to the group's website, j-c-crisis center dot org. the holiday rush is about to hit full force. force.still to come on the fox 28 news at nine, the small blessing motorists will find at the pump as millions begin their holiday journeys tomorrow morning. morning.and we'll introduce you to a political reporter, that's not even old enough to
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at nine continues. migration is about to get underway across the country and here at home. in fact, triple-a estimates 47- million americans will hit the road over the long holiday. holiday.and that will generate plenty of traffic between you and your destination. destination.ironically, experts say thanksgiving will be the least traveled day this week.tomorrow and wednesday will be the busiest.bottom line, allow extra time and make sure your passengers have plenty to do to keep them busy. and there's good news for all those drivers.take a look at these figures from gas buddy dot com.not only has the price of a gallon of gas plunged in recent years,the national average is now below two dollars a gallon.and some stations in the corridor are selling gas even lower than that. of course anyone traveling this week will want to know if the weather will cooperate. cooperate.and it looks like that all depends on which day you travel. travel.chief meteorlogist
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last week, the house of repesentives passed a bill that would block the u-s from bringing syrian refugees here until tougher security measures are put in place. place.there is a similar bill now in the senate, proposed by kentucky senator and republican presidential candidate rand 28 news reporter and host of 'iowa in focus' kevin barry sat down with the senator... talk about his plan in tonight's vote 2016 coverage. coverage. while politicians and pundits are saying the refugee process isn't america's weak link -- that's exactly where senator rand paul is focusing his
9:27 pm
attention.he points to two iraqi men who said they were refugees in his home town of bowling green, kentucky -- and then tried to buy stinger missiles. missiles.the interesting thing is that when we caught them, one of their fingerprints was already in a database because one of their fingerprints was on a bomb fragment in iraq. last week -- the presidential hopeful introduced a bill that would suspend the visa process for anyone coming from 34 high risk countries until the screening process is improved for entry -- and the tracking system is bolstered to catch anyone who overstays their visa. bill also would address that. it would say that if you're anyone in france, germany or any other country and you want to come visit us, you have to go through global entry is a pre-approved travel program that includes a background check and in-person interview.he says without it -- the visa waiver program -- which allows people from certain countries to come to the united states with very limited screening -- could inadvertently allow terrorists into the u-s even from a close cedar rapids, kevin
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barry -- fox 28 news. senator paul also introduced an amendment to another bill that would stop federally funded social welfare to refugees from 34 high risk countries. to hear more from senator paul and get the rest of your political headlines, tune in to iowa in focus sunday mornings at 10:30 right here on cbs 2. those bringing us the political headlines - will continue to do that for the next year. year.and fox 28 news reporter steffi lee brings us the story of one cedar rapids girl who's learning to do that at a very young age age 5th grader bridget gustafson has a typical school routine routineget along with her peers - and focus on and itjust kind of her passion now gives her the backstage pass to life - as a
9:29 pm
teacher michelle anderson knew she had journalistic instincts - and pushed her to apply. apply. "i actually interviewed my mayor, ron corbett, and we sent it into scholastic and they read it over and that's pretty much it."she's one of 35 kids in the country - chasing the next political scoop with a reporter's notebook in one hand and mic in the other. other. "i'm immensely proud of her for taking the initiative - it wasn't an easy task - they require a lot from a student."her recent report brought her inside the media spin room at drake university for the democratic debate. debate. "the paris attacks and them actually taking a moment of silence honoring the people who perished really opens my eyes."as caucus chaos continues in iowa - there's one candidate she plans to track on the campaign trail. trail."i would actually be interested in meeting bernie sanders"but she has high ethical standards... standards... "as a reporter i probably can't share my opinion much about that." covering the corridor in cedar
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bridget says her next report will be local - on canned food drives and their impact on social service organizations. in des moines today, iowa governor terry branstad continued a political holiday tradition. tradition.the governor pardoned two turkeys.zoey and spike were given the special proclamation this morning outside terrace hill.governor branstad noted the imporance of the pardon, after more than a million birds died in iowa from the flu.the governor's grandchildren got in on the fun, chasing the birds through the snow. and coming up in sports -- history was on the line at the uni-dome uni-domecould kennedy take home their first title and knockoff the 2 time defending champs champsplus -- regina -- eying a 6 peat -- how the regals ran
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trust that i've made a small impact on you because i promise you, you've made a large impact on vicky and i." if paul rhoads was judged by the type of person he is -- he'd be a cyclone forever -- but unfortunatley in his profession, head coaches are judged by wins and losses and rhoads didn't have enough sunday iowa state announced that saturday at west virginia will be rhoads' last game as the head coach of the cylones -- today athletic director
9:33 pm
players spoke for the first time since the news "sometimes you can want something more than it wants you.... i wanted him to be our coach. he wanted to be our coach. but it just wasn't meant to be." be.""i looked up to coach rhoads as a kid ... he was kinda like a hero figue to me wheni was younger so seeing him having to leave is a little bit heartbreaking for me." what a difference a year makes -- last season kennedy's record was 3 and 8 -- this year they're undefeated -- 13 and oh -- and are in the state title game for the first time in school history historytheir opponent -- dowling catholic -- the 2 time defending 4-a champs cougars already down 7 nothing -- tyring to answer -- but they fumble the exchange -- ryan mells scoops it up -- and takes it all the way win for the score -- just like that it's 13 nothing maroons..
9:34 pm
kennedy would answer in the 2nd -- nick deer air mails one to shaun buyer -- package delivered -- ugars cut it to 6but that's the closest they'd get -- dowling fakes the field goal -- and fakes out kennedy -- stevie sarcone scores -- kennedy falls 41 to 10 . before his second season as the head football coach at mount vernon -- lance peterson wanted to prove making the playoffs in his first year wasn't a fluke -- les just say he proved his point -- the mustangs are for real just to get to the 2-a championship -- they knocked off undefeated anamosa -- and top ranked south tamanow they get spirit lake for all the marbles -- first quarter drew adams fires one to jack cochrane -- to tie the game at 7then in the second -- it's adams again -- this time to his b-f-f connor herrmann -- who makes a ridiculous catch -- herrmann set -- 2-a -- title game records with 10 catches, 4 recieving
9:35 pm
more with 387 passing yards and 6 passing td's -- but it wouldn't be enough -- mount vernon falls 70 to 56 "we got mount vernon football back. we've had it some years where it's been a struggle, it has great tradition, but it hasn't been recent tradition. and i'm extremely proud of our senoirs for buying in and getting us to this point." point.""it was a really special run. i mean everyone knows we probably weren't picked to be here. wewewere picked third in our district so obviously we are happy to be here but we were confident in ourselves that we can make it this far." it seems like every time iowa city regina takes the field they're on the brink of making history -- and it was no different today -- the regals are one win away from leaving the uni-dome with their 6th straight state title nobody has ever done that -- regina facing western christstn who's making their first title game apperance regals down 7 in the 2nd -- but not for long -- isaac vollstedt -- takes the handoff and he gone -- 72 yards
9:36 pm
the game at 14 -- vollstedt rushed for 125 yardsand regina could get it done through the air too -- nathan stenger -- puts it where only sam lincoln can get it -- a nice catch -- and even better footwork by lincoln -- regals led 21 to 14 at the break...then in the 3rd -- justin hunter put it away with one of his 2 touchdowns on the day -- regina wins their 6th straight state title 35 to 28. "it's pretty unbelievable actually, but with the classes previously that have set us up for this i mean, we've seen how it's done and we just try to continue to do that. and to get it done with our seniors and the rest of the guys stepping up it was like nothing like i've ever dreamed of." of.""they've done whatever they've had to do, just great guys that truely play the game for the guy next to them and when you get a group of guys who do that it's fun to be apart of." and still to come on fox 28 28wes wasphun -- was a man among boys against the tarheels -- the m-v-c took
9:37 pm
notice -- the honor they gave the former washington warrior
9:38 pm
men's basketball team is trending up in the latest a-p ll -- the cyclones moved 3 spots to sit 4th -- there highest ranking since 1996 -- now in order to stay there prome and the guys have to take care of buiness thier business tonight was chattanooga -- and they did -- naz long droped in 24 points -- georges niang added in 19 -- and monte morris finished with a double double -- as the cyclones improved to 3 and oh with a 83 to 63 win.
9:39 pm
saturday against north carolina -- the nation found out what ben jacobson has known all along -- it's wes wasphun's world and we all are just living it in the u-n-i senior guard was unstoppable against the tarheels -- washpun scored a team high 21 points -- dished out 8 assits -- grabbed 3 rebounds -- and had 2 steals -- a performance that's defniatley worth the m-v-c's men's basketball player of the week honors he recieved. "i thought he was pretty dog gone good to start with. the head coach at north carolina has done a terrible job of working on the defense on the screen on the ball beacuse we never could get him stopped." stopped." "just the way he is approaching his preparation and the way he is leading our team. he's always been able to do some things with the basketball you know get places and make some plays, but now he's doing everything else... well i saw what you saw, we was terrific." that's a check of sports -- terry has a last check of your
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