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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  December 20, 2015 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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first walk as miss universe. >> listen, folks. let me just take control of this. this is exactly what's on the card. i will take responsibility for this. it was my mistake. it was on the card. horrible mistake, but the right thing. i can show it to you right here.
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it is my mistake. still a great night. please don't hold it against the ladies. please don't. we feel so badly, but it's still a great night. thank you all. fox 28 news at nine -- community family, friends and teachers are remembering this corridor teenager. teenager.then, hitting the road.why you can expect lots of company if you're
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week.and - don't stop believing believing"looked in their closet and seen the presents " " i would hate to ruin the magic for my own son who is eleven and still believes in santa. " your memories - of that moment - that changed everything. everything. we begin tonight - with - breaking news.crews are on the scene - of a deadly fire - at a mobile home park - in south-west cedar rapids.this is on kelly street - in the grand view village.that's at the intersection - of wilson* avenue - and west post road. the fire chief on scene tells us one person died and an investigation is now underway. no word on the name of the victim.more on this story throughout the night on our website. tonight, family and friends in waterloo are remembering the life of a teenager - who passed away. away.earlier this month - 18- year-old moe sed - was found
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gilbert-ville.he had been missng - since late october. his teachers and friends - searched every-where during that - they gathered for his visitation - - on what would have been - his 19th* birthday. 28 news reporter - steffi - lee was there - - and is here with the story. matt - it's been tough on the waterloo community after weeks of searching only led to tragic news.but many say today's celebration of life helped with closure.they also believe it teaches others about coming together despite any differences. differences. "god take him back already so we miss him."from those who know him.. him.. "we miss him - we celebrate here without him."to many who don't... don't... "we come together because what else would you do?" do?"the waterloo community celebrating moe sed's nineteenth birthday knew this is just how he would've wanted it. it. "there would've been a lot of food like today - there would've been a lot of music
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likely included moe sed's signature hairstyle, bike and kindness he spread around waterloo. waterloo. "you see them and you know it kind of feels like home." home." "when i go visit their house, moe sed comes and talks to me - hey go eat something - he treats me really well." after sunday - memories like those are now etched into small cards so moe sed's family can hold onto them. them. "they can have a sense of peace."a sense of peace as many miss this teenager with a welcoming attitude. attitude."we don't speak the same language and we don't eat the same food. we don't wear the same clothes - we're very different people." people."but there's one thing uniting all these differences - and it's how much moe sed's story touched their lives. lives."it's one of those instances where you see the hope of community." moe sed's funeral is tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. at first baptist church in waterloo. waterloo.anyone who'd like to help his family with funeral
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credit unionthe fund is under the name moe sed benefit - or you can use the account number that's on your screen.we also have that information on our website.steffi lee, fox 28 news. a cold day - as we begin a week - - when may of you will be traveling for the holidays. holidays.lets go to - justin roberts - for the
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the weather is good news in the mid-west - - as a lot of people get ready to hit the road. road.triple-a - expects this will be a record breaking - year - - with more than - one hundred* million americans - traveling - between wednesday - and of the big - reasons - - more people are driving - the low gas prices.a dollar - eighty - and below - - in some parts of the corridor. that's the first time - the price at the pump - has dropped that low - since 2009. in johnson county - road construction - - could mean delays* this week. tomorrow morning - - melrose avenue - will be reduced to one lane - just west of highway 2-18.traffic will be alternated - in either direction.crews - are working on a water main - at that will run - through
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more day - next monday. an iowa high school wrestler - died last night - after collapsing* at a tournament. tournament.doctors say they don't know why - austin roberts - - of spencer* high school - died.he also played on the school's - football team.a youth wrestling tournament - scheduled for today - was cancelled after his death. over - seas - a bomb scare - on a jumbo jet - turned out to be a hoax.the air - france jet - made an emergency landing in kenya.- that's after a suspicious device - was found in a - lavatory.the jet was flying - from a resort island in the indian ocean - to one hurt - and four people - are being questioned . "everybody stayed calm and everything was just fine and air france their team was just wonderful." wonderful."investigators describe the device - as a card-board box - with a kitchen timer inside.police
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more confirmation that a major shake - up is happening in the presidential race in the latest - cbs news poll - shows ted cruz - - taking a big lead over donald trump for the republican nomination.cruz leads - forty to thirty - one percent.that's roughly - the same gap as a des moines register iowa poll last week. during a visit to iowa - yesterday - trump criticized the paper - and called the poll dis-honest. two of bernie sanders' staffers - are now suspended** after accusations - they tapped into - data - that belongs - to hillary clinton's - campaign.the two were suspended - after the democratic - committee - handed over evidence of what happened. sanders campaign - says its still frustrated - by how - it was handled. "we're determined to get to the bottom of this, but it would have been helpful to have this information earlie its unfortunate that it was withheld, i know all of you in the media had it. but it certainly was not provided to our campaign."
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data director - josh - your-et-sky was fired* friday.sanders apologized to clinton during last night's - debate - she accepted and encouraged everyone to move on. - this morning - marked the anniversary of a cold case murder - that still haunts cedar rapids.michelle martinko - was found stabbed to death - at west dale mall.tonight - police tell us - they have now assigned two retired investigators - to follow every tip and clue that comes in - - and they do** continue to come in - as recently as last month.a year ago we sat down with family members - who are still praying to find out - - who killed michelle martinko. martinko. - sister talking - with pictures of michelle - - " she was sort of our miracle baby .. because my mother was 44 when she had my sister .. (( 17:58:42 )) she was just the world and all to us.. (( 17:58:49 )) and as a child she was the happiest little girl you'd ever want to meet. "eighteen - - model beautiful - - popular in dance
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school.michelle martinko had everything going her way. way." she was very very feminine and i was the tom boy .. so she was a totally new experience for me .. she was my little doll. "proud sister janelle - watched michelle grow from the flower girl at her and john's wedding - into an amazing young woman.who ventured out - a few nights before christmas - with cash - to buy a coat at the newly opened west dale mall.they'll never forget the gasping phone call from janelle's mother. mother. " and she just said michelle's been murdered .. (john) .. i thought she was choking .. i couldn't imagine what was wrong she couldn't breath. " " - - " michelle was 18 - an adult - but when she didn't come home - police finally agreed to go search. they didn't find her in a secluded park - or alley - she was right here - at west dale - inside her car - killed in the most savage - way. " " a violent struggle in that
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police said that she was stabbed 19 times .. in the face, in the chest ..with defensive wounds on her hands." hands."- " we've talked to some people that as late as 8:00 in the evening did see her and she was fine. "police were confident the killer would quickly be caught - but in the car - they found no finger prints - no murder weapon -- and no motive - the money still in michelle's seemed personal - - a crime of jealous rage. rage. " the hardest thing is the lack of any reason. ((or is no reason" reason" " they didn't want her money, they didn't want her sexually, they just wanted to end her life .. ((could cut)) and that was just not something we could understand. " "" i mean she was the every day average high school girl ,, you know you don't get murdered .. that just does not happen. " "- " tinkle tinkle"as the martinko family buried michelle - days turned to months -rumors at school ran
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a relative - a teacher - even a jealous girl -a theory supported - by cruel* phone calls to - martinko's - parents. parents." is michelle there .. at christmas time .. can i talk to michelle. well no michelle is dead .. ha ha ha ha .. you know that kind of thing. "michelle's ex- boyfriend - became a prime suspect ((no pics of him .. legally probably best)) best)) " he was at west dale mall that night and ran into her in the hallway and they had words. "but he was later cleared.police know that in the violent frenzy - in the car - the killer stabbed himself* - and likely had a large gash** . . d-n-a testing on the blood left behind has cleared more than 70 people michelle knew knewand thousands more in prison data bases - across the country. country. " she turned out to be a very good athlete. " " " our lives are all through those scrap books .. but
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35 years - emotions are raw - the pain does not go away. michelle's mom and dad both went to their graves - never knowing the truth.the heart- break of losing their miracle baby - literally killed them them " my mother .. tears .. just didn't go out of the house any more ..didn't want to talk to people .. terribly depressed. ((18:17:57 )) .. my father wound up having a stroke and had to quit work early and she took care of them .. their lives were destroyed, i mean there's no doubt about it. " "" when people say you're having family for christmas or whatever .. do you have sisters or brothers and i say i used to .. tears .. i used to .. breath. "janelle says she still cries during the holidays when she thinks about michelle - - what might have been .. and how much she misses her little sister .. the beautiful young woman - who will forever be 18.
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anything about this .. it's never too late to give this information out .. and i do think somebody has information .. (( 18:19:04 )) i think it's our only hope at this point. " " - grave wind chimes ... tinkle tinkle . police hope someone may be back in town for the holidays - who remembers hearing or seeing something. there is a sizable* reward - - and you can remain - anonymous - - by calling - linn county crime stoppers. coming up on the fox 28 news at nine, nine,// no, no no // // caught on camera.the opening night glitch - that had star wars fan's - boiling mad - in the dark. dark.and - - just a warning to parents - - we're about to have an honest talk about santa* claus.if there are any youngsters - in the
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the sound - for that story - next.
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paris: there's a lot to do on a dairy farm. nobody's gonna do it for you. you have to get out there and do it yourself. bernie sanders is a well-known friend of family farms. bernie cannot be bought out by big money. bernie's opinion cannot be purchased. it's time for our next president to get in there, roll up his sleeves, take off the gloves, and take on wall street, take on big business, take on big money, and get the working class back to where they should be. he's a rock.
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- - as we mentioned - - if there are any young ears - in the room - - please turn down the sound.we are talking about - - all of us who believe - in santa claus. claus.when your parents - - or those kids at school - tried to change your mind - is the topic - in tonight's - say what. what. " ho ho ho ho merry christmas " yes virginia - - we all know santa is the real deal -- but there is that time - - in our youth
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doubts. " to hit every kid and go down all the fireplaceds so i guess i was a little suspicious. " note to parents - you're not as clever as you think - that's erins mom on the left. left. " santa ended up having the same handwriting as my jmom and i think i ended up telling my sister i think ruined it for her ..yea .. i did .. smiles. " " i kind of found out by myself because santa had the same handwriting as my mom. " marks dad was brutally honest - " it was around this time of year christmastime and i was asking if santa really was real and he just straight out told me .. nope it's been me this whole time. " " jesus is the real reason for the season but i mean there's no harm in the joy of santa and what he brings us. " jon came home from the movie elf - and confronted his sisters sisters " they took me to another room and said alright the jigs up .. santa's not real but you still have to keepit a secret between all of
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" my parents i guess they sent me to a room to get something for them and i looked in their closet and seen all the gifts. " " we lived in an apartment and i used to wonder how santa got in because there was no chimney but christmas morning when i got the presents i forgot all about it " and sometimes " i'm santa " you just have to go straight to the source source " the spirit of giving and just sharing good will among people is what i truly believe and so i wish everybody a very merry christmas ande a happy new year. " same to you santa - - and safe travels.santa - doesn't have to have snow - - but we're still looking to see if we have any chancefor a white christmas - justin roberts - is here -
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still ahead on the fox 28 news at nine - home for the holidays. one corridor project - is making sure veterans - can enjoy the spirit of the season.
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a lot of art on display at the kirkwood culinary** kitchen - at newbo city market today. that's where the kirkwood - glass club - put on its three - d art sale.items such as glass - pottery - jewelry and sculptures - - or anything** that's not flat. artists say they're just happy - for all the support. "it's about giving back to the community, and being in the community so when we're doing our sales at kirkwood proper it's sort of a very small group of people that see the sale every year and they support us well, but we're just trying some new venues " "proceeds from the three - d - sale - support visiting* artists - and help club members travel to conferences. every holiday season - home instead senior care - touches
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a santa to a senior - program. this year - christmas arrived early - for senior veterans - in the corridor. 28 news reporter steffi - lee - witnessed the celebration. celebration. piles of community-donated gifts... gifts...and stacks of letters. letters."and we invited them to please give us a call if there is something we can do in the future to help them out."go hand in hand - to spread christmas cheer - -on sunday morning - veterans rick martin and gene peterson were just some of the volunteer santa clauses clauses"they put down what they want and it's like underwear, t-shirts, perishable food, picture frames,"helping senior citizen veterans like jerry grubb grubbhave a merry christmas. christmas. "the first thing that comes to mind is sad. it's unfortunate that we've got senior citizens that are in the condition they're in." in.""a lot of these veterans have to rely on somebody to step forward to m,ake their christmas a little more
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veterans affairs turned in names in october and the gifts started pouring in throughout december. december. "i personally wouldn't think to ask for underwear for christmas."when gifts are opened up up "it's things all of us have plenty of."those who might not have a lot... lot...can now feel like they have plenty "it's very worthwhile and fulfilling to take things to families."\\covering the corridor in cedar rapids, steffi lee, fox 28 news. this was the first year the program partnered - with - linn county - veteran's affairs.donations from local businesses - and supporters - meant gifts for more than seven hundred seniors - this year. coming up on the fox 28 news at nine - - re-call alert. alert.what you need to know - if you - or your friends - are big chocolate**
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a popular - stocking stuffer - is being pulled from store shelves. shelves.thousands of cases** of dove chocolates - - are being re-called.they may contain - ingredients - not** on the label - - that could be dangerous - for those with food's the dove chocoloate - assortment snow**flakes - in the 24-ounce bags.they are only** sold at walmart. // no no no // // caught on camera.the reaction - from a star wars fan - on opening night - when died - projector - failed*
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it happened in hollywood.the movie - re-started - - but skipped about tweinty** minutes.the theater - gave everyone a refund - plus a voucher to come back.the new installment - made an estimated 238 - million dollars in the united states and canada this week-end.that shatters the old record - held by jurrassic world - by nearly twenty million dollars. "simply having a wonderful christmas time" - if this song is stuck in your head for-ever - - there's a reason.for the first time in years - - mariah carey's - all i want for christmas is you - - is not the most played christmas song. as your shopping - - as your driving -- and in all that elevator music - - the new number one song is - wonderful - christmas - time. a nod - - to sir paul mccartney - - who originally
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the version you're hearing now - is a cover - from the shins - - an indie - rock band - out of albuquerque. history is revealing itself - again - in egypt. egypt.the tomb of maya - - the wet nurse of king tut - - was opened to the public - for the first time since its - discovery - two - decades ago.the tomb - is 13 miles - out-side cairo.the tomb sits on a burial site - - where high-ranking officials - of ancient egypt's - new kingdom - were all dates back - more than three thousand years. coming up on the fox 28 news at nine - - santa on ice. ice.he'll be really busy later this week.why some kids - were so happy - to see
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// skate on the santa is going to be really busy later this week - but he took some time to go ice skating - today - with the kids at the cedar rapids ice arena.for a guy - - who spends so much time in a sleigh - santa was pretty skilled on skates .and so were the of santa's reindeer - - came along for the party - - but - - you know from watching bambi - - that ice and deer don't mix - well still - a great way - to spend a chilly - last day before winter . "its just something fun and different. people don't think santa can skate, and santa is out there skating and having fun with everybody." everybody."afterwards - the kids warmed up with some cookie decorating and holiday crafts - to cap off a fun afternoon. so far - the only ice - - is in the arena - - but we're keeping a close eye -
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in the days before christmas.. christmas..justin roberts -
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coming up in sports sportswe break down the big 4 - - why our coach kevin lehman -- wasn't surprised the wes washpun came up big against another top 5 team and how an early season loss will actually -- help -- the iowa state in the long run --
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praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled, and effective leader. building a future to believe in.
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if the world of college basketball didn't know who wes wasphun was -- before u-n-i played iowa state in the big 4 classic -- i think it's safe to say they do now -- wasphun dominated the cyclones from the opening tip tipthe former washington
9:32 pm
28 points, 11 assists, 7 rebounds, and 2 steals in 39 minutes -- all against the 5th ranked team in the country -- and the scary thing for the rest of u-n-i's opponents -- his coach thinks he can play better. "i don't know if it's the energy in the buildings or just knowing that i'm going to have a heck of a match up with a heck of a team, but i always seem to turn it up a bit in these situations." situations." "i think he's had a good start to the season, you know we are 10 games in and he had a good performance against north carolina, he had a big performance tonight .. he's got some things he needs to clean up. he and i talk about that quite a bit so i think he can still play better." iowa state knows they can play better -- especially on defense -- the cylones allowed the panthers to shoot 58 percent from the floor including 13 three pointers -- but on the otherside of it -- i-s-u out-rebounded u-n-i, head fewer turnovers, more blocks, and more steals -- so it's not time to push the
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"obviously there is somethings you have to correct, but i think we are still improving as a team every day and trying to get better. we had one downfall and i don't think that's going to determine who we are." are.""we'll get better. we are a third of the way through the season, we are 9-1. it's a process. and we can't be in peaks and valleys over one game." iowa's win over drake wasn't pretty for most of the game until down the strecht when the hawks turned an ugly grind out win into something pretty when they needed it the most mostmike gesell fueled iowa to victory by both his play -- 7 of 8 from the floor for a team high 17 points and a simple message to his teammates with 1 minute and 37 seconds left in the game -- let's get 3 straight stops.. "we pretty much focused in on getting three stops in a row thanks to mike. mike spoke up at a keep situation in time. you know he told us you know,
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game let's get three stops." stops.""the key was stops. we always talk about as a team getting consecutive stops and that allowed are running game to get going and it fueld our
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and both the iowa state and northern iowa women's basketball teams picked up huge non-conference wins -- the cyclones beat alcorn state by 50 and the panthers took
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still to come on fox 28 --- the packers are back in the playoffs for the 7th year in a row -- but could they hold on to an early lead in oakland and more importantly -- stay atop the n-f-c north -- that's
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before the packers took the field in oakland -- they clinched a spot in the playoffs for the 7th straight year because the giants lost to the panthers -- but there's still a division title on the line for green bay and a win over the raiders would keep them alone at the top aaron rodgers talking to
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woodson -- and micah hyde was playing like charles woodeson -- hyde picks off derek car in the first -- and the former hawkeye -- has a convoy -- hyde returns it all the way down to the 2 -- that would lead to a john kuhn touchdown then on the next play from scrimmage for the raiders -- carr is picked off again -- this time by damarious randall -- and he houses it -- 43 yards on the pick six -- packers jumped out to a 14 point leadthe raiders would come all the way back and take a 3 point lead -- but it wouldn't last -- aaron rodgers -- to james jones -- packers win -- 30 to 20 the final "i think we have 10 wins and we're in the playoffs -- and we'll have a fun day tomorrow." short -- sweet -- and to the point. so packers took care of buisness -- the vikings trying to keep pace with the leaders of the north -- while the bears were just fighting to keep their playoff hopes alives -- something they've done just once in the last 8
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jay cutler hoping this will put an end to that drought bears down 10 nothing in the 2nd -- cuddy bringin them back -- he hits alshon jeffery in the endzone to cut the lead to 3 -- but after that it was the teddy bridgewater show -- jump to the third -- bridgewater hits steffon diggs on the crossing pattern and he dives across the goalline for his 2nd touchdown of the dayteddy threw for 2 hundred 31 yards and 4 scores -- and the man can also run -- 5 total touchdowns for bridgewater -- vikings cruise -- 38 to 17 the final. "we did a lot of good things as a football team. we didn't commit penalties, we didn't beat ourselves, we scored touchdowns when we had the opportinuty to get into the redzone, when we got into the red zone today we converted on third downs, i thought teddy played well ... and my mom has to keep coming back because she's undefeated when we are here." "same stuff that's kind of
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the year. we open the game with a holding call off a big run, i threw an interception, we had a strip sack, thought protection was a little shaky today, some more penalties... i mean.. doesn't matter who we played today we weren't going to win playing that kind of offensive football." chiefs going for their 8th straight win -- taking on the ravensno score in the first -- char-can-drick west -- shoots through the hole -- and he gone -- 38 yards on the score -- k-c goes up 7 nothingit's tied at 7 later in the first -- baltimore on the move -- buck allen runs into the pile -- and some how loses the ball -- tyvon branch is there for the scoop and score -- chiefs led by 10 at the break --and their defense wasn't done -- jump to the 4th -- marcus peters says -- i'll take that -- 90 yards later he is in for 6 -- chiefs make it 8 straight -- 34 to 14. -- and the game
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"you know the defense you seem them kind of salavate so to speak. the defensive line really turning it up... you know they are throwing it and yeah they might make some plays but sooner or later you can take advantage of the mistake and we were able to do that today." that's a check of sports,
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once again tonight, we're following breaking news in cedar rapids.we've learned that one person lost their life in a fire at the grand view village mobile home park - on the south-west side of the city.the fire chief says the mobile home is a total loss and they are working on figuring out what caused the fire.more on this story throughout the night on
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