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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  January 4, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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fox 28 news begins tonight with the sad ending to a two-day search for a missing teen in johnson county. all started sunday afternoon when a report was called in of a capsized canoe. canoe.two people were in that canoe, but only one managed to make it to shore near the twin view heights area of coralville, a recovery team located the body of 17-year-old tanner wymer.he was a senior at solon high school. 28 news reporter steffi lee begins tonight's team coverage from coralville lake. lake. we've learned both men werent wearing any safety equipment when canoeing yesterday, when strong waves crashed into them, causing the boat to tip over.this sheet of ice covering coralville lake didn't stop 51-year-old michael felton and 17-year-old sheriff's office says the men were canoeing sunday afternoon
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home.felton was able to swim to rescue and eventually get help at uihc - but wymer wasn't.give the ice the opportunity to form and solidify a little better."the johnson county emergency management agency says water activities become more dangerous this time of year than summer.anytime we have situations where lake levels are high and low - and we've got current forming bringing ice and debris into the lake, add that with strong winds and you got recipe for a problem. that combination also posed a problem for first responders searching for wymer underwater. they struggled to sift through the sunken trees and other debris.the days are getting shorter as well we're running into less and less natural light and we encourage people stay off the ice - stay off the waterway.the johnson county emergency management agency says even if you do decide to go on the waters -
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always wear a life jacket or have it readily available because it really is an unsafe time to be out on open waters. covering the corridor in johnson county, steffi lee, fox 28 news. the news is hitting the community of solon very hard tonight. tonight.many gathered tonight to remember the young life lost. 28 news reporter dora miller is live in solon right now with more, dora? very somber night tonight as students remember someone they all called a friend. it's clear his loss will have a lasting impact. a student, teammate and friend will no longer share the halls with the people here. solon high won't ever be the same. "he's a student that everybody wants to have in class and i believe everybody was fortunate to have as a friend." his presence -- a loss that everyone who came in contact with him -- will feel. "listening to his coaches, listening to his teachers they will tell you that he was a
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great role model, extremely intelligent.""he was so funny. he was really such a great person. he always made people laugh and he's such a great role model too.""we actually were good friends, he's actually a really good role model."as his close friends left school today, lexi 04:56:51 "he was my neighbor, he lived right down the road with me"...they say they couldn't leave behind their memories of tanner. "over the summer a few years ago, we all mud fight in my backyard and it was so fun to have all those laughs together.""i still can't believe it. it feels like a dream, like it doesn't seem real. it's crazy to think that someone from a small town that everybody knows is gone."but the overflow of support and the love shown by strangers will make his loss just a little easier to handle. "we had an outpouring of "we had an outpouring of phone calls from community members just asking what can we do to help?""it's gonna be difficult, but we'll get through it." counselors will be at the school all this week to help students and staff who need help processing tanner's death. covering the corridor in solon, dora miller, fox 28
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turning to dubuque right now. now.where authorities are looking for the person who shot a two year old boy. happened late last night on main street.first responders rushed the two year old to university of iowa hospitals and clinics where authorities are not releasing his condition.there have been no arrests in connection with this shooting. now an update to last month's bizarre severe weather outbreak. outbreak.the national weather service today confirmed a tornado touched down in the corridor -- on december 23rd. was a brief tornado, but it downed some trees in the hiawatha and toddville areas.the national weather service says the torando was on the ground for a little over two miles with winds of 95 miles per hour.that ranks it as an e-f-1 on the enhanced fujita scale. safe to say no more tornadoes in the forecast for a while here in iowa. iowa.and it was a calm start to the week today after the long holiday break. break.chief meteorologist terry swails joins us now with
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today in oregon, two ranchers reported to a federal prison to serve time for arson.but it's the actions of another group grabbing the headlines tonight. tonight.dwight hammond and his son steven were convicted of setting a fire on protected lands to cover up illegal poaching.the family disputes that, saying they were just protecting their, a group led by ammon bundy is responding by seizing a federal building on a nearby wildlife refuge.the group is believed to be armed and demanding that area ranchland be returned to the families who once owned it. there have been some tremendous abuses. they used the courts to prosecute and to basically take the land and
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resources away from the people. might recall, bundy's father had a similar standoff with authorities over his ranch in arizona in 2014. in a statement, the hammonds say they don't support the actions of bundy and his group in their name.the f-b-i is working to resolve the situation, peacefully. turning right now to the white house, where president obama will announce new executive actions he believes would curb gun violence. violence.the president met today with attorney general loretta lynch to ensure his actions would not violate the second amendment. amendment. "these are not only recommendations that are well within my legal authority and the executive branch but they are also ones that the overwhelming majority of the american people, including gun owners, support and believe it." it."but that's not expected to silence critics who say the president is trying to do the job of seven years
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in office, the president has tried multiple times to pass legislation through the house and senate.each time, that effort failed. besides the argument over the second amendment, critics say the president is also overstepping his authority, doing the job assigned to the legislative branch by the constitution. constitution.whatever side you come down on, experts say it is a delicate matter if the president wants to avoid a constitutional challenge. 28 news national correspondent jeff barnd explains. explains. the second amendment to the u.s. constitution gives americans the right to bear arms. can an executive order weaken the second amendment? one expert says the guildlines mapped out for the use of executive power and the *interpretation of those initiatives can get murkya&" that original gray area is far grayer than it has ever been roger peel ahn says a president's unilateral powers are hard to challenge by congress *or* the courts. thanks in part to fdr's new deala& when congress gave up a *lot* of its lawmaking authority to the executive
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branch. "as a result, we've got a very unclear situation as to where the presidents authority to make regulations endsa& and the congress' authority is over-stepped in wake of the 2012 mass shooting at sandy hook elementary schoola& president obama was stonewalled in congressa& and took it upon his own to put forth nearly 2-dozen executive orders to reduce gun violence. but 2 years later, president obama's most *assertive* initiativesa& like tracking lost or stolen gunsa& or strengthening backround checksa& have faced significant obstacles."almost none of those intiatives went into effect a&" i will veto that.. i will unsign that so fast"but *how* fast can the next president undo mr. obama's gun control initiativea&?" if the president passes an executive order with respect to guns"it will take less than a new york minute for the new president to undo what the president has done."scholars are generally
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*split* on whether the president *is* over-extending his constitutional authoritya& some say the president clearly has discretion about how to enforce a lawa& but whether he should *make*thema& is still up for debatea&im jeff barnd reportinga& the planned executive action is already creating backlash from republicans who say obama is acting more like a king than a jeb bush claims president obama has a pattern of taking away the rights of americans. both marco rubio and donald trump promise to throw out the orders if they make it to the oval office. still to come on the fox 28 news at nine. nine.a math prodigy the national level.but first. first.i'm matt hammill - live in the newsroom.more than a few nervous people - watching their retirement funds today.what you'll want to do - in the weeks ahead - to be ready for more
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tomorrow morning on fox28 morning live, we're getting you ready for nfl playoffs. ((anchor))as you get together with your friends to watch the games, some ideas for what kind of snacks to have!we'll see you tomorrow at 7am! that sound ended a volatile day for the wasn't as bad as some feared, with investors making up some of their losses by the end of the day.still the major u-s markets slipped one to two percent in value. experts say you can blame this most recent round of financial
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uncertainty on china. china.regardless of the reason, days like today can make just about anyone with a nest egg a little nervous. 28 news reporter matt hammill is in the newsroom tonight with more on what this all means for your money, matt? scott and karen, the new year - is when a lot of people - - are advised to take a look at their retirement - to see if it's balanced - - or too risky.a day like this - can really make you wonder about the year ahead. ahead. "this is one of the worst starting days for the dow in over eight years. " "ding ding ding " mike foley - and financial advisors across the corridor watched it happen - a slap in the face - as markets plunged - 467* points at the worst - - on the first trading day of 2016. mike foley - platinum advisory group " it might be time to buckle up your seatbelts and might be a great time to reevaluae with your financial advisor. " about half - of all full time
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tied to stocks..marv in north liberty - says he's invested for his family's future - but he tries not to look at the statements." i got another 20 years or so before i retire and then i'm retired military so i got that to fall back on. "" if you can't manage your emotions you can't manage money. " investment advisor mike tryon - says volatility is the new normal.china - terrorism and interest rates will continue to cause peaks and valleys.the good news - there's a vote in november. " historically going into an election year the administratin is going to do everything in their power to have all cylinders hitting so actually leading up to an election year the markets tend to do better. " foley says - it's all about our tollerance for risk - - and a bad day is a good day - to re-evaluate."when the market is down .. if you're losing sleep then the market is not the right place for you to be in. " " ding ding ding " advisors say you can run from
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aren't any good places to hide your money - and still get a return.tryon says - despite the bombings - despite - ebola - if you had invested ten grand in 2009 - today it would be worth 25- thousand dollars. matt hammill - fox 28 news. matt thanks.another impact on the markets is plunging crude oil prices. prices.but that's generally good news for consumers at the pump.gas buddy reports the average price of a gallon of gas in iowa remained steady last week, but well below two dollars a gallon.experts say there's little sign with demand expect to fall again that prices will spike anytime
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still to come on the fox 28 news at nine. nine.a teen who's taking his already advanced math skills to a whole other level.where his skill with numbers is taking him next -- when the fox 28 news at nine continues.
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you can't deal with something by ignoring it . but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard and pay into it, so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates!
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many teens dream of scoring the game winning shot or the decisive touchdown in a pivotal game.that all comes from the glory of competition. competition.but it's not exclusive to 28 news reporter mellaney moore introduces us to... iowa city teen preparing to take on a big challenge on a national stage. stage. looklive: this week west high school in iowa city will be subtracting one of their students so he can be added to a national math competition in seattle...and th the minimum value of the square root of x2+y2 if 5x.... junhee lee is representing the midwest in the american mathematical society's "who wants to be a mathematician
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sophomore20:10:14 i guess i really like just solving the problems...there's like an inexplicably good feeling. thursday the west high sophomore will compete against nine other students from across the country.lee says the competition will focus mostly on high-school level math.that's something he finished up two years he takes math classes at the kirpes, math teacher, math club sponsor20:25:28 he took advanced placement calculus bc, the most challenging ap calculus class that's offered as an eighth grader and i had him in class.lee won the regional high school math championship as a seventh grader.he won state in eighth grade.20:31 he thinks of others and considers others and is very, very gracious and humble in his interactions and success.if lee wins the competition, he would take home $5,000 for himself and $5,000 for the west high school math department. 20:06:21 i'm guaranteed to
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lee says he looks forward to that potential prize money...but also the sum of all the traveling to washington for the first time and meeting other young mathematicians. 20:08:13 i get to compete with them so i get to see what that's like and i guess if i do well here, i guess it would kind of be a big confidence boost.looklive:lee will be leaving for his mathematical adventure on wednesday. covering the corridor in iowa city, mellaney moore, fox 28 news. still to come on the fox 28 news at nine. was the first day of service for a number of new leaders here in eastern iowa. some of the new names that will lead their communities. communities.and president clinton is coming to iowa, and he's making a return trip to a historic site in cedar rapids. where you can catch a glimpse -- when the fox 28 news at
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is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field.
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communities across eastern iowa welcomed new leaders to office today... for many towns, this is the day when newly-elected mayors and city council members formally begin their terms. cedar rapids, that included a new representative for district two, councilman scott overland. overland." we've built up a great head of steam and we need to keep the momentum going, and there will be lots of issues that come up over the next four years and i think we all have to keep that in mind that we got to keep this momentum going." going."overland was sworn in along with incumbents scott olson, ann poe and susie weinacht.the city council will hold it's first meeting of 2016 next tuesday at noon. meantime, in iowa city, council members selected their new leadership.they elected jim throgmorton to serve as the city's mayor.mayor throgmorton is currently serving his second term on the city council.councilman kingsley botchway the second will serve as mayor pro-tem in waterloo, today marks a new chapter and moment of history. history.quentin hart was sworn
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in as the city's first african american mayor.hart already served eight year's on the city council.after his election in december, hart said he will focus on bringing the community together against violence there. a calm start to the week today after the long holiday break. when will chances of snow return? return?chief meteorologist terry swails is here now with
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terry to the middle east, where unrest is spreading after saudi arbia executed a man critical of that country's government. make matters worse, anger over the execution is splitting right down the same religious fault lines as other recent conflicts. conflicts.the main players this time are the predominately sunni muslim saudi arabia and shia muslim iran.after the execution of
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the outspoken shiite leader, a group of iranians marched to the saudi embassy and set it on fire.dozens of protestors were arrested but that wasn't good enough for saudi arabia. they severed all diplomatic ties with iran, and halted all flights to the islamic republic.the u-s, russia, china and several other countries are now calling on both sides to take a step back. "we are urging all sides to show restraint and to not further inflame tensions that are on quite vivid display in the region." region."experts say don't expect that to happen any time soon.demonstrations have been reported in a number of countries on both sides of this dispute.analysts say this new war of words could ruin any chance of bringing all sides together to find a peaceful end to the war in syria. in tonight's vote 2016 coverage. coverage.four weeks from right now, iowans will caucus for president of the united states. states.after months of
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campaigning without spending a dime on traditional t-v advertising, donald trumps is changing course tonight. tonight.the national frontrunner is launching his first early primary states as well as iowa.trump plans to spend two million dollars a week on the ads leading up to the caucuses. a former front runner here in iowa is trying to salvage his campaign before it's too late. ben carson has watched his support in the polls drop like a rock in recent weeks.senior political reporter scott thuman tells us how carson plans to turn it all around... this fox 28 news exclusive interview. interview. "are we looking at ben carson, 2.0?" carson: "uh..maybe 6.0 who knows, ha ha! we have definitely revamped the organization to make it much more user friendly. (butt to) and i myself, am going to become a little more forceful. me: with who? him: with everybody"including, his own staff. at carson headquarters,
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some rescucitating moves after carson's campaign manager quit. he's replaced by strategist ed brookover and retried general bob dees, now chairman."are there still problems in this campaign?" bob: well let me say absolutely not, the campaign changes have been somewhat overblown. (butt to) there's been media that suggest we're struggling or lost our momentum or chaos--man, it's rocking! if that's the case, the timing couldn't be more critical. the carson camp just pulled in more 4th quarter donations than any other republican candidate, 23 million dollars, but less than a month from iowa, poll numbers are "would you chalk those up as rookie mistakes? carson: "um, not so much rookie mistakes, as perhaps not intervening soon enough if something isn't working the way you expected to."expect, he says, to hear more specific policy plans, he released a flat tax proposal monday, and to see more of his
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family stumping...his wife candy, is out with a new book this go with his own new "give me one mistake you would like to take back. carson: "i think the main thing that i would do is exert more control."there's also a new motto making its way through the campaign office, 'value over volume'...a shot at other candidates, like donald trump. carson's advisors telling me, they'll focus on substance and policy details that should matter most to voterson capitol hill, scott thuman. now to the democratic race. eight years ago, hillary clinton watched her lead in iowa evaporate just days before the caucus. caucus.this time, she's not pulling any punches in order to prevent a repeat performance. performance.clinton returned to cedar rapids today.despite a challenge from vermont senator bernie sanders, clinton spoke like a presumptive nominee, targeting the republican frontrunner, donald response to
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trump's attacks on clinton and her family, the former secretary of state gave a bit of a comical rebuttal. "i've adopted a new years resolution and i'm going to let him live in his alternate reality and i'm not going to respond." respond."polls show clinton with a strong lead here in iowa, but she faces an uphill battle in new hampshire if she wants to defeat senator sanders. that's part of the reason the clinton campaign brought their biggest asset to new bill clinton.clinton told supporters he's proud of the work hillary did while secretary of state to keep america as safe as possible. the former president will travel to iowa on thursday of this week.he's scheduled to make a stop at the national czech and slovak museum and library in cedar rapids. it will be the former president's first visit to the museum since this historic moment.clinton attended the dedication ceremony for the
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museum in 1995.he was joined by the presidents of the czech republic and's a moment 20 years ago that many in cedar rapids still remember, when three heads of state, came to the city of five seasons. a familiar face returns to the sidelines in iowa city... coming up in sports... the hawkeyes host rutgers in a homecoming game for vivian stringer... we have the highlights coming up... and on the men's side... iowa finally crept into the top-25... find out where they landed... next on fox 28... the butterburger is made of just three cuts of fresh midwest beef. nothing more, nothing less. so we got the sirloin, the chuck and the plate. no fillers; that's it. all prized cuts, all well-marbled for richness and flavor. this is where those three wonderful cuts of beef come together.
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you can just tell that blend is working in there. and we sear them, and that seals in the juices of the burger. it doesn't get any better than that. and that's the culver's butterburger.
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after the rose bowl massacre on new years day... hawkeye fans quickly turned their attention to next season... and the chances of a return to the rose bowl... look a little better with news that broke tonight... the daily iowan is reporting that corner desmond king will return for his senior season... that's according to king's mother... who said her son still has unfinished business... king had eight picks last season... and was a popular name in n-f-l draft circles... vivian stringer took the iowa women's basketball program to new heights - nine n-c-a-a tournaments in twelve seasons - and tonight... for the second time in twenty years... she's back... the last time stringer brought rutgers to carver was 2005... and they beat the hawkeyes that night... tonight... was a nailbiter... ally disterhoft in the post.... just bullying a scarlet knight... bucket and the foul for disterhoft... iowa regains the lead... fourth quarter now... game tied at 61... alexa kastanek from deep... oh yeah... that's a triple... her fifth of the night... iowa back on top...
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then a couple minutes later... the dagger... whitney jennings puts it on the floor... pulls up and hits... that puts the hawks up five... fran likes it.... everybody likes it... because iowa is in the win column... they get past rutgers, 69-65 the final... big nights kastanek and disterhoft... and the hawks are now 2-0 in the big ten... what a week it was for iowa hawkeye hoops... first... they knock off the number-one team in the country... rg another top-15 team... today... the hawks squeezed into the top 25... they're still looking up at the iowa state cyclones... who dropped a couple of spots... down to 13... after losing on the road to oklahoma... iowa's big week puts them at number-19... it's their first appearance in the polls this season... so n the million-dollar question - how will iowa respond to cracking the top-25?... fran mccaffery and the players insist... nothing will change... they're not overlooking the struggling nebraska cornhuskers tomorrow night... even though a rematch with the spartans looms on
9:37 pm
of veterans who have been around the big-ten block before... and the approach won't change for the hawkeyes... "nobody gave us a chance. nobody thought we'd be 2-and-oh right now except the fifteen guys in our locker room, so i mean .. no matter what anybody says we still gotta go out there and play and perform to our best ability." ability.""i think we gotta remember we're only two games in. and we beat two very good teams but we haven't accomplishe alot.. yet. we've still got a long ways to go... business. it was a thriller in norman on saturday night... but for the fourth straight year... iowa state fell short at oklahoma... this week... they get some home cookin'... two games at hilton against texas tech and baylor... one guy fans should look out for this week... transfer forward deonte burton.... he just won another big twelve newcomer of the week honor after scoring 19 points against the sooners... and now there are questions about whether burton will soon be in the starting lineup... i've been really pleased with deonte the way he's come in and just tried to fit in... i think his focus the last month
9:38 pm
practice... obviously played well at cincinnati.. played well at oklahoma... obviously you can see his minutes going up... he's very versatile... he can play a lot of different positions for us... we just need to keep getting him better... but i'm not looking to make any lineup changes or anything like that... next in sports... more hoops talk... hear from ben jacobson about what he *liked* in the panthers' loss
9:39 pm
cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change.
9:40 pm
for u-n-i hoops... the last nine games have been... like a
9:41 pm
seesaw... after every loss.... they've bounced back with a win... they'll need to do just that on wednesday to avoid a second straight conference defeat... defeat...the panthers are already on to missouri state.. but it's hard not to look back at saturday's two-point loss to southern illinois... and think... boy it'd be nice to string a couple wins together... but coach jake isn't thinking like that... he's seeing things trending in the right direction... some disappointment in the result.. but not discouraging... because i felt like in back to back games now... our defense and our rebounding were better... we've had a pretty good idea of how we're gonna do things for awhile this year with this team... so now we'll see if we can't put a third game together... the result wasn't what we wanted against southern... but there was some defense and some rebounding that i liked... so i'm hoping we can get a third game that fits who we want to be... u-n-i's deiondre hall hopes to open some eyes next month at the n-f-l scouting combine in indianapolis... no word from the school yet... but hall re-tweeted a report that he received an invitation... the
9:42 pm
defensive back is projected to be a mid-to-late round pick in this year's draft... in high school football news... marion head coach tony perkins announced his retirement today... after seventeen years on the indian sideline... perkins retires with 104 wins... one shy of the school record... he also led marion to seven straight playoff appearances... from 2007 to 20-13... zach johnson will be using a new set of sticks in 20-16... the pro golfer and cedar rapids native has announced that he's switching equipment companies... moving from titleist to parsons extreme golf... johnson spent twelve years and won twelve p-g-a tour tournaments with titleist... that's a check of sports -- terry has a last check of your forecast when the fox 28 news
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(donkey noise) (elephant noise) (mic screech) there's a big difference between making noise... (mic tap) ...and making sense. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service.
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to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates! enough talk.
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thanks for watching your fox 28 news at nine.have a great night.
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