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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  January 6, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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miller is live in cedar rapids tonight to explain, dora? it's moreso larger corporations like quaker oats that will see ananincrease i i rates.residential customers don't have much to worry about -- but *businesses could be dishing out more money soon. soon. when it rains, it pours...and for large corporations that could meanan flood of new expenses.the city is working on changing the way the stormwater utility fee is calculated. calculated. "how everybody's rate is calculated wl change, but 90 percent of the customers will see no o ange or actually a reduction in their bill."current fees are based on total lot area... area... "right now, if you own a lot, if you have that lot as entirely a grass area you wiol pay the same as somebody who has that lototand it's completely impervious."but the change means impervious area will be the focus of billing. billing."what impervious means is the water cannot penetrate back down into the ground." simply put -- the more parking lot area and building surfaces a business has, the more they'll pay.
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reduce flooding, wesee major flooding in the city, we see flash flooding reoccurring on a fairly regular basis and we want to try and reduce that." homeowners -- who won't see much of a change -- say 's a smart move for the whole city. city. "hopefully we can win the race b bore it gets too bad, that w w we can mitigate the flooding that happens in cr and affects cr citizens so much."ultimately, the city says they're pushing g r improvements...and money is a good incentive to make rain- friendly changes to a property. property. "we want to encourage infiltration of that water; we want to encourage people to think about what they can do." the new rates are still being determined...but the change is set to start on july 1.we'll keep you updated on what happens between now and then. covering the corridor in cedar rapids, dora miller fox 28 news dora thanks.a few flakes falling across parts of iowa tonight. tonight.what can you expect tomorrow morning?
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meteorologisterry swails
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rry thanks.another ice rescue today, but this one was planned. planned.firefighters from cedar rapids are conducting training for ice rescue all this week.last year, the department responded to eight cold water rescues.this training comes just days after a solon high school senior lost his life after he fell through the ice on coralville lake. "this tyty of stuff really
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lot."firefighters remind everyone to be extremely cautious when deciding whether ice is thick enough to be on. warnings have also gone out in spots where the water level has fallen below the sheet of ice. the winter tempatures so far have helped reduce the number of calls to local fire partments about heating fires. buta& the coralville fire department says as temperatures drop, they won't be surprised if they get more calls.when it comes to space heaters, the department recommends buying one hat has a u-l logo, which means it meets all federal safety standards.they also suggest keeping it away from walls and furniture, and plugging it directly into a wall outlet. the unun itself pulls a lot of power, a lot of juice and so the cord, the extension cord is not designed for that and that's what actually will cah on fire & firethe department says don't use space heheers while you're sleeping, always have working smoke and carbon monoxide
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you ne warnbusiness owners to be on the lookout for fake money. money.recently, one business unknowingly took in three thousand dollars worth of counterfeit 100-dollar bills. authorities say employees need to watch out for a number of key security features used in genuine bills.officers are now suggesting area businesses train their workers on how to detect fakes. "usually the victim is out of luck it's sometimes difficult to capture these individuals unless there's evidence of who did it some survillance video or other things like that or they do i ia number of times." timeme"if you happen to spot a counterfeit bill, police say do not confront the suspect, instead stall and have someone callthe against the new owner of penford products in cedar rapids. the local union representing workers at penford say the national labor relations board issued compmpints against
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complaints allege the company violated the law during recent contract negotiations. the regional director of the national labor relations board tells fox 28 news they're sending a new settlement plan to ingredion. if that settlement is rejected, the case would go to a judgwho would decide whether ingredion broke labor laws. now an update to breaking news we first told you about last night. night.north korea calls its reported detonation of a nuclear device a quote "h-bomb of justice." justice."but u-s officials are raising doubts t tt the reclusive nation actually tested a thermonuclear device. fox 28 news senior political rerter stt thuman has more. more. nats of korean broadcastwith claims of success, north korea's announcement: the underground detonation of a hydrogen bomb, set off a different type of shockwave, worldwide."we have to worry about what if they try to sell this technology to a rogue
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"north korea is like a wild cat, it's very difficult to know what tty're gonna do." "we should accept it on its face but we should also investigate it."the white house, surveying the iomming intel, responded with a hefty dose of skepticisim:"the e initial aalysis is not consistent with the north korean claims of a successful hydrogen bomb test"while independent confirmation could take weeks--north korea's advance toward a weapon thousands ofoftimes more powerful than the a-bombs used to end world war 2, would be a game changer.according to one group's assessment: the u-s, russia, britain, france and china have hydrog weapons; while israel, india, and pakistan are generally believed to use less powerful, nuclear fission.regardless of north koreas true capabilities, the united nations security council quickly gathered wednesday, considering new, tougher sanctions as punishment for this violation.and south korean & u-s military forces are now weighing options to keep north korea in check. "were they to choose to take
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the united state it would be a very bad outcome for them." "this is a crazed dictatorship. he's gonna try to do everything he can to try to shock the world."what's also unclear is if north korea now has a warhead small enough to place on a missle that can reach the united states. lawmakers from both sides of the aisle call it a clear provocation and say north korea must face some sort of punishment.on capitol hill, scott thuman. *extreme -- and ongoing flooding in southern illinois and missouri has claimed the lives of more an two dozen people during thehepast week. week.that's after more than a foot of rain--up to 14 inches in some spots-- fell across the region causing rivers and creeks to breach their banks . conditions are slowly improving, wever-- and latete this afternoon a convoy with about 45 members of the iowa national guard returned from their mission to help victims in missouri.they helped residents get purified water r after flooding contaminated a treatment plant near st.
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"get out of bed get dressed find your truck and get in and start rolling . we didn't really s sp for a w wle lot, we got a mission to do, need to be accomplished, people need water. don't got time to chit chat really so keep it rolling as much as possible." possible."a major sign of progress for the region is that roads are re-opening. about 50 still remain closed. at the height of the flooding, more than 200 were shut down. in less than an hour, someone could win a half b blion dollar jackpot. jackpot.that's how high tonight's powerball jackpot s reached.that makes it the fourth highest powerball prize in history.we'll bring you tonight's winning numbers on our sister station, kgan cbs 2. still to come tonight on the fox 28 news at nine. nine.american idol begins its swan the finalal some of the local contestants who earned a ticket to hollywood. hollywood.and later, ?why hit
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ice?how some in the corridor are reaching their health goals, by scoring some too. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong.
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hey candidates, answer the call already. marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missss votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco ruo has missed me votes... than any other senator.
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doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. as many of you just saw here on fox , american idol kicked off its 15th and final season with a big two hour special and a lot of great memories. memories.the show has turned singers from all over the coununy into successful stars incuding carrie underwood and jennifer hudso as fox 28 news reporter matt hammill show us tonight, even some peoe from right here have hit the high notes. notes. - ch?v=ky4y4a_teby " jesus take the wheel " in 15 years of american idol there have been hits hits- https://www.yo
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she bangs .. she bangs .. " and misses.nat - alisabeth ch?v=ht7qu4ucphw " shame on me r tting my talent from right here in the corridor.nat https://www.yo " i believe i'm the next american idol because i am something different. " "alisabeth von presley - changes like a cameleonand has enjoyed incredible success with her band four star fate. but she still remembers the scared kidid- discoveved on the idol bus tour - singing before her* idol - mariah carey - in season 12. 12. haaa i was in shock definitely .. .. to hear her compliment me was .. i lost words .. i didnt have anything to say ... nikki minage commented on my barbie tattoo ..... randy jackson complimented my voice tonend my elvis tattoo ..that was pretty sweet. " httpsps/www.yo i'm from marion iowa. "gabe brown's band helforstout - got their shot - on idol - three years ago.he told us - it was all about having a dream. "i went to do idol basically for the band. i wanted to get
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that train as far as i can go," as for von presley -she says - even now - she owes some of her success - - to that amazing trip to hollywood you know i got to perform on a stage in front of some of my idols and it was definitelylya confidence booster and though i didn't make it to the top whatever, i still learned alot. .. it was awesome. " ma hammill fox 28 new news6 alisabeth tells us when she saw the long line for the american idol audition in iowa city she went home.but her grandmother insisted she drive back.she was s e of the final singers to audition - - and one of only five to get that golden ticket. and there's even more musical news to talk about tonight. tonight.the legendary group boys to men announcecetoday they're joining the cast of grease - live, airing on fox 28 later this month.the group will cameo in the production as 'teen angel' and sing 'beauty school dropout.'you can watch the live performance
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28, sunday, january 31st at 6
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on average, it takes three hundred americans working for a solid year, to make as much money as one top ceo. it's called the wage gap. and the republicans will make it worse by lowering taxes for those at the top and letting corporations write their own rules. hillary clinton will work to close the wage gap. equal pay for women to raise incomes for families, a higher minimum wage, lower taxes for the middle class. she gets the job done for us.
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when the temperature drops, dedend goes sky high for a life saving service. coming up on the fox 28 news at nine, how one group is adjusting their offerings to make sure everyone hasasa warm place to stay. stay.but first, ?want to make your health resolutions stick this year?why not grab a hockey stick.we'll show you one group doing just that --
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if you're looking for a way to lose some weight this new year, why not try something a little less "traditional." fox 28 news reporter joy howe shares one way to *gear up this new year... year...ininonight's to your health report. report. at the end of a long day most of us, go home to a warm meal. sit on a couch, and *unwind. but, not these guys. this group of hockey players, heads to the cedar rapids ice arena. you just get to blow off steam, a`d get out and get some exercise.sean starr, was in the national guard and spenentime overseas. now, during the day, he's a mailman. at night, he delivers incredible saves, and in
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comradery.amy i'm a cardiovascular physiologist is a u-i researcher, but you don't have to bebe scientist, to see what getether blood pumping.i've made so many friends doing this my life is kind of before hockey and after hockey because it's changed so much then there's andrew wood.i just got back into it 3 months a a he played for years - took a long break - but came back. i don't know, i just missed playing it once he started again, he lost 30 pounds. that's kind of our running that's kind of o running joke in the locker ro. 'oh man, i thought i was in good enough shape for hockey!' but, nothing g ts you in shape for playing hockey, except for hockey.' no matter what you do, no matter how old you are. from age 3 to, i thinour olst person is 72 who plays there is no discrimination once you hit the ice. and a sport that's obviously good for any body, becomes good for the soul, too. you take that first stride on the icic and yy're st so happy. i don't know, it's almost a feeling that you lot of screwing around and
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before the game and after the camel and i think that's part of/like being on a team we're all, kind of like a family now already i don'n'know anybody who's tried it who hasn't stayed no matter what happens, they got your back, sometimes, the scoreboard says they won. other times, they didn't do so well. most of the time, itdoesn't matter. we don't really care if we win or lose, we just want to have fun because here, after their day jobs are done - they're anybody they want tbe. yo get to put on shoulder pads that make you feel like y y cacatake on ththworld a a honestly, that's really the feeling that you get when you can be a different person on the ice they admit, it takes effort sometimes to get here. but once you do, it's worth it. honestly it's fun. soso of like having an edge on the reststf the world.d."good game" covering the corridor in cedar rapids, joy howe, fox 28 news at 9. they have both youth and adult leagues - and if you're thinking of joining, this sunday they're having a gear garage sale - and say you could get outfitted for as little as 50 bucks. just ahead on the fox 28 news at nine. t football team, the iowa men's basketball
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into the conversatatn of a conference title.hear from the team about their unexpected success. success.but first, an unexpected success on the campaign trail is targeting a new donald trump said about texas senator ted cruz -- when the fox 28 news at nine continues. someone just got a free 6" subway sandwich. ju t to sign up for weekly text offers. and you'll get a free 6-inch sub
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cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access to healthcare because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders u uerstands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged,
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i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. some winter precip has brought out the plow trucks in parts of iowa.this is a live look at the d-o-t's plow tracker site. you can see the circled arrows showing where the state's plows are working right now. fortunately we're not looking at any major snow cumulations in the near future. future.but we will soon welcome winter's chill at full force. force.chief meteorologist terry swails joins us now with yo weather first forecast,
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terry the weather turns even colder, local groups are trying to make sure everyone has a warm place to spend the night. of those oups is the johnson county salvation army. 28 news reporter mellaney moore is in iowa city. city. starting january 11th the johnson countysalvation army
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community and wawath with a winter day shelter. shelter. between the hours of 9 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. anyone is welcome tocome and have coffee and breakfasta light breakfast, warm up. just to have a place to o during the really cold weather.lehmann says the salvation army has done this before, but it was based on temperature. temperature. this year we're trying somethihg a little different to provide consistency, so it will l monday through friday on allll the days that the salvation army is open. that way it will be every time and you won't have to know and wonder what the temperature is in oer to come.the salvation army already has the space, but approached the local homeless coordinating board for ideas of how to have two staff members at a daytime shelter. the shelter house is sending one of their sta memberu to help on fridays. fridays. i think that there will be a lot of people that are going to use this. there are a lot of people that during the day, they don't have anywhere to go. the salvation army says they wanted to follow the success of the wint emergency overnight shelter provided by the shelter house. house. this will hopefully give us a chance to be able to meet with
9:28 pm
connected to some sort of services and maybe help them out along the way to get them some long term supports and maybe some long-term housing. lehmann says they couldn'n'do it without the help of other partnering organizations and community volunteersa&.but they're not the only ones who are grateful.during tuesday night dinner they announced of their intentions to run the shelter through at least t d march. march.there was a lot of surprise and gratitude because as we know when we've looked at the weather over the last week, winter is really here. the salvation army says there are ways you can help.yoyocan give your time, they need breakfast items or anything to help keep people warm.covering the corridor in iowa city, mellaney moore, fox 28 news. a lolo-time iowa congressman less than a year removed from public service shared some unfortuante news with us tonight. tonight.former u-s reresentative tom latham tells fox 28 news he was recently diagnosed ith n statement today he told supporters quote "i have never lost an election and i am not
9:29 pm
either."latham says doctors discovered a form of lymphoma and they're currently working on a treatment plan.the hampton native served 20 years in the house of representativ es. terry thanks.turning now to tonight's vote 2016 coverage. coverage+you might recall republican donald trump once investigated whether president obama was born in the u-s.this despite the president releasing a copy of his birth, trump is going after the man challenging his lead in iowa. an newspaper interview, trump suggested that texas senator ted cruz might not meet the requirements to become president.cruz was born in canada to u-s citizens.he had dual citizenship until 2014, when he renounced his status in canada. people wilcontinue to make politicacanoise about it, but as a legal matter, it's quite straightforward, i would note that it has occurred many times in history,"
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right on that.former candidate john mccain was born in panama to u-s citizens.constitutional scholars agree that cruz is eligible to serve as president of the united states. and therers more news from the cruz campaign tonight.iowa congressman steve king will serve as the national co-chair of cruz's presidential bid. king had already endorsed cruz for president.the republblan is also seeking his eigth term in congress this november. a pair of high profile campaign stops in cedar rapid tomorrow.the first, from a former president.bbl clinton will campapan for his wife hillary at the national czech and slovak museum and library. he's scheduled to speak at 12:45. 12:45.also tomorrow, doctor ben carson will appear at the isaac newton christian academymy in cedar rapids.he will speak as part of the school's junior leadership program.doors for that event open at 9-am. today, former arkansas governor mike huckabee made a campaign stop in cedar falls. just a day after president obama rolled out a new
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gun control, huckabee said if the new rules were such a good idea, the president wouldn't have a problem ggting them through congress.instead, he says they only create more work for legal gun owners. "it's not going to do one thing to alleviate or stop the very issues he brought up. it certainly wouldn't have stopped san bernardino, sandy hook or arora. it wouldn't have done a thing for those issues. that's what brought him to tears. tears.huckabee says a lot of republican frustratiti comes from what he calls "unnecessary burdens" and the process by which president he did it. hear more of our exclusive terview with mike huckabee, be sure to watch 'iowa in focus with kevin barry,y,this sundadamorning at 9:30, right here on fox 28. tomorrow night, president obama will take part in a town hall discussion on gun violence.but his chief rival on the issue will not be ininattendancnc, the national rifle association declined an invitation to take part in the
9:32 pm
said the organization saw no reason to participate in a quote "public relations spectacle organized by the white house."c-n-n, which is airing the discussion, says it was e network and not th obama administration that organized ththeveve.even without the n-r-a, the network plans to have other opponents of new gun laws on hand to join the discussion. late today, the u-s house of representatives passed a bill to repeal the affordable care act, also known as obamacare. obamacare.the vote: 240 in favor of repealing the law, with 181 against.that's been done dozens of titis, but this is the first time the senate has followed suit.that means the bill heads to president obama who will veto the measure.still republican leaders stood by their decision to trtrto abolishshthe e six year old law. obamacare doesn't work. higher premiums and fewer choices and restricted access...these are not signs of success i was
9:33 pm
because it benefits americans and i will remain with him on it because it still benefits americans americansthe bill also defunds planned pararthood. republicans don't have the votes for a veto override, making it a symbolic move they hope will help g-o-p candidates on the campaign trail. home sweet hilton... comimi up in sports... iowa state is back in front of their homecrowd... highlights of the cyclones and tex tech next.... and the hawkeyes are flying high in the big ten... hear from some star seniors on fox 28 sports... (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (e(ephant sound)
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when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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on monday... steve prohm said it would take 13, maybe 14 wins to be big-twelve regular seasonchamps... so after starting conference play with a loss at oklahoma... it's pretty important for iowa state to get back in the win column tonight... prohm's cyclones looking for thr first big twelve win at home against texas tech... opening minutes... time to fly for abdul nader... he goes baseline and rocks the rim... 'clones off to a soaring start... and the dunk party y continued later ininhe half... off the turnover... jameel mckay running free... he throws it down with two hands...hilton's rocking... and monte morris adds on... behind the screen... he drops in a ththe... iowa state goes up 18... and then matt thomas gets in on the fun... spots up in the corner... and cashes in on the three-ball... but texas tech is making this a tight one in ththsecond half... score...
9:37 pm
austin tonight... and lost 75-54 to the fourth-ranked longhorns... shawna johnson got hehe though... 23 points in the loss... a killer loss for ben jacobson and the u-n-i men tonight... a dequon miller layup with six seconds to go downs the panthers... 59-58... u-n-i isis now 1-2 in conference play... it's only early january... a lot can happen between now and march madness... but take a quick look at the big ten standings... only t t teams are 3-0... and iowa's one of them... the hawks continued to soar tuesday night with a win over nebraska ... behind a couple of 20-point games from their senini stalwarts... jarrod uthoff and mike gesell... but iowa was a little flat out of the gate against the huskers... they were down 12- 2... which shows they're beatable... but also resilient... it sasa a lot about our team and our toughness... and i think that sums it up... we've got a lot of toughness on our team... and we respond when our backs are against the
9:38 pm
down 8-0 and we responded very well... : i know a lot of teams when they get down they want to start quick shooting the ball... trying to get it all back at once... it's a little disappointing with the experience that we have that we did have a slow start... but wewewere able to come back from that and show our experience... it's so far, so good for the iowa *women* in the big ten as well... li bluder's squad will go o for 3-0 in conference play when they travel to michigan on thursday night... bluder admitted that her young team exceeded expectations during non-conference play... and after a hot start in the big ten... maybe it's time for the hawkeyes to think bigger... we have a long conference season ahead of us... and i still think ten is the goal... that we need to try to get that to the ten... and once we get to ten... we'll move it to eleven... and once we get eleven... we'll move it to twelve... we always want to set goals that are hard to get but attainable... we're not saying we're gonna go 18-0 in the g ten... we're not saying that... that puts a lolo of pressure on our players... goals can always be
9:39 pm
when teams win... their coaches become hot commodities... and that's the case with iowa linebackers'% coach jim reid... numerous reports are indicating that reid is leaving the program to become the defensive coordinator at boston college... the massachusetts native spent three seasons on kirk ferentz's staff... next in sports... tom brands and the iowa wrestling team talk about the hawkeyes' upcoming road trip to northwestern and illinois... details next on
9:40 pm
america is not just electing a president, we're also electing a commander in chief. that choice matters. because strengthening the economy, making heahcare more affordable, ising incomes. all of that depends on us being both secure at home and leading the world. i will get up every ngle day and do whatever it takes to make sure our country is safe and strong.
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hawkeyes at the midlands championships... iowa had three wrestlers take first and won the tournament for the third straight year... but that's last week's news... this week... tom brands and the boys hit the highway for road duals against illinois and northwestern... and even though it's technically the start of the big ten season.. the hawks' wrestlers and coacs know each other well... for iowa... the ntra remains the same: every match matters .. and every match is about widening that lead in the big ten standings... "i think that you look at illinois' score with ohio o state, i think they very easily could've won that match or two matches could've went either way... these matches can help our.. seedings for the future. "they can help the national seedings. they can help the big ten seedings." seedings."" you know like i said let's widen the gap.we got 'em again right away so let's not go into overtime and widen that gap and have no question." u-n-i wrestling fell short at eastern michigig tonight... by a score of 22-14... the panthers led 14-7 early on... but dropped the last four
9:43 pm
kirkwood played on saturday for the first time in two-and-a-half weeks... and the eagles weren't rusty at all... they won by 49 points... tonight... another non-conference opponent comes to town... kirkwood weomes marshalltown community college to johnson hall... first half, eagles up by one, jacob olson from the corner -- nothing but nylon -- he used to do that at jefferson too..he also had help tonight... da'rion king puts it on the floor... drives through traffic.....ets it to go... and draws the foul too... but seconds to go in the half... more jacob olson... he weaves through the defense and lbys it up off the glass... just before the buzzer... and kirkwood holds on to win it 79-9-... good news for royals fans... alex gordon is coming back to kansas city... on wednesday... gordon agreed to a four-year, 72-million dollar deal with the team that drafted him... and that is the biggest contract in franchise history... the deal also includes a mutual option for the 20-20 season... to the n-h-l... the blackhawks at home against the struggling
9:44 pm
artemi panarin... the front-runner for the calder trophy... here's why... what a snipe... hawks up 1-ip... the pens would tie it... but panarin... not done yet... in thththird... off the faceoff... the rook lights the lamp again... that's two for panarin... this one is aut to go final... 3-1 blackhawks lead...
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before we go we just want to wish station engineer garen braun a happy work anniversary. anniversary.garen has been with us here at broadcast park for 52 years!he started in 1964 when the station had been
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morning, charlie. charlie. good, i don't have to give him mouth-h--mouth. morning. morning. he sleeping? sure, let's call it sleep. uncle charlie, i'm gonna have a bowl of maple loops. you want one? you sure he's okay?
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