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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  February 2, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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options discussed in one johnson county community right now. now. fox 28 news begins tonight with a blizzard that just skirted by eastern iowa. iowa.still, the impacts are felt across much of the area and the cleanup continues tonight. tonight.take a look at all the snow plows still working right now to clear the way.crews were *pulled from the roads in several counties earlier today because conontions were just too dangerous.we'll get an update from the fox 28 news road warrior in just a moment. first, we turn to -- marissa scott who's in for chief meteorologist terry swails with your updated
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marissa not advised for much of the day in northern parts of the fox 28 viewing aaa. area.for r look at how things stand right now -- we turn to fox 28 news reporter matt hammill, live now in the fox 28 road warrior, matt where are you right now?
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just outside waterloo - - and in cedar rapids and iowa city didn't miss the worst of the weather by much nats - passing plows .. varoooomyou don't have to travel far from the heart of the corridornat sparks ? " scraaaaaape "to find the war stl being waged against plowing crews near cedar falls battled another burst of snowyou could still find evidence of the harrowing happenings oftuesday morning - stuck in the bobcat " varooom "in this area they spent the day digging out from between f fe and eight inches of snow. fortunately most of it too heavy to blow around muchnat endloader new hartford " varooom "in new hartfoerd whie some moved mountains of messy ice out of townothers embraced it in a classic showdown of king of the hillnat rolling snowball " grunt - churn " and stephanie - andy and
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the notionthat you're never too old for a snow daynat - " we tried before but it just wasn't that great .. the snow is perfect a& nat - - snow ball on top - - " covering the corridor in black hawk county, matt hammill, fox 28 news. matt thanks.thousands of pepele in iowa for the caucuses didn't make it out of the state before the storm. storm.more than 500-were stranded at the des moines airport this morning because of conditions between iowa and
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offifials say it could have been the days leading up to the storm, they worked with airlines to get people out faster, whenever possible. now to tonight's vote 2016 coverage coveragethe campaign here in iowa, for now, is er. er.before we signed off last night, we didn't have a winner in the democratic caucuses.but now, we do. do.former secretary of state hillary clinton edged out vermont senator bernie sanders by just four county delegate votes.actual vote totals are not reported by the democratic party. a result.clinton takes 26 delegates to the national convention from iowa. bernie sanders has 21.there were a number of precincts where each candidate had an even number of votes, but an odd number of county delegates to award. so in six cases, per state party rules, a coin was flipped to determine who uld win the extra county delegate. in all six cases, hillary clinton won the coin toss, giving her the votes needed to earn a majority in iowa.
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expressesome frustration with the rules in iowa, saying we may never know what the true vote was among participants. republicans in iowa *do* pick a winner on a straht popular vote. vote.and this one was a bit of a shocker.despite leading in almost every poll, donald trump finshed second behind texas senator ted cruz.florida senator marco rubio takes a lot of momentum to the next contests with a strong third plple showing. showing.30-republican delegates were awarded last night.cruz will take eight. trump and rubio each earned seven. ben carson received three delegates for his fourth place finish. senator rand paul and jeb bush, each earned one delegate some controversy followed the republican contest, as well. ben carson accused senator cruz's campaign of trying to steal his suppppters. as caucus votes were getting underway, cruz supporters were instructed to tell carson's supporters that he was taking a break from the campaign
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planning to drop out, which is *not*, senator crcr issued an apology to doctor carson, who accepted that apology. now, here's a look at the next contests to keep an eye on in the race for the nominations. new hampshire voters will cast eir primary ballots one week from today.after that, voters in south carolina and nevada will have their say. say.then on tuesday, march first, comes super tuesday.15 states and territories will go to t t polls to award delgates to the national conventions. the caucus results are final but the delegates who will eventually cast their votes at the national conventions are not. not.iowa's first ithe nation caucus is only the beginning of a long nomination process. 2 news reporter joe huisinga is in our newsroom with more on what happens next. scott and karen for many the iowa caucus means an end to door knocking, phone calling, and volunteering for campaigns. but for others that's not the case. case. i was expecting hillary to win
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that it was so close to just being a tie i was just very impressed. on both sides many were surprised by the results of the iowa caucus,others not so much. much. i think polls are one thing and there were a lot of people that were attracted to trumn his message bu those weren't necessarily the people that wereregoing to caucus for the party so not surprised by it. even though the caucus is over for most for some its just getting started. at this point we know that say on the republican side that there are 30 delegates from iowa to the republican national convention and we ow that they going to be proportioned based on the caucus results but we don't know who those individuals are for the most part.national convention delegates for both parties are made final at state conventions. conventions.before we get there you have a county convention you haveve district convention, and the same basic idea for the democrats. you have to go through this process where the individual people are not selected yet. while both parties already have some party delegates set in stone others will riri all the way up from m ththr caucus night precincts.for them there is still a long road ahead, but
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on pause for now. very excited my home phone will no longer blown up so that good d news for me. me.the ads and the phone calls and the flyers there just useless. useless.folks in the next states%can deal with that. from here on out the caucuses and primaries in other states will continue to build on the foundation built in iowa.both mocrates and republicans will nominate their final candidates at the national conventions both in july.joe huisinga, fox 28 news. linn county democrats and republicans say their caucuses experienced record turnout monday. mondayaythe chairs for eaea papay say a large turnout is good - it's what they were preparing some locations, the high demand caused delays, last minute registrations and some sites even ran out of forms.but the was alsosoconfusion about how to register to caucus and
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"trying to accomodate those people who were showing up, who need to be registered to vote, we say we've closed the doors, but that's for people who haven't arrived in time." "there were a lot of angry people who thought this was like an election, where you go in and sign up, sign in, and t understanding it's a caucus" caucus"some experts say the high demand and the results from iowa prove this is a tight race for txe top candidatesn both parties. analysts also say truru played a key role i ilast night's outcome. 28 news national correspondnet jeff barnd -- continues tonight's team coverage with how trust will factor in the rest of tpe race. race. "god bless the great state of iowa""i stand here tonite breathing a big sigh of relief:48as iowans went in record numbers to choose their candidatesa& pollsters say the issusuof trust *clearly*
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i think is an important issuea&in thata& any candidate running for officea& peoplea& want to feel good abouta& people want to believe ina&" roughly half of iowa's votete are self- proclaimed evangelicalsa& who according to several iowa pollsa& place trust and values at the topa& hudak says that in parta& helps explain senator ted cruz's victory *and* it *may* indicate w w donald trump could have a bumpy ride ahead. "so that draws real questions for people like donald trump.. who hasn't necessarily lived a christian life.. and is something that chritian values voters in the rereblican party are goininto have quite a bit of trouble with."even though mr. trump attracts large crowds to his rallies largely due to his *celebrity statusa&the gop has a very co religious element to it. and as part ofofthat republilin wowod view.. trust is absolutely essential.on the democratic sidea& the e-mail scandal continues to dog secretary clinton's campaigna& hud says that ,in part*.. *could* explain why senenor bernie sanders
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and hudak beleives looking forward a& hillary clinton *must* win the trust of a *major* part of the eltoratea& the independent voters.."the way that this investigation continues to play out.. and e way the clinton campaign will explain ita& is going to be fundamental for how independents perceive clinton." hudak saysa& hillary clinton *and* donald trump .. though *popular* figuresa& need to *earn* voters trust.. if they're to win the nomination of their respective partiesa& this washingtona& im jeff barnd for fox 28 news still to come on the fox 28 news at nine.. nine..analyzing isis.s.the work both here at home and abroad to combat the terror group where they are -- and where they want to be. be.and later, the unersity of iowa shows us something we've never seen itit could help in the fight ainst cancer, when the fox
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joins us tomorrow on fox28 morning live.the only local news program at 7am. 7am.we continue to track our winter weather and give you eyes out on the road, so you know what to expect in yo morning commute.see you tomorrow on fox28 at 7. u-s and italian leaders are sending a warning tonight - isis is expanding its reach. global leaders are meeting in rome right now trying to find e best way to eliminate the terror group. secretary of state john kerry, along with european and arab allies are calling for more security training for libya's miltary.that's where isis is trying to gain a new foothold. some fear would it serve as a launching pad for more attacks
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another priority is protecting libya's oil fields. "the l lt thing in the world you want is a false caliphate with access to billions of dollars in oil revenue." revenue."although leaders agree libya is a crucial front in the fight against isis, military intervention is *not* on the for the fight in iraq and syria, leaders report signifant progress is rolling back gains by the terror group. of course, the main priority is the the security of the homeland. homeland.tonight, there is new evidence the terror threat on u-s soil is 28 news national correspondent kristine frazao examines a growinintrend alreadydywithin ououborders. borders. he tried to kill a police officer.after he was arrested edward archer told authorities he pledged alliegence to the islamic state - one of nine people arrested in recent weeks who had in some way supported isis."that's
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american isis arrests."it's all outlined in the isis in america report.geoe washington university's center for cyber and homeland security has been at the forefront of tracking isis related arrests in the u-s - in which there is some connection, either trying to leave the country to support isis or committing crimim in the terrorist groups name" according to the isis in america report, there have now been a total of 80 people in the unitedtates who have been arrested for having ties to isis. that's just since march of 2014."we're getting to the point where this is becoming untenable for the fbi they honestly cannot arrest everyone who expresses their support for isisthe obama administration has just announced a revamp to its efforts to counter exexemism - adding new staff and tens of millions of dollars to fight terrorism, financing and online propaganda"the goal here is to find additional ways to work togeth to make it even hardereror terrorists
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cyberspace"but much more may be needed, since hughes says isis now encouraging followers to stay put." they're saying do whwh you can where you are and the question becomes if we are going to see an uptick of attacks in the homeland because people are unable to travel to syria and iraqnew concerns for the new year as arrests of isis sympathizers at home washington
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next on the fox cancer.the amazing view seen for the first time at the university of iowa -- when the
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continues. cancer is one of the leading killers in the u-s., for the first time, we're getting a look at how tumors form, thanks to research at the university of iowa.
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your health report. video released by the university shows breast cancer cells capturing and pulling healthy cells into them, eventually forming g tumor. researchers say it takes only five-percent of cancerous cells in the body to form tumors that way. the new information proves cancer cells don't just passily stick to hers, they actively recruit other cells. it wasn't a scientific breakthrough, but an motional one, all thanks to the sound of a heartbeat. heartbeat.don champion takes us to phoenix for a reunion unlike any other. other. the tears flowed instantly between heather clark and esther gonzalez.through their two childr, the mothers know too well the tragedy of loss- and the beauty of a second chance."crying thank you"their story started in 2013 when
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lukas died suddenly. "he was just so outgoing, he was just a little ham"in her moment of grief, heather made the brave decision to donate lukas' organs.she remembers what she thought."there is another family out there, somewhere, you know ww's feeling something of what i'm feeling, somewhat, and i have the chance to make them not go through what i'm about to go through"in arizona, it's was going through at the time. her r -month old daughter jordan was fighting for her life because of a congenital(kun-gin-ital) heart defect.after countless surgeries and seizures, jordan needed a neheart to survive. and that's fxactly what she got; lukas' heart was a match. but, because the donation was made anonymously, the families hadn't met... until this past friday."can i have a kiss on the cheek please"the moms found each other online.their bond was instant.then came a
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a teddy bear..."say that's my heartbeat- hhrtbeat"... that played the beat of lukas' donated heart.then heather got to listen for herself.heather listening to heartbeat."she would be so selfless to be able to think of another family while she's going through her grief,"two moms brought together by tragedy... "it's so strong"... but now bound by triumph. don champion reporting.right now, more than 122-thousand people in the u.s. are waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant. you can find more information on how to donate on our website, fox 28 iowa dot com.m. next on the fox 28 news at nine. nine.searching for the new minimum.we'll take you to tiffin where they're discussing how they want employers to pay their employees employeesand more voting tonight in a handful of special elections.we've got
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so, let me get this straight -- u.s. cellular has the phone you're looking for, a network that's built to give you coverage way out here where the other guys don't, and 6 gigs for onl$40 a month. that's a lot less than verizon and at&t. so, why on earth would you ever go with one of those other guys? switch to u.s. cellular now and get 6 gigi of data for $40 a month plus get $300 back.
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weighing the pros and cons of a higher wage.toght, one community considers what to do in the coming months. last year, johnson county ordered the minimum wage increased to 10-10 an hour. hour.that jump from 7-25 is being phased in over several months.but after the first increaseseto 8-20, tiffin tonight discussed how much further to go. 28 news reporter dora miller, live in tiffin right now has more on tongiht's talk, dora? tonight, young woerok the heat..after city oposed an ordinance that would keep minimum wage as low as $7.25 for workers under 18 years old.
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be paying kids under 18 any less. equal work, equal pay." "if you start making a cutoff based on age of younger than 18 years, you can flip that around and make the same discrimination about people over 50."people in the council meeting were all on the same was the council that was split on the decision to keep minimum wage lower for teenagers. "i think what it's about it suppressing wages and it doesn't suppress wages for just children, which i am m completely against, but it suppresses wages for everyo bad for this minimum wage. i feel you have to work, prove youruelf to be a good worker and you will get your p p.""i like the passion of trying to pay more, i'm not against that. they just won't, they'll get less hours..""those arguments are 80 years old
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argument, i'm stating a fact mike. just as you did, i did too."after some heated moments..."life's not fair and there's no way we can make it fair by saying everybodod should get paid the same money for the same job... now hold on."the first reading passed and the council will address the issue again during thehe next session. there are still two more readings before the ordinance can be passed. the next council meeting in two weeks. dora thanks.turning now to linn county countywhere a pair of special elections are deciding the fate of tens of millions ofof dollars in school bonds. bonds.and we begin in springville, where leaders are hoping voters would pass a 4-point-7 million dollar bond measure.60-percent was needed
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that's what susuorters got. according to the linn county auditor, despite today's weather, turnout in springville reached nearly 34- percent. and in the college community school district, leaders tried a second time to pass a bond measure.and this time, they got it through.68-percent of voters approved the nearly 50- million dollar bond.about 17- percent of registered voters turned out today in the college community district. turnout for special elections like today are historically low. low.and as fox 28 news reporter mellaney moore found out, the weather didn't help in some lling locations. locations. wind, snow and sleet didn't stop some corridor voters.i was raised on a farm, so it doesn't matterfrom vcing their opinion on 49 and a lf million dollars of potential bond money going to the college community school district.we brought books but
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up yet.that says a lot about whwh voting officials thought the weather would do to tuesday's turnout.we opened the polls at noon at it has been extremely busy ever since we opened.polls were scheduled to open at seven in the morning until the weather forecast blew in.that pushed it back to noon.we've had 45 people in 45 minutes, so that's really pretty good we weren't expecting cbs 2 news previously reported, the school district says the money residedes are voting on would be used to add classroom space and address safety, security and efficiency issues in four officials say they were proved wrong in their expectations for how many people would come through the legion doors...and they're happy about really tells that the people are interested in what's going on and they're showing up to vote.people compin about the way things are in politics and in voting for school bond issues you can voice your opinion.covering the corridor in cedar rapids, mellaney
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additional votes are being tallied in the lone trereand waterloo school districts. waterloo voters *rejected* a school bond measurwe're still awaiting results from lone tree. a woman who has helped lead linn county for more than a decade will not seek another term. term.linda langston is announcing she will nototrun for re-election in november. she's served on the board of supervisors for nearly 14 a statement, langston says she hope to continue work to improve public health and mental health services e en though she will no longer serve in an elected office. just ahead on the fox 28 news at nine. nine.we continue to monitor snow falling across parts of iowa tonight.this is a li look frorothe fox 28 road warrior in grundy county. marissa has your complete weather first forecast, when the fox 28 news at nine
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sportsiowa state and hilton magic back in action against another ranked opponent -- could the cyclones bounce back and break the pesky west virginia press pressplus -- the hawks made the front page again --- what the guys are saying about the sports illustrated lovov-- xt on fox 28... so, let me get this straight -- u.s. cellular r s the phone yoyore looking for, a network that's built to give you coverage way out here where the other guys don't, and 6 gigs for only $40 a month. that's a lot less than verizon and at&t. so, why on earth would you ever go with one of those other guys? switch to u.s. cellular now
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plus get $300 back.
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another day and another game against a top 15 team for iowa state -- this time it's west virginia or i should sasapress virginia -- george niang described the mountianeers press by quote -- being chased
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the cylcones have never lost to pit bulls or west virginia at hiltonand they were spinning hot from the start.t. monte morris spots up for three and splashes it home -- i-s-u goes up 8and that lead would grow -- deonte burton -- gets up to get down with the one handed slame -- the cyclones led by as many as 15 the mountaineers would battle back and cut it to 2 before the half -- but morris had the ally -- and jameel mckay brought the oop -- west virginia would come all the way back -- and lead by as many as 6 -- george niang -- doing george niang things -- the hoop and the harm to put iowa state up 2 -- they lead late in the second half. in the fall... iowa football was livin' the dream -- an undefeated regular season -- their first big 10 west title -- and a cover on sports illustrated -- and now the men's basketball team joined in on the fun in the lastest isise of s - i-- jarrod uthofofis donning
9:32 pm
time a hawkeye basektball has since george peeples did it in 1966... and it's the first time in school history that both the football and babaetball teams were featured on the front page in the same year. it's cool... really cool... to have that national recognitn... and especially the season&football had d now we're having... i think it's really, really great to be a hawkeye right now... it's great for the program... hawkeyes across the board are having a lot of success... i think it's great for the fan base... great for the players, coaches... and everybody around the program... when you see them working as hard as our guys work... you want to see them recognized properly.. and so i think it's a terrific honor.. the panthers are coming off a huge w over the salukiki -- thanks to a big performance by their big man, bennett koch -- the sophomore center had a career day in points -- with 22 and rebounds -- with 11 -- which has been all the talk i cedar falls since sunday -- but his playay- not that big of a surprive to ben jacobson
9:33 pm
touches. "bennett's been talked about a lot since the game and he was terrific.. he was great. b liked i've talked about, he's played well and we have missed him. we haven't thrown him the ball enough. when he's been in when we've thrown him the ball he's been good in conference play and been relatively consitant with his effort and how well he's s done." when the iowa women pushed the reset button after losing 3 straight big 10 games -- they really pushed the reset button -- bluder's bunch held a team media day signifying a brand neneseason in the middle of the season and what ever was said in the team only "q" and "a" session -- worked -- the hawks are two and oh since then and are now llof confidenee as they prepare to take down the hoosiers- where nobo has this season. "we are going to do something that nobody has done all year, try to beat them at their place. nobody has done that. they are 9 and oh on their home court. we know that it's going toe a big challenge, but i think k at right now is the best time we can take our
9:34 pm
their.""last game we had 5 people in double figures and when we do that we are usually successful so indiana's a great team% they've been playing pretty well of late so we are just going to h he to go in there and handle them." the iowa state women erased a 10 point half time deficit to beat kansas by 10 at allen fieldhou -- shawna johnson led e way for the clones who snapped a 5 gamemeosing streak -- with 20 points. huge matchup in high school girls hoops between regina and west branch the regals won the firsmeeting -- but the bears were ready for a battle -- haley poe-la-- the board -- the bucket -- and the foul -- west branch takes an early lead regina though -- undefeated for a reason -- check out the passing -- all the way around to mary crompton -- who dial long distance and connects for 3 of her game high 17and then off the inbounds pass -- kennedy brown -- kisses it off the glass -- regals clinch the river valley south division title -- 37 to 35 the final.
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saints have sent another skater to the next level -- their left wing -- michael o'leary commited to the university of nortre dame today -- in 36 games this season o'leary has 5 goals and 12 assists. that's a check of sports -- marissa has a last check of your forecast when the fox 28
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thanks for watching your fox 28 news at nine.have a great night.
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