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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  February 6, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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discussing - just ahead of the new hampshire primary. primary.and gamers - invade cedar rapids.why they love comic con so much and why organizers say it's the bebe event in the country. country. good person - is in the hospital - and another in jail - - after a shooting** over-night in linn county. happened about 3-30** this morning - - in the 14-hundred block - of sisley* grove road - north-west. the sheriff's office says - deputies found a man - who'd been shot* twice.he's at university of iowa hospitals - with serious** wounds. investigators say they're still trying to find out - exactly what far - hey aren't releasing any names. some mild temperatures across the corridor tonight - - but changes are on the way - that could include snow* - for some areas. areas.meteorologist - rebecca - cope - pellman is here - -
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in your forecast. the iowa caucuses - ended with the closest** democratic results in history. now - the party says it is* reviewing - complaints from both hillary clinton - and bernie sanders - about the final delegate** - totals. at least six* cases - a coin toss - made clinton** the winner.the democratic party - calls it fair - accurate and legal - - and says it does not** expect the numbers - to change.the party says reviews - the processes after every* caucus event - to improve. happening right now, now,republican* candidates - are debating in new's their final chance - to reach voters -
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primary.a number of issues are being discussed - including what happened on monday in iowa..that's when ted cruz supporters - told caucus-goers - - that doctor ben carson - was dropping out of the race. "i was very dissapointed that members of his team thought so little of me that they ttught that after having hundreds if not thousands of volunteers and college students who sacrificed their time and were dedicated to the cause, one even died, that i would walk away with 10 minutes until the caucus. i mean who would do something like that?." that?."cruz did apologize - for the incident. one person not on the stage - carly - she's using that rejection - to her advantage - - and why she's so angry - - coming up -
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with the political circus - now in new hampshire - there's a lot on the line - - for the top three republicans - coming out of iowa - - cruz - trump - and rubio. as danielle - notting-ham reports - - that's why this - final debate - is so critical. critical. "my name is vanessa, we're from the bernie sanders campaign for president"vanessa banti has been hitting the pavement hard. she's one of more than 140 volunteers from connecticut who call themselves "road berners." they've spent the last six weeks driving hundreds of miles across the country knocking on doors.(13:36:36) we've had a lot of people in new hampshire but also in iowa and massachusetts too because the super tuesday primary on march 1st is also important they'll be out here every day until tuesday's primary even though polls show sanders has a double digit lead over hillary clinton in the granite state. 13:42:35 danielle: at this point in the game what are you telling people when you're knocking on the doors? vanessa: we want to make sure they're going to vote in the primary"rival hillary clinton
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--- .bring your friends and your neighbors to vote for me on tuesday and i promise you i will fight."the republicans have their last showdown before tuesday's primary tonight here in manchester. donald trump returns to the debate stage after skipping the last one in iowa" on saturday, he slammed jeb bush on social media for bringing his mother on the campaign trail. he tweeted.. "wow, jeb bush, whose campaign is a total disaster, had to bring in mommy to take a slap at me. not nice!"jeb bush hit back saying it's a sign of insecurity. "i'm not a psychologist or a psychiatrist, but the guy needs therapy."the fireworks may continue tonight with john kasich and ted cruz in a close race for third in the polls.. and marco rubio's recent surge to second place. that was danielle knotting-ham - reporting. we'll have the primary results - - right here - tuesday night.february is national* heart month - - and for a vinton** photography y
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give 28 news reporter - steffi lee - has the story. story. kendra spencer says her photography business held a fundraiser for the american heart association today because she kno realizes time is a gift that needs to be captured when you're not sure what's ture. ***camera snap - that looks super cute***when kendra spencer snaps away - -"exactly, there ya go"she remembers how her passion behind the camera all started when her daughter - olivia liv spencer - was born with only half a heart. heart. "at that point, we weren't sure how long she was going to make itito i took thousands of pictures that first year"from open heart surgeries to school activities - kendra keeps a picture trail not knowing which moment will be the last. last."school calls and says she's blue - is this the day. this is the day that something terrible happens and that thought will unfortunately
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documenting liv's story - blossomed into a business helping others live to tell their stories. stories. "i love seeing my mom take photos."on saturday, kendra lee photography held a valentine's day photoshoot to raise money for the american heart association.fifty percent of proceeds go to the organization. organization."that makes me proud. and i like it."it's all to honor liv's heart. heart. "because you look at liv, and she's amazing. she's eight. they didn't think she would be five days." days.""she's always been a feisty little spitfire and she still is - and i just remind myself - this is what got her this far"the girl behind this story says she has a goal amount she wants to raise. raise. "as much as we can." photography still has sessions to benefit the american heart association tomorrow.we'll have their contact information on our website.steffi lee, fox 28 news. a lot of young women - spent the day - learning - how to lead - at the share your voice leadership* conference in coralville. coralville.among those sharing ideas - - our own
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- - from the cbs 2 morning team.she talked about women - and their role in media.the conference is all about helping girls - live up to their incredible potential. "we find that.from elementary school to high school, girls lose about 3.5 percent of the self-esteem that boys do so we really thought it was important to have an event like this to teach girls to be confident and gain that self-esteem." esteem."miss iowa 20-13 - nicole kelly - and iowa senator joni ernst - also spent time at today's leadership event. interest is buzzing - over bee** keeping in linn county. county.nearly 75** people - are signed up for the indian creek nature center - bee-keeping class.that's triple* - the normal enroll-ment.organizers say people - are interested in protecting bees - as pollinators**.honey bee populations - have declined in recent years. "this is a very happy hobby. i think it's good for people of
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adolescents clear up to retirees." retirees."those in the class - start with two* colonies of bees.the indian creek nature center - has offered the classes - for more than 25 years. during winter - bees hide out - - and so do a lot of people.but - today in north liberty - you could find a lot of reasons to get out-side - at the - beat the bitter* winter games. activities included a run - - and kick-ball tournament .of course - - the concerns are a little different - - in the middle of winter. "try not to fall down. that seemed to be our biggest issue, the ice, it's crazy out there. you know, you're running around, you're sliding, you don't want to do that, you don't want to do that. so i think, catch balls, kick balls." balls."this is the first - - but hopefully not last year - for the - beat the bitter - winter games. also in johnson county - - something to help us keep hope alive - for spring. an out-side - - garden at the robert a - lee - recreation
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it's never too early to plan. the edible** garden - - is all about - sustainability** .today - - people gathered to create a list** - - of the plants - they hope to grow.varieties that will control weeds - - preserve nutrients - and support wildlife. "i'm glad to see the public interest in this. we need peoples' ideas, we need their experiences, and we really need their enthusiasim to make this happen, and that will be not only through design, but after this becomes reality. this is the peoples' area so we want people to be there experiencing it and using it." it."the edible -garden - should get growing* - - in may. coming up on your fox 28 news at nine - - weather extremes. extremes.the long range forecast - could mean - a major impact in the mid-west. how area farmers are planning for drought - and what the rest of us could see - for severe storms. and - time the iowa state cyclones - - used a big second half - - on the road - against oklahoma state.
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monday on fox28 morning live. chinese new year! year!we'll celebrate by learning how to make a themed dish that won the supermarket chef showdown! we're helping you get your week started right, monday at 7 on fox28, we may still have snow on the ground - but fore-casters are looking ahead - to summer and fall. fox 28 news reporter - marissa scott - is here to show us - why they're concerned - and encouraging all of us - to keep our - eyes - on the sky.marissa. since last summer our weather
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strong - el nino.but it could start to die down this spring making way for la nina. nina. " i don't think it's going to impact us too much during the summer months--maybe ina could pote may. you k crops and our weather here in the corridor. corridor. "you can take drier weather a lot more easily at the end instead of the beginning."he says both el nino and la nina are measured by the water temperatures in the tropics near the equator.this year's el nino showed very warm temperatures in the pacific, but some models are already showing la nina in the negatives--which means cold water in the pacific and warm ew inches so these plants can grow. you see very fast moving jetstream across the middle of the country. high pressure builds into the nation and a lot of time the stormtrack is diverted north and we just don't get a lot of moisture."terry says if* it's a strong la nina it could cause a lot of problems
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i would expect it to be a significant la nina from all the indications i'm seeing seeing the last itme we saw a strong one here was in 2011-one of the reasons that comes to my mind was that was a very hot and dry summer here and it was also a very bad year for severe weathermassive tornadoes moved through the country-killing 160 people in joplin, missouri and more than 300 in the southeast. the year after, farmer steve swenka says came the drought. drought. the pasture was drying up, the creeks where the cows drink were drying up we were really having a challenging time farmers like swenka, are already thinking ahead just in case drought conditions prevail like they did in 20-12. 12. if the la nina lasts through the spring fo 20-17 thats when it gets kind of tough tough you're going to see yields get hurt dramatically terry says it'll take about another three to four months for el nino to neutralize and
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better idea of when la nina will strengthen.marissa scott, fox 28 news. some milder** - temperatures in the corridor - this evening - - but - there are changes coming - that include blowing snow** for some areas. areas.meteorologist - rebecca - cope -ell-mann - - is here - with the latest
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it'll definitely be quieter** - - at the university of iowa tonight. tonight.that's because thousands of students - are
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spending 24 hours on their feet - - at the dance marathon.the money raised - - helps children who are living with cancer.many of them - and their families - took part.a huge goal - - but the dancers raised more than - two point* four million dollars.this is the 23rd year - - for dance marathon. if you passed through down-town cedar rapids this afternoon - - you may have seen some pretty funky* costumes - on the streets.the cedar rapids - comic** con - - brought a lot of avid fans - - to the double tree. more than 70 - vendors - - brought some cool items - - you could find a giant* gaming room - with more than twenty tables of board games - and video games. "i think in recent years, comic books and sort of general nerdy things, traditionally, have beco more mainstream. and so having an event like this in eastern iowa helps pull more people into that sort of fan-fold so to speak."
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- says it would be great to have big name celebrities - but fees for appearances - - can run up-wards of 30- thousand dollars. still ahead on your fox 28 news at nine - - booted off the stage. stage.carly - fee-orina - isn't in tonight's debate - - even thought she beat - john kay-sick - and chris christie - in the iowa she's using her anger - - to her advantage. advantage.and - strip club - shootout.the latest information - on what may have caused - a deadly - situation.
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despite last minute pleas - and protests - - republican presidential candidate carly fiorina - is not in tonight's - republican - debate.those organizing the contest - say she didn't score high enough in the polls - - she says the system is rigged*. rigged*.as john - lor-nick - reports - - the only woman - running as a republican - is fighting back . . "carly, carly, carly"loud cheers from the crowd.. and a large banner with the hashtag, "let carly debate" hanging behind the only female republican presidential hopeful -- but she wont be a part of saturday's debate in new hampshire. hampshire."i've already beaten a couple of the guys who are going to be on that stage tonight." fiorina got more votes than both governors john kasich and chris christie in iowa.but despite that, abc
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the mandatory requirements to be apart of the candidates will be taking the stage tonight.. trump, cruz, rubio, kasich, bush, christie and carson. carson. "if you ever doubted the game was rigged, look at what is going on on that debate stage tonight. sorry i thought votes counted in elections. sorry i thought delegates counted in elections. sorry, i thought the people of new hampshire had a responsibility to vote and pick presidents."even some of fiorina's counterparts are coming to her defense.. defense.. "i would encourage the organizers of the debate to include carly there. i think she belongs there and i think that she would add a beneficial element to the discussion at the debate." while some are offering no sympathy. sympathy. "i got excluded from a fox business news debate. i didn't think it was fair, but i didn't go around complaining and moaning about it....butt sot "so, you know, for carly, the rules are the rules. she certainly has benefited from the rules at times. and so i just think the job of all of
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that are set for us."i'm john lornic reporting. according to fiorina's campaign - - more than 35- thousand voters signed a petition - to have her on the stage.mitt romney - reportedly called a-b-c news - to ask the net-work to reconsider. in new york city - crews are still cleaning up - - from that deadly - crane** collapse.during high winds - the 565* -foot crane - toppled into the street - killing* one - crushed more than a dozen - cars - - and trapped one driver.the crane is so huge - it's being cut into dozens of sections to be hauled away. investigators say the operator of the - crane tested negative** for drugs and alcohol, taiwan - - is promising to investigate why a high-rise apartment - fell over - during an least 14 people are confirmed dead - and search teams are looking for others - who may still be trapped.the six-point-four magnitude quake
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most people were still asleep. more than 150 - people - are still listed as missing. in tampa - police are offering three - thousand dollars - - for information in a deadly * strip club shooting .it happened early this morning - inside - club - the time the shooting stopped - seven* people - suffered wounds - one of them died.police say - there was an argument - and then witnesses heard shouting - and then gun- shots. coming up on your fox 28 news at nine - - incredible rescue. rescue.the new video - that shows just how close - a man came - to falling to his death - - and reaction from the team - that showed
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conversion** therapy - is now banned* in new york state. today - governor andrew cuomo - announced new regulations - to prevent - the controversial practice . conversion therapy - attempts to change a person who is gay - into a hetero-sexual.the announcement prevents - private and public health care insurers - from recognizing the practice.similar laws are in place in california - illinois - new jersey - oregon and - washington d-c. for the first time tonight - we're seeing video of a daring* cliff rescue - in washington state.a home-less man - survived three days - on a mountain ledge - hundreds of feet above the white river.gabe cohen - has the incredible rescue. rescue. the video alone makes my heart racea&king county's air support unit pulling a man to safety from the side of a cliffa& i'd love to tell you
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haha, -- parallel -- for me it's just another mission.if it were true.hate to sound down play it, we train quite a bit.deputy josh sweeney is wearing the white helmeta& hoisting up a heroic rescue.we all rely on each other and it may look chaotic but it's not, it's nice and smooth you can't get too excited about it. hersch hoaglan was the pilota& he didn't dwell on the moment for long.i was thinking about going home and what i was going to eat. that's probably not the answer you want.the truth isa& this is what they train for.that's what we do yeah.*stand up: and this team stays busy. last year king county search and rescue went to 185 calls, 20 were led by this team. and otherwise they're out 5 days a week doing patrols in this's business as usual.though they admit one
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you"a thank you from a's great to be able to help people.just don't expect a celebration every time they save a life. congratulate each other and move on. that was gabe cohen - reporting.the man told the rescue team - he accidentally - slid down to the edge of the cliff.they say - it's amazing he was able to walk on his own - after so long in the bitter cold. a warning - - if you have a weak stomach - - you may not want to watch this.this is sully - - the tortise - - after having a gall - stone - - the size of a soft**ball - surgically removed..a tampa veterinarian - delicately - did the proceedure - over five hours.he vet says - turtles have heatlh challenges - - just like people - - but the six-year- old tortoise - - should be okay - now.the number of of pets like sully - - is growing steaily in america - - they can live for decades.
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//a 41 gun salute - today in green park - in london - to mark the ascension* of queen elizabeth to the throne.this is the 64th** year - for the longest* serving - queen of england.the salutes are customarily fired - on shore - and at sea - as a sign of respect.71 horses - pulled - the world war one - era - field guns - into position - for the event.queen elizabeth - turns 90** in april. coming up on your fox 28 news at nine - - watching for wild - weather. a change - in the atmosphere - - could have a major impact on farmers and all of us here in
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since last summer - our weather has been influenced by a strong - el ** nino.but it could start to die down this spring - - making way for -- la nina. - very hot and dry conditions in the midwest. fox 28 - chief meteorologist - terry swails - says it could eventually** impact farmer's - crops - and our weather - here in the corridor. " i don't think it's going to impact us too much during the summer months--maybe late summer, early fall. the pattern would turn drier but if it's as slow as i expect it to happen-it does take a while." while."terry says if** it's a strong - la nina - - it could cause a lot of problems all across the country. concerns of another kind - - in our weather tonight.some of us will see snow - - and every-body - - will be dealing with cold**. cold**.meteorologist - rebecca - cope -pell - man is here - - with the latest
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coming up in sports sportsiowa state -- down a man -- and started slow -- but could stop the clones from a big road win -- how i-s-u rallied to beat ok state stateplus -- the panthers pounced on the bulldogs -- thanks to paul jesperson -- hear what helped him snap out
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before iowa state made the trip to stillwater -- the cards were aleady against the cyclones -- because of jameel mckays' indefinate suspension -- the already short bench, got shorter and oklahoma state cashed in
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the game on a 10 nothing run but the cyclones battled all the way back -- monte morris stops and pops from three -- giving iowa state their first lead of the game -- morris finished with 16 points and 8 dimesthen in the second half -- i-s-u went on a run -- tied at 29 -- matt thomas and georges niang run the give and go for the easy duce -- then it's deonte burton -- who made his first start of the season -- driving and laying in -- burton scored 11 and had 4 stealsand then it's niang -- um -- you can't leave him that wide open -- team high 18 points for gorgeous george -- all part of a 19 to 6 run -- that put the clonesin control for good -- iowa state takes it 64 to 59 -- after the game steve prohm said he and mckay will revisit the situation monday and go from there. it looks like the panther train is back on the right track -- u-n-i has won three straight games and has gotten themselves back in the
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the valley -- and the guys brought their brooms to des moines moinesnorthern iowa looking for the season sweep against drakefirst half panthers down 2 -- jermey morgan -- puts them up 1 -- u-n-i never trailed again -- and that shot was 4 minutes into the game paul jesperson has been a little m-i-a of late -- he showed up big today -- jesperson dropped in 5 triples -- scoring a team high 21 -- u-n-i led by 13 at the break and it was more of the same in the second half -- wes wasphun drives and dishes to clint karlson and he slams it home for two of his 11 5 panthers finished in double figures -- inculed wasphun -- who was just toying with the defense -- the drive for two of his 15 -- he also dished out 6 assists -- as northern iowa stays hot -- 82 to 66 -- mia o'brien was there and has more on the snapping of jesperson's shooting slump the panthers shot a season high 62 percent from the
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miss a shot, but perhaps most importantly for this u-n-i team paul jesperson continued to break out of that midseason this afternoon. afternoon."honestly really haven't thoguht about it, you know? you don't see it go in for a little bit of the time but it hasn't bothered me as much." much.""almost everything surrounded how he shot the basketball and i think he's gotten himself past that hurdle."and a tweak in the panthers' offense has only hurdle "we've patterned or structured the ball screen stuff to get more movement... so now everybody touches the ball -- everybody;s moving." moving.""just looks a lot more fluid and it feels a lot more fluid where before it felt like the ball was sticking a little bit." but what is sticking around is the panthers' resilience... sometimes things don't go your way. you get down in some slumps, but we were never gonna lay down -- that was never gonna be us." many wondering what the panthers chances will be in this year's missouri valley
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one of those people. he's just focused on wednesday's game against missouri state. -- from the knapp center in des moines, mia o'brien, fox 28 sports. marcus paige and 2nd ranked north carolina taking on notre damelately paige has been cold from deep -- but he was red hot against the irish -- first half -- the marion native drops in the triple from the cornerthen later on the wing -- nothing but net -- paige made 5 three pointers -- as a team the tarheels made only 6 -- he finished with a game hi1 -- butin a losing effort -- nortre dame upstes bill fen-lee and the iowa state women could slow down 6th ranked texas -- the cyclones fell 65 to 49 -- jadda buckly led the way for i-s-u with 19 points and 3 rebounds. and coming up in sports -- it was a pin fest at libson -- how the lions roared on the
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marquee match-up in high school hoops with 2nd ranked in 4-a iowa city west taking on 3-a's number 2 -- cedar rapids xavier the saints trying to hand the trojans their first home loss in 5 years third quarter - west up 10 -- connor mccaffery -- spots up and splashes home a triple -- he finished with a team high 19xavier though -- not going away -- mitch burger -- stops at the drive through -- for a number 2 -- burger led all scores with 21 but
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parks -- dunks it home -- trojans win 72 to 55. the road to the well started today for 1-a and 2-a wrestlers with sectional tourmaents going on around the state -- lisbon one of the host schools -- and you could say that the lions were roaring on the mats out of the 14 different weight classes, lisbon sent 11 to the finalsat 120 -- cooper see- brecht -- gets the fall over midland-wyoming's griffin gravel then at 126 -- walley zur-nick wins with the pin in just 21 secondschase mc- laughlin followed that up for lisbon with another pin -- at 132 -- hammel are you sensing a theme?then at 152 -- hunter robinson -- you guessed it -- wins with the pin -- lisbon had 10 sectional champs -- and won the team title with 2 hundred 72 points to the pool -- boys swimming districts at linn-marcedar rapids washington -- has won 52 straight district meets --
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great start -- in the 200 medley relay -- wash finishes first in a time of 1 - 36 - 64 -- and that would be a theme for the warriors -- next race -- 200 yard freestyle and cameron kelly was in a record setting mood -- kelly set a pool record and school record with his time of 1 - 41 - 33 then in the 200 i-m -- it was washington's nick saul-kneer taking first nearly 6 seconds a head of everyone else -- and the warriors take team title with 421 points. and on the ice -- it was a cowbell cup showdown in the key city -- the saints trying to keep pace with the riders -- a win would help -- but c-r scored 2 goals late in the third period to force overtime -- they're still tied at 4.. that's a check of sports,
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