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based on the *day they diea& what's happening, why families are outraged andndow iowa congressmen want to fix ita& ita& first tonight on the fox 28 news at nine, parts of the viewing area are looking at snow tonight and others are bracing for blizzard conditions.everyone, however, is getting ready for another bitter blast. blast.chief meteorologist terry swails leads us off with
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right now, iowa city police
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suspect.they say the incident nenetonight--former governor chet culver wants iowans to get involved in the debate over privatization of the state's medicaid program.n tuesday, culver will hold meetings in cedar rapids and coralvilil to hear how people are being affected.culver says the state's swift move toward privatization is putting the 560-thousand people who rely on medicaid, at risk. implementation is scheduled d for march first.some believe culver may have a congressional run in the works. the slim lead that hillary clinton had over bernie sanders in last week's iowa caucuses has slimmed down even more. more.the iowa democratic party announced today it found counting errors in five of the 14 precincts it double-checked. the new numbers brought sanders closer to the
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end... clinton will get 49-point-84 percent of the delegates... and sanders with 49-poioi-55percent,.the sanders campaign says it is conducting its own review of the results. one man is behind bars right now, accused of setting off the fire sprinkler system at covenant medical center in waterloo and causing thousands of dollars in damage. damage.42-year-old douglas hala faces a charge of first degree criminal mischief. firefighters were called to the hospital arounun5-30 this morning and say the damaged sprinkler was on the mental health floor.about 40 patients were affected. staffing issues could be contributing to a large backlog of criminal appeal cases for the iowa attorney general's office.the office faces a backlog of about a hundred cases according to a document submitted seeking permission to hire temporary attorneys.the backlolomay also be due to an iowa supreme
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ago which requires more filings to be made. a hot topic on a lot of people's minds tonight is the big game being played out west. west.denver and carolina are playing for pro football's biggest bragging rights. fox 28 news reporter joe huisinga reports on what it means for local fans and business owners. e case. case.according to the nationon retail foundation only five and a half percent of people say they will be watching the big game at a bar or restaurant.about 17.6 percent of people plan to hostst party and 26 percent of people will be attending parties hosted by their friends.while theres no doubt that the super bowl is big business most of that $ money will bspent at the grocery store before the game rather than atat restaraunt during. "31;5;17 you'll get a lot of people that will come in for other gamesand stuff and it gets pretty packed but during
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at house parties cookin food and spending time with their friends and family " ""you're not spending lots of money on drimks and food you're eating home cooked food a home cooked meal and everything." everything."even though bars are quiet americans will drink more beer today than any other day of the year except for the fourth of july.that ads up to more than a billion dollars brew bought at grocery and convenience stores cedar valley habitat for humanity is using the big game for a big purpose. held its home team huddle during today's super bowl at the edgewood road gathered to watch the game--ananmembers of bobo the cedar rapids titans and rampage stopped by.the goal is to raise money for cedar valley habitat for humanity, which does a lot to support local housing needs.those involved say it's a lot of fun and a great cause. "the titans are a huge part of the cedar rapids community as well as hyvee so any time that
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do sometetng good for our community with habitat, it is just a win-win opportunity for everybody involved." involved."this is the seventh year for the home team huddle. last year's event raised more than 14-thousand dollars. february is american heart month which mean's there is added focus on women's heart health this month. month.and today it was a swingin' good time in honor of that occasion at the knights of columbus hall in marion. they held their annual don roberts square dance to benefit the american heart association.the dance is named for mister roberts himself who was a popular square dance caller and instuctor who loved to help others prior to hisis death from a heart attack. those there say for many it is a wake-up call. "we're pretty proud of ourselves that everybody out there who comes to this realizes that t there's somebody out there either a family or a friend who has heart problems." problems."all proceeds from today's event benefit the american heart association.
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dance. veteran disgrace. we discovered the government is penalizing veteran families based on the day of the month a family member dies. dies.we're talking about survivor benefits, money promised to the families of the men and women who risk their lives for our freedom. reporter matt hammill has the story you will see *only on fox 28 news. news. ((matt standup )hen we heard about this it seemed too random to be true. but indeed the federal government has a policy that means the day you die -- matters alot. nat " this is a pictcte of my dad in the service. "this is all jerry sah-val has left of his father .. the memories.nat - this is probably taken in the winter of 1945."stanley sah-val flew @ombat missions over europe in world war two. nat - " he was 19 years old .. good looking guy ."jerry's mother shirley suffers from alzheimers - but remembers her husband'sdeath from a heart attack - three years ago.
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care - jerry applied for survivors** benefits through the v-a.jerry saval - son of late veteran " i just want to make sure she gets the care she needs for the remaining years. "it took nearly twtw yeararbut the v-a finally granted her eleven - hundred - thirteen dollars a month. but the money has a calendar - catch.jerry - " if she passes before the end of the month, that entire money goes back to e va .. and i say wait a minute. "it's v-a policy. die the day before the end of the month - and the entire month's benefits - vanish - they must be paid back - - often after already being paidid out for the persons shirley's case - her care center is paid the first of the month.nat jerry flipping through applicationjerry didn't find out in the fine print - -t came as a a warning. jose capellan - human and veteran services " we tell them don't spend that money. keep that money in your account because the va will come and get it. "jo capellan works for veteran seices.. he's sounding the
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families avoid the hardship. capellan - " as a veteran i would like to see it change because someday i will be in the same place. "lawmakers have now troduced the fair treatment of families of veterans act.corridor congressman dave loebsack is among the supporters - - and says it's appalling veterans and their families mumu worry what d d they . military families mourning a loved one don't deserve this unnecessary financial burden added to their grief. "it would make a real difference - for pepele like jerry - who depends on the money to care for his mother - until her dying day.jerry - " it/s very vital benefits, frankly if she did not have that i really would worry what would t- happen. " matt - - the v- a says it has not seen the bill, but would be happy to offer its viewsto congress if requested. matt hammill
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the cold days of winter nerally aren't the time to be thinking about farmers markets. iowa city, however, they do-- with winter farmers of them took place today at the johnson county fairgrounds.more than 25 vendors take part, selling meat, vegetables, eggs and baked goods.this is thththird year the johnson county agricultural association has hosted the event.participants say it helps cure cabin fever. "we have a nice variety of food we've got a lot of different food vendors here a a wellllasaseople who make a craft item." item."another winter farmers market will be held february 21st.then two more each in march and april. coming up on e fox 28 providng assistance overseas., going all these cars ended up in what they thought was a frozen lake.
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continues to track the fugee flow into greece which continues to overwhelelcountry officials. officials.but grassroots organizations are setting up camps to give extra aid. aid.tonight, fox 28 news reporter steffi lee has the story of an eastern iowa pastor who journeyed to the greek island of sbos - to help migrants at one of the camps. camps. deborah coble wise says couldn't forget hearing her sister in law's story of coming to the united states from vietnam fourtytyears ago. that connection inspired her to team up with other united methodist pastors who wanted to help refugees in greece. together - they worked at a refugee camp to remind families - they're headed to a
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future.standing tall in front of her congregation - pastor deborah coble wise isn't a stranger to serving otrs.she took that passion overseas - - "just in the month of january, 236 people lost their lives making that crossing."to the middle of the refugee crisis unfoing over the greek island of lesvos.thth thouounds of migrants crossing escaped from war-torn countries - like syria, afghanistan and iraq. iraq."that's women, chilen, and men. there are more women and children coming right now than men."." men." "why would you take a baby on a boat unless it had to be so bad that you had to choose between life with a risk and illnese or possible death?"but grassroots camps like better days of moria are trying to ease the difficult journey.pastor coble wise spent ten days working overnight at the camp. camp. "they have a food tent,
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distribution area, they have 12-16 bell tents for people to slefp in."she handed out dry clothes anb shoes with other volunteers. volunteers."one e n - i had to help him put dry socks on his toes - his toes were purple. i mean they were so close to hypothermia."a short-term relief for a long trip ahead.- ahead. "to treat everyone with compassion - because they've just beeeethrough a harrowing ordeal."in pastor coble wise's eyes - that compassion in lesvos mirrors iowa's history. histor "the people that came from cambodia and laos in the 1970s were refugees a a iowa opened her arms." wise says if anyone's interested in helping at these camps - there are resources online and through social media.steffi lee, fox lots of sunshine today and a nice boost in temperatures, will soon give way to a big cool-down. cool-down.chief teorologist terry swails has your weatherfirst fofocast to help
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still ahead on the fofo28 newswst nine, nine,north korea takes to the skies with another representatives from the u-s are responding. responding.then, new orders. what new york city officials say is going t tappen now, after a deadly crane collapse.
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new new developments in north korea which is claiming it successfully launched a satellite into orbit. orbit.bubu the launch is widely believed to be cover for a long-range missile test. this is said to be video of the comes just a month after north korea claimed it susuessfully testeded a hydrogen bomb.the reaction from the u-s, japan and south korea has been swift and unanimous.all three are strongly condemning the rocket launch. "each ofheseseprovocations, each of these illegal actions requires a robust response. because of the dprk's cision and actions, we will ensure that the security council imposes serious consequences." "the u-s, japan and south
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emergency u-n security council meeting. in taiwan, right now, 32 people are confirmed dead following an earthquake late friday night.and the scramble is on to locate survivorsat least 24 of those lled were in an apartment building-- one of eleven that collapsed after the magnitude six-point-four quake.more than 500-people are injured and at least 121 are still missing. new orders are now in place in new york city following a deadly crane collapse on friday.mayor bill de blasio announced today a four point plan that would include restrictions on the crawler cranes like the one which tipped over.the plpl would mandate that workers put the machines into safety mode when high winds are forecast. deblasio also called for more sidewalk protection for pedestrians.the victim of the collapse, 38-y-yr-old david wichs, was killed as he walked along the street.
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the area as work is beingone to help this neighborhood recover. fdny and con ed are continuously sweeping buildings to check gas levels and con ed has shut off gas in most of the buildings as a precaution." precaution."three other people are continuing to recover.the crane operator has been questioned.investigators say he was not using drugs or alcohol. this is a site you don't always see: rs submerged in a half-frozen happened this weekend at a winter festival in lake geneva, wisconsin.according to police, 15 vehicles broke through the ice.people had parked on the ice during the festival, thinking it would be okay.some of the owners were able to drive their vehicles away. others are a total loss. thankfully body was injured but it's an important reminder that looks can be dececeing when it comes to ice thickness. coming up on the fox 28 news at nine, back othe campaign trail.
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primimy is now just days ay. how candidates are getting ready to make another big
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right now in new hampshire, the presidential candidates are hard at workn the campaign trail with only one full day left untitithe primary. primary.for both republicans and democrats, it's a heated battle for who will come out on top.craig boswell reports. reports. donald trump hopes to maintain his lead heading into tuesday's primary."i want one thing, on tuesday you have to get out and vote."a monmouth university poll shows trump up by double digits in new hamspire with ted cruz, marco rubio, jeb bush and john kasich locked in a fierce
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his 101st town hall in the granite state sundayit's ridiculous it is the superbowl...go home!the ohio governor says his ground game is strong here. here."where do you have to place in new hampshire to keep this bus moving on? i don't have to win but a strong finish here is essential for us and we're confident that's going to happen." happen."for the mocrats, bernie sanders is ahead by 10 points. points."we are going to create together an economy that working for working families and not just the one percenen" though trailing in the granite state hillary clinton is closing the gap on sanders lead...she briefly left the state sunday for flint michigan to address the ongoing scdal of lead contaminated water in the community . "i will fight for flint as long as i have to."she was back in new hampshire sunday evening where candidates from both parties will likely remain until the polls closese tuesday. craig boswell reporting.
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now on the schedule. schedule.this time it will take place in flint, michigan, the site, of course, of a devastating water crisis.the d-n-c announced today that hillary clinton and bernie sanders will debate in flint next month. .both candidates have addressed the issue of flint's water crisis on the campaign trial.sanders has called for the resignation of michigan's republican governor, rick synder.clinton has argued the crisis was ignored -- in part -- because the city is poor and its residents largely african- american. // fireworks // //overseas, beijing is ringing in the year of the monkey which starts monday.they held a big ceremony at thancient bell tower.each year, people across the country light fireworks to scare away bad spirits and bring good fortune for the coming year.the chinese new year, also known as the spring festival, is the single mososimportant festival in the chinese calendar.for many working far from their
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only time they reunite with families in the entire year. coming up on the e x 28 news at nine, big game, big money. money.what the biggest game of the year means for local bars and restaurants and those
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a hot topic on a hot topic on a lot of people's minds tonight is the big game being played out west. west.denver and carolina played for pro football's biggest bragging rights and denver is tang home those bragging&rights, they just defeated carolina 24 to ten. but, when you think of football yououay think of bars and restaurants full of fans but during the big game, that doesn't really seem to be the case.according to the national retail foundation only five and a half percent of pele say they will be watching the big game at a bar or
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"you're not spending lots of money on drimks and food you're eating home cooked food a home cooked meal and everything." everything."while theres no doubt that the big game is big business most of that money will be spent at the grocery store before the game rather than at a restaraunt during, accordjng to retail analysts. if only we could bottle today's warmth and sunshine-- sunshine--fox 28 chief meteorologist terry swails
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iowa men even played on sunday --hey took over sole possession of first place in the big 10 standings because penn state upset indiana -- the hawks were looking to avoid an upset of there own in a place where they haven't been so successful iowa'son at illinois just twice in their last 24 meetings history did not play a factor in this one -- adam woodbury -- running the floor -- 2 of his 10 points -- he also grabed 14 rebounds -- hawks up 5 earlyand they'd extend that lead -- anthony clemmonsns- with the s sp back three -- iowa up 30 to 19jarrod uthoff -- just toying with the illini -- padding his stats with the offensive rebound and the putback -- another double
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led by 9 at the breakand the second half -- belonged to peter jok -- the drive for the cup for two -- he scored 15 of his gamemeigh 23 points in the final 20 minutesnon-easier than the dine --- dash and dunk -- iowa gets another double didget win win77 to 65 -- our own pat moroney was there and has more on another hawkeye performance that ended another iowa win. game in and game out - you know what you're getting from the iowa hawkeyes - a sinesslike approach, a focus on the little things, and a steady hand from their seniors - it's a winning formula, and it worked again on sunday against the fighting illini i think it starts with the experienced guys on the team - us upperclassmen - we've been through it, we know what to expect, we know how to wi it's one thing g say you're a senior, that's one thing, but they're seniors who've
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have made mistakes, who have had great games, they've won on the road, they've lost on the road, they've come back, they've lost leads, there's nothing they haven't seen now these seniors are seeing success like never before - and after another conference win - it looks like these hawkeyes are here to stay stay we've been through this before, we've been in a place where we're 10th in the country and then we end up losing 7 in a row so we've been through it and we know how to approach this in a professional way a lot of the guys have been here before, we've been to the top and we've had some lulls in our season before, we know what it takes to win and we know what to do to continue to win so a lot of experience on our team and just gotta keep plugging away one game at a time the soft spot in iowa's schedule is over now - on thursday they hit the road to play indiana - and the top spot in the big ten is on the line - in champaign pm -- fox
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finish games has been the story of the iowa women in their losses in big 10 play -- last time out, bluders bunch watched a 17 point lead slip away at indiana -- the same thing happened at michigan state the first time these two teams took the court except it was a 16 point lead -
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happen again against the spartans iowa down 7 in the second -- - but came aring back -- alley disterhoft dials long distance and connects from deep -- hawks closed the half on a 10 - nothing run. jump to the 4th -- they're up 1 -- tah-nye -ah davis -- hard the rack -- plus one -- that puts the hawks up 4the spartans would rally and take a 5 point lead with under 3 to play -- whitney jennings -- comes up clutch -- the triple cuts the lead d 2but it wouldn't be enough because ariela powers -- had the power -- 2 of her game high 25 -- hawks fall 74 toto9. "it's definitely row to hoah but it's possible. it's definitely possible and so obviously on thursday would be a huge boost and getting one of those coveted top twenty five ns would be also great for the selection committee. and that's why this win would've been so nice today." today.""it's just frustrating because we're so close. we've
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you just have to keep working hard and good things are gonna happen eventually if you keep to i i just keep grinding." the panther women bounced back after their overtime loss to the lady bears -- with a huge -- 69 - 48 win over over the shockers -- madison weekley led u-n-i with 19 points as northernrnowa improved to 8 and 3 the valley. and in super bowl 50 -- peyton manning -- the sherrif -- and the denver broncos took down the m-v-p canewton and the carolina panthers -- 24 to 10 was ththfinal -- von miller was named super bowl m-v-p -- 6 tackles, 2 and a half sacks for him.
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we'll be right back. previously on mike & molly... i remember when i was a little girl working on my daddy's farm. oh, please don't tell me a story... let me tell you a story. i was a meek little thing, scared of my own shadow and the sheep i had to castrate. that's where you learned it? just when i thought my life
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