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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  February 16, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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i'll have all the details. nine. fox 28 news begins tonight with a story developing right now in benton county. was nearly one year ago when a vinton teen was shot and killed inside a home. home.investigators say the shooting was an accident.but now six people, including three teens, face charges stemming from that night. night.ititll began february 24th when 14-year-old emma redlinger was shot in the head with a rifle.redlinger died four days later., a 17-year-old faces a number of charges, including involuntary manslaughter.other teens face charges including drug possession and interferrence with officials 28 ws is not reporting the teen's names because all are charged as juveniles.52-year-old robyn merchant faces a *federal* charge of provinding a firearm to a ohibited person.two
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also new tonight... tonight...authorities are looking for this man on the university o oiowa campus. campus.police say he was caught recording a female student while she was showering. showering.this reportedly happened last night inside burge hall.while an officer was getting information from the victim, another report came in of suspicious activity in a different women's bathroom.the officer found a man hiding in a stall, but the suspect fought off the officer and got away. is another look at that photo of the suspect.if you have any information that might help police locate this man, call u-i police at the number on your screen. leaders say they are changing mechanical locks on shower doors to protect the privacy of students living there. in cedar rapids -- fox 28 news is continuing to bring you the latest in the battle over asbestos exposure at a local high school. school.the attorney general's office will now be handling matters between the cedar
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district and the department of natural resources. june, an anonymous complaint about asbestos in washington high drew attention from the public. today, fox 28 news received a complaint that asbestos was mishandled at *another school. reporter dora miller has been looking into this and joins us now with more -- in this fox 28 news exclusive, dora? a viewer called fox 28 news saying he wasexposed to asbestos while working at another high school a few years ago. says if two highgh schools in the area were mishandling asbestos -- there should be an in-depth look at *all schools that were renovated. the attorney general's office will now be looking into allegations of mishandling asbestos at washington high... but one worker believes they should broaden their th the public."brent worked on a geothermal update project at jefferson high in 2013... 2013... "i was the person that was installing the fire alarms
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getting all that wired up."he says he was exposed to asbestos when crews ripped out pipes in the school. school. "i was literally four or five feet away and the only thing that was separating us from the abatement crew was the yellow piece of caution tape blocking off the hallway." cedar rapids community school district officials say they work hard to keep everyone safe, but they weren't aware of any issues at jefferson. jefferson.we'll be reaching out because we certainly want to make sure that things were done properly. it is a little concerning that the gentleman waited this long to say anything."nonetheless, both brent and the district say things have to change so this doesn't happen again. again. "if they would have had their proper barriers up and protecting us like they should have, we shouldn't have had any exposure at all." all." "as we move forward, we as a district certainly have learned from this process and again, we didn't have problems with these same companies in the past, but t we certainly will look at clarification
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the district terminated their contract with asbestos abatement -- the company used for both of the projects.they ask anyone with concerns about construction or policies to call their anonymous hotline. we did reach out to the d-n-r for comment on brent's concerns, but we haven't gotten a response.dora miller, fox 28 news now to johnson county. county.where authorities tell fox 28 news a crash on interstate 380 yesterday is having a *lingering effect on the area. area.during the evening drive home monday, a semi-truck rolled near swisher.that caused a significant backup for motorists trying to get home, but that wasn't ththonly problem this crash caused. the semi was hauling a tanker carrying de-icing fluid used on airport runways.the iowa d-n-r tells fox 28 news about 36-hundred gallons of de-icing fluid, and 50 gallons of diesel fuel, spilled into a nearby creek that flows into coralville lake.the d-n-r worked to clean up the diesel fuel and will now continue to monitor the situation.they say
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discolor the water, but it is not a long-term environmental hazard. a cloudy but mild winter's day today. today.and it looks like things will only get better from here. here.chief meteorologist terry swails joins us now with your weatherfirst forecast. tonight: decreasing cloudiness. colder.winds: nw. 5-10 mphlows: 14-20tomorrow: partly sunny and seasonal. winds: n. winds becoming e. 5- 10highs: 28-34
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terry 28 news has new developments tonight tonightafter a deadly fjre in cedar rapids.iiestigators now believe smoking materials started it. it.crews responded to the home in the 37-hundred block of 16th avenue monday morning. 76-year-old ronald jacobs died the fire.karen jacobs, also 76-years old, was pulled from the fire and was taken to university of iowa hospitals and clinics where she is in critical were in the living room where the fire started.investigators say the home did *not* have any working smoke alarms.look for updates on this story throughout the day tomorrow, beginning at 7, on fox 28 morning live. new details right now on a story we've been following for you on fox 28.'s a deadly hit and run crash.a trial date is now set
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an urbana woman studying in ames. ames.benjamin clague pleaded not guty in the death of emmalee jacobs this week. police say clague was behind the wheel of a iowa state university bus that hit jacobs back in december. december.he was arrested last month and faces a number of charges -- including leaving the scene of a fatal accident. his trial is scheduled to start april fifth.if convicted, he could face up to five years in prison. continuing coverage now of a big change to the state's biggest health system.the head of iowa's medicaid program says tonight all systems are go for the privatization move on march first. first.medicaid director mikki stier turned over documents to lawmakers day confirming that diagnosis.governor branstad ordered the move last year, saying it would save the state millions and offer more services to patients.democrats dispute those claims.iowa's state-run medicaid system will make the swswch to private,
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the battle rages on tonight over a proposed pipeline that would t through iowa. iowa.the iowa utilities board is meeting later this week to talk about it.supporters say the pipeline would be an economic boost for the local economy.opponents argue that state law requires projectsts like this to *directly* benefit residents.and they say that's impossible because the oil in the pipeline only passes through iowa. governor terry brananad is working with his counterparts move past oil. oil.17 governors in all say they will work together to find cleaner solutions for energy and transportation.the goal is to improve economic conditions in participating states as well as the health of their citizens.iowa is one of the leading states in wind ergy energy has also seen significant gains in recent years. right now at the capitol... capitol...there's a new push to improve safety on area roads.state lawmakers are
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including one that would make texting while driving a primary offense.that means law enforcement could pull over a driver if they spsp them doing it.another would require convicted drunken drivers who are out of jail to submit to daily breath tests.. the corridor is growing and planners want to make sure area roads keep up. up.they're already plotting some ways to stay ahead of the curve, but they also want to hear from you. 28 news reporter joe huisinga has more now from cedar rapids. rapids. we only have one car so it kind of makes things difficult at home so if i were to use like ubuer or somthing it would cost a lot more than what the public transit system does. 10it's beneficial for people actually so they can get jobs so they can get to work on time so they have that traspsptatin to take their kids to day care to take their kids to work. 9for the last atleast 4 year we've seen 2% year over year growth in public transit so transit is really growing .a possible increase in frequency a possible increase to specific lines. more than anything we want to take a freash look at the system.we're turning people away, we don't need to do that. we need to have
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may say we're going to come back to the citizens the people effected by it and get their input and try to balanc ethe efficency of the system against the needs. 12we will be looking at robins and ey fairfaxa and palo and considering servise there. there the ones that expirience the system, know where their should be changes and they know better than us especially since they're using it every day.8where are you trting to go what times of day are you treaveling why are you traveling what other things do you think we need to improve 8covering the corridor in cedar rapids, joe huisinga, fox 28 news. if you would like to learn
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or give yournput - you can complete an online survey from the comfort of your home. you'll find a link on our website, fox 28 iowa dot com. gentlemen, please join us on stage. ( applause )and how the campaigns are preparing to take the fight all the way to the convention. convention.not too many stars to be seen in the skies over eastern iowa tonight.but we could see a healthy dose of sun in the coming days.chief meteorologist terry swails is back to break it all do,
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of myths about canned foods. tomorrow on fox28 morning live
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debunk some of the common myths about them. them.and she'll share recipe ideas using canned items!see you tomorrow at 7am! a number of polls are streaming out of south carolina tonight trying to gauge the race for president. every poll, donald trump leads the g-o-p field by a sisiable margin, margin,that tops tonight's vote 20-16 coverage. coverage.real clear politics is compiling a number of recent polls to come up with these shows trump leading the field by more than 18-points.both texas senator ted cruz and florida senator marco rubio have made gains in recent days. days.also risisg in the polls, ohio governor john kasich after his second place finish in new hampshire.former florida governor jeb bush is struggling to gain support in a state he's heavily invested in. while trump still has the clearest path toward the republican nomination, the other campaigns are preparing for a long battle. battle.politico reports now
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collecting information on potential delegates to the national convention.if no single candidate has enough delegates to secure the nomination, the g-o-p could see its first brokered convention in decades.that's left party leaders scrambling to brush up on procedural the end, it could mean a lot of wheeling and dealing among the campaigns in order totosolidify around an eventual nominee. one popular fight for republican candidates is the wasteful spending often associated wh the federal government., a new report outlines some of that waste. 28 news national kristine frazao breaks it all down. down. when it comes to all the interesting placac our tax dollars go - how about government funded moonshine.a distillery in virginia got 250 thousand dollars from the u-s department of agricultururto process s and market its extra potent whiskey.that's just one of many findings outlined in this year's waste watch report
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congressman steve russelel "it's sad. it' borderlines on criminality other highlights include billions in federal funds for new farmers with little oversight.16 billion worth of excess ammunition and explosives slated to destroyed by the department of defensea&. and 60 billion dollars for a military spance launch program many say is failing."if taxpayers were participating in the countdown of this rocket, it would be 3-2-1 rip off."this is not the only waste book put out by a member of congress but they do almost all come from republicans. so with the gop in charge of both houses of congress, why hasn't this wasteful spending already been stopped?part of the problem here is there's a lot of problem about govt waste but very little action being taken (butt) 1:14 - 1:23 they're the ones in charge they should be able to deliver on it. yes there's a a veto pen i ithe white house but the wh doesn't necessary have an interest in wasting tax dollars no one
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waste, others say it boosts the e economy - like the 35 thousand dollars for solar power at a michigan brewing company, which senator debbie stabenow said would help support jobs and a clean vironment.still congressman russell says it's about priorities " there's a lot of good ideas and nice-to-haves and then there's some crazy stuff that gets funded that should washington i'm kf reporting. if you want to see more of the waste report - we've posted it all for you on our website,
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clouds will gradually decrease tonight as an area of high pressure builds into the midwest low will be colder generally in the mid to upper teens. wednesday looks seasonal with partly sunny skies and highs upper 20s to mid 30s from north to south. thursday and friday temperatures will increase dramatically as ththupper level flow flattens s lowing pacific are to enter the midwest. highs will soar into the upper 30s to mid 40s thursday with readings at or above 50 on friday. the above normal temperatures will continue through the weekend with generly dry conditions tonight: decreasing cloudiness. colder.winds: nw. 5-10 mphlows: 14-20tomorrow: partly sunny and seasonal. winds: n. winds becoming e. 5- 10highs: 28-34
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still to come on the fox 28 news at nine. nine.beating brain cancer once is tough enough -- but a second time?the new technology that helped one woman beat the odds. odds.and iowa's senior senator will play a decisive role in the growing battle ovevethe fufure of the supreme e court. what chuck grassley had to say about it -- when the fox 28
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a brain tumor can be a devastating diagnosis.if the tumor is close to an important part of brbrn function, it can be very difficult to operate without causing damage., surgeons are using a specialized tool to make sure they hit their 28 news reporter shshna lake shows us how -- -in tonight's to your health report. report. right when i found out i had a brain tumor, she was going through all of her issues monica brown lost her momoer to bladder cancer... j jt momohs before she was it was hard. i think it was more hard on my dad and brother, because then i had surgery 2 months later, in 2008... monica had brain surgery to remove a slow growing tumor... but now years
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want my kids to not have a mom when they get olderthe tumor was in a dangerous place...she has language function and some motor function that is kinda close to where the tumor is this timethat's why doctor randy jensen... a neurosurgeon at huntsman cancer institute... is using advanced technology....since her last operation, now we have the intraoperative mri scannerthis specialized m-r-i moves on ceiling mounted rails in the operating room... allowing surgeoeo to check after... whether any tumor tissue certainly is helpful in her current situation where things are a little closer to those important nctions than they were the first time around i think i'm taking the most aggressive approach, new technology and advancements in brain surgery... are giving monica a fighting chance... it's morimportrtt than ever that i need to be here for my kidsin salt lake city utah, shauna lake reporting.. monica's surgery was a success and she went home to her
9:29 pm jensen says she's doing well and is going to start radiation treatment soon..we have much more on recent advancements in fighting cancer on our website, fox 28 iowa dot com. from the iowa senator who could block that from happening -- when the fox 28
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back and forth continues tonight as democrats and republicans weigh in on the future of the united states supreme court. the court itself has remained relatively silent after the sudden passing of justice antonin scalia on saturdada satutuay.his death sent shockwaves through washington. and we'll have more on the fallout in just a moment.
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to show you these powerful images released today.this is justice scalia's seat on the supreme court is draped in black, in rememberance of the 79-year- old.justice scalia will lie in repose in the great hall of the supreme court on friday. funeral services are pending. scalia's death came right in the middle of the judicial session. session.his now vacant seat is triggering a massive political battle.republicans are not happy to see a democrat president potentially replace the man considered to be the most conservative member of the high court. court.but that's exactly what president obama intends to all three branches of government need to do their jobs. "i"intend to do my job between now and january 20th of 2017 and i expect them to do their job as well.""i think that we have more than enough time to go regegar order, , regular
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nominate somebody, to present them to the american people, to present them to the senate. i expect them to hold hearings. i expect there to be a vote." vote."for the president's eventual pick to serve on the supreme court, that vote would require a supermajority, or 60- votes in favor, in the senate.before that, the nominee has to pass a vote in the senate judiciary committee following testimony before that panel. the man who would lead those hearings is iowa senator chuck grassley. grassley.hours after the death of justice scalia, senator grassley appeared unwilling to consider any selection by the president. president.saying quote: "it only makes sense that we defer to the american people who will elect a new president to select the next supreme court justice."the senator elaborated on that remark today in marengo. marengo."i believe that that's the right thing to do because it's a very important position and it would be kind of in line with what democratic leaders said in the tail end
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senator grassley is correct, many of the same democrats attacking his position had the same view in 2008 when president bush tried to nominate federal judges in his final months.grassley *did* say once the president makes his selection, he e is willing to consider opening hearings. but he also says his main concern is that any nominee would shift the balance of power on the high court. if there isn't a confirmation in the next few months, a number of controversial cases could end in a four-four split decision on the supreme court. court.that means the lower court ruling in each case would 28 news national correspondent jeff barnd tells us about one high profile decisi that should avoid a tie. tie. the casea& fisher versus the university of texasa& challenged the affirmative action of *that* school's admissions policya& the lower courts *uphelel u-t's programa& when it came to the *high* courta& judge scalia
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review of affirmitive action. and with liberal justice elena kagan already *recused* from the case, that leaves 7- supreme court judges. all eyes are now on justice anthony kennedy who has rendered unpredictable decisions in the past. "kennedy is likely going to vote for the majority in this.. which would be a 4-3 majority to do something to affirmation action. now the question of what? *that* would be the big question." burrus says the supreme court ruling could only affect the university of texasa& demand more transparency for many universities nationwide on *their* affirmitive action $ policies.. a or outright *ban* affirmative actiona& as unconstitutional. "that is probably less likely going to happena& just because it'd be a pretty big change. but it could happen."with a written decision on affirmitive action expected in this term, burrus says it's back to the drawing board for the remaining 7. "very few leaks come out of the supreme courta& which is a good thing about what actually goes on behind the scenes. but this changes
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they're washington i'm jeff barnd, fox 28 news. a federal judge in california is ordering apple to help the obama administratoin investigate last year's deadly terror attack in san bernardin a h their suppo fire on a holiday of the suspects was a county employee.investigators want to access information on a a i-phone he used.that information, by default, in encrypted on all apple devices. now a judge is ordering apple to supply the f-b-i with the hardware needed to hack into the phone. there's still much more ahead on the fox 28 news at nine. nine.first, here's a look at the stories were working on -- right now for cbs 2 news ten at 10.... 10....leaders in iowa city are looking to the future.hear how they're mapping out plans for their community in the months and years ahead. and just ahead ooa major
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theater in tipton adds a new title to its resume.that and more coming up in just a few @ minutes on the cbs 2 news ten at 10. the weather didn't leave us with much to complain about considering this time of year. year. but chief meteorologist terry swails joins us with an even
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clouds will gradually decrease tonight as an area of high pressure builds into the midwest low will be colder generally in the mid to upper teens. wednesday looks seasonal with partly sunny skies and highs upper 20s to mid 30s from north to south. thursday and friday temperatures will increase dramatically as the upper level flow flattens allowing pacific are to enter the midwest. highs will soar into the upper 30s to mid 40s thursday with readings at or above 50 on friday. the above normal temperatures will continue through the weekend with generally dry conditions tonight: decreasing cloudiness. colder.winds: nw. 5-10 mphlows: 14-20tomorrow: partly sunny and seasonal. winds: n. winds becoming e. 5- 10highs: 28-34
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and coming up in sports... sports...the road to state continues as undefeated regina looked to continue their winning ways... plus... plus...they may not be in sunday's national title dual but why tom brands and his team are ready to rock n' roll
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after cruising through their regur season schedule unblemished, a new season of sorts beginning tonight in iowa city, as regina began its march to des moines and the 2016 state tournament... jesup in tonight's 2-a regional quarterfinal....second quarter up 19-13... cam verducci with the steal and score ... and the regals just getting warmed up...round and round the basketball goes til it gets to kennedy brown ... like clockwork ... . regals would score nine unanswered to start the second... capped by -- wait for it -- some drainage courtesy of verducci beyond the arc... regina moving on as they win 68-29.... the iowa women's basketball team hung with one of the most prolific scoring offenses in the country last night in
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beater three sealed another heart wrenching loss for the hawks ... but there are no achy breaky hearts in iowa city -- juststthose that believe there's still a chance at a ninth straight n-c-a-a tourney appearance... "i mean maybe i'm what do they call it -- looking through rose colored glasses but that's what you have to do, right? i genuinely believe it is possible still. and if we compete as hard as we did last night, we can compete with almost everybody in the conference." conference."we are going to have to win out from here to get to the ncaa tournament and its something we believe we can do... we're really just gonna have to get after it in practice in preparing for these games. meanwhile down in texas... score x to x .... niang, nader, morris and burton all in double figures in scoring already for the cyclones, in what's a very important big 12 match-up: both teams sitting in the standings with identical records -- baylor defeated iowa state in ames earlier this year...
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the iowa conference's loras.... already up 57-30 opening minutes of the second half.... better make that sixty says hunter rhoads -- he had sixteen points ... with 18 minutes still to play...rhoads dishing it out too, finds darion king down low.. yeah, the crown fits ... 64-36 eagles... the duhawks were not shying away from the box score either... .ryan dicanio powers his way in for two for the squad from dubuque... but even when the eagles couldn't find the hoop... cristen wilson says "i got yo back!" ... kirkwood tops the century mark for the fourth time this year.. 113-64 the final... ben jacobson's squad on the road tomorrow when they'll go for their seventh straight win in chicago against loyola ... the panthers fresh off their upset win of then number twenty four wichita state -- a game in which its top scorers were two sophomores who came off the bench ... coach jake saying these young guns -- and his team as a whole -- would not be in the position they're in if not for dedication to preparation..
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doesn't matter. whether you've won a couple or lost a couple or who it is -- it really makes no difference. you have the responsibility to prepar eyourself each day no matter what's going on around you .. and once you start playing better and you've been through it, and you understand how important your prpearation is, you throw some confidence in there -- but you don't ge tthere if you don't have an understanding of how importance each day is." undefeated, second ranked ... and not playing in the national championship title dual? that's the situation tom brands' squad finds itself in -- but they're quite okay with it... it...although they would've loved to wrestle co-big ten champ penn state -- or be in their shoes this sunday against oklahoma state -- the hawks are now locked in on north carolina state -- an a-c-c squad whose twenty-two wins lead the nation this year ... and as brands explained earlier today, don't doubt the wolfpack... "you look at north carolina state and you go who's that? and they're maybe a little bit
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wreslting -- believe me they're on the radar. they're on the radar and we gotta be ready to go." go."" it's absolutely all about positioning yourself up to win and to be dominant and successful towards the end of the year in march so this is a step towards that outcome." that's a check of sports -- terry has a last check of your forecast when the fox 28 news at nine returns. returns. hello. i'm mark's been said crime doesn't pay. but soon it will. in our nation's capital.i'd like to take those of you who live in reality on a little trip through the corridors of the washington city council.d-c is one of the most violent cities in the nation. according to neighborhood scout dot com, 97% of u-s cities are safer than d-c. so it's expected city officials would consider programs that might reduce crime.this is what they've decided is a good idea. first, they're going to identify 200 people each year who may be prone to criminal activity. then the group is going to take part in behavioral therapy. the idea is to dissuade them from a life of crime. in exchange, they'll get paid 9,000- dollars. oh, and they get to remain anonymous.what. could. possibly. go. wrong?the estimated cost to implement the program is 25 million- dollars over four years. it could begin as soon as this a bit of irony, the twill seekvolunteers to he r t program. h ers won'tetai but pthe wle cawill. 's dficu t one o congo to
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breaking news out of iowa city tonight. tonight.we've just learned that u-i police have caught the suspect believed to be in this photo.the unidentified suspect is accused of videotaping at least one woman while she was taking a shower in burge hall.authorities want to thank the public for their help, but again, u-i police believe they have found the
9:56 pm
inside a u-i dorm restroom. tonight: decreasing cloudiness. colder.winds: nw. 5-10 mphlows: 14-20tomorrow: partly sunny and seasonal. winds: n. winds becoming e. 5-
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me, either. no. hey, hey, hey, your mother put enough pot in that banana bread to treat every case of glaucoma in the san fernando valley. i have a recipe for macaroons. very similar. i was so high, i didn't even know who she was. we were just colors. i was red, she was blue. we were trying to make purple. sure. it's on the coffee table. okay, so-so bottom line, i was drugged and molested by your mother, and i'm the bad guy? man, how many times have i heard you make this phone call? yeah, who'd have thought, of the two of us, i'd be the one to end up in a healthy, stable relationship? um...


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