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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  August 24, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm CDT

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nine.deadly flash flooding right now on fox28 news at 9. deadly flash flooding inn un dates northeast iowa. >> and he said we need to get out, the water is coming out the stairs. >> the after math the assistance needed now and the threat of more heavy rain right now. today's storms are taking aim on the southeast. the latest on the flash flood watch in the weather first forecast. we will take school tapping into a new security measure. >> it helps secure the safety of our shlgdz and ground but most importantly our students. >> how wi-fi could play a vital roll in an emergency situation. calling iowa city home without braking the budget. lives on the campaign trail and beyond why experts say it really doesn't matter.
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truth. this is fox28 news although 9. several inches of overnight rain proved to be too much for northeast iowa rivers. right now 1 person is dead and many more are picking up the pieces. fox28 news has live team coverage of the impact of last night's rain. there is a flooding risk risk today. terry swails has more on the >> tonight the emphasis will be on the far southern and eastern counties where thunderstorms are dppd to role through there over the next couple of hours. we have a flash flood effect for that part of the viewing area. the watch is until 7:00 tomorrow morning. it does not go up to central and northern counties. the region hardest hit last night. 8 inches of rain around decorah.
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north. down south thunderstorms are working their way across southern and eastern counties. nothing severe and overall they are moving very quickly. even though they produced heavy rain it doesn't last very lopg in one location. maybe a half hour of torrential down poorz and then it's over. a heavy line of thunderstorms back through muscatine but out of the viewing area in the next hour. i do think there will be addition southeast tonight. at this point i'm not overly intresd with the flooding prospects in the southern counties. i don't think we will see anything close to what we experienced around here last night. good news in that regard. authorities in chickasaw county were not able to save a driver pleading for help as he was swept away. it happened after 4:30 this morning. a driver called 91 # 1 saying
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the road. later the man's car was found near law police officer. this afternoon after waters receded along the little turkey river the man's body was found. the identity has not been released. in decorah several homes and businesses were flooded this morning. some people were forced out of their homes before it was too late. >> we could hear water right away when we got to our bedroom door. opened the basement door and it was like a title waive of water. the basement was filling up and the walls had collapsed in the basement and he said we need to get out the water is coming up the stairs. >> reporter: right now there are no mandatory ee vauksz in effect but a shelter is still set up for anyone who needs it. decorah school officials cancelled tomorrow's classes. help after a disaster after this comes from near and far.
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tell us more about how you can help. door ra. >> reporter: well, here at turkey river we're in for the add kin son. the water has rizen so high. it's at the bottom of the bridge right now. they have used rocks to make sure the railroad traction do not get washed away. earlier today we had video of some of the activities happening. we talked to the red cross about the damage they have seen. they say you can help even if still help. they say they take monetary donations at all times. if not physically able to be here, your money can fix some of the damage that is here. >> what we can do with financial assistance is mobilize that money and mobilize those funds to get and utilize those in a bulk way so we come up and bring our clean up kits, bring up food, we bring up water, and we
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expeditiously. >> reporter: lastly, the people at red cross say you can keep the people here, the victims in your thoughts and prayers. live in for the at kin son dora miller fox28 nudz. fox28 news wants to thank everyone who shared their pictures from northeast iowa today. with more expected in parts of the viewing area tonight, we hope these images serve appears a reminder if you approach any also remember, whenever severe weather threatens, you can track it anytime, anywhere, with the cbs 2 weather first's free to download for apple and android devices.just search for cbs 2 w-x. there is new scrutiny right now over democratic nominee search for cbs2wx. there is new scrutiny right now over democratic nominee hillary clinton. >> it is the connections between
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and the clinton foundation. fox28 correspond dents has reaction from both sides. >> reporter: ee males suggesting donors to the clinton foundation gained special access to the clintons themselves. shined a new spotlight on foreign money and what those giving expected in return. >> the announcement what they would seek if she wins creates a 11-week period where foreign government can rush to buy access. >> reporter: a new report shoesz connections to the clint campaign and turkey, including from pee actual la ga linn believed by many to be behind the failed coup in turkey last month. and new investigation revalleys shocking numbers that hav of the nongovernment people hillary clinton met with while serving as secretary of state were donors to the clinton foundation. >> about 85 out of a 154 and about 40 of that number gave
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about 20 of that number gave more than a million dollars each. >> reporter: the clinton campaign sends this statement: the data does not account for more than half her ten had newer as secretary. let alone countless others meetings she took with government officials as serving as secretary of state. donald trump -- donald trump is nand kg action. >> they should shut it down and give it back to discriminator >> reporter: even the often liberal boston globe called for the stop to funding. if the clinton is elected for the foundation to shut down. >> should in knock late the clintons they are being influenced unfairly and un few do youly. >> reporter: this is sure to be the subject of scrutiny when emails are released late next month. i am christine reporting back to
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hillary clinton in an interview defended the family foundation calling the ap report we just brought her absurd, a lot of smoke and no fire. the question of the day do you believe clinton's foundation donors gained influence with the state department? cast your votes by heading to our website fox you will find a link right there on the home payable. our mission at fox28 news is to connect the pr better inform and empower you. we have reached out the candidates to participate in extended interviews not only with this station but our sister stations across the u.s. we want to hear from you. you can share your thoughts by e-mail or facebook. an accident outside of a junior high school hurt two workers. a retaining wall and fence collapsed near a parking lot by the center point urbana intermediate school.
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happened. parents tell fox28 news they received a text alert saying all students were safe. the district also sent an e-mail explaining what happened. right now authorities are not releasing the names of the two workers injured. many kids are not happy to end their summer vacation. mellaney moore explains the bad feelings could be a sign of something more serious. >> reporter: clear creek welcomed tuesday. >> the fresh monday coming in as freshman can be hard and worrying about older students and bullying and stress and finding classes and making friends. >> reporter: counselor ellen says they try to make the back to school transition as easiest at possible. >> a lot of times at the beginning of the school year there will be a lot of anxiety. >> he says things like new skejdz, new environments and new people can all contribute to
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>> there's a lot of different things you can do. sometimes just talking through what are things the kid does that helps them dee stress. it is really important for skids kids to have different hobbies and different activities to help them dee stress. >> reporter: parents can help by talking to their kids to see if any changes need to be made. school counselors can connect students and parents to resources. >> if the kid is not feeling well at school they'll not learn as well as kids we will and happy and safe at school. them through their day. covering the corridor in tiffin, mellaney moore, fox 28 news. greiner says tehcnology has changed a lot about school. counselors tell fox 28 news if your child is stressed because of bullying, it's sometime best to say away from social media for a while. keeping schools safe during a worst case scenario. on the fox 28
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iowa to help first responders. responders.more rain lighting up the radar first chief meteorologist terry swails is tracking the threat of more heavy rain -- when the fox 28 news at nine
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? trump: ?well, it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china."
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the iowa department of public safety is looking into ways
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ways police officers can work with schools and keep your kids safe during an emergency. >> fox28 reporter steffi lee shows us a new program in a story you will only see on fox28 news. >> reporter: if there was an emergency and if everyone ended up using cell phones or wi-fi to get ahold of one another that could potentially enclosing up the network and by having the secured wi-fi here at the norwalk community school districts, police officers won't have to compete they can communicate more quickly. >> if you're a police officer at a school emergency and you're trying to get the picture of a suspect downloaded on your car computer so you could identify that person in a crowd, you would want that picture to come out quickly. norwalk high school is one of three where police can use a private wifi connection in case of an emergency. that link is wired in to the larger broadband network already at
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the safety of our buildings and grounds and our students norwalk police chief greg staples says officers will be able to send and receive information from their cars. "in an emergency we could connect to our networks through the wifi and not have to worry about the cell network and whether or not it was bogged down.""maybe we could insert a camera in a hallway at a school and monitor where our suspect was" and chief staples says it's not only about efficiency - but another chance to bud stronger bond between police and the community."this will just allow us more opportunity to be on school property interacting with students, teachers visitors in a positive way.steffi lee fox 28 news. the iowa department of public safety says if this pilot program is successful - they'll look to expand the program into other schools. a search committee is now in place to find the next
9:16 pm the board of regents announced the committee that will interview several candidates.committee leaders vow to be open and transparent during the months-long process.the group will meet next week on the u-
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right now we've got light rain fwg in cedar rapids. skies are obviously cloudy out there. temperature at 74 degrees. here's an important element of the weather the winds are turning the cold front is advancing slowly southeast across iowa. the further southeast the better for us it eliminates the rain chances for eastern iowa. still showers to go in the southeast before the front gets there later on tonight. let's talk about last night's rainfall totals.
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reported there. increase koe with a 6 irain total. many parts of novrt eastern iowa experiencing three to 8 inches of rain last night. here's the doppler estimates of how much rain fell and this seems to be verifying pretty well you gottal ma key county and winneshiek county. this area right in here then back into parts of chickasaw -- chickasaw county that saw the
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next on the fox 28 news at nine -- --sprucing up a neighborhood in need, one brush stroke at a time.the progress of this week's home repair blitz -- when the fox 28 news at nine
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i'm patty judge,
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e senate from working, but he also stopped working for iowa. as a farmer and a nurse, i learned iowa works best when we pull together. used to be you could work with chuck. i did, plenty of times. but he's all politics and partisanship now. and he's turned his back on iowa. i approved this message because washington changed chuck, and it's time we change our senator.
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crews quickly cleaned up a crash along highway 30 . .but they are still warning motorists to watch out -- crews quickly cleaned up a crash along highway 30. >> they are still warning motorists to watch out in the days ahead. it started at 10:00 in morning traveling in this area to be on the lookout for deer and other animals trying to take advantage of the leftover food. some good news for motorists - in iowa city.park road is back . open.crews are still working on the area closest to dubuque street as part of the ongoing gateway project.when the entire project is complete. park road will feature a new bridge over the iowa river - and dubuque street will be raised to prevent it from flooding. volunteers are working hard all week with habitat for humanity in the wellington volunteers are working hard all week in the has been at a
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welling ton heights neighborhood. >> habitat for humanity a brush with kindness offers a helping hand and a coat of paint to homeowners in need of help. >> for years for whatever reasons, through old age, disabilities whatever struggles they have gone through in life have not been able to keep up. >> reporter: for joanne thompson this is her family home where she raised three children with her husband. >> i'veee >> reporter: and she's excited to see her home transformed. >> to bring it back to the way it looked 33 years ago. >> it's dawn tee but many hands make light work. we've again gate full to all the volunteers who have been coming out. >> i have been scraping. >> here is one of 60 volunteers working on six houses each day
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it's really great i spend my day at a desk all day. >> they are helping people overcome financial hurdleses. >> everything is koe natured that's what makes this a workable project otherwise a typical paint job would be $18,000. >> to see their home and be the home they remember it being. more home owners to apply for the project and they're always looking for volunteers. both-- just go to our website, fox 28 iowa dot com. next on the fox 28 news at nine -- --a packed house in iowa city to discuss affordable housing. how leaders hope to turn tonight's talks into action. action.and you might be suprised at how accepting americans are of lies from politicians and other public toents talk into action. you might be surprised of how accepting americans are of
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vernon: a lot of childish bickering stopping you from getting things done. sounds like washington, but it was my house as i raised three daughters while starting a small business. i'm monica vernon. we've got to help hardworking families with affordable childcare, expanded family sick leave, and equal pay for equal work. i'm monica vernon, and i approve this message
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right now- people looking to move to iowa city probably right now people looking to move to iowa city probably won't find an affordable place to rent. the city leaders now say their solution to the problem is a top priority. >> fox28 ryan ryan is live in iowa city to tell us more about it. >> reporter: container service in our economy. it follows the rule of supply and demand here in a college town like iowa city the demand is huge. some people need hoementz like apartment complex behind me but there's not enough of them. the supply is very low. less than 2% vacancy in the whole town but not for long. the city officials and people that live here in iowa city, they met today to talk about the affordable housing action plan
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june. >> this initiative is a major shift away from the way things had been done. >> reporter: the mayor says right now families in iowa city spend way too much on rent. >> they can't afford to do anything else. they can't afford to take care of the kids. can't afford to buy food, can't afford to get transportation. >> reporter: the affordable housing action plan looks to create more affordable housing with several different >> we can actually create more opportunities for affordable housing in the areas. and i think probably lead to increased density in those -- . >> reporter: the new zoning recommendation worry marry murphy. >> and i would hate to see you drive families away from iowa city. >> reporter: with the continual enrollment increases at the university of iowa. >> that continues to put a
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whole to house the students. >> we have a developer that continues to work with the city to build. >> we have a land that should be sgloend for higher density. we have the expertise and willingness to invest in affordable housing. >> reporter: because -- . >> it's a great place to live we all know that. that's why we're here. >> reporter: the city council will meet on september 20th to talk about the action plan, again that's o over 60 people showed up tonight if you weren't able to go and you have a comment or question just contact the iowa city city manager's office. covering the corridor live in iowa city ryan ryan fox28 news. regardless of your party leengz politicians from both sides are associated with lying and it appears many americans are okay with that. a recent poll found nearly two-thirds of those surveyed say sometimes it is okay to stretch
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fox28 news national spors pond dent jeff barn looks at what happens when public officials take advantage of that. >> reporter: if one of the biggest scandal of the u.s. olympic games ryan lochte embellished a story that he was robbed at gun point. details of what took place are still emerging but why would ely. >> most of he of them because they caught. >> reporter: lochte sufferedth eye of social media. olympic committee installed there could be consequences. >> reporter: yet when it comes to politics the consequences of lying are hit or miss. >> i will always tell the truth. >> reporter: in just the past week donald trump received 15
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blog. >> and i watched in engineer yes city new jersey where thousands and thousands of people were cheering -- . >> reporter: he still won the recan -- republican no, ma'am mags. >> we don't hold it against people if they don't lie to us. >> reporter: meanwhile hillary clinton received three in the past week and new information about her private e-mail server all of my work related emails and delivered them to the state department." 4:38sot james comey (july), "the fbi also discovered several thousand work-related emails that were not among the group of 30,000 emails returned by secretary clintona&" voto rhetoric experts like richard vatz, the bottom line is:sot richard vatz, "hillary clinton lies. donald trump lies. we all do it, and that's the truth." sig outin washington, i'm jeff barnd.(end package)
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parts of eastern iowa tonight. i think the heaviest rains tonight are going to stay to the south of our viewing area and ffs up to me, i would even
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last night at this hour we were in the middle of a situation in northern counties where thunderstorms kept going over the same general area for
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and that produced phenomenal rainfall totals. east of town, in decorah 8.65 ifrmgz. officially this is the highest rain ever recorded in 24 hours time in decorah. i don't think that's a big shock. you can see on the rainfall estimates all of the region counties caused serious flash flooding last night and during the daytime hours today. things of improving tonight. rivers are going down and also no thunderstorm activity up that way. with dry weather for the next couple of days. no concerns up in the north with any additional rainfall. further south, you can see that there continues to be a flash flood out for southeastern iowa
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counties. i have a feeling thunderstorms will stay further to the south tonight and while there maybe a few light showers, nothing that's going to produce any flash flooding in the southern counties. there have been one waive of energy moving on through here and that's pushed the front a little further to the south. the next line of thunderstorms should form in missouri and stay way down over the southeastern corner of the state and that should spare us any major troubles. go to the radar one batch of rain continuing to move rapidly it is producing heavy downpours around the quad cities. you can see things have quieted down from iowa city back to riverside as the line of showers and storms quickly moved on the east. i'm not expecting too much more in the way of rain tonight. a few more showers and storms on a scattered basis. our predictor seems to be get a handle on this. we're showing you 11:00 tonight, the oranges and reds are way, way down to the south.
9:42 pm
illinois and northeastern missouri. as we go through the night, the light showers are fries ling out by the time we get to 5:00 a.m. a lingering shower in the morning hours, already sun is breaking out in the northern and western counties. eventually that will spread across eastern iowa. things will dry out as the sun komsz out in eastern iowa. 68 in 74 in iowa city. still high due points out there but i do think we'll see major improvement in that cat gather as we get into tomorrow afternoon. here's our satellite there goes the one waive of thunderstorms there. you can also see down to the south stronger storms is staying in missouri on which is a great place for them. and clearing is showing up in extreme north western iowa. and tomorrow's temperatures should be pretty pleasant as
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80 degrees and due points which tonight are still well into the 70s are expected to crash tomorrow and by evening dew point is down to 61 degrees. only 55 in immediate appear police. nice dry canadian air moving in. that will set the stage for nice afternoon and really beautiful day on friday. tonight scattered showers and storms around in the southeast. nothing should get out of control and rest of us up to north and west winds switching in from the north northwest all across the area. tomorrow stray shower early in the day. mostly sunny in the afternoon. mid to upper 70s in the north. lower 80s in the south. extended forecast has a fine day on friday but rain already moves back into the area late friday night and saturday but it looks like it should move out sometime saturday afternoon and we'll clear things out saturday night and by sunday should have a nice
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temperature around 81 degrees. i really think the heavy rain is really diminished across southeastern iowa. a few showers or thunderstorms down there and i'm not concerned about flash flooding threat. a lot of people excited for coming up in sports.... day for cornell college -- what to coming up in sports media day for cornell college, what to expect from the rams iron. plus could the kernels knock
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there's just ten days until saturdays at kinnick -- the beginnin now fox28 sports with mia o'brien. there's 10 days until saturday at kinnick the beginning of the history 2015 campaign and it's business as usual for kirk and friends. the hawks look ahead to week ahead slowing until next week and are focused on events as the head pretty stiff competition and a good dwaj of how competitive they'll be in 2016. >> it's iowa versus iowa right now. i think we'll move into miami, ohio within the next week and we'll start getting -- . >> we're trying to introduce different situations. today the last 4 minutes of the game we haven't done an over time period. we still have just a few things
9:48 pm
five but cornell finished last season with a come back win. they're hoping to carry the momentum into 2016. the rams return 14 starters including a large junior class paced by daniel ground and they have come into their own this preseason, the hope in mount vernon is that the rest of the rams will too. >> now their junior year is where they make the biggest coaching perspect they think they know more than they do. the leadership as well. >> last year a little less mature and goofg around at practice maybe get into the groove of things. everybody came in and had a better mentality. >> basketball news out of iowa city the big ten network
9:49 pm
they have taken four of five during most recent home stand and now the kerr nelz not taking the broomz out just yet but opening the door to a sweep of quad cities. quote the great jon alba, "roll thunder"... roll kernels offense -- brandon lopez base hit to left as the storms arrive to get c-r on the board... goes, when it rains -- it pours -- still sixth -- zander wiel gets enough mustard on it to drive in another -- as the kernels win again 3 - nothing.... the cubs also looking for a sweep of the padres...first inning two on for ben zobrist -- splits the gap -- and able to stretch it into a two-run triple....a little too close for comfort in the sixth though -- so addison russel takes matters into his own hands -- and gets some help from a botched play at short -- two score -- as they fly
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the rockies in wisconsin... zach davies gave up a first inning home run -- but 6, 3 victory. the rockies in wisconsin gave up a first home run. rock solid from there. eight strike outs. in the fourth one, 0, ryan vaughn. still got it his 23rd of the year nokz things up at one. 1 man aboard -- one dropped into left field to give brewers their first lead. up 3 to 1 in the 7th. sound the alarm, another trip down the slide. milwaukee wins 7 to 1. they parade to the really master's and kc looking for tevent straight. they met their match tonight. 7 shut outs. so we go still scoreless in the
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quarterfinals in williamsport for johnston little league... down 1-nothing -- two on for -- kaiden dinh -- they may be little -- but these dragons bring the fire -- as iowa takes its first lead....but tennessee also packs a punch -- bases loaded for r.j. moore -- well, that escalated quickly -- four - three, basis loaded for rj mover but that ends quickly. 4, 3 advantage. it was all good from there if you are a tennessee fan as they win 14 to 3. that's a look at sports. terry has one last look at your forecast after the break. hello. i'm mark hyman.flood waters in louisiana. the first time elicits media outrage. the second time gets crickets. here's what's happening behind
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much time pointing out biased media. but this one had to be addressed.hurricane katrina hit louisiana in august 2005. flood waters struck again this month. dozens killed. tens of thousands left homeless.the day after katrina, president george bush cut short his vacation. he flew over new orleans to view the damage. then he walked among the devastation on the gulf shores. the media erupted with criticism. one outlet as an example: the new york times. this is because other news organizations follow its lead. in the week after katrina, the times published more than 65 articles and editorials. two-thirds were critical of bush.but what a difference another president makes. in the week president barack obama didn't visit louisiana. he didn't cut short his vacation. or leave the golf course. he had just notched
9:53 pm
president. then he played golf six of the next seven days.there was no media outrage over obama being awol. the new york times published just three articles. none of them comment, go to behind the headlines dot net.i'm mark hyman. i pledge allegiance, to the flag [continues in background] they're bringing drugs, they're brigning crime, they're rapists... you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes... blood coming out of her...wherever [pledge continues in background] you gotta see this guy; "oh, i don't know what i said. ah, i don't remember." i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters... get him the hell out of here... get him out of here! get out!
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if you haven't already, i use the cbs news weather 2 app especially when the weather is active. you can look at live radar and look 5 days ahead if you want to. everything right there. >> it's a great thing and sometimes i even use it myself. >> read your own information. >> pretty hand dee. >> look in the mirror well here's your forecast. >> what is it saying today. >> i do have good news the thunderstorms have really staying to the south. down in missouri and extreme southeastern iowa. we are nice and dry in the north western counties. the southeast will escape the heavy rain. i think it will all be down in missouri and west central illinois i -- illinois.
9:57 pm
will be dropped soon. tomorrow will be a decent
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii.
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vernon: a lot of childish bickering stopping you from getting things done. sounds like washington, but it was my house as i raised three daughters while starting a small business. i'm monica vernon. we've got to help hardworking families with affordable childcare, expanded family sick leave, and equal pay for equal work. because it's time to get something done
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? men ? so, i'm confused. is edward the gay vampire or the gay werewolf? the vampire. and he's not gay, he's...androgynous. so he can write with both hands, big deal. no, i mean... never mind. i'll tell you what's a great movie-- jackass 2. (turns off tv) now, i know what you're thinking: sequels suck. but not that one. there's this one part where this guy puts on a diver's helmet with a hose attached, and this fat guy farts into the tube until he pukes. the guy in the diver's helmet, not the fat guy. sounds puerile. oh, yeah, it's tot puerileally. unless puerile isn't good. in which case, it's totally un-puerile. anti-pue rile?


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