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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  September 7, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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nine. right now when fox 28 news at 9. a mother's grief when you're after her teenage son is gunned down. >> that was the hardest thing i ever had to do. expect the ongoing effort to heal the wounds. >> former teacher says she is not guilty of sexually exploiting a washington high school student. >> i will have the latest on the reins and any flash flooding after four years of work the new ui children's hospital is inching closer to its grand opening. >> we have thousands of people were committed. expect a cedar rapids restaurant was back at its history. expect there working to move past a devastating fire. expect this is fox28 newsnet nine.
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the threat of heavy rain is looming over eastern iowa. expect the rounds of thunderstorm have rolled through the we go to meteorologist terry swails with what to expect tonight. >> here is the outline of the flash flood watch that remains in effect for our viewing area. it has been pared back little bit in the northeast. from waterloo to the quad cities the southwest of outline you can see the counties ingrain are the/-- flash flood the watch is out there but as we go to the radar you will be able to see the heavier thunderstorms have remained well to the south of us. we do have a line of showers that extend along highway 30 e. of cedar rapids west towards kmart. further to the south you can see heavier thunderstorms south
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to see heavy rains. that's part of washington county and keokuk. the could be totals of an inch or two. as you go further north the amount of what to be lighter. overall i do not think the flash flood threat is great. down in the southern counties there could be a few storms that could have minor flooding. at least at this hour most of the activity is light across eastern iowa and will keep our fingers crossed to stay that y. cedar rapids teen went down when you're go tonight gathered again today to remember him. expect 15-year-old aaron richardson was found bleeding to death on 16th st., southeast year-old robert humbles was charged with richardson's killing.but in december, humbles pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter.he is now being held in juvenile detention and his inprisonment will be re-evaluated once he turns 18.
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one of several shootings in cedar rapids last year. year.all that violence led to a lot of calls for action. 28 news reporter dora miller has been following all of this and joins us now with where things stand right now. those who were closest to aaron richardson say they hope his death serves as a wake-up call...that gun violence doesn't have to be the new, they reflected on his life and prayed that no other family experiences that loss. it feels like it happened yesterday a 15-year-old gunned down on the southeast rapids. "what happened was very tragic."aaron rapids. >> would happen was tragic.>> aaron richardson's mom says it's been a year for ups and downs. it's been unbearable at times. expect i hope no other mother has to bury their child like i did. that's the hardest thing i have to do. expect richards or -- >> richardsons died on
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>> he had a whole family. >> now his gravesite stands as a reminder of the consequences of violence. >> will take the whole community to change. we all have to do something. expect richardson's mom says we have to be present in our children's life. put them first they don't have to strive for attention from others. >> we worked a lot. i was not at home as much as should have been. now i do not work as much. >> as the years continue to go bite she acts -- asks for continuous support. this year there have been three homicides and one involuntary manslaughter charge. richeson's mom says she's thankful this year has been called. door miller fox28 news. expect a substitute teacher is now pleading not guilty in exploiting a student.
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in may following an internal investigation. that investigation was reported to police. investigated how the matter was far, two leaders at the school have ralph plagman served as principal at wash for more than 30 years before stepping down last month. activities director michael johnson also left immediately. linn county is now just days away -- --from final approval of a minmum wage increase., the board of supervisors approved a second final vote is set for monday. monday.if approved, the minimum wage in linn county would rise by one dollar an hour on january would go up another dollar in 20-18 and by 20-19 it would reach 10-25 an hour..once approved, city governments would have until january to decide whether to opt out of the increase. investigators continue to search for the cause -- --of yesterday's devastating fire at an iconic restaurant in cedar rapids. 28 news first told
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three-alarm fire at riley's cafe on first avenue. firefighters say the source was in or near a ventilation fan.the restaurant was closed when the flames broke out. riley's is now working to reopen at a temporary location at nearby daisy's garage using the same staff. riley's cafe was more than just a place to grab a bite, serving as home to some unique . 28 news reporter joe huisinga -- --takes a closer look at that l. legacy. tuesdays fire took a toll on cedar rapids hisy history the part that rileys was in was the first commercial store front on this block of first avenue between 8th street and was the first commercial on the boardwalk. >> starting as a grocery store than a plumbing shop the building has been a popular restaurant since the 1970s. expect it's important to cedar rapids to expect the last 13 years it's belong to richard pankey and his family.
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>> luckily the flames were contained saving some precious local history history theres probably only two of those left in existence those cedar rapids flags just like that one and some ironic collectables it's an english fire bell bell little did we know that it could have been used yesterday but fortunately the place was empty a local spot with food fit for a president. president. he had 2 eggs bacon and a cup of fruit and he said i'm just going to eat don't mind me and of course inside here there were a dozen men. 10a local icon icon riley's is popular for a lot of very good tried and true reasons that's for sure.hoping to rise from the ashes we're hopeful to come back right here in this spot and rebuild what we have here 4 covering the corridor in cedar rapids, joe huisnga, fox 28 news. there is a play coming soon to the corridor featuring a lead character who cannot hear.but
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character is ?not deaf. deaf.right now, leaders at theatre cedar rapids are actively responding to the crit. 28 news anchor jenee ryan is live in downtown cedar rapids, with more on how all this happened, jenee? scott karen - theatre cedar rapids leaders ?say - when they opened up these doors for auditions and sent out casting rapids opened at these stores for additions and sent out casting calls no deaf actor showed up or auditioned. in a community. they have to choose from the volunteers that do addition and they feel like they did the best they could and they are proud of their cast. >> earlier this week there was a catalyst for tribes. since the announcement a social media firestorm. this man called it an erasure of deaf culture. the artistic director says this
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tribes. expect we chose tribes because it asks important questions and that is how do we hear the voice of the deaf community. expect the play is about a family who can all hear connected with yet, putting tribes on the bill gave a way to do that. charper says the theatre advertised casting >> the theater advertised casting calls in all the ways they usually do and reache involved in the deaf community but no deaf actors audition. >> i'm sorry we did not get deaf actors. that would have been a wonderful thing. >> she debated pulling the play but chose to push forward. >> it is my belief that it is wirth doing and that the emotion behind the issues of the casting will carry over into meaningful conversations. we do not want this to be
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and that's where it stops. we would like to own our decision and then talk about that with the people that it affects most. >> reporter: the show premieres on october 21. after the sunday matinee in the theater they will host a post- show discussion about all of this controversy. does it deaf actor need to play this role or can theater be theater and as long as the story is told that enough. that's part of the discussion. coming up tomorrow night we will hear from a member of the local deaf community and she's also an advocate for them also. here's live in cedar rapids today ryan. >> there it -- democratic nominee hillary clinton and republican donald trump took questions from members of the military. the commander in chief form
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former secretary of state says her time in the situation room during key moments makes her the most qualified to lead the nation's military. i view force as a last resort, not a first choice, i will do everything in my power to make sure that our men and women in the military are fully prepared for any challenge that they may have to face on our behalf. republican nominee donald trump - who ea delivered his own national security speech - took a different view.he says after receiving his first intelligence briefings, he's he says after receiving his first intelligence briefing he is convinced military leaders do not support the current us strategy. >> our leadership, barack obama did not follow what our experts said to do.
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. our leaders did not follow what they were recommending. >> we'll have more in our next half hour. fox28 news is launching a new series that gatekeepers into issue that affects us all. expect lisa fletcher takes out look at national security and tonight be on the podium report. >> reporter: front and center this campaign. military strategy to deal with isis often the centerpiece. while both candidates have decided have opposite positions critics they both lack clarity on the details. >> there is no shortage of strong rhetoric. >> with -- he has said he would order our military to carry out torture and the murder of civilians who are related to suspected terrorist.
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looks like under each candidate still lacks details for many. expect both of them have created some broad outlines on how they view the military and how they would use the military but not have got into details. >> fill up says whether it's clinton suggesting no-fly zones without explanation on how they will work or trump broadly calling for more ground troops, absent. this week trump suggested the military simply lack the sense of urgency to defeat isis. >> they will have 30 days to submit to the oval office. it's a plan for soundly and quickly defeating isis. >> i think the generals have found plans to defeat isis. the question isn't what the general think and whether it's feasible or not, the question is if it's politically feasible.
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quickly answered by the clinton campaign. >> there's a big debate in the national security community whether it's appropriate or not to these generals to come out and make endorsements. some of the effects cancel each other out. >> in washington dc d expect our mission at fox28 is to connect the presidential candidates to our viewers to better inform and empower you. we have reached out to the candidates to participate in extended interviews not only with our station but our sister stations across the country. we want to hear from you. tell us what you want to know from the candidates. share your thoughts right email or facebook. >> next up a glimpse into the future of children's care in iowa. weeks away from welcoming its first patients.
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faces another threat of heavy rain tonight.weatherfirst chief meteorologist terry threat of heavy rain. meteorologist terry swails has
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tomorrow on fox28 morning live we talk with a tech expert who breaks down the biggest announcements from apple's highly anticipated event today. today.and rebecca kopelman has our weekend forecast for the big cy-hawk game. that and more tomorrow on fox28. right now - the new >> right now the new university of iowa children's hospital is
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open at the end of this year. >> steffi lee took a tour today and takes us inside for an early look. when the hospital opens in december, the goal is that every child that comes through has a memorable and quality's a sight to see - we've got a thousand people committed to making our building happen"and $360 million site on track to completion - it's all around the patients - patient focused construction that when finished - will children feel welcome. construction crews are still hard at work.making sure all 14 floors are pieced to perfection come opening day. we're installing computers and getting the building online - all the way up to the level 11 when we're putting final paint and touches on it."iowa board of regents members - president bruce herrald and project directors toured the new facility wednesday.and were drawn to the new equipment -
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procedures they'll receive.the tower even overlooks kinnick stadium.between all the neonatal and intensive care unit rooms and the pediatric icu rooms and our med serge we have 183 beds enabled - ready to go to serve their needs. other than twin rooms on the nicu floor - they're all single patient rooms - providing enough space for both the patient and those family emenities." providing a space project directors say will be efficient enough to bring the nde children in iowa and surrounding states.we've got thousands of people totally committed to our project - that's really the power of the project and the power of the spirit here.the community is welcome for a public tour in this morning's thunderstorms left many surprised by the sound of sirens. sirens. there was no severe weather. this was the monthly test of the outdoor warning system in
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goldberg tells fox 28 news they decided to go ahead with the test because skies were clearing over much of the county. gallagher: this type of disaster hits, it's like, "man, what do we do? where do we start?" after the flood, when we came in here, there was nothing left.
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to get the assistance that led to the recovery. it took vision. it took courage. there is a true community spirit. i don't think she asked anybody after the flood whether they were democrat or republican. she took the bull by the horns, saw a problem that needed to be solved, and she solved it. vernon: i'm monica vernon, and i approve this message. the wind brought water to prairie farms. then windmills went away, but the wind remained.
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the wind energy industry would not have succeeded. now, more than thirty one percent of all the electricity in iowa comes from wind. these turbines don't just produce clean energy, they produce jobs. six thousand in iowa alone. google, facebook, microsoft and good paying manufacturing jobs have come to iowa for that energy. iowa produces more of its energy from wind than any other state. rted with a simple idea and the renowned work ethic of one senator. senator grassley is literally the father of the modern wind industry. grassley works.
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>> we have thunder storms last night in the northern counties of this walked across the rest of the region today. most of our area has seen an inch of rain and a lot of places a lot more than that. will show you rain totals in a minute. right now we're at 75 degrees. we've been there for several hours. the dew point is also at 75 so the humidity is 100%. it's very thick and moist. anytime you can get a shower in that type of air mass heavy rain is a possibility. here are the rainfall totals reported in the past 24 hours. bluffton to the north of the cora there was for the half inches of rain last night. the cora had 3 inches. iowa city an inch and a quarter and northeast of cedar rapids about one point and northeast of cedar rapids about 1.18 inches.
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tonight the radar -- we're not seeing a lot of lightning here. some of the showers are extending from interstate 80 back to the north of iowa city. those are light showers and there's no leaning involved. some of those are showin the southwest down towards trademark. the heavier storms have been our southern counties. here were getting into keokuk and washington counties and their we do see a few thunderstorms that are producing heavy rains. they're moving pretty quickly so far we have had no issues with flash flooding. there continues to be a flash flood watch in this effect for our viewing area. that runs from waterloo back down to the quad cities. the
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flat -- flash flood watch. i would have to say it's a far southern counties that have a real chance to see flash flooding tonight. one of those things that we will have to watch and see. so far we have not seen much evidence that will get thunder storms to cause any major problems. at midnight you can see most of the storms are in the southern counties. i 1:00 in the morning a few more start to show up in the north. those will be sweeping quickly there exiting our eastern counties and after that the rain is gone by 7 am. we should get a break during the day tomorrow as well. the high temperatures today there was a big difference from the northwest to the southeast. low 70s around the cora. i was city was as warm as 87. here's this front dangling around down to the south of us. that's where will see the best
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that could produce any sort of flooding. i will have a break tomorrow. here's another disturbance and this is what's left of norman. that was shown will get to us and energy will get to us friday afternoon or friday night. the good news is that quickly moves on out in the weekend looks dry and much cooler. tomorrow should be around 80 degrees for a high temperature. with the dew points falling, it should not be the raindrops finally moved to the east of us. they will be back again on friday. the forecast for tonight does call for lows in the midshipman 60s to nearly 70 in our southern counties. scattered showers and thunderstorms but the best threat for heavy rains will be across the southern third of the area. from highway 30 onto the south. tomorrow becoming mostly sunny in the afternoon and less humid especially in the north temperatures ranging from the
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southern counties. the extended forecast as the next rain will come in on friday but moves out quickly on saturday. we have another front on tuesday . that will have fall like tendencies and by wednesday we could be in the 60s. >> 60s, i do like that crisp fall air. >> we're getting there fast. >> next on coming together for the good of
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here and there at the grocery store. expected prices are down but it's not all good news for everyone. increase applies are big reason why all kinds of goods are falling and demand for american goods is down overseas. produced to put some farmers out of business. experts say if the trend continues ranchers could be the hardest hit. the government is trying to boost the dairy industry by buying millions of dollars wirth of cheese to give to food banks. with more people relying on 28 news reporter mellaney moore -- --shows us how volunteers are trying to help in johnson count. county. the atmosphere is electric at the johnson county fairgrounds. but there is no carnival. ?this is a room full of people from the community excited to help others.mark koch, hills bank and trust and wealth management officer 17:32:39 it's actually quite fun in here patti fields, united way vice president for impact and engagement17:21:11 today is our meal packaging event that is engaging the community to package 20,000 meals this
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adults... and our kids. 17:21:48 we're focusing on hunger and also this morning we're packaging cinnamon apple oatmeal, since research shows that children who have a healthy, nutritious food are also more ready to learn at school.leon sporrer, outreach event coordinator17:26:49 it's oatmeal, soy, and a cinnamon pack and applesthe roughly three thousand pounds of food is all staying in the area. leon sporrer, outreach event coordinator17:26:17 unfortunately, people in iowa are hungry. which, we're the midwest...why are people hungry? we supply the food to all the world.the m go to hunger relief organizations in washington and johnson counties and feed families here.mark koch, hills bank and trust and wealth management officer 17:32:24 i think it's very important to get involved and be involved in the community and especially appreciate that everything is staying local. covering the corridor in iowa city, mellaney moore, fox 28 news. both the united way and outreach say they're always looking for volunteers. volunteers.we have more information on our website, fox 28 iowa dot com. next on the fox 28 news at nine - - -the candidate's take on the
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more from tonight's forum focused on national security and how to maintain it -- when the fox 28 news at nine continues. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing.
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that's my plan. i pledge allegiance, to the flag [continues in background] they're bringing drugs, they're brigning crime, they're rapists... you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes... blood coming out of her...wherever [pledge continues in background] you gotta see this guy; "oh, i don't know what i said. ah, i don't remember." i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters... get out! priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. i'm patty judge, and if you don't think washington has changed chuck grassley, try and ask him. the senate is broken. why are you leading all the obstruction? if you get your way and defund planned parenthood, where am i going to get my cancer screenings? if i'm paying more for medicine because your medicare plan passes, how do i afford that?
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i approved this message because, chuck, you've stopped working for iowa. the threat of terror here at home becomes a >> terror here at home becomes a major topic at t it's not just organized terror plots that raise concerns but also the world that act in the name of extremist. >> tonight the two major candidates discussed how they would combat the threat. hillary clinton will the audience and war veterans that all the bombs and bullets cannot stop every radical from inflicting harm. the former secretary of state says the us must get smarter on the digital battlefield as well. we must have all the
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>> you have to have an intelligent surge and get a lot more cooperation out of europe, middle east and we have to do a better job not only collecting and analyzing the intelligence we do have but distributing it much more quickly down the ladder to state and local law enforcement. >> as for donald trump he took the conversation back overseas. he accused clinton and the obama administration of weakening the military and his -- >> the generals have been reduced to rubble. it is embarrassing for our country. we have 30,000 people and i can less than three weeks, trump and clinton will have their first face to face meeting.the two candidates will take part in three presidential debates between september 26th and october 19th. meantime, donald trump says he
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recent surge of illegal border . reason surge of immigration border crossings. >> here's a story will only see on fox28 news. >> reporter: illegal immigrant crossings are surging at the us southern border. from san diego to the rio grande valley numbers of apprehension are up according to dhs and border patrol agent. the cause according to the gop presidential pick expect they are surging across the border because they are thinking we are going to win and they cannot come into the country. they are right.>> trump is vowing not to give amnesty to undocumented immigrants and to build the wall to keep others out. national security issues have been a hot topic for both addressing military vets. so we have the greatest men and
9:37 pm
keeping america's military women on earth. the problem is we have a depleted military. >> keeping america's military strong is a priority. >> we have no choice. we won't have a country if we don't do something. >> on tuesday democratic hillary clinton who's trying to depict trump as unfit to lead says he disrespects the military and should not be trusted. >> his whole campaign has been one long ins wore the uniform to protect our most cherished american values. >> for circa i'm sarah carter. >> here at home there is moisture in the air. >> you can slice it up. it's very thick. we have another disturbance coming through and that's generating thunderstorms. this is the last one and this
9:38 pm
we do have a flash flood watch in effect and will back to show you that and talk about dryer weather and moves into the
9:40 pm
are back on the increase here in eastern iowa. we had some move through this afternoon and then we had a bit of a break here now another impulse is coming in from the southwest. right now most everything is south of highway 20. as we go closer on some of this you can see from iowa city to cedar rapids we are starting to see them just want development.
9:41 pm
taking shape out to the west and towards pay,. further to the south thunderstorms have been more active in this part of our viewing area for the past few hours. we have seen heavy rains in part of keokuk and washington counties. this that is approaching washington there will be more to come. there is a potential for flash flooding and as a result of that a flash flood watch is in effect. it extends from waterloo towards the quad cities. if you are in these counties of green southwest of the line the flash flood threat is there. at this point we have not seen anything that indicates a huge potential for the flash flooding but with all the moisture in the air it would not take much for thunderstorm to produce an inch or two of brain. if something will have to watch.
9:42 pm
. it gives us an idea what the atmosphere should look like according to our model. at midnight there are storm scattered around the southern part of our viewing area. additional ones try to work the way towards the northern counties. the point is by three or four clock in the morning most of the showers and storms are starting to wind down and buy five or six they are pushed out to the east and where starting to see clearing in our skies. on thursday it will be dry across eastern iowa. there was a big difference in temperatures. only 73 in decorah. in iowa city the temperature got to 87. this front sitting around over southeastern iowa that will be the main focus for the stronger storms tonight for better threat for flash flooding along
9:43 pm
get to the morning hours. we then look at our break in the next system which is associated with the remnants of norman will come from the southwest. look at the tropical moisture there. that will be over us on friday and that energy should produce another round of showers and storms. after that clears thing -- up for the weekend. our dew point should follow and be more comfortable in the avenue -- afternoon. you can see that moisture i will get pulled north on friday and later next showers and maybe some heavy rain on friday or friday night. today's forecast has scattered showers but especially along the south of highway 20. i would say this area onto the south where the best chances of rain will be for heavy rain. as we go through tomorrow the rain is gone from the forecast. temperatures will be cooler especially across our southern
9:44 pm
in decorah and when you get into cedar rapids it will be 82. it will turn less humid as we get further into the day. on friday the moisture comes back. we have thunderstorms than and into friday night as well. by saturday those are gone. we will have sunshine in the forecast for saturday and sunday and the temperatures should be nice and cool. it will be a rebound and then another store -- storefront hits on tuesday. >> 82 to 68. >> if that time of year. >> speaking of this time of year it can be and lightning if you have access to gary dauphin every week. >> it can be fine when you are out in that rain speaking with him as i was today. coming up in sports we break down this year's cy-hawk game with the voice of the hawkeyes
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>> now fox28 o'brien. >> i what state lost last week. yes i was state of the new coaching staff and is rebuilding but i was state also plays in the big 12 and if they are to have any chance of competing there, they have to develop a spread offense and seeing it as the prostyle miami of ohio tallied 424 yards against iowa,
9:48 pm
>> with a running back like mike moran if you can establish the run and miami did that last week. i was state knows if they can do that makes that passing game more lethal. they have to find a way to get more pressure on the quarterback. they need to make throws. >> don't forget you can catch i am hawks week every thursday here on fox28. bearing the iowa offense just describe the panthers now turn their attention to what coach farley calls a true uptown offense. that does not mean just montana goes no huddle. they scored 41 points in their
9:49 pm
refocused on this week's opponent, they will need that same mindset on saturday. >> is not a definition of no huddle. >> we have to do a great job to get focused and lined up. even if we made a great play for not the panthers' upcoming season on the hardwood -- big wichita state on january eighth and february eighteenth, an arch madness final rematch with evansville on new year's day -- and it all tips off december twenty-eighth against missouri it december 28 against missouri state. you're not opens the conference late as the team that beat them in the nbc tourney finals. they will wrap up the season against the bears. first home conference game is
9:50 pm
grown accustomed to the captain's badge. now he will be leading his country out of the tunnel. his first game for team usa are set for later this month at the world cup of hockey in toronto. the col.'s kickoff their playoff series with wisconsin. there were four home runs and a few rbis in his last game. in wisconsin rain rain can't keep the col.'s away. the rattlers rallied. the throw to home is not in time.
9:51 pm
there's four triples of the night for cr as a win 11-3. >> here's an rbi double. two batters later rb garcia will be taunting tigers fans in their the fox 28 news at nine returns. returns. hello. i'm mark >> by mark hyman how may times must a business relocate because government thinks it has a better use for the property? here's what's happening behind the headlines.
9:52 pm
been repairing small engines for four years. in 1988 they had to relocate their shop because the property was seized through eminent domain. five years later the same story. they landed here first of tenants and then as landlords when they bought the building. the city of college park is the home to the university of maryland. over the years by fields were developed. there quite street came a thoroughfare. about the same time gentrification was the repair shop began receiving fines and lots of them. >> i've lost count. >> most were for violations. violations -- fines were as high as $2000. some of the tenets gave up fighting city hall and so their businesses. among their five current tenets are barbershop, ethnic care salon a bartending school. one gets the impression these minority and blue-collar
9:53 pm
officials vision of the community. >> they need to wake up and watch what's happening. >> to comment go to behind the >> i pledge allegiance, to the flag [continues in background] they're bringing drugs, they're brigning crime, they're rapists... blood coming out of her...wherever [pledge continues in background] you gotta see this guy; "oh, i don't know what i said. ah, i don't remember." i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters... get him the hell out of here... get him out of here! get out!
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i'm patty judge, and if you don't think washington has changed chuck grassley, try and ask him. en. why are you leading all the obstruction? if you get your way and defund planned parenthood, where am i going to get my cancer screenings? if i'm paying more for medicine because your medicare plan passes, how do i afford that? are you even listening? i approved this message because, chuck, you've stopped working for iowa. finally tonight,
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first custom-built pizza delivery vehicle has now arrived in eastern iowa. the riverside drive dominoes and i what city received its first the xp that's what it's called. the reconfigured chevy spark has only one seat for the driver and replaces the others with a warming oven in the back of the car. it also has built-in navigation and specialized light to advertise for dominoes. the company is rolling out more than the country and i was city happens to be one of the first recipients. >> you can almost go to the moon with that vehicle. >> it's 30 minutes or less. >> it's a good night to stay in and have a pizza and chill. >> it's always for me. >> check this out, we still have rain on the radar. there is a chance that we could see
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manageable so i'm not too concerned. it is out there and concerned. it is out there and we will seeton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. bob kidder, owner, new england shirt company: this factory has been here since eighteen eighty-three. we have over sixty people here making shirts labled made in america. but donald trump's brand of shirts come from china, his suits from mexico, his coats from india. trump's products have been made in twelve other countries because he says there's no place in america that he can make them. well there is.
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this is where i sit. right on. good location. what else? that's the sink. if you put yr thumb over the hole,ou you can squirt water all the way over to the other side of the room. cool. i'm not allowed to use the sink anore.ym got it. so, what's the deal with your teacher? miss tuttle? she's very strict. that could work. did e this drawing our son mayou sede? it's a cry for his parents to get back together. alan, it's davy crockett at the alamo. i know. breaks your heart, doesn't it? i see you got your brother here. he wasn't thrilled about it, but he can't say no to jake. and i kind of implied that miss tuttle was a bit of a freak.


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