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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  September 10, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm CDT

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me. i want them to. >> to kick an extra point to tie or go for the two-point conversion. if i send my offense out there i am using the quarterback sneak or go on a hard cadence with no play call and try to get them to jump offside. >> gus: he sent the quarterback back on the field. troy williams. under center. >> joel: they will call a time-out. >> gus: takes a delay of game. >> referee: delay of game on the offense. five-yard penalty. still fourth down. >> joel: worth a try. you bet.
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give them a free first down. the reason the delay of game doesn't hurt you is the wide hash mark in college football. the closer you get the more difficult the angle. if you give them three yards back it's an easier kick. >> gus: andy phillips in to attempt a 29 yarder. and good. >> gus: phillips does his job. here come the cougars. (backwards music) (backwards music) is drive the world forward.
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be a terrific nfl player and a high draft prospect when he comes out. great strength. aggressive. quality push in the passing game. and has the lineage, too. his first brother was a first round draft pick for the panthers. >> gus: the fox 50 is sponsored by sprint. call 1-800-sprint -- 1 or visit to switch. utah sending it away. kicks byu will take a knee. they will start from the 25. hill with a lot of work to do.
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delicious. ice-t at a lemonade stand? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money marin saved by switching to geico. yo, ice-t! it's lemonade, man! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >> gus: fox college football by -- >> gus: 20-13. utah with the lead.
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heisman watch. he says when sationm last week nick chubb has been fantastic. >> joel: there are so many good players going out for the first time. like the louisville quarterback. >> gus: he was awesome last night. >> joel: phenomenal, wasn't he? >> gus: rushed for 200 yards. threw for over
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>> gus: second down and ten at the 25. no jamaal williams in the game right now. we saw being worked on, on the byu sideline. algernon brown in the backfield. hill. looking. scrambled out of the pocket. he takes it himself. he is out of bounds with the first down. go downstairs to shannon. >> shannon: they are not going to risk it with williams anymore. he has had a contusion on the left leg. while sitting on the training bench he started to feel nauseous. if they will put a run together here and tie it up, that -- they'll have to do it without the running back. >> gus: he missed the final five games of the 2014 season. first down and ten at the 36.
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hill. handles the snap. he steps up in the pocket. throws on the move. he gets out of bounds at the 45. trinnaman with a 1946 -- with a 19-yard reception. >> joel: he got surprised by the snap. he takes his eyes off and it hits him in the chest. he le covers. pocket collapsed around hill. he was able to step up and get completion. i f the two-minute situation until we got the first first down. he runs for a first down and now completion process. >> gus: taysom hill is 0-2 in the rivalry game against utah. first and ten at the 46. hill. broken up! well-defended by barton. as he lays out and redirects the football. >> joel: boy, that one was
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off. excellent play from barton from the linebacker spot. he got all the way down the middle of the field. gets his hands on the football. close to an interception. so now an interception and that was marcus williams who pulls up at the end. doesn't draw a flag. >> gus: byu trailed with one minute and change last week against arizona. went on a drive and won on a game-winning field hill. sidelined. caught. out of bounds. nick kurtz stops the clock at 1:47. five of the last six games in this series decided by seven points or fewer. byu driving now with the ball.
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>> gus: the building is shaking. hill. underneath. caught at the 35. nicely done by mitchell juergens. first down. >> joel: hobbs, boobie hobbs the return man who is playing secondary right now for utah. he went after this and he took a chance in man coverage and tried to get in front of that. and deflect the but it just sneaks past him for the completion. this byu offense, boy, they have been so good. now in back-to-back weeks in the two-minute situation. >> gus: pututau, the receiver at the bottom of your screen. he is crafty. at the 36. hill looking that way. and incomplete. that one thrown long.
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receiver. the quarter covering. >> joel: the situations for a quarterback, so much pressure but you have to understand what the objective of the defense is. they are so scared to get beat deep that you will have the underneath routes that are open and complete the ball for the first down. >> gus: second and ten on the 36. he hill. steps up. to the lane. he goes down inside the 30 with 1:05 remaining. cougars with one time-out
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>> joel: they're scrambling for first down in third down situations. >> gus: byu with 1:05 to go.
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kurtz in motion. taysom hill, underneath. kurtz. down inside the 20. nine-yard game. first and ten at the 19. >> joel: i love the composure from taysom hill. he got the all-out blitz. utah sent the house and he calmly back pedaled and upped the ball over for a completion and a first down. >> gus: first and ten at the 19-yard line. hill. to the sideline. nice catch! out of bounds. hauati pututau with a great catch to get out of bounds and stop the clock. >> joel: the timing of the play was perfect from hill on the throw. pututau creates separation. that will get a quarterback to trust you faster than any other attribute. do you win and do you catch the ball?
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last play. >> gus: the numbers for hill. second and five at the 14. 11 play of the drive. hill again. scrambling. throws to the sideline. juergens dives forward. picks up the first down inside the utah >> joel: amazing run by taysom hill to get free to throw the ball. the linebacker has to stop because hill will run. he throws it to the left. amazing run. great arm strength. heart of a competitor there. >> gus: byu with one time-out yet. first and goal at the utah two. >> joel: that ball touched
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>> gus: the officials up in the replay booth saw it. >> referee: delay of game. >> gus: or they did not. >> referee: first down. >> joel: wow! that is such a mistake from taysom hill. this is the play we're talking about. the ball definitely touches the ground. but the ground didn't help him catch the ball. he had control. and it kind of grazed the ground. i agree with the replay officials here that they didn't stop it and take another look. that was clearly a completion. >> gus: first down and goal at the 7 for taysom hill. byu down 20-13. hill. in the end zone.
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pearson the intended receiver. >> joel: brian allen in coverage. number 14 for utah. he was playing very physical. in the back of the end zone. the senior, 6'3", 205. now in this man-to-man defense, the pressure is on the corners for utah. >> gus: 25 seconds left. second and goal at the seven for byu. taysom hill. rolling. looking. he got away. touchdown, cougars! [ cheers & applause ] >> gus: on the road, do they go for two? >> joel: if i know kalani sitake well enough, he is
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walks to the sideline. the offense still on the field. down 20-19. they will take a time-out. talk it over. >> gus: big decision coming up. coming down to the wire. colonel sanders.! i'm owner, head coach and marketing director of america's newest professional football team. the kentucky buckets! a real team, and not just a marketing gimmick to get buckets of delicious chicken in front of football fans. isn't that right, starting quarterback? yes, we are a real team. so watch the buckets with a kfc twenty dollar fill up, now available with extra crispy tenders. it's finger lickin' good! what's it like to be in good hands? man, it's like pure power at your finger tips. i got the power to know who's coming and when if i break down.
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ore from your car insurance with drivewise. it's good to be in, good hands. ? ? >> gus: so here we go. taysom hill and the byu offense back on the field. kalani sitake going for it. hill has been great with his legs. colby pearson coming in the game. two-point attempt for the cougars.
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hill. on his feet. he won't get there! [ cheering ] >> joel: they sent the pressure off the edge along with the other defensive linemen. they were trying to run the quarterback draw. but because of the blitz it's not going to work. he is a free rusher. there is no one to block number 30, thornton, who holds hill up. and then they arrive to make
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>> gus: byu out of time-outs. the on-side kick coming. >> joel: absolutely. >> gus: half to. >> joel: you know what? i love the two-point play aggressiveness from kalani sitake. i think you should have a check attach to a quarterback draw because of what i said. if they blitz, you don't a blocker. so the play called you could talk about. but i love the aggressiveness from kalani sitake. when we met with him, that is exactly what he wanted to infuse in his kids. he believes in them. he trusts them. he wants them to have fun. credit to the utah defense. how many times have they shown up in big situations tonight?
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the on-side kick as they load up the far side. now they kick it near-side. flag on the play. thompson with the recovery. >> joel: it will be offside on byu. >> referee: offside. kicking team, number 13. five-yard penalty will be added to the end of the run. first down. >> gus: a hair offside. >> joel: it wouldn't have mattered anyway. >> gus: francis bernard. utah overcomes six turnovers to beat byu for the sixth time
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as troy williams victory formation for the utes. byu out of time-outs. that will do it. 20-19. utah prevails. coach sitake, coach whittingham, great friends. sitake says, "i love kyle whittingham the man. not just the coach." i'm sure they will talk about it during the off-season when they are on the golf course. >> joel: what a game! >> gus: our performance of the game goes to that great defensive stop by the utes on the two-point conversion.
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house. credit to kyle whittingham and his coaching staff. that front seven who was so good all night long. >> gus: number 20, marcus williams. the all-conference safety. let's go downstairs to shannon with coach whittingham. >> shannon: coach whittingham, the crossover between the two teams is incredible as you can see. just the respect between coaches. everyone giving each other hugs. between the ups and downs, every time they were on the field they brought it. what do you say about the relentlessness from the group? >> great effort all night long. opened with a pick six, which was huge. the offense had trouble getting in a rhythm. the last drive we ground the clock down and allowed them to kick the field goal. team effort. >> shannon: how close in the last drive you mentioned, how
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>> coach whittingham: that is what we want. we're a physical group. we believe in smashmouth football. that's what we got in drive. >> shannon: what career moment was it to see sitake across the field from you? >> it was great. he will win a lot of ballgames there. he is a heck of a coach. he had the guys ready. but to win a football game, turn it over six times. that doesn't happen very often. proud of our guys. i'm not so sure we deserve that with the turnovers. for a year. >> gus: all right. 19 plays, 78 yards. utah eating up 11:21. let's take a look at the road ahead for utah, sponsored by coors light. whatever your mountain, climb on. >> joel: san jose state coming up and the big one usc. this team if they play like they did in the last five
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of football games. that is what they have been doing the last couple of years. >> gus: utah starts the season 2-0. final score is 20-19. utah over byu. we'll return with more from salt lake city after these messages. i'm just a guy who wants to buy that truck. and i'm just a guy who wants to sell him that truck. so i used truecar. it told me what other people in the area paid for the truck i want. and because we're a truecar certified dealership, i already know the truck he wants. so we're on the same page before he even gets here. s fair. -and it's fast. look good? looks great. this is how car buying was always meant to be. this is truecar. ?? hmmmmmm..... hmmmmm... [ "dreams" by beck ]
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after the flood, when we came in here, there was nothing left. there's no way we're gonna do this ourselves. people like monica vernon really fought to get the assistance that led to the recovery. it took vision. it took courage. there is a true community spirit. i don't think she asked anybody after the flood whether they were democrat or republican. she took the bull by the horns, saw a problem that needed to be solved, and she solved it.
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>> gus: 20-19, the final score. utah prevails over byu. the utes have now won six straight against their rivals. rice-eccles stadium, fans on the field now as this one came down to the wire. six turnovers for utah. >> joel: yeah. >> gus: but in the end it was their defense that saved the day. >> joel: it was. even after a drive in which taysom hill takes byu all the way down the field and they have asked to bow their neck one time on a two-point conversion they do it with an aggressive style. they blitz and get them on the quarterback draw and win the football game. i tell you, the whole fourth quarter, though, epitomizedded


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