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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  September 13, 2016 9:00pm-10:30pm CDT

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3-2. jim: got caught looking on a 93 miles an hour fastball last time. len: swing and a miss. streak. good comeback -- strike three. good comeback for hammel. jim: bad pitch. good result from jason. len: live doppler 7 max.
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on abc 7 eyewitness news and the abc 7 chicago news app today. nailed it. here's scotty with two outs. -- piscotty with two outs. got to have a brother named scott right? scotty piscotty. jim: scotty piscotty. len: dottie. [laughter] jim: the piscotty family came to town, dottie, scotty and rowdy. len: and earl.
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earl. [laughter] jim: scoreboard watches here. the nationals have tied the mets 3-3 bottom of the ninth. doing damage against familia. len: rendon and ramos with the run-scoring hits in the ninth. jim: good try.
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there. len: pitch number 80 of hammel's night. swing and a miss.
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>> chicago cubs baseball on abc 7. len: reynolds wrap up report. dexter fowler with a lead-off home run. aledmys diaz two-run shot in the second. a lot of walks issued by the cardinals. cubs have left nine andhe red birds four. alex reyes continues on. 70 pitches working in relief. max checks in on twitter and says do not forget about
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2-1. it is a strike. jim: bartolo colon, you know him, right-hander there with the mets. been around forever. he once through 38 strikes. len: this year? jim: no. it was a few years ago. len: scotty will not have a play. 38 in a row? jim: yeah, since they started keeping track of that stuff, that's the record. len: didn't maddox have a long walk less streak. like 60, 70 innings or something? jim: probably.
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one. deep left center. caught by moss. let's take a look at our toyota home run cam. first batter of the game tonight. jim: 2-1 heater over the heart of the plate. straight away center field goes fowler for the 12th time this year. len: has he turned around since we got to houston. at one point he was 0-19 but he is six for his last 13 with a
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jim: time to get it cranking again. dexter hit .290 the first half. made the all-star team of course. second half of the season batting .242. oh my goodness. len: wow. how can you call that a strike? andy fletcher is the umpire tonight. jim: wow. the guys around the plate get borderline calls. len: no. jim: a guy walks everybody and he throws a few pitches on the outside corner. fowler, to me he leads the world in balls that are called strikes.
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play. jim: to dexter's credit he didn't unload on fletcher. he just said, man, watch the replay on that one and be a little embarrassed that you blew that one. len: lined into left center. two-out hit bryant. he is 1-4 now. jim: in fletcher's defense it would be -- all these balls. got to maintain that concentration. kris gets on top of that one.
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jim: matt bowman is up in the cardinal bullpen. len: we were having a conversation earlier, cubs strikeout rate is 21.3%.
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21%. so, they are right in the middle of the pack basically. jim: yeah. len: in terms of their strikeout rate. and then their walk rate, 10.3%. only they and the brewers are walking at least one out of every ten plate appearances. rizzo out to right. and that one is caught.
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len: time for the jeep out of town scoreboard. see your jeep dealer today and experience the freedom it comes with legendary capability. adams taps one foul on the ground. cubs minor league system with some playoff action tonight. high-a carolina league myrtle beach playing for the mills cup championship. a 7-0 win at lynch berg. so, they have best of five as they try to win back-to-back titles. south bend, the cubs low a affiliate eliminated over the weekend in a first round series in the midwest league. eugene tonight playing for the northwest league championship against everett. series tied at one apiece and
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swing and a miss streak. that's a new -- strike three. that's a new season high for hammel with his ninth strikeout. jim: adams that big lefty. elevated fastball. got a little greedy. now must take [audio indiscernible]. jim: aqua sox used to -- [audio indiscernible] len: yeah. jim: you have tender feet. you wear those in the water so you don't get hurt when you step on the rocks.
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slider in the dirt. fanned eight against the pirates on may 13th. jim: nice bounce back start for him. last time out he allowed a career high 13 hits. len: banged into left. molina with his first hit of the series. jason's last three road games prior to this one had not gone well at all. in colorado he allowed three hits, ten runs. next start was in l.a. against the dodgers. he got the early hook in that gim. allowed five hits and three runs and last time against the brewers, 5.2, 13 hits, nine
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len: good curve by peralta. jim: his effort more in line on what we have come to expect from jason. how would jason be because the last couple of years he has fallen off in the second half. how would he perform in the second half. yes, he has had some tough starts here but overall the numbers very good. len: he had a great start to august. two consecutive scoreless starts. soler's got it. two down. but two of his last four 19 runs combined. short start at dodger stadium. only three but runs but only 2.1
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to the right side against brandon moss as the cubs shift. so, at the end of the year you look at the total and that's your season. can't cherry pick a couple of starts here or there. by the end, numbers will look good for jason. he's got a chance to have the best e.r.a. of his career. came into the night at 3.50.
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cardinals have the lead. two-run homer brandon moss. jim: moss after getting the day off yesterday has really responded. he had been 1-41. tonight single, walk and now his 26th home run of the year. that is the mercedes benz drive of the game. tremendous power. cardinals club continues to rely on the long ball. they have got a couple in the batting order tonight. moss in the seventh hole and diaz also went deep back in the second. he is the eighth place hitter. len: so, all four of their runs
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outside on diaz. next hitter o hazelbaker. so, alex reyes has one major league win. it came against the cubs at wrigley field. he's got a chance to beet them again. crazy line for him. 4.1, one hit, no runs, six walks.
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reyes. 2-2 on diaz. hammel will field. and the ball gets past rizzo. diaz is aboard. jim: chopped right off at home plate and hammel had to rush that throw. diaz would have beaten the play anyway. get a better look here perhaps. len: i think he would have been out with an accurate throw. jim: tough job for rizzo reaching into the path of the base runner.
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will be it for hammel. i think they gave diaz a hit. we'll check during the break. this call to the pen is brought to you by lakeside bank.
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>> chicago cubs baseball is being brought to you by
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visit your local ford store or by instant care. the medical care you need, the settlement you deserve. by presence health. compassion is our mission. and by volkswagon. len: this pitching change is brought to you by lakeside bank. lakeside bank, it's about time. justin grimm facing pch jeremy hazelbaker who spoiled kyle hendricks no-hit bid with a lead-off homer in the ninth last night. diaz did get credit for an infield single after the moss go ahead home run. ball one. jim: have a quick chat with justin.
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only travis wood in terms of games pitched out of the cubs bullpen. only allowed one earned run. len: he has quietly -- jim: it has been quite a run. len: quietly put himself in a very good position in this bullpen. couple of short trips to the minors. couple of appearances against
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curveball. hazelbaker part of this group that has done so well off the bench for mike matheny. jim: after a great start, a minor league guy, kind of a journey man. was quite the story early in the season. len: swing and a miss. he said he got a piece of it. he did not and the inning is
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len: this pitching change is bought to you by lakeside bank. lakeside bank, it's about time. matt bowman is on for the cardinals. jim: 25-year-old rookie
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of the bullpen. 3.99 earned run average. fastball, slider, change. matt a real hard thrower. a different sort than reyes who just left the ball game, big guy who was throwing 97. len: soler fouls for strike one. cut and a miss. signed by the mets. a rule five draft pick of the
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and he got him.
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zobrist. fastball is wide. cardinals have to win to stay within a half game of the mets. 4-3 the final in ten. if i gave you 40 guesses as to who hit the game winning home run, i'm guessing you won't get it. jim: i'm looking at it right now. len: would you have known? jim: i don't know who this guy is. len: t.j. rivera. playing second base. jim: that's the first i have
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big deal for the mets to give up that lead in the ninth and still manage to win the ball game. len: yeah. ground ball towards right. carpenter the spinning play to get zobrist. jim: not a lot of pace ground ball. but carpenter with a fine play. len: by the way, for those of you who love the wind or hate the wind, familia gave up two runs in the ninth to send that game to extras. he gets the pitching win for the mets. because them's the rules. that's going to go fair.
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looked like it was going to be ten feet foul.
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len: let's check out the funky ground ball by addison russell. look at the spin on that thing. jim: adams count there at first base. [indiscernible] jim: if you have a computer, google eric campbell ground ball which was crazier than the last one. len: this pitching change is brought to you by lakeside bank. lakeside bank, it is about time. veteran right-hander joe schmitt. his combine numbers with the
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carpenter bounces foul. jim: first pitch swinging again. people watch the game. you have got your ipad or computer. you can check out highlights. out of town scores. bizarre references that we make. [laughter] len: catch. a shot to the gut for the they were up 2-1 in the ninth. ken giles gave up two runs and the rangers beat them 3-2. that is a devastating loss. jim: like it is meant to be when these two teams play together the way the rangers have dominated that series. len: 3-15 against texas. in this era of the unbalanced
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everything. that can be the difference between a playoff team and -- [indiscernible] jim: challenge for a right-handed hitter against a side-winding delivery of joe schmitt. outside tends to leak a little
9:38 pm
first of his career. game winner a playoff race as grichuk draws the one-out free pass. jim: and he got it off the all-star. mark melancon. and he is from the bronx. len: pulled foul. another big crowd tonight. 44,060. couple of days ago, the cardinals went over 3 million in home attendance for the 13th consecutive season and the 20th
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so, now the question as we get into the late innings and the cardinals have the two-run lead and hwan oh the closer available. and we will find slated to throw a simulated game today. len: there's oh. michael wacha sitting next to him. he is ready to return. he will go into their bullpen. wacha may be as early as
9:40 pm
jim: coming back from right shoulder inflammation. len: one ball, one strike. throw to first. jim: not a base stealer. has stolen four bases. he's been caught three times.
9:41 pm
2-2. jim: sure did. this is joe's 11th appearance in a cub uniform. home run ball has been a bit of an issue for him here. len: piscotty with a solid single to center. jim: joe has allowed four home runs in his 8.2 with the cubs. started with the mets in '07.
9:42 pm
a five-year run with cleveland before moving on to l.a. in 2014. len: felix pena in the cubs bullpen. chris bosio out to discuss things with joe schmitt and the entire cubs infield. red sox lost tonight. zach briton got the save. he is a perfect 43-43. jason hammel tonight 5 2/3. walked two, struck out nine. allowed two home runs. 96 pitches for jason. check that.
9:43 pm
len: are they calling him great britain in baltimore? jim: i hope so. len: strike on adams. jim: he should be on the same staff with derrek holland. [laughter] len: jeff francis. jim: we have got a team building. len: throw to first and they are
9:44 pm
piscotty is out. what a cannon. jim: he is so quick. using the big man as a screen. swings that ball down there. not close. rizzo sneaking in behind. perfectly timed play. len: yadier molina is watching on deck. he probably didn't like i'm sure inside he's going wow. that was impressive, kid. called strike three to end the
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len: changes now defensively for the cardinals. that's kolten wong at second. and carpenter is still in the game. he moves over to first. so, matt adams is done for the night. cubs trail 4-2 here in the
9:47 pm
a chance to clinch tomorrow. otherwise it will happen on the home stand. len: bounced to first foul. jim: early game tomorrow 12:45 first pitch. jon lester 16-4 with a 2.51 agains he has been their best. 14-7 with a 3.05. len: outside corner. it is 0-2. jim: bowman in his minor league career coming up through the mets system. almost exclusively a starting
9:48 pm
a lot of times it is difficult for a contending team to carry a rule five draft pick. you take a maker in the rule five draft, he has to stay on your major league roster the entire year or you have to offer him back to the team you drafted him from. so, that's an easy thing for teams not in contention. you prefer to carry a guy who might not be major league ready but they identified this guy as ready to contribute and he's had a nice year. len: hector rondon a few years ago was a rule five pick taken by the cubs. shallow center but it will hold up for grichuk. jim: 30-man roster -- 40-man roster they can protect and then in that rule five draft, players have to have a certain amount of
9:49 pm
eligible to be drafted. so, people can be drafted and players can be drafted on the february roster and they have to be kept in triple-a. len: good timing because last year prior to 2015, willson contreras was exposed to that rule five draft. he remained in the organization. won a battle title at became one of the top catching prospects if the game. jim: there's been a lot of conversation around major league baseball within the industry people saying how did they miss on this guy. he was out there. they had a chance to draft him. and likewise the cubs with a big exhale saying we got away with one. len: and i don't know if there was anything to miss because
9:50 pm
look at his profile and his numbers, there wasn't anything that jumped out. sometimes it just happens. and the light goes on. as he grounds back to bowman. jim: but when you watch contreras play now, you do wonder -- len: i can't imagine him not being an above average player at any level. jim: even if the numbers and the performance once there, if you were paying attention and scouting these guys, you would see the skill set. you like the body, the way he throws the ball, certainly would have intrigued you. minor league career he got better and better in terms of walking more frequently.
9:51 pm
len: tommy la stella off the bench takes a strike. he did not swing. big pause in that delivery from
9:52 pm
2-2. fowler on deck. tapped foul behind the plate. jim: just four hits in this ball game. only one since the second
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the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- s are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
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len: cardinals lead the cubs 4-2. here's felix pena. a rookie right-hander pitching for the seventh time. jim: 4.1 innings of work. he allowed two runs in a third of an inning in his second big league appearance. that was in san diego back on august 23rdrdrd. otherwise he has pitched scoreless baseball. runs in a t of an len: fastballs and sliders from felix.
9:56 pm
one down here in the cardinal eighth. congrats to chris allen. today named the southern league outstanding -- of the year. league's ten general managers league president votes on that award. nice going chris. peralta. fair ball. bryant and the stretch by rizzo. two outs.
9:57 pm
good accurate throw. accurate enough. on the move. a lot of damage for the cardinals. cubs have the bottom of the order. diaz bottom of the order type hitters. [indiscernible] len: moss now tied with jedd gyorko for their club lead in home runs. it will be dexter fowler to end the inning.
9:58 pm
9:59 pm
. len: mazda cx-5. mazda, driving matters. it is not out of the cardinal
10:00 pm
5-3 with a 2.92 e.r.a. home runs nine in 52.1. he's walked a fair number of batters. jim: he hasn't been good this year as he had been in the past. last year he allowed four home runs all year in 74.2 innings. he is a lefty, but always been good against right-handed hitters because they have an outstanding changeup. velocity this year down a tick or two from when he first showed up in the big leagues with the cardinals back in 2013. len: gave up three home runs in
10:01 pm
days at wrigley field last october. anthony rizzo hit two and kyle schwarber's video board blast. siegrist after fowler a swing and a miss 0-2. jim: gave up a game winner the other day to ryan braun when the brewers were here. len: ninth inning, cardinals. inside. dexter a home run to start the ball game. then walked twice. was called out. looking at a pitch well off the plate last time up. jim: looks like oh is unavailable as the cardinal
10:02 pm
sort of match-up situation. i think matheny wants kevin siegrist to get the save tonight. jim: oh no, or no oh. len: the post dispatch might want the hire you tonight to write some headlines. jim: no go for oh. no len: two balls, two strikes. big leg kick by siegrist. jam shot bouncer back to the mound. one out. hyundai player of the game. wasn't always pretty but alex reyes, the rooker right-hander. he walked six in 4.1 but he
10:03 pm
jim: teetering. one swing of the bat and it would have been a different story. bottom line he allowed nothing in 4.1. pitched around six walks. len: cubs need a base runner to get the tying run to the plate. or maybe back-to-back home runs. that would work too. jim: they entered the ball game with the bases loaded, two out in the second and struck out
10:04 pm
len: 1-1 pitch. out in front. pulled it foul. yankees shut out the dodgers 3-0. mariners are hot. they got another lead in anaheim 4-0 in the fourth. as the m's look for their seventh consecutive win. agai sox. blue jays lost at home 6-2 to tampa bay. the royals have caught the jays and both those teams two back of boston in the east. still 2-2.
10:05 pm
minnesota. so, they are now two out in the wild card. we talked about this earlier. are you rooting for like a six-way tie? jim: yes. absolutely. [laughter] len: al wild card. it could happen. jim: yankees are two games off the pace. mariners three back. astros running out 4.5 after the loss tonight. len: the orioles are now five out. they lost at home. 3-2 on bryant.
10:06 pm
swing and a miss. two down. jim: a little frustration on the face of lay off. that ball up. tendency is to jump at it. len: missed the outside corner.
10:07 pm
popped him up. near the plate. it is molina and that's it. the cardinals a come from behind 4-2 win to set up a rubber match tomorrow and the cubs will not be able to clinch the division in this series. jim: it's okay. we could do it at wrigley in front of the home fans. always want to win every night when you come to the ball park. did not happen here tonight. cubs not able to take advantage of the wildness of reyes. put a lot of base runners on in the middle ins of this ball game. len: final score, cardinals 4, cubs 2. we will be back to st. louis in
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len: chicago cubs baseball on abc 7 is being brought to you by keller graduate school of management. learn loud. by xfinity. xfinity x1 will change the way you experience tv. by honda. start something special with the great deal on a honda. now at your honda dealer. and by state farm.
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800-state-farm. we are right back with you tomorrow afternoon here on abc 7. 12:30 central time for our air time as the cubs and the cardinals play the rubber match. once good evening the final score -- once again the final score cubs 2, cardinals 4. here in st. louis, len kasper inviting you to stay tune.
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then windmills went away, but the wind remained. chuck grassley thought it was time to bring the windmill back. without the grassley legislation, and his effective leadership, the wind energy industry would not have succeeded. now, more than thirty one percent of all the electricity in iowa comes from wind. these turbines don't just produce clean energy, they produce jobs. six thousand in iowa alone. have come to iowa for that energy. iowa produces more of its energy from wind than any other state. it started with a simple idea and the renowned work ethic of one senator. senator grassley is literally the father of the modern wind industry. grassley works.
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right now on fox 28 news at nin. nine.officers open fire, killing a right now on fox 28 news at 9. >> officers kill a stabbing suspect. where the shooting stands right now. >> i was city school leaders are ready to tackle racial some iowans say they're ready for a change, no matter what. what."a kinder, gentler day planned for tomorrow, i'll have the latest in your
10:18 pm
highway 13, you need to know about a major detour coming that could make your daily drive quite a bit longer. longer.this is fox 28 news at nine. fox 28 news begins with a developing story out of cedar r. rapids.we now know the name of a man shot and killed by police. police.this all happened during a domestic disturbance. disturbance.police were called to valley high apartments along edgewood road northwest late last night.25-year-old markell bivins was shot multiple times when two officers opened fire. investigators say before the shooting, bivins repeatedly stabbed a 25-year-old woman. the victim was rushed to the hospital where police say she is expected to recover.the names of the two officers involved won't be released until state investigators interview them about their deadly use of force. day two of the murder trial for david miller begins tomorrow morning. morning.miller is accused of stabbing and strangling sabrina hustad janish.jurors
10:19 pm
janish. jurors learned more about what led to miller's arrest. a trooper testified that miller was waiting down cars on the highway wearing nothing but his underwear and covered in scratches and blood. authorities say he matched the description of a car thief. when they pulled up date said he was able to communicate despite his condition. >> the original concern was somewhat having agitated event. questions appropriately not that concerned out very quickly. he was able to articulate a statement to meet. >> miller claims he was playing an outdoor game with friends and that's how he got the injuries. he is charged with first-degree murder and theft of vehicle. the topic backup tomorrow morning. that's when they will hear from crime scene investigators. >> the minority cities of iowa
10:20 pm
white counterparts. the district is aiming to change that by addressing three areas. disciplinary equity caught teacher and mentor relationships and classroom inclusiveness. leaders in the districts that they plan to increase staff diversity which they hope will improve the climate in the schools. >> it is about the relationship. it is not about the color of the skin. we're doing at the ground level is teach culturally responsible. >> the district is putting together a task force to improve the climate for all. for more information how you can sign-up visit our website last night thunderstorms jolted many people. >> you should better have a good sleep tonight. meteorologist terry swails joins us. >> we have a few clouds in a few light showers but those will be moving out soon. tomorrow will get back into sunshine. where at 64 and winds are out of the north at the miles per hour.
10:21 pm
northwestern iowa they are in the mid-50s so cooler and drier air is moving our direction. the dew points are only in the 40s. that dry air will move on to the south east and i will put an end to these showers that we are showing on the radar. by tomorrow morning the clouds will be breaking out and we should have a nice day. looks like temperatures will be around 70 to 72 for high temperatures and plenty of sunshine to go along with it. >> a major road for linn county was highway 13 will close completely between central city starting monday morning. the shutdown will allow crews to repair a railroad intersection. the iowa department of transportation recommends motorists using highway 151 and 38 as an alternate route. the agency says about you should allow 30 minutes to the community. >> both sides of a casting controversy stemming from a
10:22 pm
the issue. your cedar rapids tested a actor who could hear in their play tribes. >> due date ryan has been following the story since it broke and has tonight's update for a casting change. >> today peter cedar rapids heard both local deaf community loud and clear. >> the deaf community want to see art to recast the role of billy with a deft actor or all work together for a representative. >> the deaf community will attend and this is a solution. if you don't do now it will come. >> if that's the pat tcr takes then they will respond. >> if they say note the deaf
10:23 pm
protest and it will be on national news. >> she says that would harm both parties.>> the deaf community will be scarred and bitter which we do not want. >> tcr executive director says he and the crew will make a decision within a week. >> i don't know to what degree our plan will involve, pivot changes but i miss hearing suggestions and we are talking about these things. >> as of tonight besides are hopeful for a positive solution and a progressive relationship. >> at tonight's meeting the deaf community did suggest a specific local deaf actor to republican presidential nominee donald trump returned to iowa today. today.we have team coverage
10:24 pm
tonight--beginning with fox 28 news anchor and host of 'iowa in focus' kevin barry -- --who traveled to des moines for trump's latest iowa rally. rally. more it to trumps latest iowa rally. >> a lot of donald trump's opponents in his policy plans are light on facts and specifics. his supporters say he has a bunch of buildings with his aim at the top and that's the kind of experience they say is good enough. >> even in 30 minutes inclines iowa, donald trump cover a lot of ground. >> we are going to fix our infrastructure and renegotiate our horrible trade dealers and three children from failing government schools, eliminate government waste. >> one of his main criticisms is saying he is short on how things will happen. >> a lot of things cannot be decided until he gets into office and i know as a businessman he will work with
10:25 pm
>> this is a campaign about big ideas designed to help everyday people. >> his plan to help with the pain in the african community may be the best example. >> you see the crime in all of the problems. what you have to lose? i will fix it. >> general says he does not hear specifics from other politicians at least trump is different. >> we do need a change and i think he's the only one to to change it. if it does not work out in four years that we will have to do something else. >> after hillary clinton was wobbly on her feet she's off her feet but expected back later this week. >> democrats held a rally nearby to countertops event. among them and undocumented student and cofounder of -- he says the iowa this idea of trump scares her family.
10:26 pm
fears for when donald trump is on tv and hears anything about him. she says why is he not in jail for the things that he says and the things that he does. >> after more than a year on the campain trail post trump and clinton have called an audible or too. >> lisa fletcher examines how much the candidates have changed and whether it matters in tonight's be on the podium. >> reporter: building walls -- >> i will bill great great wall -- >> or building jobs -- >> we are going to make the biggest investment in good job since world war ii. >> the statements have been steady. >> the major changes we've seen his campaign have been on the edges. i think the two candidates are
10:27 pm
jonathan allen that is not to say the candidates have not changed positions. especially when it comes to donald trump. >> he went from being pro- choice to think that women should be punished for abortions. he went from in favor of having assault weapons to being hasn't at nra. >> it doesn't matter that he's changing positions? apply to her case, allen what she hasn't changed that what she has.what we see is that a significat part of the majority of the electorate, including many democrats, see hillary clinton as dishonest and she has not done anything to reverse that in this election. 19:18:06so allen says fair or not, any shift in her position is evaluated on the basis of honesty.has her inability to make a clear, meaningful apology affected
10:28 pm
see contrition from her and the last thing she wants to do is be contrite and apologetic." 19:06:30as for trump, he says there should have been a re-invention on his relationship with minorities.his targeting of minority groups ultimately is a massive problem for his campaign and not just a miss-step but a continued foul on his part that will hurt himself and hurt his party going forward.moving forward allen says there's a problem for trump...he has not unified the republican party...while democrats are not only working together, but strengthening the minority vote as both the president and mrs obama hit the road on hillary clinton's behalf.on capitol hill, i'm lisa fletcher. some colleges across the county have set up so-called safe spaces, to give students a place to get away from controversial rhetoric. to give students for students to get away from controversial rhetoric. >> what civil rights attorney
10:29 pm
than good. kellen hal explains. >> a permanent new york attorney is against safe spaces which have become prevalent at colleges and universities. they are places where students can go to shield themselves from what they viewed from hostile speech. allen says people do not need protection from different opinions and beliefs. >> nobody gives spaces to who support they don't get safe spaces."he added that colleges and universities should be a place where everyone can speak freely, even if some of the ideas seem offensive. sot dershowitz: "everybody should have safe spaces from physical intimidation, physical intimidation. but no one should have safe space from ideas."it remains to be seen whether safe spaces will become a permanent fixture at colleges.the safe-spaces controversy picked up traction last year after a string of racially-charged incidents at universities aross the country. with circa, im kellan howell ((end pkg))anchor out: for
10:30 pm
to learn more, check out the circa link on our website, fox


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