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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  September 18, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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at nine -- ((cbs2 news ten at ten )) attacks in the tonight on your fox 28 news at 9 . attacks in the us. stabbings in minnesota in a bomb blast in new york. >> it was a explosion and we felt it from two blocks away. >> elitist on what caused the blast and whether any of the attacks are tax terrorism. >> also remembering the forgotten in the corridor . >> i woulha the same thing again. >> the message the korean war's fighters are giving to americans today. >> and also presidential health. >> i may think about someone who has a lot of access to weapons. >> your thought on making it mandatory for candidates to release their medical records. >> thank you for joining us. we begin tonight with the
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recovered pieces of a pressure cooker bomb injured 29 people last night. >> the manhunt is underway for the suspect. we have more from the chelsea section of manhattan where it happened. >> we have footage that captured the moment. a pressure cooker bomb that injured 29 in the chelsea area of manhattan. all have been released from the hospital. a second pressure cooker was destroyed in a controlled that -- detonation. >> we do not know what it was yet. >> new york governor andrew como noted that no terrorist group had claimed responsibility. >> at this time there is no evidence of an international terrorism connection with this incident. >> law enforcement says that both the bombs here in new york and the one that went off on saturday morning along the course of the marine charity
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designed to use cell phones as triggers but they cannot say for sure if the events are linked. >> it was scary and there was an explosion. we falter from two blocks away. >> the nypd is on heightened alert and 1000 state police and national guard are being transit. >> right now investigators are vetting immediate page that claims to be the bomber. the motive for the explosion was in response to anti-gay balance and depression. >> in minnesota and federal agents are trying to figure out if a man who stabbed nine people is linked to isis. police shot and killed the man after the attacks at a mall in st. cloud. today a news agency run by the islamic state called the man one of their soldiers. the 20-year-old man dressed as a security guard was killed and off-duty police officer.
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attacker had planned, it did not work. >> we are strong community. we are united community. there is with this individual and evil act. it is on just at -- unjustifiable. >> authorities have not identified the attacker. his only prior record was for a all my people are expected to recover. >> if you do not know it all starts on thursday but it looks like summer will stick around for a little bit longer. meteorologist rebecca kopelman is here with your weather first forecast. >> we thought a little bit today in terms of the temperatures. were warm out there but on the comfortable side. now as we head into tomorrow you will notice the humidity a little bit more. high pressure has been in control keeping the skies clear
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it will be moving off to the south and east and that will shift the wind out of the south and than we will have a cold front moving through tomorrow. we will have humidity in the warmth ahead of this front and in the chance of showers and storms. check out these temperatures. we will be warming up into the 80s areawide. near north of highway 20 close to 80 degrees. further to the south we will be in the mid-80s. some spots of iowa city in washington you could be close to 90 degrees and you'll be fee the humidity. coming in your first forecast we are talking how many more times you may need the umbrella throughout the week. >> today we remember the forgotten in the corridor. the korean war is called the forgotten war. today vfw post 780 in cedar rapids on a korean war veterans.
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dozens of veterans - from soldiers and sailors to fighters and flyers - gathered today to be honored for their duty during the korean war.and these veterans remember.marine these veterans remember, he remembers saying the chapter -- chopper will be coming home. >> he had three purple hearts to show for his service. >> the fact that they were using the word conflict is an insolent -- insult. >> despite the deaths -- if you would do it all over again would you do the same thing? >> yes. i would sign up again. >> i would have no reservation about going over there and doing it all over again. >> known as the forgotten war korean war veterans people
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anthem forgetting the sacrifice of the military. >> that the desecration of the even be playing in the national football league.""i would like to see them stand. i would, and it can be hard for me to stand up to with my condition, but i would do the best i can.""the guys that i saw wounded and killed didn't give their lives so that someone could be non-patriotic and not recognize the sacrifices that were covering the corridor in cedar rapids, connor morgan, fox 28 news at 9. while an armistice was signed to end the war in 1953 - no peace treaty was ever agreed to - meaning north korea and south korea are technically upon. that means north korea and south korea are technically still at war. >> in the race for the white house both candidates plan eight campaign tossup states this week.
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clinton and donald trump in a virtual tie in many of the states. during the past week hillary clinton suffered from questions on her health and donald trump took heat after statements about barack obama being born in the us. the president spoke to the congressional black caucus foundation. >> i will consider it a personal insult. an insult to my legacy of this community left out its guard and fails to activate itself in the selection. and clinton is in philadelphia and her running mate tim kaine will be in ames. >> the questions night concerning for donations to the clinton foundation. the surface after a chinese donor gets expelled from the country's legislator. risk rossano from circa has more. >> chinese milliner says thank
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congress. he has an enterprise with construction that built the chinese busy in washington dc. he has a history of buying us influence. federal investigators launched a probe about his donations might've broken the law. clinton says that her family will stop donations. >> our mission is to connect you with the presidential candidates. we have reached out to them to participate in interviews with hours station all across our country so now we want to hear from you. tell us what questions you want us to ask the candidates. you can tell them by email or facebook. >> may seem hard to believe but in 1972 thomas eagleton was removed from the democratic ticket for vice president after
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with depression could endanger the country. the health of candidates today and what you want to know is the topic in tonight's say what. >> i feel as good today as when i was 30. >> after hillary clinton bout with pneumonia and editorials accusing donald trump of erratic behavior, some voters have called for the candidate to release their entire medical history. others say that is ridiculous. >> after we had a president who had polio. >> jfk's back problems and fdr's paralysis were secret. today he sees few limitations. >> only if they had a history of mental illness. i don't think any physical illness should disqualify someone for serving. >> in the medical record the if we knew everything - about candidates who would be nearly 80 - - at the end of
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at the entire ticket. ticket." if there was a case where a presidential candidate would possibly not be able to serve a full term due to medical issues, i would certainly be looking at their vice president to make sure their vicde president to make sure their vice president to make sure their vice president is somebody i would like to be president. " " everyone has to come to their own conclusino about what it is someone who i would like to be president. >> each person has to come to their own conclusion. >> especially in this fight things tend to get blown out of proportion. he wishes that voters could find out what's minor illness and what's chronic. >> richard says the lease from a physical standpoint the campain trail is proof enough it's a marathon. >> i'm surprised more things have not happened to the people. that's hard to do all that traveling and campaigning. >> are you feeling better?
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you very much. >> some strong opinions and we encourage you to share yours right now on her facebook page. >> coming up duty fluttered through the corridor. that's by people tag monarch butterflies and where the fly often ask. >> also celebrating latino culture in the corridor. this year with a little different flavor. dash of politics. >> it felt like fall out side this it will be more like summer as we go into the war week. it will be close to the 80s and have a chance for offenders --
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right now - they're on thier way to mexico - but they made a stop in the corridor today. this afternoon right now they're on their way to mexico but they did make a
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butterflies fluttered through oxford and people caught them contact them and set them free to be on their way once again. the conservation education center in fw park hosted the free day to tag and enjoy migrating monarch butterflies.>> the people that are tagging all that goes into a national database. then we can find out information such as where we need to have more conservation efforts and are adapting to the fact that they face. >> they traveled over 2000 miles to mexico every fall and the monarchs estate tax today and will be monitored on a national level for the rest of the year. >> maze island in cedar rapids is the place to be for the swinging sounds of latin america music. to date was the fifth annual festival latino in rapids.
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evening with latin bands copters and activity for of the corridor and encourages those who attend - - to get involved. "we're bringing a cultural event to town, we want to celebrate with the community. at the same time we are also doing voter registration for people that are interested that are citizens of the united states that want to vote in november. it's a little bit of social, cultural and political event." event."organizers say th latino festival - is a celebration of diversity - that gets better every year. a perfect day to be outside on the island dancing and celebrating with family and fri. friends.let's go to rebecca kopelman for a look at your
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still ahead on the fox 28 news at nine, nine,this isn't just another high school football touchdown. we'll tell you another high school touchdown. we will show you why it is a dream come true. tiny technoligy will be able
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today's all about n >> today is all about nfl sunday night football but earlier this weekend at a high school in detroit it was all about making dreams come true. a proud mom hearth touching story. story. as the novi high school football team takes the field---(nat)out front waving the wildcat flag proudly is number 24(nat)(mom cam)on the side line snapping images is one proud motheryou see number 24 usually holds the water bottles---but on this day robby heil, the special needs senior is suited up--(nat) mom, debbie thinks she's here just to see robby in uniform
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together and have a nice picture. ---she has no idea what's in store.....(family) our team sees him as part of the familyso when family store. >> our team sees him part of the family. >> when they found out that robbie's mom had advanced camper they gave debbie more than just the picture. >> with the timeout the new star now takes the field to a roaring crowd. >> gets the ball and watch as robbie runs 20 yards. his mother breaks down as she witnesses robbie stream scoring the touchdown come to life. >> that is incredible. i did not know about this. >> even the opposing team took time to honor robbie. >> on behalf of us we wanted presented this number one jersey. >> this is way more than just
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instrumental. it takes a village to raise my son in this village has been outstanding. >> no matter how about a date he is having it's a smile from ear to ear. the opportunity to put the helmet on tonight brought tears to my eyes and i'm sure tears all over the place. >> to schools cheering on a champion. a mother overwhelmed with joy and a . >> wildcats are the best. >> that is pretty cool. for real-time information for your nervous system could soon be at your fingertips. researchers are working on an implant smaller than the tip of your pen to send that information. we show you now how it works.
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it could be a sensor and planted in your body and record commission about your nervous system in real-time. >> from the outset you send it ultrasonic wave. it reflects back from the implant and what it does so there's information encoded in the reflection that tells you how the neuron or muscle or general nerve is firing. >> the device batteries. the ultrasound waves hit that square crystal producing electrical power for the circuit which then takes the information. michelle says that peace could track entry regular conditions. >> in bladder control of these are motor dysfunctions and if you can stimulus the nerve you can address it in a therapeutic way.
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new hope for 3 million americans. >> even to provide to stop seizures for it they fully fledged which means a caesar free life and that's the dream. >> the tiny sensor could be available for human testing in a few years. >> still coming up on fox28 at nine congress usually leaves the budget before session ends. that could cause problems. this year it could be extra
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those of us in the corridor - - know better than most - - the
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challenging from recovering on a flood. congress could be slow to act. >> $2.8 billion that's how much the governor of louisiana is requesting from the federal government to help deal with the floods that devastated the state. the floods left 13 people dead and left more than 140,000 people requesting disaster reli with the cost of natural disasters. the us government may leave louisiana on its own. >> commerce espresso past 12 appropriation bills. these bills deal with military spending and disaster relief. the last time congress passed all 12 appropriation bills was in 1986. the last time they were on time was 2009.
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term spending bill. but those bills typically maintain the same spending levels as the previous year.and that's a problem because louisiana needs the money now.louisiana legislators are they will find the emergency spendinga& but that's not guaranteed because congress still hasn't a way to fund zika louisiana is left hoping that congress that hasn't done much aside from renaming post offices will find out a way to agree upon new spendinga&i guess it could happen.from washington, i'm raffi williams for more on this story - you can go to fox 28 iowa dot com - and click on the circa link . republican paul leh-page of maine has been embroiled in controversies -- the stem from his dislike of the press - and his unorthodox ways - which some find offensive or worse. his supporters think he's a straight-shooter who's become a political target - in part - because of his aggressive push to reform the welfare state. full measure's sharyl attkisson has a look at his effort to get mainers off the
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nation. pkgmaine is known for scenic water views, an abundance of lobster and its reputation as a welfare state. but last month, governor paul lepage's effort to reform that reputation was threatened by an expletive-filled voicemail he left a critica& over whether his policies are racially-motivated. sot from call "i want you to prove that i'm a racist. i've spent my life helping black people and you little son-of-a ba&. socialist a&.sucker." has launched a crackdown on fraud after discovering a shocking detail nobody else had unearthed: millions of dollars in food stamps intended for needy maine residents were being spent in far-flung locations like hawaii, puerto rico and the virgin islands.sharyl: what does that tell you?] lepage: it tells me that it doesn't work (laughslepage has also pushed through a series of major welfare reforms. maine was one of the few states with
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people could get cash assistance. now there's a five-year limit. those convicted of drug crimes can be booted off welfare if they flunk a drug test.and then- can be booted off welfare if they plunk a drug test. then there are big changes to the food stamp program. >> food stamps is a copout. i want to teach them how to of throwing the baby out with >> nate libbie accuses the governor of throwing the baby out of the balfour and cutting funds for increase in childhood hunger. >> the governor has created this as in maine that all welfare is bad. people should be cut off of public assistance at any cost without looking at the core layer effects of that. >> he says is out to reduce dependency not make friends. >> if i want to be like i will go get a dog.
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i might have to have a fourth one before i'm done. >> rebecca has one last look at
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some coralville kids are going to bed tonight >> tonight some kids are going i got to sit in the driver seat of cool equipment. the i want children's museum hosted that movie caught they get caught doing event today. businesses and organizations donate their time and equipment. >> there are vehicles i see from their car on a daily basis but don't get a chance to get up close and learn about them.
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showed up to that move it, they get, do event. this year there was about 3000. it was a great day to have everyone outside and joined his activities. >> it was awesome to be outside and have weather -- nice weather. we will have warmer weather coming up. temperatures will be warming up into the 80s. it will be more humid and will have a chance for showers and storms moving from north to south after 2:00. watching your fox 28 news at 9. >> pat moroney coming up next with the hawkeye football
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>> welcome to fox sports sunday . i'm pat moroney. the last time the chiefs travel to houston to play the texans was for a playoff game in january and that was a good day for casey. they pounded the texans 30-0. today it was a much different alex smith and the chiefs trying to move to 2-0. marcus peter steps in front and that's an int. peter takes it to the 20 yard line. on the next drive the sun devils gets it back. he fakes the screen those long and six points for houston. i grabbed the early advantage. fast forward to the end of the half casey down and alex smith
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he was hit from behind and the ball comes loose ends were covered by houston. they levite 10 at the break. third-quarter same score and peters gets another one. he then calls in his second pick of the day. the offense was not there in this one. the chiefs lose to the texans 19-12 and they go all day without scoring a touchdown. they are 1-1 >> the packers and vikings are in action right now and that us bank stadium. if the pack to draw first blood. aaron rodgers to his number one guy jordy nelson. 7-0 green bay. we have an 8 yard touchdown pass.
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minnesota. if you've been monitoring north dakota state's track record again fcs teams that cisapride. what is a surprise is how far i will fell in sunday's a people. they fell so far they are no longer ranked. the hawks fell from 13th to 30th. they are out of the top 25. they received 47 votes in the coaches boldly checked in at number 25. the rest of the big ten looks good. ohio state, michigan, michigan state and was content art topped . the running game stalled on saturday. the bison ran wild. rushing for 239 yards. it's a longtime since the hawkeyes have been cash like that. when you combine that with their missed clues was a humbling afternoon for the defense. >> they did a great job of
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>> i feel like we did not get ourselves together. >> they were physical and came off the ball hard and ran hard. they are a good team. they don't win five national titles in road just by chance. >> the college football talk is just beginning. up next on fox for -- sports
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>> welcome back to fox sports sunday. we are here with lew montgomery . let's get right to it. what happened yesterday in the i want north the -- dakota state. >> north dakota came in with an attitude and a chip on the shoulder. this is a dangerous team. we knew that coming in. we talked a little bit about it last week that this co trap game for iowa. we saw a good football team yesterday in kinnick stadium. >> something you don't see with the iowa team is them lose the battle on the ground. they were outclassed by over 200 yards. how did they lose that battle and how did that matter in the end. >> what we saw yesterday was north dakota state defense that came out and played with a high level of emotion.
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watley or daniels cannot run the bar. -- ball. i was offense of line had to do a better job of opening holes and allowing those big backs to do what they do well and get more protection and cj. >> this week against rutgers to think they make get into a better rhythm offensively? >> if i'm iowa what they will face is a lot of talk to the next few focus on letting people say whatever they're going to say because if you get caught up in a lot of the things that people are going to say about you or the fact that you may not be the top 25, this will be a long season. i will needs to have amnesia when it comes to this game. yes we lost but let's move on. i think coach ference team will bounce back against rutgers. >> first big ten game on the
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on track? >> is very important. it's important for a few reasons. you're coming off a defeated loss in terms of the morale of the football team. what we did not see on saturday from this team is who stepped up or who was going to step up and be the leader. is it desmond king? whoever the leader and we did not see the leadership on saturday. so to get back into the rhythm and race. right now you have minnesota wisconsin ahead of you. >> iowa falls to 0-3. >> the kicking game looks good and they did do things well. they got down to detail things that they did well.
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landing did a nice job of throwing the ball. it wasn't enough of horsepower. what i was state has struggled with his running together for quarters. we've seen some great opportunities but they have not been able to put a complete game together. >> you and i went out west and led by 17 points at halftime and then they lost in the final minute. good time. >> this is a heartbreaker for coach farley. going into halftime up 17 and then falling short on a fake field gold and then turn over cost them the football game. there are bright spots. really got going on the ground over 100 yards rushing. there are bright spots on this
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a terrible loss for them but they're still a long season to go. >> panthers have a bye next week before they get into play.
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molded into one of the premier football and the proof is in the performance. they have made 10 trips to the playoffs. mitch vick has more on the saints. >> 10 years that the lifetime in football years. for the 2006 xavier saint it's been a blink of an eye. >> snuck up on us and thinking that i >> went by really fast. just like life you get busy and then you're an old guy. >> on friday night for the 2016 edition moved to 4-old-age. -- 4-0. >> were quoted as saying for those guys to do what they did
9:53 pm
coaching staff say there is no weight uk win a title like that the way we had all the guys going different ways. >> some of the details are still incredible. the title came in when they were for a. for the saints all reflected on the coaching. we all love the coaches. we have all put in work and effort to build the program to what it is. >> we have undershirts to do your job. he got 11 people on each side me." "you look at the teams we've had since then, they certainly have a high standard to look up to -- and we're not afraid to tell them, 'this is what this group was like and this is where you gotta try to
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mitch fick, cbs 2/fox 28 sports. it's crunch time for the cardinals - entering sunday - the redbirds had 14 games louis cardinals. on sunday they had 14 games remaining in that today is back on the method giants for a while card spot. on sunday he had a chance to gain ground. the cards are in san fran. diaz smokes it to left field seats. the two run shot puts the cardinals up 2-0. st. louis picks up a game on the giants with a 3-0 final. for the cubs of the brewers milwaukee is on top and looking for more. here was the one up
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cubs are still not on the board . there's a hit and after misplayed we get a score. this is the definition of a shot. it takes a while for it to land and is a solo shot in the brewers get a win at brewery 3- 1. in april the royals are still smelling the roses from world series tit. would be here in september with these teams looking towards next year. the royals have a fighting chance and that they are not giving up. they brought the bats to the ballpark today. here we have one in the second. it splashes into the fountain. 2-0 for kc. 423 feet over left-center fence
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the chunky switch hitter finds the right-center. more runs for kc. they win big 10-3. to the big apple bases are packed. here we have one for left-center . right now where i 2-0 in the third. in the eighth the twins take a bite out of the league. here we have the eighth home run of the season. the twins go down 3-2. thank you for joining us on fox sports
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(srtscast playing over tpov) what you watching? '86 super bowl. bears are crushing the pats. i'd have been happy to die that day. greatest four hours and 22 minutes of my life. and i was at woodstock. move your feet. i don't want to; just sit in the chair. but it's a bad angle. my neck will seize by the fourth touchdown. (groans) my one day off, football game. mike, look. i got published. (chuckles): i actually got published. oh, no way! and on the same day the bears beat the pats. vince, move. i'm gonna root for the pats, then. wh's all the yelling abatou? as of this moment, your daughter is a publisd author. (chuckheles) what? molly, that is so exciting. getting paid for what you love to do.


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