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tv   Iowa In Focus  FOX  September 25, 2016 9:30am-10:00am CDT

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the flood 2016 ramp up begins today in cedar rapids, up the river in up the river in vinton, neighbors are being urged to prepare for high water. cbs 2 news reporter connor river swell, he joins us now.
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cbs 2 news anchor kevin barry is at the paramount right now as they continue evacuation
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i will show you volunteers. there waiting in the lobby. here they are. we will come around this week. all these volunteers are hanging out so they can help
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i haven't even seen this. there are people streaming in. the line goes out the door. all of these folks are here to try to save some seats from the paramount. >> we did talk to the general manager he told us if you have tickets to any shows happening soon, he will be sending you more information about exactly how to get you tickets are what will happen with the shows. some will be rescheduled. >> thank you for that. before we let you go back to the program we want to mention river which is become a problem here independence. right around 19 feet. it supposed to crest sometime tonight around 20 feet and also anamosa, it's rising rapidly there. sometime on tuesday night should trust.
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cover your press coverage. plus the latest contacts and analysis. right now use specific hashtags to help keep the city safe and is always stay with us as flood 2016 develops. we are back at 10 am. until themon an issue like mental health and ad" addiction."kennedy says the only way to fix the problem is to point out how meal same af other forms of care -- making it an equal rights issue. let's go inside iowa politics -- to talk about the people not trying to move into the white house. when linn county voters go to the ballot box in november -- one of the biggest votes they'll cast wont be for any candidate for any office.linn county voters decided to expand the board from three members to the five in 2007. last summer -- the group -- concerned citizens of linn county -- started rounding up signatures to shrink the board back to three.
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in rural linn county -- it's pretty common to ?not see a lot of people.but in the linn county board of supervisors meetings -- at least two representatives are here to champion the rural cause.john harris represents district five.they call it the donut because district two does go south and splits it up but it goes from mount vernon to prairieburg to coggen... they're rural communities that john is afraid would get left behind if the board shrinks. district four supervisor brent ol people that vote for me that i directly represnt are from marion, are from central city, are from bertramoleson says a strong cedar rapids is good for all of linn county.but with just three seats -- the board may be dominated by supervisors elected by the voters who live in the city -- and something like the much needed improvements on squaw creek ridge road and lakeside road may have never happened. oleson says that's how it was before the board expanded in
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priorities suffered.he says the same thing happened when the cedar crossing casino project was figuring out ?who would pay for ?what."we were asked to bond 25-million dollars to build a parking garage and own the parking garage for the casino. and i fought that and said no. "he says the temptation to become what he calls an "extension of the city council" is there all the time -- it's up to the supervisors to push back. "we're working with them, but keeping them in check, it protects the county taxpayer." one of the most vocal opponents of the have found out since i started going to the meetings and stuff is that there's not enough work for five people let alone three full time.he argues that rural linn county isn't represented when the supervisors give hundreds of thousands of dollars to artwork that ends up throughout cedar rapids -- while the abbie center gets shutdown.brent oleson disagrees.when one of two historic bridges was washed out in bertram -- brent says the city's small -- part time
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replace it.the same thing happened between central city and coggon -- with a railroad crossing needed to be repaired. i met someone at the convenience store and we drove out together, took pictures, and sent it to the railroad. i'm not sure you get that kind of close representation citizen to citizen if you go to three members and the profesional manager type that its more burocracy one big criticism for the board is its salary -- they (each?!?) pull in more randy ray says he has a compromise -- and he's challenging brent oleson for the district four seat.he wants to cut the salaries back to 70-thousand dollars a year -- ultimately saving a half million dollars over five years.i think this is a problem solver for both -- it cuts their salaries, which some people are worried about, and keeps the representation kula says this decision is going to come down to voters
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i feel that the people were represented and educated and know what they were voting for, then i don't have a problem with it. that's my whole thing is tot get it out there so all the people know about it and can vote on it.he says a lot of time -- people don't know about their options for county government.john harris says what's clear over the past six months is there are some people who just don't like what the supervisors are doing -- and how they do it. "i'm not sure if that's coming from the silent majority -- or the vocal minority" if this referendum passes -- there would be another vote to figure out county board of supervisors would look like.there are three options.the first just elects three at large supervisors.the second would be an at-large election but where the supervisors need to live in a certain part of town. the last option creates three districts -- and supervisors are elected by voters in that d. district.if the board drops to just three members -- they would have to be very careful about open meeting two supervisors would be able to have private conversations --
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able to speak to each other during their meetings. i occasionally will drop into any of my colleagues offices at any given time and say, "i'm struggling with this vote on something, you seem to have a little bit better handle on it. could you answer a couple q" questions?""you wouldn't be able to meet before meetings or go to lunch to talk about the issues because no two members could ever meet. after a throughout iowa -- state leaders are trying to get more money to help the areas hit the hardest. hardest.governor terry branstad has requested a federal disaster declaration for eight counties from president obama.iowa's entire congressional delegation has congressional legation has reached out to the president -- urging him to act quickly. state assistance is available to anyone trying to repair damage from the flood waters. with all the flooding expected downriver -- around cedar rapids -- that need could grow.
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turning into action on capitol hill.second district congressman dave loebsack introduced the "never again" bill on wednesday. wednesday.loebsack says it would ensure any veteran seeking in-patient psychiatric care at a v-a center cannot be turned away.this comes after sergent brandon ketchum reportedly tried to get help at the iowa city v-a earlier this summer but was turned away.hours later -- he took his own life. after the break..we sit down with one of the most unique people campaigning for hillary
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woman: huh. congressman blum is a tea party member. we've shut down the government before. woman: blum voted to cut social security. we've got to raise the retirement age. woman: blum would raise the retirement age to 70. then there's monica vernon... a hardworking mom. started a small business while raising three daughters. she'll fight for equal pay for equal work. monica vernon gets it.
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tim kaine has been involved in politics since he was a young man -- but his wife got an even earlier start.this week -- i sat down with anne holton -- who's may just be one of the most unique political resum. resumes. history talks a lot about african american children in white schools, you were the opp. opposite.we were the second wave. it was when other southern governors led a massive resistence and my dad
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opposition to hat. that.your dad was a republican . governor.he was the first republcian governor in 100 years so we were the progressive dixiecrats in that sense. i was in 6th grade, i was more friends but history paid attention to us because of the history of obstrcution
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normal>kids are so much kids. but i had not been with folks from different ethnicities before. i hadnt' been with folks who were poor before. i remember kids who thought thsoe hot school valuable. how much did that help with the foster care system as a judge adn advocate? advocate? it definitely gave me insight into different folks' struggles and backgrounds. i was a legal aid lawyer out of
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juvinielle court bench handing the foster care system. it was just down teh street from the school i helped integrate. my world is cetnered on that part of richmond. richmond. other wives of vp candidates? candidates?i had to makea choice and i did, quickly, understand that the campaign wanted me as much as they could have me so i made the choice to resign thsi job that i love because i'm all in for hillary. our careers parallel each otehr adn i want to make her the next president
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senator kaines senate seat, are you interested in it? it?its not premature becuase the asnwer is easy, i'm not interested. the vp is the president of the senate. i am never going to have my husband
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after the break...we celebrate 53 weeks of iowa in focus with some of the storyline we were
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welcome the real story this week -- we're taking a deeper look at what we've seen in the past year... year...since iowa in focus first launched this week last
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fight between fox news anchor megyn kelley and donald trump... trump...the now-republican nominee announced a year ago this week that he'd be back on fox shows again.the network had cancelled his appearance on the o'reilly factor after trump publicially criticized the network -- and boycotted them.he thought kelley had treated him unfairly.but after a meeting with then chairmn and chief executive roger ailes -- trump started showing up again.ailes risigned from that post over the summer after a bunch -- there are some people reporting that ailes is helping trump prepare for debates. jeb bush was hillary clinton's target after he said that democratic presidential candidates were appealing to black voters by offering what he called "free stuff". stuff".she said that republicans -- from jeb bush to mitt romney to donald trump -- were "lecturing people of color instead of offering real solutions to help peopel get ahead."bush argued that the republican message is about
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care of you with free stuff." this was also around the same time that donors were warning the bush campaign that they needed to pick up in the polls -- or lose support.bush would hold on until the end of february before finally dropping out. "the fact that we have permanent poverty in this country would be altered. people would believe they could be lifted up. the fact that we've had 15 years where the middle class has had declingin incomes in their familiy budgets would begin to change and we'd have it lifted this time last year -- c-n-n announced that vice president joe biden would be welcome to their first democratic presidential debate on october . 13th.the deadline to officially file any candidacy with the federal election commission was the day after the debate.biden had said he was still wrestling with the idea of running after his son -- beau -- had just died at the end of the end of october -- biden announced he was officially not running for president. "i believe we're out of time. out of time to mount a winning
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after the break...the first chance we'll all have at seeing donald trump and hillary clinton on stage
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now -- we look at their voice -- what the candidates and their campaigns are posting on social media. media.the g-o-p nominee isn't the only trump sending out controversial tweets.donald trump junior was in a lot of hot water this week after sending out... you had a bowl of skittles, and just three would kill you, would you take a handful? that's our syrian refugee's his shot at making a case for not taking in any syrian refugees.what's worth noting is trump junior is getting a lot of criticsm for this -- but the picture ?does have the offiical campaign
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you can follow along on twitter and facebook all week long.see our interviews as we do them -- chime in with what you think -- send us your favorite pictures from events you go to. every week we'll end with the week ahead...'s a chance for you to see what the campaigns are up to. to.monday -- donald trump and hillary clinton take the stage for the first time in 2016 for their first tuesday -- the vice presidents get a shot at each other.we now have just 42 days until election day. thanks for watchingbe sure to tune in next week to get the clear facts on iowa in focus. focus. in focus. focus.facts on iowa the clear
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it's ten a-m and that means right now, city leaders are once again at the cedar rapids ice arena to bring us an update on flood 2016. as forecasts change and time goes on, crest levels and timing remians fluid. while we wait for city manager jeff is forecast change in time goes on times remain fluid for the press conference. they will begin shortly. let's go to the paramount where they started removing chairs around 9 am. kevin is there life. >> reporter: just in and kelly we are here at the paramount. all the action today is in the audience. the carpenter union local 308 is disassembling all the seats
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are taking the cloth seating off and taking the backs off as well. there is a volunteer the lobby ready to take them away. this is what it looks like from the back. the entire audience is swamped with volunteers and we will take into the lobby. this is what's cool. the called for help at 9 am. it kind of people showed up. there are so many people. this is a look at the lobby. all of these volunteers came in at 9 am. there waiting to come inside and take out the parts of the seats that are being removed. i'm going to send it back to the studio. thanks kevin, several more feet of water are expected for downtown. right now city manager jeff
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let's go live to the ice arena for the latest. latest. for the the ice arena for the


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