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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  September 28, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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begins with a victory declarati. declaration."you did it, you saved your city." city."the message from a mayor to his recovery from flooded 2016 begins with a victory declaration. >> you did it. you saved your city. >> the message from a mirror to some of their reactions, tonigh. tonight.also tonight, cedar rapids police chief wayne jerman speaks out after a teen accidentally shoots and kills another teen. teen. im at a loss with the death of our chil republican says he doesn't respect his party's nominee. "you've always got to think of country firsta&" firsta&"and fall like temperatures have decended on the midwest, we'll tell you how long those'll be around in your weatherfirst forecast." forecast."and only on fox 28 -- the new anthem celebrating a victory over the flood. flood.we talk to the creators who tell us why this means so much to them.
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nine. the long road back to normal took a big step forward today. today.right now, thousands in cedar rapids are returning home after an evacuation in the face of a major flood. flood.but after days of hard work and planning, most parts of the city stayed is a relief to the thousands told to leave for fear that the water could breach temporary flood defenses.we have team coverage again for you tonight city goes from here. we'll also show you how this we have team coverage for you from the recovery to wear this city goes from here. we will also show you how the split is having an impact on capitol hill and the race for president. >> first, dora miller spent the day talking to returning resident and she joins us live from northwest cedar rapids where some homeowners are reuniting with their homes. dora? >> reporter: that is right, scott.
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residents were able to move back home so that means these road closed signs will be a thing of the past soon. we saw today a lot of people returning homes -- would home with big smiles after being a way from home. we are happy to say a lot of those people were excited to be in their own bed tonight. some of folks who were here in 2008 said they were happy to be able to come home because all that preparation worked in their favor this time. >> we didn't get that is okay. now we will do some housecleaning. we will clean carpets and do that sort of thing. even though we went through all that work in the flood didn't come, that is what we wanted.>> reporter: speaking of preparations, there are probably a lot of sandbags laying around people's homes now. the city is asking people not to touch them and leave them there. will -- they will get a contractor to pick them up.
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information would we find out more. is cedar rapids, dora miller, fox28 news. for the thousands of homeowners who can't get back home tonight, there are things you need to keep in mind. be sure to check for any standing water in your basement or drains. if you find some new outlets or wires, first call your energy provider and get the electricity turned off. at that point, a licensed contractor can come in and repair any damage and verify if your contractor is licensed, call the number on 319-286-5929. finally, before you turn the inspect the area to make sure it's a. another type -- sign of light at the end of the tunnel, crews began taking down some of the various protecting part of the city. uncontaminated has go barriers will be saved and stored for future use. uncontaminated sand will be recycled for use on the roads
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declared victory over the cedar river entering an impassioned speech, the mayor give thanks to the efforts of everyone who came together.>> some people drove the dump trucks. some people carried the sandbags . some people made the males. some people gave me the hugs. it was this effort by everyone. and because of that effort, it worked. you did it go you saved your city. the mayor admitted it wasn't a total victory and the community must stay together to help those who did sustain flood damage. we will have more on the aftermath of the flood in a moment. first, as the river returns to normal, you may have noticed the temperature -- the temperatures for this time of year has also. terry swails joins us now for
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>> reporter: before we get to that, we might check the river levels were more time to see where we stand. after the quest yesterday morning of 21.97 feet, currently, we are at 20.23 feet. a slow but steady drop on the river and it will continue to do that over the next couple days ago by noontime on thursday, we will be down to 18 feet and a sunday morning, to a level of 12 foot expected and cedar rapids. after clouds today and a few spotty light showers are spreckels, skies are clearing around eastern iowa as cool, canadian air tomorrow morning, we will have sunshine but the temperatures will be fresh. readings will be back in the 40s and with more sunshine then today ergo tomorrow afternoon looks good with high temperatures back in the 60s. we will tell you what to expect in the weekend forecast coming up. still developing tonight, we're learning more about the shooting death of a 13-year-old girl in cedar rapids. police
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parks, and right now a 13-year- old boy is charged with involuntary manslaughter. today ryan is life with reaction from the city's top cop who says this death was 100% presentable. jenee' reporter: yes, scott, cedar rapids police chief wayne jerman tells me these balloons and flowers and candles relate today, and even the tears have it -- that have soaked into the ground wouldn't be here and 13- year-old ireshia parks what if one thing could be achieved. of children.>> guns and kids don't mix. but cedar rapids police chief wayne jerman says he has seen the combination too often. >> in just a little more than one years time, we have seen three of our young people, three of our children from our community die as a result of firearm violence.
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deaths accidental, including the tuesday morning shooting of 13-year-old ireshia parks of southeast cedar rapids. >> it was not an incident where there was a dispute or argument.>> reporter: chief jerman said it may have been to show off, but whatever the reason, it was not on purpose. >> i am at a loss at the death of our children. if a child does not have a firearm in their possession, it cannot be used to go >> reporter: the getting used to shoot perks while she sat in the car with fiv not been found. police found another gun at the scene. >> it is illegal for anyone under 18 to possess a handgun. and here, we have at least two persons who are prohibited by code of possessing a handgun. perfect chief jerman pleads with gun owners to responsibly secure them. >> guns are lethal weapons go they should not be treated like a laptop computer or cell phone
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understand the real weight again carries. >> another senseless tragedy has resulted and a mother is without her daughter to -- her daughter now. >> reporter: the 13-year-old shooter also faces charges of carrying weapons and interfering with official acts. his name is not released yet because of laws preventing that as a minor. another 15-year-old is also charged and an 18-year-old, dquon moow interference with official acts. like i said, that god has not been found. if anyone comes across a gun or any gun, in fact, don't touch it. called 911 immediately so cops can properly take care of that gun. covering the corridor of light is cedar rapids, jenee', but sweetness. >> after 28 years of fostering inclusion and -- the nonprofit diversity focus is shutting
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chad simmons resignation yesterday. the organization later stressed the decision to cease operations has nothing to do with the flood. they said the type of work diversity focused took on is critical for corridor businesses to succeed. they are hoping to find others that can help improve diversity within the community. within three feet of its all time record in benton county. county.although some roads are still closed, highway 150 across the river is now back open.the salvation army will also be in vinton to the clean up efforts there. tomorrow - clean up kits will be available near the south side of the benton county court house. planners in cedar rapids are now analyzing the success of the city's flood defenses., leaders took fox 28 news on a tour through parts of town where different flood control measures were mobilized.despite a few leaks, the barriers, sandbags and sewer plugs appear to have done the job.those in charge of the plan say their biggest fear came from what they ?couldn't? see.
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pretty good about the above ground protection but really where our nerves were, did we get every storm sewer that was coming underneath the railroad tracks, did we get every outlet to the river where were the storm sewer weaknesses." weaknesses."had any of the defenses failed, davis tells fox 28 news the system was set up in grids.that way if one section failed it still would not have inunda one side of the river. on capitol hill today -- --an amendment trying to speed up efforts to get cedar rapids ?permanent? flood defenses moved forward. forward.the measure was submitted by first district congressman rod blum.if signed into law, the republican's amendment would order the army corps of engineers to make the cedar rapids flood project a top priority.the corps is still researching the plan to protect the east side of the river.right now, state funds over the next 20 years will pay for protection on the west side.
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re to tour the flooding aftermath. 28 news reporter mellaney moore caught up with the state's top executive -- --to get his take on the community's response to the dis. disaster. the public library was the first stop in cedar rapids.the group had the opportunity to ask questions about how cities handled the flood and see it for themselves.the lieutenant governor, iowa national guard and iowa homeland security and emergency management joined the governor today.they went through the three communities to see the extent of water damage.right now 20 counties are disaster emergency proclamation.the state has helped out with resources like thousands of sand bags, water pumps, flood barriers and national guard troops.the governor says he has seen how much iowans learned from 2008 and the way everyone has pulled together this time too. governor terry branstad: it makes me proud to be an iowan. it makes me proud of cedar rapids and the way people here have governor kim reynolds: first of all, again, i saw how resillient iowans are and how the coordination, the collaboration, the ability to
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and actually execute the plan the group estimates there has been more than 4.3 million dollars in damage, the governor could request a presidential declaration.that could make fema money available for recovery efforts. covering the corridor in cedar rapids, mellaney moore, fox request a presidential declaration that could make the most money available in recovery efforts. covering the corridor in cedar rapids, 25 more. >> flood 2016 is playing into presidential palaces. today, local hillary clinton by phone. linn county supervisor ben rogers who took part in the call, said he would advocate for change in how the federal government funds flood issues. he's is a clinton wins, he wants her to submit a budget "we have a movement going on like i think no one's ever seen before"
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wednesday afternoon.the presidential nominee was in council bluffs in front a crowd that filled the mid america center."im not running to be president of the world i'm running to be president of the united states"using the 45 minutes to give a general overview of his platform center in council bluffs. >> i'm not running to be president of the world. i am running to be president the united states. >> reporter: trump talked for 45 minutes anyone points including lowering taxes, affordable childcare and securing the border with mexico. >> we will build that wall. >> reporter: former mayor of new york city, rudy giuliani introduced trump. omaha native michelle bruce spent a few minutes talking about immigration reform. her daughter was killed in a car crash ergo the man charged with it is an illegal clinton."we're going to make america great again, we're going to make it better than ever before we can do that" >> in council bluffs, maria thompson reporting. recent polls show trump holding a solid lead over democrat hillary clinton in iowa. but more republicans are
9:14 pm on the fox 28 news at nine, we sit down with the democratic nominee for vice president, joined by another high profile republican defector. defector.and with flood waters falling, a wave of pride comes in the form of a new song.the story behind four star fate's new anthem for the people of cedar rapids -- when the fox 28 news at nine returns. if you didn't expect to see an applebee's usda choice top sirloin searing to smoky oak perfection on a new wood-fired grill... ...just wait until you see the price. wood-fired steak with two sides for just $9.99. now for a limited time.
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applebee's usda choice top sirloin isn't just a top choice cut of meat. for under 10 bucks, it's a top choice for your wallet. applebee's new hand-cut, wood fired grilled steak. now only $9.99 for a limited time.
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this week, a former republican senator and this week, a former republican senator. and secretary of the navy dropped a bombshell on its -- on his own republican party by endorsing democrat heroically "republicans would say, for the sake of the party, why can't you just get in line?" "you've always got to think of country firsta&that's the dominant issue and in this very today america's got to put forward its strongest this very troubled world has today. america has to put forward this strongest leadership. >> you are very close with senator. cain. if he was not on the ticket, would you still be endorsing the democratic side? >> i'm quite certain that it would. >> reporter: donald trump has argued that a lot of the endorsements come from
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general's any day of the political hacks that a see the has led our country so brilliantly over the last 10 years with the knowledge. >> with somebody like john warner whose credentials are unquestioned, he says for the first time in my life, i am going to endorse a democrat, that is extremely powerful. but let's face it, at the end of the day, it is about hillary clinton and donald trump. >> what a donald trump presidency be a dangerous one? >> no. i have dismissed trump is a viab because of how he has denigrated the military. >> he says the military is a disaster. he says the generals should all be fired. >> do you want to recharacterize that theme? >> no i didn't that -- i the middle. i criticized president. obama and not the generals. >> i just go back to those immortal words first coined by president. ronald reagan . and as peace through strength and not only
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and when not to use that strength in the cause of seeking peace. hillary clinton has got that basic experience. and he likes it. >> chief political correspondent cotts -- scott dohmann reporting. republican leaders dismissed warner's endorsement of clinton. they accused him of showing disloyalty to is pretty. you may have noticed it is chilly outside. >> reporter: i had to shut the windows last night and that in a long time. actually, it has been a wealth of i could open them and now i have to shut them. anyway, the cool air is here anyway, the cool air is here and looks like it so what do the trade deals supported by congressman rod blum really mean for iowa? blum's deals are just one of the ways the biggest corporations rig the system
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oh, and don't forget-- these corporations shipping our jobs overseas? congressman blum voted to give them tax breaks. these guys hope you're not paying attention... so maybe you should. the deals blum makes in washington are bad for iowa. house majority pac
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it wasn't a pretty day weather-wise in eastern iowa but if there was a good thing, the reverse are steadily and slowly falling around the state . here in cedar rapids, after it crest -- present yesterday at 21.97 feet at 10:30 in the morning, the river is now down to and that slowly falling stage is expected to continue as we go through the next 24 hours. after that, it will accelerate and by thursday at noon, the river should be down to 18 feet and eventually this weekend, a much more manageable level, one typical this time of year and eventually 10 feet next week. as you can see on our radar tonight, not much happening
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from wisconsin that caught our northeastern corner. just sprinkles and eight -- and a very raw day. temperatures only in the 60s for highs. tonight, those little showers that were out there have dissipated and you can see these guys are breaking out in clearing up from northeast and southwest as drier air moves in around and upper air load located around the great lakes and temperatures have dropped in the 50s areawide. it is 54 in waterloo and around decorah, you have 55. i was city has 50 degrees but there is still a little breeze out there tonight so it is feeling cool as follows making inroads into eastern iowa. we will go to our satellite and you can see this spin in the clouds to the east of us. this is known as a cutoff flow broken off from the main jet stream which is running up to
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it along. when that happens, it will sit and spin until we can get what is known as a kicker to move into the midwest that will actually take it out. from time to time, spokes of energy around this will push clouds back into eastern iowa. could be some showers sometime friday or saturday but they would be very light and widely scattered. the main feature of the system is to keep temperatures close to what they are now for th how slow this will move. this is what the jet stream looks like in the upper levels of our atmosphere. there is the energy situated off to the east of us. starting on wednesday, and going into thursday, it will drifted to the south. friday it will move back towards iowa and saturday able to -- move towards lake michigan. on sunday, a kicker shows up that will move this out of the
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most of its heavy rains are anticipated to be to the east of us but again, there may be a couple of showers later on this week produce a little bit of rain in eastern iowa, but nothing major. this is our rainfall forecast through sunday. nothing to get excited about their. tonight's forecast is short and sweet ergo clearing skies it cool temperatures. low temperatures back into the mid-40s to the north to the upper 40s in our southern counties. tomorrow, it is back to sunshine around eastern iowa and that will help temperatures a bit but we are still looking at a day be in the 60s. here is the extended forecast. we are at 67 degrees on friday with a few more clouds coming back in. with another disturbance running -- rotating through sometime friday and saturday, we could squeeze out a straight shower but that is hardly worth putting in their but i'm doing it. after that, we are still in the 60s on sunday and a warming trend next week.
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consequence comes next wednesday. >> altogether great fall we talk with local band 'four star fate' about their new single paying tribute to the people who saved cedar rapids from another flood disaster -- when the fox 28 news at nine re.
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a new song is giving lyrics to the unity we've all witnessed in our communities during this recent flooding event.
9:29 pm
to the unity we all witnessed in our communities during the recent flooding event go local band, four star fate new fm rise above has been shared on facebook more than two dozen times. fox28 news anchor kelly d'ambrosio has the story behind the song. >> reporter: the -- before the flood of 2016 hit, the community linked arms and solidarity to prepare the city. and now there is a song to tell the story. >>[ music >> demand four star fate wrote rise above from personal experience. jeff spent many hours hoping sandbag it is area. >> it is great to see the whole community from all walks of life helping out, doing their part. hoping sandbag all the businesses around the. >> reporter: elizabeth lives and work in the newport area and had to evacuate.
9:30 pm
inspiration for some was born. >> haven't been able to meet everyone yet and saw people helping with my boxes. it was really incredible. i didn't even know their names. >> to piggyback got that idea, i was just going to say that. >> that was a part of the idea of the song. coming together and rising above. we -- literally took everything brought it to the third floor. >> when they found out he had granted footage of the efforts, they asked him to put something together. >> we saw one version of it and we thought it was good to go. >> reporter: the music video spread quickly online.>> u.s.>> people are just commenting and sharing it to their friends and their friends were pointing out that they were in the video or
9:31 pm
people were commenting that they were in iraq video. >> reporter: four-star fjtes new fm rise above is now available for purchase. 100% of the proceeds are going to the greater cedar rapids foundation. kelly d'ambrosio, fox28 news. [ music ] for more about four star fate and a link to purchase rise above, just had to our we changing political makeup of
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while the largest share of iowa land is used for farming, it's another story inside the state capitol. it's no secret that the
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iowa land is used for farming, it is another story inside the state capital. it is no secret that the hawkeye state's population continues to shift away from rural and more toward urban centers like cedar rapids and iowa city. but the divide goes far beyond where people live. as fox28 news the house reporter steffi lee find out, the shift is leading to a major political divide.>> reporter: driving into carroll county. large yard signs promoting republican greets traverse. >> the democrat dynamic is usually tied to the citizen that has been that way for quite a while. >> carroll is alone in its republican strongholds. >> i looked at the maps more closely and found out that there is no rural democrats west of interstate of interstate 35. >> reporter: independent and
9:35 pm
douglas burns penned a column in his newspaper about the lack of rural democrat leadership in western iowa. >> we have put all of our eggs in one basket in rural, western iowa. and we essentially have one party rule and long-term, the concerned there is that if democrats control the governor's mansion, terrace hill, a control the house in the senate, then we will not have rura majority caucasus. s over the years, the demographic layout made it an uphill battle for democrats to even get into statehouse races. >> we vote for representatives that represent our points of view. and the democrat party doesn't represent the point of view of the people around here. >> party leadership in the morning and other parts of the state i think for too long relied on senator. harkin's strength in rural iowa.
9:36 pm
vacuum was created and nobody has filled it since. >> i think rural democrats and rural republicans have to stick to gather on rural issues. >> reporter: state representative brian bass has seen the rural versus urban divide starting with iowa dot budget cuts. >> if you are representing your constituency, sometimes you will be able to vote party line every time. being here in the rur district and make sure we have the things we need. >> reporter: the dot station closed in carroll in early september and a self-serve kiosk now sits inside the courthouse. since it is only for regular renewals, truck drivers will have to go to another town for their commercial drivers license. >> that is the most complicated part. i think the treasurer will be able to handle the regular renewals fairly easily. >> reporter: best says the more
9:37 pm
was all iowans to realize it is important -- its importance to the state. >> we need infrastructure and things like that also. keeping highway 30 viable and doing things that would attract new businesses and for companies that to a lot of transportation trucking, it is important that rural iowa is left of the picture. >> reporter: for some, if not only about representation of the state level. on reaches -- recently launched a hillary clinton super pack indicated like getting at like this in newspapers across i was 99 counties. >> hillary does iowa more than any other politician out there. >> reporter: stephen krauss read a chiropractic software business on the town square. >> she understands small businesses need tax release -- relief. she understands entrepreneurs need more access to capital to grow their businesses. >> reporter: he said after
9:38 pm
realized she champions small businesses like his ergo the first ad ran inside the carroll daily times herald. krauss says they won't attack kindhearted person that she is and i want the rest of iowa to see that and learn about that." but even if people in kraus' camp work to keep the democratic spirit alive here - carroll county gop chair craig williams says it won't be strong enough to outshine donald trump in november. "those of us who are over fifty years old remember when america was great - that's his tagline - make america great again. it resonates very well with a lot of people." "he more or less fills the conservative agenda for iowa and there's a lot of people in the republican party that have felt left out in the process and he spoke right to them." steffi lee -- fox 28 news.
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super pac will help pay for future ads in iowa's newspapers. terry, as things begin will help the -- pay for future as i was newspapers. chief meteorologist terry swails joins us now and i guess as things return to normal, it is nice to see the weather cooperating. >> reporter: we were enjoying warm temperatures for so long, we forgot what it is supposed to be like this have a year. normal highs are around 68 to 70 degrees and we are finally getting temperatures correlate with those numbers. tonight, the readings are
9:40 pm
so what do the trade deals supported by congressman rod blum really mean for iowa? blum's deals are just one of the ways the biggest corporations rig the system to make more money at the expense of iowa jobs. oh, and don't forget--
9:41 pm
congressman blum voted to give them tax breaks. these guys hope you're not paying attention... so maybe you should. the deals blum makes in washington are bad for iowa. house majority pac
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that is off to the east of us to that has brought some showers to part of the midwest. earlier on today, even a few speckles in northeast iowa. on the radar now, you can see those are vanishing and the size -- skies are starting to clear. we shouldn't have any precipitation through the weekend and into early next week. today, with the disturbance to th brisk wind here and you can see the impact on temperatures. we really got to 64 in cedar rapids but just 62 into bucher. into cora, it was barely out of the 50s with a high in the northeast at just 61 degrees. definitely cooler air has taken up residence in the midwest. on the satellite, you can see that after having a cloudy day,
9:43 pm
we will see plenty of stars tonight and that will lead to a cool night as temperatures head back to the 40s for overnight lows. we are well on our way now. dubuque is down to 53 degrees and 54 degrees in all one. -- all the wine. there will be a bit of wind out there tonight to keep the atmosphere mixed up. otherwise, the temperatures would be five or 6 degrees cooler and that would be lows pretty close to 40 in some locations. we are getting into that time of year where people -- with things can cool off during the here is the cutoff flow spitting out over the ohio valley. that is an producing much rain that far west, but there is enough moisture that from time to cut -- time to time, we will get clouds moving back into eastern iowa. the next batch will arrive late friday and by saturday, a tiny chance of a brief shower or sprinkle but overall, the heavier rains will state east of us. this cut off slow is not into the mangy -- main jet stream
9:44 pm
it is up here and there's nothing to move this thing along. watch what happens over the next five days. this thing just down to kentucky and tennessee and then it comes back towards iowa and then heads up towards lake michigan. by sunday, it decides on a track that will be of towards lake superior and maybe a little east of their. this is the kicker that will eventually get it out of the midwest but it will take several days to do it. what you see is pretty much what you will get. little bouts of clouds and much of that. our model shows 7/100 of an inch. and i think that is on the high and. the main push of precipitation will stay off to the east of us were the better dynamics will be found. with that in mind, there's not too much to say about the forecast tonight other than it will be chilly out there tonight. the low temperatures will be in the mid to upper 40s with clearing skies. the north winds at about five
9:45 pm
10. tomorrow morning will be cool but eventually with sunshine, we will warmer temperatures several degrees over what we saw today and that will mean mostly upper 60s and almost 70s down around i was city in washington. the winds aren't as brisk as today. in the extended forecast, 67 for friday and saturday, a little shower in their but i think those will be few and far between so that is why i have it at a 20% chance. on sunday, 68 and finally 70s next week. overall, pretty good weather pattern for the next seven days. i'm sure that pleases me a. -- mia. spirit coming up in sports, homecoming for both
9:46 pm
know that i will comes home just in time for i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament.
9:47 pm
. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible
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even before lead wide even before lead wide receiver matt vandeberg went down with a foot injury, the hawks offense has been sputtering. fortunately, the same can be said for northwestern. the cats have weapons in all- conference studs, justin jackson and austin car, but they also have cost the ball of
9:49 pm
for their fair share of penalties so they are both sputtering. and they are both going to have to rely on the run.>> they will one the -- run the wildcat and pistol. but they want to feature jackson . no different than what i want to do. i think it will be more lashawn this weekend because the hawks haven't really turned the ball over but northwestern has. plus, the hawkeyes had four false starts less saturday. that cannot happen in the big ten. >> reporter: don't forget, you can catch a full breakdown of hawkeye football this and every week on fox28 with eye on the hawks thursdays at 6:30. northern iowa burst out of the gate with a dominating win over iowa state. since then, they have dropped 2 heartbreakers to big sky conference opponent and now, they turn to conference play and host -- host southern illinois on saturday. on paper, the 12th-ranked
9:50 pm
the missouri valley conference time is here and the conference is adjust on the rise. >> what happened to the conference that is most notable now is there are for bcs wins an hourly go if you want to compete, there is a 12 month lease. that is the key to our game for any mvc game. you want the best for last is you have to have the tank to go to the fourth quarter and be better. >> the leader of the panther pack named a semi-pants -- finalist for the campbell trophy today which honors the best scholar athlete in all college football. the tripoli native believes the fbs -- leads for tackles it at -- and his academic all- american. >> out of cedar falls, ben jacobson's team has finalized their nonconference slate. they will play a game on october 28 and also host coe college the morning of november
9:51 pm
that also finalized today -- iowa and u-n-i tip off at 3:30 on e-s-p-n three -- with drake and iowa state to follow at six -- all the action will be held at the wells fargo arena in des moines on december 17th... year three of the bond shymansky project started with a bang as the iowa volleyball team went ten-and-two in non- conference play... followed by two losses on the road to start big ten play.... but! but! confines of carver hawkeye arena tonight....opening point, jess janota reminding the terps that this -- is her house -- hawks on the board.... still first set, up 5-3 -- ashley mariani smokes one -- 10 kills for the senior tonight -- iowa cruising...but maryland would go up by as many as four before the hawks -- got defensive -- reagan coyle with the block -- to bring the home team within one ... they'd never looked back -- hawks sweep for their first
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that's a check of sports -- terry has a last check of your weather first forecast when the fox 28 news at nine returns. at veridian credit union that's why we're offering auto loans as low as 1.74% apr... you get a low rate, plus up to $200 cash back, but this offer ends soon,
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i'm chuck grassley, and i approve this message. in twenty-three years, chuck grassley hasn't missed a single vote. in just six years, senator patty judge missed a hundred and eighty-two votes. state fair board member judge missed seventy-six percent of their meetings. iowa economic development commission member judge, missed sixty-nine of seventy-two meetings. the register called patty judge a ?habitual no show.?
9:54 pm
we have some happy news to share - born out of flood 2016 - saint lukes birth c some happy news born out of
9:55 pm
birth center sent as a couple of bundles of joy. hazel was born just before the crest at 10 am yesterday morning. her parents drove in from urbana that morning were flooded crews were able to leave the highway open. tv was born just two minutes into the day yesterday, arriving at 12:02. her parents left north liberty for the hospital on monday afternoon to make sure they made it to the flooded traffic go>> that is really cool. >> traffic on 380 -- still pretty rough. those are gorgeous babies. >> as soon as they can talk, they will want to go to the water parks. >> and they would be a little chilly right now. >> that is a fact. our temperatures are on the way down and tomorrow morning will start the day in the upper 40s. eventually, by 3 pm, we should get up to 68. we will have more sunshine today -- then today and it means it
9:56 pm
>> on behalf of all of us here at fox28 news, thank you for watching us at night tonight ergo we need -- would leave you with another four star fate flood inspired single, rise above.>>[ music ] >> no water we've done this once before and
9:57 pm
9:58 pm
woman: huh. congressman blum is a tea party member. we've shut down the government before.
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