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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  October 18, 2016 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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illegal plant.the renewed push to turn marijuana into a medicinal option. option. right now on fox 28 news at 9. >> the ongoing fight over an illegal plant. people to open their hearts and minds and look at the scien" science."knowing your neighbor doesn't just make for good block parties, it can be essential to the safety of your home. we'll tell you the secret to a good neighborhood watch tonight. neighborhoods like this one escaped the high water this time .. but the iowa flood center says make no mistake there will be a next time .. what it wants you to do to prepare a next time. what it wants you to do to prepare now.>> i was junior senator sites with trump with his battle with the media. >> it does tend to be skewed in one direction. >> the latest accusations from the campain trail and the biggest fears in the minds of voters. >> we are about to pull the plug on the late-season worth. we will tell you went. >> will take you on a tour of a local business now embracing the virtual world to generate real revenue.
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corridor are still removing sandbags and cleaning up after the latest fight with flood waters. >> at the same time the national weather service the national weather service ctr. is getting ready for the next time thing we can all do more to prepare and limit damage. matt hammill was out there and joins us live with the message. other rivers .and even though - some didn't see a drop of water this time - - next century - - they could. could. " we learned from 2008 that information was lacking " " nats flood "iowa flood center director vee - told - - kry -ess-ky says that disaster was a call to action - now he wants flood fighters - to know there are more scientific tools - to help them plan.amid torrential rains - he says - relying on history - can leave you under water.. water.." we usually hear you know i have lived here for 20
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happened .. that is not a contradiction to the fact that it can still happen. " among the new tools - - a way to better to determine the flood risk and severity at your house.hearing the river could crest at 21 or 25 feet may mean nothing to new residents or business owners - but flood innundation maps show exactly how high that could come on your street or your siding. siding." so from that they can know should i clean out my basement .. should i evacuate should i .. am i going to be okay .. you know that's just the way we think people can be informed and prepared."the flood center constantly monitors more than 200 sensors on rivers and creeks updating data - and putting it in to easy to use information for the next time. and kry-ess-ky says make no mistake - there will be a next time. witolb - " there are indications based on scientific analysis of the data as well as some of the climate models that imply that these kinds of events will continue .. so nobody can tell you how often and how much and exactly where."nats - "
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we'll put a link to the iowa flood center on our web-site. it's also working on an app - - that would allow you to ask questions into your you to ask questions into your phone. such as when will the crespi, how high is the water now. the whole idea to make it safer for the next time. covering the corridor in cedar rapids matt hammill fox28 news 10 at 10 >> planning and another three years of construction the foxman building is open. the 2008 divided the school of music into several different locations on and off campus. now they have a brand-new $152 million home. the 190,000 ft.2 includes three performance spaces, seven rehearsal rooms, classrooms and 65 practice rooms.
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scheduled for this friday. this week has gotten off to a work note. >> things will get more seasonable and chief meteorologist terry swails joins us now with your weather first forecast. >> this is a two-phase cool down. we were 15 to 20 degrees cooler around eastern iowa. we were so warm yesterday we were still above normal. tonight temperatures are in the mid-50s. skies are clear with westwind at 5 miles per hour. all you are looking at is ground clutter. there is no rain over the upper midwest. we are starting to see clouds gather to the west of us and some of those will be in the forecast tomorrow. that's when the next front approaches from the northwest. you can expect a few clouds with sunshine mixed in as well. overall it comfortable day with temperatures back in the upper 60s to around 70 degrees. then the next front roles in and after high-temperature of
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friday. we will tell you what that means for the weekend weather and your forecast coming up soon. >> driving around list any city you will see those neighborhood watch signs. >> that said the idea of community policing is taking on the different look. dora miller is live in cedar rapids to explain. [indiscernible - to far from mic] neighborhood watches like you mentioned have been around for a long time. a lot of times people look at it as speaking to your blind to see what your neighbors do wanted to be an open communication where they have a good relationship with their neighbors. >> for 20 years wellington heights has used the momentum of new neighbors and new ideas to fuel an old program. >> i don't think this is what people think of a neighborhood watch. >> justin is president of the neighborhood association. the key to a good watch program our donuts and coffee. >> we don't do anything formally. we do not take minutes. i called this meeting to order so we don't do that either.
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drink coffee. >> he says it is that easy and with home burglaries gone up in cedar rapids, it's something police want every neighborhood to consider. >> it takes one person to have that idea. >> this officer said locking doors. >> 52% the home order to not lock the door. >> calling police if you see something suspicious and knowing who you let next to a good ways to establish a strong neighborhood watch. >> is not just watching criminals. it's watching for people who need assistance. watching for activities that kids can do. there are no limits to it. >> once one person plant the seat is up to the community to keep it growing. >> the neighborhood watch program will be as strong and viable as the neighbors. we are not the ones who are going to prevent the burglaries from happening. the people who live there well. >> if you are interested in
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asked to call the nonemergency police department number. will have that on our website and they will send an officer to your neighborhood to help you get started. >> donald trump tried to deflect attention from his controversies today. >> beheld the raleigh -- rally in colorado which featured if you campaign promises. he said if elected he would call for congressional term limits. he also laid out a five-point plan to improve ethics in washington. amon restrictions and campaign- finance reform. trump is handy if he loses, it will not be the will of the voters. repeatedly at rallies and on twitter trump has claimed this years election will be raped. trump claims the media and democratic nominee hillary clinton. >> donald trump has gone as far to say republicans are naove if they think of voter fraud is not happening. >> a recent poll showed more
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no evidence to back that up. to be clear of voter fraud can and does occur. a research of ballots cast over 15 year period found 31 credible incidents. that is out of more 1 billion votes cast putting the percentage of fraudulent votes at a rate so small it would be impossible to impact an election. a little facts says this hands on fire live. when accusations that trump gets is that right accuracy of registered voters. a 2012 center found 24 million records station were invalid or -- there is no evidence that anyone has used inaccurate records to gain the system. instead it is proof of badly managed records.
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the media is working against him. skewed in one direction. we have a lot coming out right now with clinton's emails that i think deserve greater public scrutiny and the media's not providing that access or that same level of scrutiny is what we're hearing on the trump side of the fence." fence."but figures show news organizations have provided a platform for the candidate to speak, far more than his political rival.the new york times analyzed coverage of the two candidates since the primary campaign. campaign.they found if you rallies, interviews and other non-controversial segments, trump scored nearly two billion in free advertising. hillary clinton earned an estimated 746-million worth of ad time. senator ernst also alleged that the media is ignoring clinton's email controversies. last week, fox 28 news told you about several releases by wikileaks of reported emails hacked from the clinton campaign.they allegedly show the private discussions behind
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clinton's message and tried to get endorsements.although some of the comments are embarassing, they are ?not? for her use of a private email server while secretary of state, experts say requests for special treatment for donors to the clinton foundation likely violated her agreement with the white house, but did not violate any laws. laws.for more coverage of both candidates, their own comments and controversies--you can read all our coverage at fox 28 iowa dot com.just click on the election page, found under the news tab. many of these issues are likely to come up at the third and final presidential debate. found under the news tab. >> many of these issues will come up at the third and final presidential debate. >> scott thuman previews the final days of the campaign. >> reporter: is opposite of these candidates appear both campaigns have in common. they both had been set by crises and self-inflicted wounds that they have struggled to manage. >> from accusatory women to
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intervention and health suspicions the allegations in this campaign's final days are numerous not to be distracted. >> it makes you one 12 unplugged the internet. >> they want to distract us from wikileaks. it's been amazing what's been coming out on wikileaks. >> with the problems this country has if you grope a woman does it matter and isn't that important? we have bigger fish 25. >> that's not to sayhe not altering the course of the campaign. besides constantly are playing defense. >> how prepared you have to be for other things dropping?>> we note with 20 days to go the clinton will drop any opposition they can. >> we think this hack that has been carried out not just against our campaign but also the democratic national committee is really a watergate. >> crisis and the occasional october surprise do arise in the twilight of elections.
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had to defend again and 11th hour revelation that he had been arrested for drunk driving. >> i was apprehended for dui. >> this election finish fast and furious compared to those since now a simple tweet or dramatic debate moment can go viral.>> we are living by the sword and >> we are expecting donald trump will come prepared to implement his scorch policies. >> we got a taste of that in the debates but it's a safe bait -- back in las vegas that we will get a dose in this opportunity to make their cases before election day. i'm scott thuman. >> don't forget after wednesday's third and final presidential debate be sure to catch our todd hobbs discussion about the race. join us for your future, your voice thursday night at six on
9:13 pm coming up next appearing for another legislator flight. we take a look at the ongoing debate of medical marijuana in iowa. >> will take you on a tour on a new way to look at local shops all from the comfort of your home.
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tomorrow on fox 28 morning live halloween it's ?healthy snacks.but tomorrow on fox - we'll have healhy options that you can give your kids this year.join us tomorrow at 7. 3-d technology >> 3-d technology has been used in movies, television and video games. >> now the height tech visuals are benefiting local businesses. kelly d'ambrosio shows us how it works.
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went from brick-and-mortar to virtual pixels. today i walked through the 3-d board. >> cedar rapids-based revolution early teaching is jumping into the future. >> they are using new technology allowing consumers to step inside a business from anywhere. realtor approached a coffee shop in bohemia to approach about the idea. >> tour before going there. >> from any digital device customers can get a 3-d tour of the inside and outside of a business.>> those who are -- on the new vr headset they can feel like they're standing aside. steve shriver has never used a vr headset. we were there the moment he toward his business virtually for the first time. >> it is amazing. you feel like you are inside. >> it's always fun to watch
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figure vr out. >> this 3-d technology is ideal for the housing market because buyers can walk into a home and get a feel for the actual dimensions and layout from anywhere in the world >> the 3-d world is created with a special camera that has lots of eyes measuring dimensions and capturing photos and sewing them all together. >> it's easy to do. they nailed it on creating the technology. >> to give people an opportun walk into a place and experience this real atmosphere, it's mind- boggling. >> before i left i got to try on the vr goggles. it was amazing. it felt like i was standing inside of -- bohemia. the coffee shop has a virtual tour on the website if you want to experience it for yourself. kelly d'ambrosio fox28 news 10
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have you used one of those in forecasting to get inside a tornado? >> i have not. >> i would like to. kelly was talking about reality . let's get a reality check for the next few days as temperatures cool down around eastern iowa. today was another beautiful day. we are at 55 degrees tonight. we will tell you when the
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i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone.
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it's troubling. congressman blum actually co-sponsored a bill that could make it legal for a woman to be fired just for being pregnant. and blum tried to defund planned parenthood, even though women depend on it for critical care, like cancer screenings. i was diagnosed with breast cancer, and i know it was early detection that made a difference. it's not a political issue. it's about caring about all of our people here in this country. i'm monica vernon, and i approve this message. >> (at this hour temperatures were in the 70s around many parts of eastern iowa. tonight things have changed. this is the first phase of a
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underway tomorrow night and thursday. we are at 55. the wind is out of the west at 5 miles an hour. dew point is -- has come down. yesterday afternoon was 68 and today it's at 48 degrees. october has been interesting month. no one has been suffering in terms of cool weather. our average height right now coming in at 70.5 degrees that means we are running 6 degrees above normal per day. so far 11 oh high of 70 degrees. it has been nice and mild around the midwest including eastern iowa. over the past 24 hours this cold front here has passed on through and behind that this high pressure settled in and gave us sunshine this afternoon. it did drop the temperatures about 15 to 20 degrees around eastern iowa. with that the temperatures well above normal. here's the radar tonight and you can see the individual
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there's nothing going on in terms of rain in eastern iowa. here's height temperatures and with that sentient and dry air it didn't work up. 72 in cedar rapids. waterloo had 71 and near the minnesota border temperatures were into the upper 60s. that's the same type of temperatures we are expecting tomorrow. as we go to our satellite, there is not too much happening in eastern iowa. clouds are starting to form to the west of us. most of this disturbance will go down to the south will have additional clouds in our skies tomorrow. it should not hinder the temperatures. it's good to our predictor and we will show you what happens tonight after midnight. we will have a few scattered clouds especially in the northern half of the viewing area. we will have some of those tomorrow but it looks the most favorite area will be in the northern counties. as we go through the rest of the afternoon some of these will trip to the southeast. we should have enough sunshine to boost those temperatures back
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our model at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon showing 67 degrees in cedar rapids. you will notice to the northwest temperatures are in the 50s and you will see by the time we get to thursday afternoon we will have our temperatures in the 50s and it looks like it will hold their into friday as well. this pattern looks to be a dry one. rainfall forecast going through sunday showing no precipitation here in eastern iowa. there could be a few sprinkles late tomorrow night would be about it. that is great news because the leaves in the fall colors will be peaking this weekend. we are starting to see some images out there. this one is from paul. tonight's forecast has partly cloudy skies otherwise cool, calm and collective. tomorrow with partly sunny skies and it's another find a. midshipman to upper 60s in the
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south. your extended forecast has the cooler weather in for thursday and friday as temperatures drop to the 50s. over the weekend the wins turn from the south and that will get the temperatures back into the 60s for saturday and sunday and we should hold their on monday is our dry stretch comes to an end with rain in the forecast on tuesday of next week. it will be cooler starting thursday and friday but tomorrow we have one more really nice day. >> perfect weather viewing. >> you don't want wind or rain to mess up the leaves. it's perfect right now. >> the colors are gorgeous. >> next on fox 28 music nine continuing the fight for medical use. how supporters of medicinal marijuana plan to further their cause at the capital next year when fox 28 news at 9 continues. >> listen throughout the day for your weather first forecast
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i'm chuck grassley, and i approve this message. my dad raised thirteen children, was married for nearly seventy years and fought for our country in world war ii. but, he never got his medals and he tried for years. dad knew his time was near. out of options, finally called senator grassley's office. they got dad his medals.
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for years now, iowa >> for years iowa lawmakers have debated the use of medical marijuana. plant is legal in very specific cases. advocates are hoping they can further their cause. steffi lee has a preview of the upcoming debate at the capital. >> since the act expires next july they have many wondering
9:28 pm
asking lawmakers to ensure that her daughter can get the help she needs without legal roadblocks. >> margaret suffers from epilepsy more than a year ago when she started using -- purchase from another state -- >> sally gaer is a part pushing for medical marijuana. spock grown, produce, tested and dispensed in iowa by iowans for iowans. >> a bill that would allow iowans to produce and dispensed cannabis oil and covering more conditions they just epilepsy. it died in the house last session. >> the bill we ended up with which would have teamed up with minnesota was the best we could do last year. >> governor.
9:29 pm
and possibly expand the current law. >> i intend to work with legislature as well as with the office of drug control as we look at what is the appropriate thing to do. >> sally gaer hopes lawmakers who oppose expansion will do their own research to benefit iowans like margaret. >> it's not about getting high. it's not about feeling good. it's about easing pain and suffering. >> >> governor. branstad says he remains opposed to legalizing marijuana for recreational use. sally gaer emphasizes that is not for her group which is not advocating for that. >> fearing the worst. the concerns among voters and the topic that leave that
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it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party.
9:31 pm
illary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered.
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with just three weeks to go until election day, >> we have three weeks ago before election day. the final debate tomorrow and the campaigns are pulling out all the stops. the rhetoric of these final days of the campaign has taken its toll on the voting public. >> with the fletcher examines the fear across the country into nights be on the podium. >> are afraid of the things they cannot control like terrorism, the death of a loved one bad economy. a new survey shows that americans are more afraid of that people in power than anything else. that could be a result of negative campaigning. >> whether its allegations of election tampering -- >> hillary is running for president and what looks like a rigged election. >> suggestions that a candidate is cozy with the kremlin >> to have a candidate for
9:33 pm
bureaucrat or suspect one could argue the theme of this election is corruption. >> that rhetoric from the election seems to be playing into everything at the moment. >> this professor studies the intersection of politics and psychology. a recent survey of america's top fears by kaplan university ranks fear of corrupt government officials number one. it surpasses terrorism and of a loved one. >> some people have suggested that the rhetoric in the presidential campaign has been so strong and in some cases so. based that it is giving people an unrealistic view of who and what they should be afraid of. >> i do not believe it's unrealistic at all. i think citizens at the moment should be fearful of politicians especially in an election where
9:34 pm
dislike rather than liking. >> he said part and parcel to america's fear is government overreach. that is nothing new. he says edward snowden and wikileaks resources have leaked secret government documents are good examples. as for the survey he says while it is based upshot of a landscape that is changing, elements will continue to ring true. >> remain valid is the tension that the public feels and that fear it feels towards politicians because politicians have not behaved well. >> to reduce the fear that is building in the american psyche the next president is going to have to use cohesive rather than disruptive language. he says they will have to bring classes, ethnicities and
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fletcher. >> working in partnership with our parent company sinclair broadcast we want to keep you informed about important health matters. we believe it's our responsibility and privilege. >> we now have an option for breast cancer patients for nearly painless breast reconstruction. >> reporter: after being diagnosed with breast cancer in june kelly chapman chose to have a bilateral mastectomy right away. >> i wanted to do as much as the make sure i have the best fighting chance medstar georgetown university hospital using a technique dr. troy pittman calls a "game changer.""i call it the near painless breast reconstructio n."rather than put the implant under the muscle the traditional way, it's placed over the muscle."putting the implants on top of the muscle- not dividing the muscle from the rib cage, completely changes the patient's pain
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faster recovery.kelly went home the morning after surgery and for long walks every day that week."they weren't my usual fast pace but they were definitely walks that didn't involve any pain""she was able to come home like the day she left before absent one thing- that's the cancer was removed looking like herself, feeling like herself"the procedure carries risks like infection, bleeding, implant rupture and rotation but dr. pittman says those ar cosmetic results are improved thanks to newer more natural looking "shaped implants" that don't ripple under the skin... and patients' breasts don't look flexed, like after traditional reconstruction."if you've ever seen a body builder flex their muscles and their chest bounces, we see that with implants that are under the muscle."three months after surgery, kelly is in the midst of chemotherapy, but feeling great."it has been
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and what really matters."for sinclair cares, i'm michelle marsh reporting. since last year, dr. pittman has performed it on three dozen patients at georgetown. a third were women seeking "redos" after suffering from chronic pain following traditional breast reconstruction.the procedure is covered by insurance. terry the weather isn't standing in the way of
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our children. it's why as president i'll invest in our schools. in college that leads to opportunities... not debt. and an economy where every young american can find a job that let's them start a family of their own. i've spent my life fighting for kids and families. i want our success to be measured by theirs.
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>> yesterday temperatures around eastern iowa were as warm as the upper 80s in iowa city. we hit 85 in cedar rapids. this was the setup we had south winds blowing. over the past 24 hours has come through and now we're are under the influence of high pressure. that brought us sunshine during the day today. cooler drier air was over the top of us. tonight with his high pressure, we will see light winds and fair skies and temperatures will be warmer. going to the radar there is nothing showing up. this is all ground clutter so it's high and dry out there.
9:41 pm
tonight and tomorrow. here's a sampling of today's numbers. you can see while it was cooler readings were still into the 70s around eastern iowa. these temperatures are about 10 to 12 degrees above what you would expect to see at this time of year. we are still running above normal. on our satellite tonight we're not seeing clouds increase to the west of us. as the high pressure moves to east and beginning to pull moisture few more clouds in our skies tomorrow. tomorrow night we will go overcast of the front approaches from the west. there may be a straight sprinkle but the main feature of that front will be cooling of the temperatures later on this week. on our predicted tonight, as the front approaches we should see clouds develop after midnight. you can see some of those scooting across the area
9:42 pm
as we go through the morning hours the worst of the clouds holding up to the north and west. later on in the day everyone should go partly cloudy and the temperatures with south winds for much of the day to continue on the mild side. our readings should get back into the upper 60s and low 70s. our model showing 67 around 3:00 in the afternoon. out to the northwest of us the temperatures starting to cool down. that cool air will override later tomorrow night and be around for thursday and friday. you can see by thursday afternoon the temperatures will be in the mid-s minneapolis. it will be cool air moving in for the end of the week but it looks like it will be a short stay and quickly moved out for the weekend and temperatures will once again start to warm up . the weather pattern looks dry for you farmers out there. you have several days to get your work done without an precipitation. here's our ring fall forecast through sunday. outside of a few sprinkles that should be it.
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coming up in sports it's win or bascially go home for the hawks in the race for the big 10 west 10 -- what they have to say about saturday's opportunity plus -- it's tourney time on what they have to say about saturday's opportunity plus how
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it's troubling. congressman blum actually co-sponsored a bill that could make it legal for a woman to be fired just for being pregnant. even though women depend on it for critical care, like cancer screenings. i was diagnosed with breast cancer, and i know it was early detection that made a difference. it's not a political issue. it's about caring about all of our people here in this country.
9:47 pm
it doesn't get and now fox28 sports with zach hanley. >> it does not get any bigger than this if you are iowa. a top 10 team coming to connect with the trophy on the line but there is more. when are keeps their big ten west title hopes alive. to say this is a season defining game for both schools. the hawks are excited for their showdown with the badgers. >> you cannot get too excited for this type of game. this is the stuff you live for and why you work so hard. >> this is a great opportunity
9:48 pm
last year when we played them that the find our season and were kind of team we have. >> is a great opportunity for iowa that they may be down a few hawks against purdue. myers left the game with a sprained ankle. as far as the status of george kittle who was in a walking boot after saturday's win only time will tell. >> it depends on what he can do . how he can progress in the next few days. we will not rule him out but it may be a long shot. if he can play we will play him. >> all-american tight and dallas clark left his mark inside kinnick stadium during his playing days in iowa. now he's leaving his mark outside of it. today he was inducted to the american needs farmer wall of honor. recognizes former hawks will simplify the work ethic and
9:49 pm
iowa farmer. >> respect and appreciate everything farmers do. i do not have the stories of driving a tractor when i was eight-year-old. i don't have those kind of cool stories but what i have is respect any passion for farming. >> he burst onto the nfl scene last year. this year the national football league still cannot stop david johnson. he had a monster night football. he rushed for hundred 11 yards and scored three touchdowns in a win over the jets including a highlight 58 yard run in the first quarter. he is third in the league in rushing and first in touchdowns. he is as humble as ever. >> whenever we can run the ball [ null ] eventually it makes carson's life easier.
9:50 pm
what i can to get the yards it will help out. >> the von smith will be helping the colts more than just his time on the team's practice squad. the former hawkeye has been promoted from the practice squad to the active roster. hundred 38 yards and 2 touchdowns. to the hardwood -- hawkeye guard -- peter jok is one of 20 players to make the jerry west award watch list - which recognizes the top shooting guard in college basketball - as a junior last year - jok averaged 16 points per three point land high school volleyball regionals -- central city hosting cedar valley christian --first set - wildcats in control --- they set up sydney kramer -- and she drops the hammer down for the point -- but after that it was all -- huskies -- later in the set -- c-v-c -- welcomes central city to their block part -- and then -- when it was winning time -- it was emily masterson -- she climbs the latter for another block -- and cedar
9:51 pm
set sweep. cedar valley christian moves on to play springville with a is tomorrow night in l.a. that's a check of sports -- terry has a last check of your weather first forecast when the fox 28 news at nine returns. returns. it's the happy hour guys putting together a hit broadway show with a local brewer to brew a beer for charity.the happy hour guys is a web series that explores craft beer. its hosts reached out to broadway musical hamilton and a local brewery and they all teamed up to produce a beer called rise up rye. gun hill brewing company is only footsteps away from gun hill, the site of a strategic battle of the revolutionary name is james ludwig, jimmy, to my friends, i'm one of the hosts and co-producers of happy hour guys. my co- producer mark aldrich and i are broadway actors. we saw the broadway community and the craft community and we said
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that don't know each other. and we think they're gonna get along splendidly. and they are. hamilton believed in us and believed in the project enough to say yes and to take the risk.rise up rye is an incredibly popular beer - it's now been brewed twice, they have plans to brew it again and every single sip of rise up rye goes towards graham windham, which is the orphanage that eliza hamilton had started 210 years ago, which is amazing.from new
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>> of course that is a performance by the racking will pioneer chuck berry from 1972. the charter member of the rock 'n roll hall of fame is celebrating his 90th birthday today. the real gift for music fans, for the first time in 40 years chuck berry will release a all-new studio album titled and finally tonight, just and finally tonight, just for
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have a trendy, permanent new flavor -- caramel!each bite-sized piece of the new candy has a soft caramel center covered in milk chocolate, and its familiar colorful shell --it's a tasty addition to its milk chocolate, peanut and peanut butter flavors.a mars chocolate researcher says caramel is the "fastest growing segment in food right now."while candy lovers are thrilled about the news...they'll have to hang on for a while --caramel m-and- m's won't hit the market until may.
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weather first forecast.have a great night. night.
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i'm chuck grassley, and i approve this message. my dad raised thirteen children, was married for nearly seventy years and fought for our country in world war ii. but, he never got his medals and he tried for years. dad knew his time was near. out of options, he finally called senator grassley's office.
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it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. oh, this is going to be so great. are yo as excited as i am?s probably not. ok. ? happy... ? ? ... birthday to you ? ? happy birthday to you ? ? happy birthday, dear rose ? ? happy birthday to you. ? oh, you have got to be kidding me! you guys are the best. is this a chocolate fudge cake? tell us. you brought it. shouldn't you, uh, make a sh and blow out the candles?wi oh, right, right. i wish this was chocolate fudge. ok, now it's time for party games.


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