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tv   Fox 28 News at 9  FOX  October 19, 2016 9:30pm-10:30pm CDT

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frankly, we're going to do it right. >> moderator: the one last one i want to get into with you in this debate is the fact that the biggest driver of our debt is entitlement, which is 60% of all federal spending. the committee for a federal responsible budget has looked at both of your plans and they say neither of you has a serious plan that is going to solve the fact that medicare is going to run out of money in the 2020s, social and recipients are going to see huge cuts in the benefits. in effect, the final question i want to ask you in this regard is, and let me start with you, mr. trump. would president trump make a deal to save medicare and social security that included both tax increases and benefit cuts, in effect, a grand bargain on entitlement? >> trump: and cutting taxes. we're going to grow the economy. it's going to grow at a record rate. >> moderator: not when to help
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help you. we have to repeal and replace the disaster known as obamacare. it's destroying our country, our businesses, our small businesses and our big businesses. we have to repeal and replace obamacare. you take a look at the kind of numbers that that will cost us in the year '17, that is a disaster. if we don't repeal and replace. it's probably going to die of its own weight, but obamacare has to go. the premiums are going 70%, 80%, next you're going to go up over 100%. and i am really that the premiums have started -- at least the people see what's happening. she wants to keep obamacare and she wants to make it even worse, and it can't get any worse. bad health care the most expensive price. we have to repeal and replace obamacare. >> moderator: secretary clinton, same question, because at this point, social security and medicare are going to run out, the trust funds are going to run out of
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consider a grand bargain, a deal that includes both tax increases and benefit cuts to try to save both programs. >> clinton: well, chris, i am on record as saying that we need to put more money into the social security trust fund. that is part of my commitment to raise taxes on the wealthy. my social security payroll contribution will go up, as will donalds, assuming he can't figure out how to get out of it. but what we want to replenish -- >> trump: such a nasty woman. >> clinton: by making sure that we have sufficient resources. and that will come from either raising the cap and/or finding other ways to get more money into it. i will not cut benefits. i want to enhance benefits for low income workers and for women who have been disadvantaged by the current social security system. but what donald is proposing that these massive tax cuts will
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that will have dire consequences for social security and medicare. and i'll say something about the affordable care act, which he wants to repeal. the affordable care act extended the solvency of the medicare trust fund. so if he repeals it, our medicare problem gets worse. the long-term health care drivers, we've got to get costs down, increase valley, emphasize wellness. i have a plan for doing that, and i think that we will be to get entitlement spelling under control with more resources and smarter decisions. >> moderator: this is the final time, i believe to both of your delight, that he will be on stage together. i would like to end it on a positive note. you have not agreed to closing statements, but it seems to me in a funny way that might make it more interesting because you haven't prepared closing statements. so i'd like you each, were going to put a clock up. a minute, the final question in
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american people why they should elect you as the next president. this is another new mini segment. secretary clinton, your turn to go first. >> clinton: well, i would like to say to everyone watching tonight, that i am reaching out to all americans. democrats, republicans, and independence. because we need everybody to help make our country what it should be, to grow the economy, to make it fairer, to make it work for everyone. we need your talents, your skills, your commitment, energy, your ambition. i have been privileged to see the presidency up close, and i know the awesome responsibility of protecting our country and the incredible opportunity of working to try to make life better for all of you. i have made the cause of children and families really my life's work. that is what my mission will be in the presidency. i will stand up for families against powerful interests, against corporations. i will do everything that i can
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jobs with rising income, that your kids have good education, from preschool through college. i hope you will give me a chance to serve as your president. >> moderator: secretary clinton, thank you. mr. trump? >> trump: she is raising the money from the people she wants to control. it doesn't work that way. but when i started this campaign, i started it very strongly. it's called "make america great again." we're going to make up america great. we have a depleted military that has to be helped. we have the greatest people in her up on our military. we don't take care of our veterans. would he care of illegal immigrants. people that come into the country illegally better than we take care of our vets. our policeman are disrespected, we need in order, but we need respect too. our inner cities are disaster. you get shot walking into a store. i will do more for african-americans and latinos than she can ever do in ten
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african-americans and to the latinos, but to get the vote, then they come back, say, we'll see you in four years. we are going to make america strong again, and we are going to make america great again, and it has to start now. we cannot take four more years of barack obama, and that is what you get when you get her. >> moderator: thank you both. secretary clinton -- hold on just a minute. secretary clinton, mr. t participating in all three of these debates. that brings an end to these debates. we want to thank the university of nevada, las vegas, and its students for having us. now the decision is up to you. while millions had already devoted, election day, november 8th, just 20 days way. one thing everybody here can agree with, we hope you will go vote. it is one of the honest and obligations of living in this great country. thank you, and good night.
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>> frivolity from unlv. thus ends 90 minutes of fun and frivolity at unlv, the final of three presidential debates sponsored by the presidential debate commission, is now in the books from las vegas, and hillary clinton and donald trump will leave it for you to decide. there were many things that were out of the presidential cycles, but none more unusual and somewhat shocking than what we heard tonight from donald trump. the nominee to be republican president of united states refused to say that he would accept the results of this election. he said i will make a decision at the time, and in the meantime, i will keep you in suspense. secretary clinton called that horrifying. donald trump did so defiantly.
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whether the peaceful transition of democracy will take place as it has for 240 years or if we'll get something else. between now and then, we'll all be held in suspense. our coverage continues in just a moment. ? ? ? ?
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? i'm never gonna fall in line ? ? your future is not mine ? ? your future is not mine ? r missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone.
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? ? >> said he debates are over. it's like when your favorite miniseries comes to an end, the one you hate to love, now you have to find something else to watch. sorry about that. much more on all of this on your
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fox station. analysis begins now on the fox news channel on satellite and cable. i am shepard smith at unlv in las vegas. have a great night. ? ? >> announcer: this has been a it's troubling. congressman blum actually co-sponsored a bill that could make it legal for a woman to be fired just for being pregnant. and blum tried to defund planned parenthood, like cancer screenings. i was diagnosed with breast cancer, and i know it was early detection that made a difference. it's not a political issue. it's about caring about all of our people here in this country.
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right now on nine.the final round of th right now on fox 28 news at 9. >> the final-round face-to-face presidential matchup. the policies and attacks and respond to tonight's third debate. >> meanwhile a local election dealer tells fox28 news he could not take talk of a rigged election any longer. >> i what voters said they wanted underwater quality but there is no money to find it.
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you what that means for the upcoming weekend in your set to take a drop. >> also tonight freezing for good health. the first two minutes it gets cold. >> why many in the corridor are turning to cryotherapy. >> saying farewell to love one's giving their time to serve their country. >> i cannot wait for him to be home. >> the impact serving overseas can have on families especially >> this is fox 28 news at 9. >> the third and final presidential debate of 2016 is in the books. donald trump and hillary clinton sparred for an hour and a half. both were trying to get their last shot in while tens of millions watched from home. heading into tonight most polls show hillary clinton with the upper hand. this is the latest survey which
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over donald trump 27 points. >> did trump do enough to swing these numbers in his favor? kevin barry is in the newsroom. >> reporter: committee has refused to hold confirmation hearings for president obama's nomine -- because they say it should be left up to the next president. chance for the next president to appoint at least one -- but potentially as many as three surpeme court justices -- which could create enough support -- if the new judges are conservative -- to change landmark legislation allowing for abortions in the united states. do you want to see the court overturn roe v wade?if we put anoter 2 or three justices on that will you want to see the court -- >> if we put two or three justices on that is what's going to be
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that will happen automatically in my opinion because i am putting pro-life justices on the court. >> we have come too far to have that turn back now. he said women should be punished and there should be some form of punishment for women who obtained abortions. interesting language used talking about immigration -- and one candidates' big plans to handle it.kevin barry -- fox 28 news don't forget to join us afor a town hall discussion tonight's "your don't forget to join us for a townhall about tonight's debate. watch your voice, your future tomorrow night at six at 28.2 or on our website 10 six. >> donald trump making accusations with this elections are rigged -- right now linn county joel miller is counting
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he tells fox28 news that the machines are held to a high hours. see the machine firsthand to pay a visit during their testing hours.>> we have professionals administering the offended by it." it."the polls across iowa open on election day at 7 a-m and stay open until 9 p-m.but if you can't make it out, early voting is already underway.and the rest fact, a polish group has requested a list of iowa counties they can observe on election day. we've made it to mid-week without any major weather issue. issues.and it looks like that streak will continue -- as long as you like cool, fall wea. weather.chief meteorologist terry swails joins us now with your swails joins us now with your weather first forecast. >> after another mile day today some cooler air is making
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windsor out of the northwest at 10 miles per hour. we have clouds in our skies but no precipitation has occurred in eastern iowa. i do not expect it to make it this far into the eastern part of the state. the temperatures will be cooler as we get this cold front to pass through. tomorrow look for readings to be 10 to 15 degrees down from where we were today. by the time we get to friday morning of frost as temperatures approach the freezing mark. as we go into tomorrow we start the date with temperature of 44 and by afternoon will have sunshine but the temperature will be cooler with a high of 56 . we will tell you if that chill will be around for the weekend and your forecast coming up. >> still cleaning up from 2016 is now complete. cedar rapids has wrapped up sandbag removal. for a week city crews to curbside pickup of the sandbags. people who had bags that needed
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the intersection of dubuque street and north liberty road is back open right now.but work continues to widen the is open right now. the work continues to widen the road and construct a roundabout. the project is scheduled to finish in may. this is part of the city's preparation for the opening of the new liberty high heights -- school. corridor lawmakers and business owners are joining the fight to make a drinking water safer. >> voters approved a increase to pay for improvements in our rivers and streams. the legislation has blocked that funding. matt hammill joins us live with a new battle that is brewing. >> reporter: chase away customers -now say - water is the essence of life - and this can't wait any longer. " splooooooosh " chemical run-off - - erosion -
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erosion, sewage and all impacts someone's drinking water downstream. buffers along streams - and communities to save habitat along rivers. " we have the chance to make communities to save habitat along rivers. >> we have the chance to make 2017 the year of water. >> rob hoax says streams and rivers have reached a critical and dangerous stage. mayors from cedar rapids and support the tax and they finally enforce lawmakers to action. >> we know the need is great. it's a way to meet department heart and soul and dna of ecolips. " in their newbo headquarters - jane merten says this company is built on helping the environment - supporting the sales tax is a no brainer.customers they ship to across the globe love their natural products and demand corporate responsibility. globe love their natural
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responsibility. beyond that knowing the money will preserve wetlands that can minimize flooding means a lot to a business that has evacuated twice in eight years. >> if we could prevent that in the future that would save the city millions of dollars and it would help us. we have to take care of where we live. >> little while ago. looking at water quality projects - - and it's still his belief - they can be accomplished with - out? raising the sales tax. covering the corridor in cedar rapids, matt hammill fox 28 news. iowa is already a leader in wind energy, and now -- -- iowa is a leader in wind energy and now the des moines register says is that power is doubled in iowa that could save
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25 years. the american wind energy association says that could translate to savings of 100s and thousands of dollars a year for customers. right now 31% of iowa electricity is generated by wind. >> right now plans for a new water park are moving forward. crews will break ground on cedar bayou next spring. box 20 news has been following the effort to build a water park near hawkeye downs. the indoor portion will cover more than 60,000 will cover more than 60,000 ft.2 of space. the ceo and founder of the park says it will attract plenty of tourist and boosting the local economy. >> the i'm going to is really big. i do not want to restrict us to a season period i want something that can enjoy your hawkeye downs.right now, the park is planned to open in early 2018. students at a cedar rapids high school -- --are pledging to do all they can to end gun violence. violence.teens at cedar rapids
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today's national day of concern for young people and gun march, fellow student sanquez jackson was killed in an accidental shooting.but he is not the first victim this school has seen.the message against violence is not new, but there are still those who choose not to hear it. we've lost like a lot of students who go here by gun violence wheather it was an accident or on purpose or gang so i don't know what it would take for them to seriously. on october 25th students will be asked to take a pledge against gun violence during a school wide discussion and reflection on the subject. this year, three cedar rapids teens have been charged with gun-related offenses and three victims have died as a result. just last month, 13- year-old ireshia parks was killed in what police say was an accidental shooting.a 13-year
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involuntary man slaughter, carrying weapons and interference with official acts.the gun that killed parks wasn't found--but police discovered a second gun, not related to the shooting near the scene. the iowa city community school district -- --is trying to make it easier for parents to get the information they need with a new web page. page.the district recently made changes to attendance zones and transfer policy.all of that information can now be found online.there are documents, details, maps and an address search to see which elementary, middle and high schools your children are assigned. 21:25:47 it's great that they've put it online. we actually just got an email from the district within the last week or two about the new voluntary transfer policy and how they're going to enforce that, so they've been very upfront. theyve been very forthright. it's something that we've appreciated. appreciated.if you would like to see this information, we have a link to it on our website, fox 28 iowa dot com. next on the fox 28 news at nine -- --the fight against isis for control of iraq.the effort to liberate a city of one
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terror group for more than two . years.and the long goodbye as iowa soldiers ship out overseas.the personal toll it now takes on one newly married couple -- when the fox 28 news
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>> this is what looks like to a soldier. you are looking any body camera from a fighter trying to weed out isis from this iraqi city. for more than two years the terror group has controlled the city of 1 million. >> iraqi government with the help of u.s. your support is changing that. this will be the biggest victory against isis. american fighter jets are helping iraqi focuses -- forces
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many civilians are in the city limits and cannot get away. isis is using them as human shields. overall the pentagon is pleased with the progress. >> the movement has gone well. the iraqis are ahead on where i thought they would be. when this operation started we continue to move and we liberate villages. >> the pentagon is downplaying reports that american fighting forces close to the front lines. they stress serving an advisory role and not an active ground combat. >> i know a group of i was let into the call are spending the first away from the loved ones. >> steffi lee was at today's emotional sendoff and shares one family's tale of the sacrifice for their country.>> in a room where patience is not easy -- >> i cannot wait until he gets home.
9:58 pm
just that. >> the soldiers are only as good as the family and friends behind them. >> u.s. army specialist chad engleman is joining his for a low soldiers and heading to romania. >> here we don't have a choice. we have to go. >> this is a deployment ceremony for these army firefighters. >> i'm ready to go but at the same time i have a baby boy due in the minds of the soon-to-be father and new husband. >> we've been married for a month. >> senator. joni ernst also attending .>> know the challenges and the opportunities. know the good things and bad things. with those out and make a decision based on prudent risk. >> letting engleman no -- know
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feel like we are prepared for this. >> in des moines steffi lee fox28 news. >> this unit will train in texas before they go to eastern europe. >> we wish those soldiers the best of everything. in the meantime 10 one is here to talk about promising news in the weather first forecast. >> we will have a dip in the temperatures but it's temporary. the indian summer comes rolling back and by sunday we should be close to 70 degrees. the big picture the forecast continues to look good. i will
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it's troubling. congressman blum actually co-sponsored a bill that could make it legal for a woman to be fired just for being pregnant. and blum tried to defund planned parenthood, even though women depend on it for critical care, like cancer screenings. and i know it was early detection that made a difference. it's not a political issue. it's about caring about all of our people here in this country. i'm monica vernon, and i approve this message.
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the upper 60s to lower 70s. there was nice weather around eastern iowa. so far for the month of october the average temperature in cedar rapids is over 70 degrees. we are running 6.8 degrees above average per day. it has been nice. we will have a setback and cooler air is starting to move in. the winds have turned to the northwest at 10 miles per hour. that cooler air will drop the temperatures about 15 degrees tomorrow. 40 degrees in charles city. 54 decorah. in iowa city it 60 1c can see the cool air is making its way from the northwest and flight two here tonight. if you areas of rain one is that -- to the south of us. neither one of these will impact the area -- area. you can see there are clouds and those will be in the area for a good portion of the night.
10:03 pm
air to the northwest will win out. it will look nice there will be cooler. on the predictor, you can see we have clouds in the area. they are starting to break up in the north and by the time we get up tomorrow morning, we will have a mixture of sun and clouds. as we go through the day you can see most of the clouds are going southeast out of the region. i expect to see a lot of sunshine tomorrow but the temperatures will change. you can see the readings are in the mid-40s. back in the 30s and 40s in the dakotas. tomorrow, we expect temperatures around 3:00 to be at 54 degrees and tomorrow night i'm thinking it should get to the freezing mark. our model shows 36 but i would
10:04 pm
we go into the weekend with another cool day with temperatures in the 50s. not too far to the west is 66 in omaha and most of the planes are in 60s and 70s. one thing i don't see much of is any store minas. this is a rain forecast that goes to monday. no measurable rain in eastern iowa as a dry weather pattern continues. year. tonight mostly cloudy conditions and cooler temperatures by morning. we will see upper 30s in the northwest the rest of us 40 to 45 degrees and going into tomorrow mostly sunny conditions, breezy and cooler. our highs holding in the middle 50s. north winds gusts up to 20. here's your extended forecast. where at 55 on friday for another cool day after that you
10:05 pm
it would not surprise me on sunday if we made it to 70 degrees. monday can be cooler before we go back to 66 on tuesday and finally i'm going to put some rain in the forecast. that won't happen until tuesday night or wednesday. >> that is great feeling weather. >> our next story imagine freezing yourself in the name growing trend of cryotherapy in
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it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered.
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the affordable care act's to choose from some new plans.
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cover basic services without a deductible will be one of those options.this new "simple choice" option provides coverage before hitting a deductible.but, consumers could still have to cover co-pays on things like outpatient mental health services, prescription drugs and primary and specialty care visits. sports therapy is getting more advanced and now athletes bodies are able to recover from a performance faster than ever. within the last month a new business has opened in 28 news anchor kelly d'ambrosio joins us now to explain cryotherapy.kelly. scott and karen this kind of treatment isn't just for athletes.those who suffer from chronic pain, like arthritis and fibromyalgia use it as part of their pain management. the entire experience happens in under three minutes. minutes. iowans know what it means to be cold. but there are some three minutes. >> i was knows what it means to
10:09 pm
cryotherapy is a new trend in athletic recovery and pain management. there's a new biosensor called 40 drop. the idea is to make the body believe it is freezing so it goes into survival mode and pulls all the blood into the court to protect vital organs. >> the benefit of that is when you come out of the chamber and you start to warm up there's a dilation of the circulation which then increases blood flow and increases no -- nutrient throughout the body. >> tim emailed -- marathon runner helps him recover through races. >> i was nervous when i first got the -- here because i thought i was going to be claustrophobic. >> clients stand in the chamber
10:10 pm
>> the first two minutes it gets cold. the last minute it's very cold. once you get out and it warms up you feel great. >> the chamber temperature tim likes to use is 250 252 260 below fahrenheit. each client can choose a different temperature. at least a 20 degree temperature drop. that calls for some distraction. >> we talk about anything and everything. >> i had to seat with this felt like. >> it feels like standing in the snow with your swimsuit. >> i feel like there are pins. ever put a cold hand oracle put into warm water. >> if you want more information you can visit our website
10:11 pm
d'ambrosio fox28 news. recap of tonight's faceoff between hillary clinton and donald trump -- when the fox 28 news at nine continues. continues. this is a geoduck. it's the world's largest burrowing clam. it lives in this little burrow >> this lives in the borough and most clams live 2 to 4 inches down. normal size. it will get to four or 5 pounds and will live 200 years. they have a splendid life. all they do is eat. they live so deep in the oceans in a predator can get them. this is the iconic clam. we're going to take the shell off and remove the skin.
10:12 pm
pop the tipoff. then we replace it with an ice bath. if you are living on the ocean floor this is -- >> we are going to butterfly this baby open. what we have is his nice fat piece and it comes
10:13 pm
10:14 pm
a flurry of issues, accusations and attac >> attacks at the third
10:15 pm
many today before they cast their ballot day. >> for more on the biggest moment of the night and the reaction we turn to fox28 news kevin barry with more of tonight's face-off. >> reporter: criminals from mexico. mexico.tonight -- he doubled down on his idea of building a wall along the mexican border to keep new illegal immigrants out -- and plan to rid the united states of the more than 10 million illegal immigrants that are estimated to be in the states right now.hillary clinton countered with how unrealistic -- and borderline >> welcome to both of you. >> we're going to get them out and secure the border. once the border is secure at a later date will make a determination as to the rest. we have bad people here and
10:16 pm
>> it means you would have to have a massive law enforcement presence. where law enforcement officers would be going school to school, home to home, business- to-business rounding up people who are not documented. >> the debate.kevin barry -- fox 28 news. don't forget to join us afor a town hall discussion about don't forget to join us for a town hall discussion about tonight's debate. watch your voice caught your future thursday night at six on for more political coverage be sure to watch i will in focus with host kevin barry every sunday morning at 930. >> for the next few weeks the more he is hosting a new digital to be -- tv series. megyn kelly and 50 shades of gray michael de luca.
10:17 pm
terry for late october i think just about everyone would vote in favor of this forecast. so, can i see you again... ...i'm free on black forest ham day. there's a subway? $3.50 sub of the day to help you remember life's important days. ...we got married in june... ...on tuna day. every day a different $3.50 six-inch sub every day of the week.
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.50, it's a great sub at a great price. her name is teri... ...she was born on sweet onion chicken teriyaki day. the $3.50 sub of the day
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through southeastern iowa and ahead of that we are seeing a few showers that extend from the southeastern corner of the state torture cargo. also to the west a few showers in the western part of the state. those are expected to stay there and dry air will work its way onto the southeast. none of this rate will impact the area. the bottom line is it will stay dry for several more days. the temperatures behind the front are going to be first thing we have to do is get rid of some of these clouds. those will be in the area for much of tonight but after midnight they will thin out and buy tomorrow morning they should be out of the area. we will have sunshine tomorrow afternoon. on predictor you can see the clouds are in through midnight and they start thinning out in the north and bike 6:00 in the morning most of the clouds are found from highway 30 onto the south.
10:21 pm
the rest the clouds. by afternoon would get back to mostly sunny skies. wims from the northwest our temperatures will be down. you could see the cool air is up there and north-central and western iowa. that is on its way to the south thanks to the winds that are coming in from the northwest. tomorrow temperatures will be 15 degrees cooler than what we have experienced today. many of us were around 68 to 72 degrees. at 3:00 54 expect it in cedar rapids. tomorrow night with clear skies and light winds, frost and maybe freezing temperatures our model showing 36. i think that's a few degrees to warm. i'm expecting 32. after that friday should be another nice day in terms of sunshine at the temperatures will remain low normal at 50s. out to the west there are the next that's a warming trend.
10:22 pm
afternoon. we could perhaps seat 70 as early as sunday afternoon. indian summer comes back in. here's a rain fall forecast which goes through monday. you will see it is dry around many of the upper midwest including eastern iowa. that will make for good conditions for viewing those fall colors. we do typically see our fall color reaching its peak around october 20 in central and eastn further to the north it is earlier. everything seems to be on track in terms of the timing and this weekend we should see the peak and the weather looks great to get out and enjoy. also cloudy skies until late tonight. and will start to see clearing and upper 30s in the northwest. the rest of us will be in the low to midshipman 40s. tomorrow sunny skies and breezy . it will be cooler. temperatures will be holding in the 50s.
10:23 pm
after 55 on friday we start our next warm up and we shoot for 65 on saturday. if things go well we may make it to 70 on sunday. one thing there won't be any weather issues. clear skies expected saturday and sunday as height pressure is over the top of us. make your plans outside this weekend. >> like leaf raking. >> minor still hanging on. >> because much of the weather outside may be cool. coming up in sports could the top ranked knife volleyball team
10:24 pm
10:25 pm
10:26 pm
they've >> not fox28 sports with mia o'brien. >> they have clinch their first conference title so now it's time for the union night's quest state title. regional play kicking off against venting and already up once at 29. a nicer finish by jackie. nights open on a 10-0 ditch run.
10:27 pm
your site. the vikings never got more than six points on the board as union sweeps. as the hawks schedule kicks things up their starting lineup could be taking another blow. already without lead matt vandeberg now george kittle could be eliminated. he set a foot spring at purdue. though coach ferentz is not taking kill out they will be limited. even with the iowa running game cant go, that's your number one pass catcher and number one touchdown grabber from last year both out of the lineup.... no matt vandeberg, no george kittle. what's wisconsin do best? they stop the run best. so they've got to hit some plays in the passing game. really encouraged by noah fant... baby steps for scheel and smith -- they're getting better every week, you can see it... but they're gonna have to hit some plays int he passing game, with or without george kittle" floyd of rosedale get's a lot of the hype -- but don't
10:28 pm
trophy that's also on the line the heartland trophy. that is on the line on saturday at kinnick. the badgers know what is at stake having seen their three- game win streak against the hawks snapped last year. that finish has scotty playing with extra mustard. >> is always a comparison about how the that's one of those things we take to heart and have pride in. we want to make sure we are known as the most physical team. >> the full breakdown of this week's game coming your way tomorrow night with i on the hawks here on fox28. it will not be bears packers of the 80s 90s in 2006 but that does not meet you should not tune into tomorrow night's game.
10:29 pm
sides. the packers look to respond after a frustrating loss to the cowboys and the bears to the jaguars. it does me a short week to prepare but the two at the helm aren't fazed. >> that rivalry is pretty big. they had their way with us the great confidnece. they're gonna get int here and play and we're gonna win the game. we're a good football team. we're working we got a good plan, we'll excercise it today and we'll be ready to go tomorrow night" game five of the a-l-c-s...and those windians -- all they do? is win -- solo shot to right for carlos santana -- not music to marco estrada's ears....this wouldn't be either -- fourth inning, nearly identical jack for coco crisp -- three-nothing tribe.... back home in cleveland -- lovin it'. they'd
10:30 pm
nine -- last licks for the blue jays -- troy tulowitzki pops out -- do you believe in the land? these guys sure do -- these guys too -- party like its 1997! indians are too. party like it's 1997. indians are on to the world series. that's a check of sports. terry has a last look at your weather first forecast after the break. for your weather first forecast on 98.1 khak. today's best country. >> i'm mark hyman. nearly twice as much money was spent by federal agency last month than in any other month. here is what's happening behind the headlines. september accounts for 16 of all federal spending even though there are 12 months.


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